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The weight of waiting increases
As every single year goes by
The amount of patience I carry
Is numbing me more inside

Let the storm pass, just be patient
As if I have all this time
In this world I watch it turn
As I keep waiting in my life

Just wait and see what happens
If you hold on to your belief
But I no longer have the patience
To wait until I am complete

When I see the signs and red lights
In the end will I be relieved?
From standing at the sidelines
Instead of addressing what I need

I no longer want to wait
For a better day to arrive
For all the perfect conditions
For a better chance to thrive

Or wait for someone else to give me
Their permission to be alive
To control my own life choices
And everything else I was deprived

My patience has become a trait
That has been engraved in stone
Watching opportunities leave
Only waiting for what is known

I want to let go of all this weight
That I had cultivated on my own
I chose to wait for too many years
Thinking it was a better way to go
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Surf laps at the shore
gentle hand smoothing the sheets
time to drift away...
This was from my 2017 dream journal I was listening to a song called weightless by Marconi Union.
Dylan McFadden Feb 2020
Weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

He danced upon his days
Like waves,
Without a ripple
In the end…

‘Cause times when he
Would come too close,
Feet nearly touching

He’d hide away
Into his dream
And scream
Without a sound


Weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

He felt no wonder
‘bout his life;
Nothing felt

‘Cause nothing could
Command his heart
Or pull him down
To stand

So ‘ever he just
Drifted there
In fog and
Foreign land


Weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

He settled for a
Fairytale, but
Woke up feeling

‘Cause deep within
The darkest depth –
An abyss of Truth

He knew that there was
More than this:
The “Ever-Expanding


But…weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Weight shifts
Light goes out
All too much to bare

Vicious circle
Never ending
No time left to spare

Heavy pressure
Hallow ground
Treading to stay afloat

Hurt heart
Shattered mind
Raw emotions that emote

Deep breath
Exhale slow
Let the body mend

Clear vision
Free soul
Know it’s not the end
adriana Jan 2019
collar bones under gold chains.
white sheets and blood stains.
in your head is my favorite place to be.
blissfully drowning in your dead sea.
Tint Jan 2019
I thought it was me,
when the contours of your brows lifted in muse
hazel eyes that grow lighter when it connects to mine
with the turquoise colour, you intendendly chose
the clothes fitted you, like nobody else can wore
you see, the gazes you gave comforted me
and it gave me the boost
I felt a little bit attractive, had a little worth
with enthusiasm I look forward to the day once a week
where I get to stare at you senseless, daydream like a spell

I thought it was me,
but one day my waiting abruptly ended
and there is no place for me to stare
I stick around lonely hallways
just to see your pretty face
nobody told me the story
no one intends to care
till I found out one Monday morning
that you eventually left

No, I am not broken hearted
I did not like you that way
I just felt a little weightless
to know the truth awaits
that the fancy gazes you gave me
they're for somebody else
I find it a little funny
but I stood and looked ahead
someday in the far future
I will attract a flame
and somewhere in the universe
will be a teardrop for your pain
Kyla Plummer Jan 2019
When I have closed the
Door, turned my back.
Let me go.
I have forgiven. Now
I want only to be free.
Imploration to let me be.

Once when I was
Consumed by such vile
Emotions, I was so heavy.
Forgiveness has shown me

That freedom I wish to
Keep. Please
Let me go. I
Want to be free.
I love you always.
But stay with all those
Raw emotions I had,
Behind me.
On a green leaf
For frogs
Illuminated by the surface under
There she sits on
A part
A piece I looked as a picture
Dazing wondrously and scouring with pairs
My sandals my feet my hands
All my fingers and nails
My ears
My toes of ten
and legs
Knees and my shoulders
The missing piece
or so i thought under
The afterthought
Full of doubters
For the plants grew all tall
None could be any taller
Dazzling danglers
A field under the stars.

Girly willed as am I
Which could not seem possible
Acceptance aches
Belief breaks
Even the words I speak, write or sing,
(Shall I
Hear it...)
over there it only echos
against the busy chatter and travels back home
Clogs *******
Reminding me that a life can be extinguished with mere
Disbelief and ignorance another pair...
Girly willed as I am
Nodding behind books
Fiction, fiction, fiction
They neigh
So here I go...
Thankful prayer as it did happen to us..
And all of it did
That it was I who did it.

Fuels of her pair
by flying passion and wild innocence
A human being
Limitless like the others
Why don't they not see? The rest, the stops,
The same scene, there is exactly the same scene...of falls.
If they just went out and did it, for a stretch and a walk,
Just grow out of leaves, be the branches printed of feathery crease
Because I am girly willed
Golden meadows lost to become treasure.
Fearless of rags she is as I am,
Laying afloat of the clouds, linen skies, seas and drifting through the weightless sand
Fearless forever.
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