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An undefinable
A primitive
Not breakable
Into simpler
Why attempt
Defining love
He who
Of love
Who defines
There is only
One kind
It's love
Foolish labling
Sugar is added to tea. Sugar is added to cake. Sugar is added to chocolate. It's the same sugar. Not tea sugar, cake sugar or chocolate sugar. So with love. You may love animals. You love friends. You love children. You love a lover. It's the same love. Only relations are different and intensities may be different.
vern Oct 14
do not be foolish again
I whisper to the beating sound in my chest
pressed against my lungs once again
it tells me you've lost your breath
do not fall let yourself get trapped in the same chaos
its a repetitive motion you know too well
do not let your self fall for another and fall back from another
you do not know love
you never knew love
the obsessions you hold to  
the fantasies you build
let them all go at once
save yourself
do not be foolish again
my love life is tragic but in a funny rom com sort of way where the character should probably just focus on herself
Nina Oct 11
You will break me
Again and again
And i will come back running to you
Loving you
With all my broken pieces
luciana Sep 6
the night i let my heart play its course
i was curious
the night with no labels
i was comfortable
the night we celebrated you
i was content
the night you were knocked out
i was chilling
the night where we almost
i was complicated
none of it should have happened
this night restarted a toxic cycle
luciana Aug 19
to miss you is a crime
an accusation made against my word.
you make it feel as if this is expected
to feel missed by those you lured
let me know if this reads okay or if the last sentence is grammatically correct
Kellin Jul 21
I told you from the start
I disappear when it gets cold
But you found a way to keep me here
With a body to hold

And I think of you
When I am drunk in the road in front of your old house
I miss what you do to me
When I needed you and blacked out

I miss you darling
Yeah I guess I'll say it
I know I'm a fool
Sparkyxox Jul 14
The howling wind gently pushed her along the dirt path,
her cloak lightly brushing against scattered pebbles,
into the forest that is known by little.
Perhaps in the hopes that no one could find her there,
nor remember her name when they do.
Most do not recognise this place.
Some who do know may say that the ones who enter are 'foolish'
She, like most, fears pain and hurt.
And thus, she enters.
There's no going back.
Foolish or not, she's made her choice.
She clenched the rims of her cloak
as she walks away, out of their lives, forever
Colored paper fool.
Crowing coward face the waif.
Gaze of hungry eyes.
Thoughts fill to the brim with moonshine
Ebony waves and chilled, white whine
Command these foolish ideas to arise

The moon is my only friend at this hour
It's mysticism provides a sense of power,
A drunken-courage turning my mouth sour

Feet drag in the sand like useless weights
If only I didn't drink like a fish so late
Can someone take me home, for Christ's sake?

If only I wasn't so **** lonely.
Just something I cooked up in my free time
Come sterilize history with me.
We'll whitewash every smudge
until its sparkles and shines,
like fool's gold.

Rich only in our own
limited heads,
we'll believe in
addition by subtraction.
Only this isn't math, it's life.

'Those who do not learn history
are doomed to repeat it.'
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