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SelinaSharday Aug 28
By Sharday
"Old Fools"
Old crudes.. appearing as Fools gold. The Irony. When you offer joy and laughter.. and all the best to offer in kindly spoken joyful chatter.
When you only offered a sprinkle of smiles and sunshine's. A regular day by short easy breezes to fellow online unknowns you never ever met in the flesh and briefly known online.
shared with them smiles and sunshine of encouraging crispy apple finds.  To wish they smile with glee and inwardly are filled with bitter unrest.. Unknown to most of us. We only  see the clown painted hidden face. A true face of sunken holes filthy craters in mold. The corrupt soul waiting to unlease it's misery soon as the old fool see, your joyful positivity isn't gonna stay for the foolery.
How you can't be captured, in the web of rotten hell where the Old fool dwells. Just wash your hands wipe your virtual feet from where you ventured and never again there enter.
A fool full of liquor  and utterly bitter all of its own. To whom you never did any wrong. Yet the fool will claim you have. Is a stalker web  crawler, harassing fool.. Report the stalkers  harassing's  obsessing's  words of hate.  The fools mouth of polluted lies disguised as crafted blind leading the blind sorrows.
A brief encounter online in 14 days causes a fool to write so much **** poor chatter.
Obsessive, stalker, old fool, not your muse, move on fool.
Psalms 18:2 "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion." psalms 18:2
Proverbs 29:2 If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.
Sounds like a abusive deranged so madly insane. Type foolish, type thang. Can't find a away to stop using you in written metaphors. Like his pictures of he wish he had ******.
Keep virtual 911 on hit report speed dial,
this fool seems a virtual danger stranger chillld.
fools online, bitter, people, wounded, stalker, harassers, using hate, obsessed won't move on type fools.
The uniVerse Jul 12
I could be the biggest romantic in the world
or just the biggest idiot
still trying to figure that out
maybe that makes me the latter
I could have had her
I could have had them all
but pity the fool
that puts heart before pleasure
what is his measure?
is it inches or love
when is too much enough?
are they tears of joy or of pain
I tried to explain I always do
but words are worthless unless true
so here it is my unbridled mind
watch me unwind its music box
the music stopped and now silence
hide me in your quietness, my love
no never mine, I lie
in memory and in bed
with words I wed
what never was
a never love.
Leah Hilliges May 13
Three flights of stairs and two lefts,
And there she’ll be,
Waiting for me.

Her lips, chipped.
Hips, dipped.
Scars from rough hands,
Of careless, foolish men.

She lacks eye contact,
Seems detached–
Marble skin,
Cold like her kin.

Reliably imperfect.
My muse.
Told 'em I didn't need anyone else,
But I guess they had someone already.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 25
Salvation comes with a price--

Pried open doors,
choir songs of fingerdust
resurrecting goldrush,
and a pretty little
cromulent called whitewash.

New century martyrs
have risen up to burn books,
and quotes,
and tongues,
and every contrariwise thought,
--is this intuition or inquisition?

What ascends is trapped within
tenebrific clouds,
returning to barren ground
when it rains unholy prayers.

They don't crusade for you or me.
They contest for dominion and mastery.
Those who believe are mooncalf.

This torchlight of intolerance
sends out skyrockets,
and away it goes!
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Past generations
burning at the stake,
at the hands of sinners clothed as saints,
in cathedral oblivion,
dismembering their future
in the blood of their own children.


siix sense Mar 4
And I know you don't want another friend,
Said you weren't ******' with my guys again,
And now you're all up on me it's all lies ye,
But it don't bother me cause you're all mine ye...

It's taken so long just to have you on my own,
So won't you come here to the side,
Ye I'll talk it up but **** it times runnin' out,
So I'll have to give it up ye...
We-both-know we'll fall in love,
I catch you in your eye,
You've been on it so long,
Got me feelin' so high,
Got me feelin' so whole,
Girl you stole my heart,
Bet you wanna go low cause...

And I know you don't want another friend,
Said you weren't ******' with my guys again,
And now you're all up on me it's all lies ye,
But it don't bother me cause you're all mine ye...
Estelline Feb 15
You want me to love you
But you’d be better off with me hating you
You don’t see the weak mind which has flooded and drowned
The reflection in the blade as I imagine
Cutting my wrists which hold my heart
My blank expression when you say you love me

You could never love me
And never will
Maybe it’s my cynical mind
Or your *******

You tell me you’re there for me
But how come I fell to the floor with you standing by?
I don’t want you to touch me
Your cold icy hands freeze my soul

I’ve told you I don’t feel the same
I’ll just hang my head
Below the clouds
Which block out the sun
I’ll hide in the shadows
Away from you
And the world.
Man Jan 9
i could pour my heart out to you
but what would it do,
knowing how callous everyone is

i could tell you how i linger on each word you say
or staring too long because i love seeing you
but what would it do

letting you know that when we speak
i get butterflies
and my nerves are overworked

but what would it do

to know how i really think of you
when you don't care to ask
what's the point
Samual Hidden Dec 2020
Smoking alone on a corner,
wishing you were here,
asking for a smoke,
begging to be there
in that land far away
as we wait for the lane
to stop, so we walk.

Yet here I stand alone,
cigarette in hand,
Slowly going mad
how i wish you there,
asking me for a smoke,
so that i may tease you,
and make hearty jokes.

I wish you were there,
My angel my fae
I long for the day
where we go together,
waiting for the streetlights
roaming the city as if it were ours
not caring as we venture forth
My fae, my pixi, my darling dearest.
Soon, As soon as the moon rises and sets,
We shall take this town over,
we shall reign as queen and king,
we shall reign as monarchs,
ruling in secret, as not let the world
taint our love.
i didnt lie.
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