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annh May 2
Our names carved,
With a rusty penknife,
Into the bark of a random tree;
Just words on paper, really,
From me to you; and you to me.
‘I have an entire forest living inside me and you have carved your initials into every tree.’
- Pavana
if you would only look at my heart
you would see that your initials are carved deep inside
and im etching away at my heart trying to remove the marks you have left on me
but it seems to be too late
they wont etch away
and my heart will be forever branded with your name
i need to move on
but its too hard
Johnny walker Jan 31
The old tree still standing In the field on a hill at the back of my home where once I played as
Whilst climbing one day
a gust of wind came my way and blew me right off the
lucky for me I had a soft landing and sat there on the ground laughing about It
The old tree still stood on the hill at the of my house
where once my
true love and I carved our names
It will always be there to remind me of the day we fell In love God bless her
Carved names upon a tree of when we first fell In love
Johnny walker Dec 2018
To kiss your tender lips
that tasted like peaches
so soft and very sweet
your kiss to take my
breath away so
passionate were those kisses just wanted to kiss forever
To just hold you In my
arms and to treasure
every moment as If  my
Then to lay down by your side to catch the aroma of your beautiful perfume to touch the softness of your silky smooth
Magic moments were experienced, that never shall fade with time, traces of our friendship shared, our names Helen and Johnny forever and for always carved upon the
Our ames  upon a tree Helen  and Johnny forever and always carved upon the tree
arian Nov 2018
said you craved the touch of my hands,
yet your body's carved by others'.
TEnocho Oct 2018
Could we lay side by side in silence like the letters carved on wood by lovers.
Can we for a moment be lines drawn, symbols of a moment once shared.

Short n sweet. I just want to lay with you
stopdoopy Aug 2018
Over time you'd carved out space.
Your current eroding my toughest stone.
Gutting me for all to see.
For so long I'd forgotten what it was like to be without you,
But you put up dams and barriers, diverting your water;
and now, Colorado, you've dried up.
Sometimes it'd rain and I thought that you might return.
After so much time together we became synonymous.
How would I exist without you?

Now I know.
You may have cut deep into me.
Leaving your mark for all to see.
They still come for me, even when you're gone,
To look upon my beautiful layers and vibrant colors.

The pit you whittled out is vast but you could never fill what was.
I'm left with nothing but the dry, harsh heat.
Don't come back to this canyon.
There's no room.
Hope y'all enjoy this one! My computer crashed before I could save the first version, so I had to work out a second and then I was surprised to see the site saved the first; so I mashed them together. This is already a personal fav. I also dreamed about the person it's about tonight and ugh, I'm tired of it, get out of my brain so I can move on with life already.
Vexren4000 Feb 2018
Lovers initials,
Carved into the bark,
Of a tree hidden inside the wood,
Signifying a love,
That may stand alone now,
The only real memory,
A scrawling upon a tree,
Grown up so high,
That even the lovers could not find it,
No matter how much they try.

mikhaila Jan 2018
Your tongue like a knife
carved into me,
digging deeper and deeper
with every jab.
Taking the most important pieces,
my heart, my lungs, my mind,
holding them for ransom
until there was nothing left for me to give,
you had my everything.
Would you love me?

If I was a storm so strong my name would be carved into history

Would you love me?

If I was fire that burned your home as I was called a calamity

Would you love me?

If I was a plague so deadly that could endanger and **** all of humanity

“Would you love me?” She asked bearing the final question.

“No” He replied. “I’ll love you even more”
An old poem...
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