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Natalia Apr 24
You've drawn first blood,
It rolls down my skin.
With a soft thud,
My world begins to spin.

It turns me over and over,
As the moon would the tide,
Like that first kiss from a lover,
The first glimpse of the bride.

Next is the scent,
A tinge of copper.
On its slow descent,
I begin to stir.

A soft taste of metal
Envelopes the lips,
The wound has now settled.
Quivering, my mind slips.

To that first touch,
However delicate
T'was clearly too much
And I am left desolate.

A rose's thorns.
Tomorrow I'll prepare
To have the blood adorn'd,
From that first tear.
This was written with the idea of how similar love is to when you try and pluck a rose. You may mishandle it when you first try, the rose will cut you and leave you bleeding. But you can't let that stop you from trying to get another rose. Wear that blood proudly as you try again, learn from the mistakes you made the first time. Take everything you can from it, the scent, the look of the flower, the taste.
by Michael R. Burch

          fragile,    elusive—
     ­ if held         too closely
    cannot              withstand
  the inter                    ruption
of its                              bright,
  unmalleable           ­   tension
    and breaks, disintegrates,
       at the              touch of
           an undiscerning

Originally published by Neovictorian/Cochlea. I believe this is my only "shape" or "shaped" poem. Keywords/Tags: Love, fragile, delicate, bubble, tension, held, breaks, pops, disintegrates, explodes, implodes, hand, touch, harsh, ungentle
He said I was delicate
Not in a sense of being fragile
But something he wants to handle with care
I think I'll let him
Jay M Mar 5
I was always a little
              ­                                 E
     ­                                                       C
        ­                                                         A
                                                               ­       T
                                                        ­                   E
And have always been  a f r a i d
Of  f a l l i n g  a p a r t
Until I met you

Then I wasn't so scared anymore
That was before
I messed up
You had filled my cup
But now it only has a sip left
There was a theft
I gave you my heart
Now I'm left with only part
But that's okay -

I can be patient until things calm down
I might frown
But that's just because I miss you
And I'm wondering if you miss me too

Wrote you a letter
Gonna send it once things get better
But for now
I wonder how
Everything went so wrong
But I'll just work on making things right
As my hope takes flight
That maybe one day
You'll be able (and want) to come back and say
You want me back

For now, Love,
I'm waiting for you
And I will do
Whatever it takes
To be okay
While you are away
And to be myself
Instead of letting it sit on a shelf

Love is fragile
It takes a while
To be steady
And it cracks
But gets patched up
We would lie on our backs
Talk about when we are grown up
Now you've got to go focus
I think I'll grow some crocus
Flowers to admire
I'll sit by the fire
To warm my half-a-heart
While we are apart

Darling, I will wait
This is fate
For now, there's no one to hold me tight
Memories of your arms around me
All of our memories - they won't leave me be
Because I'm so in love with you
And I really hope you still are too

I'll be here
My dear
Waiting for you
Do what you need to do
Then I hope you'll come find me
And we can be
Just you and me
Once again

- Jay M
March 5th, 2020
He and I...we're not allowed to talk to each other until our grades are better and we get a handle on school, and he and his mom talked - and decided that he's not ready for a relationship right now... His mom told me I haven't heard a thing from him. So we're broken up...due to school... I'll wait for him as long as it takes, and if he wants me back once everything settles then here I'll be.


Love, if somehow you read this, know that it's okay and I'll be right here waiting for you if you want me back. For now just focus on school, and everything will be okay. I love you..
CAL Dec 2019
cupid felt desire first
then a depair he couldnt comprehend
cupid felt a lot

nothing prepared him for either
and nothing prepared him for this

to be delicate
to want the divine
to be something to be careful with

he could be burned
he could fall
he would die
and still answer the call

new are the soft satins
and silky sheets

new are the tears
rolling down his cheek

her touch is the castle
he didnt know he bulit

the palace of the empire
that he lost in the fire

no one told him a queen would come
to heal all the wounds
he suffered from

no one gave him a warning
or gave her one either

he became a delicate god
and a strong bad wolf

she stood at her throne
and looked at him odd

her gentle boy
has come but not gone
heres a 3rd part to a series i didnt know i was writing
annh Nov 2019
'Now, make sure you've sterilised those instruments well. I want no complications with this one,' I say to my rookie assistant.

I carefully lay out the gleaming stainless-steel blades and check that all is in order. We're waiting on a last minute ***** donation to complete the procedure and although the timing is unorthodox, I'm confident of success. The pleural resection should be reasonably straightforward. If anything, it's the closure that bothers me...and the possibility of problems further down the line.

From outside comes the sound of a vehicle screeching to a halt. Then the kitchen door bursts open. 'Mommy, Mommy, we got it! The last one.' My six-year old holds the bag of chicken giblets up triumphantly. I smile at my father as he appears with the rest of the Thanksgiving groceries and passes them to my son. 'Right, so who's going to help me stuff this bird?'

A flash fiction piece for all of you celebrating Thanksgiving today. :)

'Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.'
E.P. Powell

'The funny thing about Thanksgiving, or any big meal, is that you spend 12 hours shopping for it then go home and cook, chop, braise and blanch. Then it's gone in 20 minutes and everybody lies around sort of in a sugar coma and then it takes 4 hours to clean it up.'
- Ted Allen, The Food You Want to Eat: 100 Smart, Simple Recipes
Mito Nov 2019
as delicate as
she was,
as curious
she became.
“How easy
will you break
by my hands?”
she thought.
it’s 2am and i’m still writing ✍️
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Amphorae, beautifully crafted,
Delicate, exquisite, fire-glazed,
Heated in jumbo kilns,
Lovely molded necks,
Opaque pigments,
Quartzite residue-
Symbolic, timeless, utilitarian
Valued- with xanthic yellow zirconium
1/25/2019 - Poetry form:  ABC - In this instance, a poem in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. The first word begins with A, the second with B, the third with C, etc. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
ranveer joshua Oct 2019
her hair swayed in the wind,
delicate and gentle

her eyes were like beads of honey,
just like amber and chestnut

her spirit soared like an eagle,
graceful yet powerful

she was like 'summer linen',
woven intricately;
flying in a field of sunflowers
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