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I want to scream and shout
Till my words die out
Anybody hearing me now?
Strike a pose and bow
Would they open their mouths and say wow
Or would they walk away
And say not today
But I want to stay
My display
Full of grey
I got to obey and go
And let you know
That I won't let go
But I have to go
still missing you...
rebecca May 10
trapped and helpless,
hopeless and tied,
she looks in the mirror,
while covering her own eyes.
the eight of cups represents self-imposed restriction. it's time to open your eyes and realize that it's yourself holding you back. you have all you need to free yourself. belssed be!
rebecca May 3
being here with you is enough to make me high,
i catch myself staring at you
instead of staring at the sky
and i let it happen because
i couldn't stop it, even if i tried
Rox90 Apr 12
I feel helpless when it comes to love
Yet I never want it to stop
Armand Apr 10
I wish, I wish
I never played your game
I wish, I wish
I never knew your name
I wish, I wish
I never abandoned *******
I wish, I wish
I could get rid of this pain,
clear up my brain
And cleanse these veins
I wish, I wish
I wasn't going insane
She promised me she'd help me and always be there, or was it just I that made the promise?
Mimi Hachiko Apr 1
All the words I want to say
Balled up, I throw away
Because at the end of the day
It doesn't matter anyway
What will it change if I were to say
The things in my chest, boiling away
Coiled up, as if it were to say
I am going to explode any day
Anna Lour' Apr 27
While the ocean unfolds
calm as still waters
I’m just another lost soul
floating helplessly with no colors

I’ll go where the tide told me to
because there’s no hope left in me
And everything looked so pointless
so why bother to fight for them

I’ve been screaming, yearning, longing for answers,
for a glimmer of hope
But every time I try harder,
the world brings me down
And here I am

But as the night went by,
and the stars fell down
The sun emerged,
and the warmth grew closer
The morning breeze greets me,
welcoming for a new start
Maybe I don’t have all the answers now
but that doesn’t mean I should settle down
And I may be floating
but i’m discovering the whole sea
From the album 'Afloat'
Read the full album on
Peri Mar 24
You wear long sleeves all throughout summer
Until the questions,
The questions stop.

Outside the window
All that a stranger peering in would see is
A goldfish swimming through a tank of
Forgotten, filthy water

So peaceful, so complacent
Until the silent storm breaks into bubbles
Into screams and shouts of

The fabric from your sweater rubs
Against your wounds
Causing them to cry out for help
Their screams muffled by the
Tightly woven yarn of your clothing.

A silent storm erupting
Along your wrists
With no one there to help
No one there to hug your wrists
Although they burn

To silence the shouts
To stop the bleeding.
i've recently had problems with self harm so i thought i'd write this to help me sort my thoughts out. it's not perfect but i tried my best hehe.
J Mar 23
I'm fine in the day.
As fine as I can be, anyhow.
Because at least in the light, I'm being watched by the Sun
At least I can pretend someone else has to feel the same way.
I hope no one else ever feels this way.
At night, it's the worst.
At night, I know without a single doubt that I am alone.
the house is quiet, careful with the creaks even
the walls do not turn in their sleep
the nails do not turn on themselves and scrape for some sort of feeling.
the air only shifts when I want it to.
It's worst at night.
Because I have me,
and I have my blades,
and I have some sort of will.
All very contradictory, might I add.
Most times I feel like cutting and burning
is the only thing that makes me
feel real.
Or better.
Only thing that makes me feel.
Addiction is funny like that!
See, you do this thing where you tell yourself
I can stop at any time I want!
Maybe you could
but honestly why would you
It helped
so stopping? STOPPING?
How could stopping possibly be healing?
My scars are not enough.
I need more, I need every inch
I want them purple and searing.
I want them rising like the bumps on the side of the road
they scream
I wish that I had the strength to get this out.
I want to tell someone, anyone, what the **** is going on in my mind.
Let me try, please for the love of ******* God, let me try.
I am hurting.
hurting in the ways that never let my fingers type fast enough.
Hurting in the ways that I'm only writing because I don't know what else to do
I've lost so much motivation
I've stopped writing as much
I'm here.
Popping my knuckles makes me nervous.
don't let go don't let go
Touching myself feels like I'm one step closer to doing it
even the simple elbows on my thighs.
Naked thighs.
I traded in the baggy jeans and hoodie for shorts and a muscle shirt
Who knows.
Why do I have to feel like this always.
I'm tired.
I'm tired and I think that I just keep getting worse and I can't
tell you what this feels like
it feels played out
each word something to laugh at.
I won't accomplish anything.
I'm going to die a failure.
please make me stop feeling so alone
so helpless.
I thought going back to school helped.
Maybe it did for a bit, but not long enough.
I'm tired of putting in an effort for nothing to be returned.
I think I'm going to relapse tonight and I'm scared.
My arm doesn't show the scars
Tough skin layered in the scar tissue.
Though there's one burn mark.
Maybe I should burn more.
Nothing deep, no rhythm to it
I'm losing whatever talent I sort of had.
NM Mar 11
They say life is short.
Then why does it also seem like the longest thing ever?
"Depression notes"
Also perhaps a small vent to let out this hopelessness I have had lately.

Hang in there everyone.
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