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emily 2d
I wish my confessions would fall upon a heart that will listen
Piyush Sharma Oct 11
We're here face to face
Not lying but I can't see you
You're here standing next to me
Not lying but still I feel helpless
You couldn't help me...
Neither could I.
Still we pretend to smile
And hope to be in the need..
MK Ulton Oct 10
I cried unconsolably in public once.
I don’t remember why.

But people walked right past me.
Kind of like the gods when I cry to the sky.

Sometimes, I try to pray.
I’ll talk to the empty room, secretly hoping something’s listening.

I’ll cry to an empty room, hoping something is listening.
But then, I realize, the room is empty.

And my tears are falling to an indifferent world.
My tears are falling to an indifferent god.

My pain is mine alone.

And then I cry, because no one can hear me.
I cry, because I feel stupid for thinking anyone can hear me.

And then I cry harder because I come to the realization
that if someone is listening,
They’re on an invisible plane, walking right past me, watching me cry.

Sometimes, I’ll scream at the ceiling in my room.
I’ll scream, “Why, why why?”
At the things in the sky.

And I curse it. I curse every god I know.

I taunt them to take me.
I curse and scream at my existence and their ineptitude

Because I secretly hope something is listening.

Because if they take me, it means something is listening.
And if someone was listening
And I died
it means I was never alone.

But then I realize I’m pleading with an empty room.

And then I cry, because no can hear me.
I cry, because my cries for death were met with indifference

And then I realize,
That humans don’t want my pain
And the things don’t want it either  

And then I realize,
That I’m either totally alone
Or just another thing, prone to cry
To the things in the sky
Gea Venise Oct 8
I did ask for it.
I wanted him to touch me.
I did ask
For the happiness
It might possibly bring.

But he touched me too hard.
It made me bleed.
Taofiq Isiaka Aug 23
In the dark I dwell
I know I'm not feeling very well
Is this what it feels to be lonely?
I want this feeling gone forever

I tried to save myself
Eyes opened thou seemed closed
All I see is darkness like my eyes were never opened
This feeling nobody could ever understand

Light I needed
But it seem thou all this are conceded
I crawled to save myself
But I didn't really get anywhere because I never knew where I was

In the middle of nowhere I sat
Hope is all I've got left
I cried and shout but my voice I could not hear
Tears is all I felt

Just a glimpse of light I prayed for
But it was as thou I was preaching
Because no one was really listening
I need a healing from this feeling

I stretched to the sky I could not see
This darkness can be a thing of beauty
So I let my imagination see
A darkness that blinds my eye but never my mind
This feeling I could bend

Darkness, my new canvas
I stretch to the sky my mind could see
A glimpse of light from a star
In between my thumb and index finger, I looked with ones eyes closed
Like a tiny diamond it seemed

This picture I needed to share
But no one was really there
It was as thou everyone has raptured
The feeling is back again but now I've been captured
Once again, I'm all alone
Nylee Aug 19
all in the end
I'll always be unwelcome
whatever i contribute
I will remain invisible
this home won't accept me
but I still stuck around
trying so hard
in vain
one day
it will come
embrace me
I am leaving this place
but in my head
I cannot shake this feeling
that who would accept me
in the road ahead
I'd always be alone
walking through the forest
there is no one to call
my own
I reach the native land
it is by the sea
the waves do not reach me
the cool breeze skip over me
there is the absence of
the sun rays
but I am floating
in this helpless feeling
little more push
and I might just drown
Khyati Aug 15
Have you ever choked, while crying?
Well, I have, everyone has........ maybe
But what if it isn't the tears
choking you down to death
What if its actually your soul
resisting anymore hurting
Or, what if its actually the fear
The fear of vulnerability
The fear of ending up helpless
Yeah! that's my and maybe everyone's mightiest fear
But what if it's certain
that we all have to go through the worst times
And what if it's certain too
that we'll get better, one day
But what if it's not
What if nothing is certain
And you may have to go through the worst
before that "better" actually comes.

What if everything is just an illusion
and you are the illusionist
Illusionist of your own fears and what ifs
Well just some intense writing up there...Think about it, as in, feel those words.
alupa Aug 15
The worst about losing you wasn't the moment it was over,
It were all these nights I lay awake, scared you'd leave.
It were all these hugs and kisses in the awareness they could be the last ones.
It were all these tears I silently shed when I felt you falling out of love with me.
It were all these conversations that made me realize we have nothing to say anymore.
The worst about losing you was being right by your side, knowing there was nothing I could do to make you stay.
Achick Aug 12
Fire lit s’mores
Star filled skies
You went kayaking and swimming
You felt the sun all weekend
You smiled and laughed
You were supposed to be safe
You were supposed to come back to me after that weekend
My eyes burn from smoke filled tears
This weekend wasn’t supposed to be like this
Camping turned into nightmares
With villains invisible to the eye
Not of Freddy or Jason
Nether the less he is trying to take my children
My nightmare is starting to become real
How did I get here
What wrong step did I take
Why my kids
Please don’t take my kids
A mother is never supposed to bury her children
Can’t you take me instead
I’ll give you everything I have
Just please don’t take them from me
Please death
I’m pleading you
Please don’t take my kids away from me
My kids were with their dad this weekend camping. He called me today and told me he tested positive for COVID. In a matter of hours his health is deteriorating. My children are in quarantine with him. We haven’t gotten their results back. I’m so scared, I’m trying to block out every worse case scenario. I’m scared to sleep, I can’t even hold my kids. This is every parents worse nightmare
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