Bobcat 5d
Tell me again how fire is dangerous
As you're standing there playing with matches
You strike the sulfur that would ultimately end us

You beg me not to leave but you push me away
I never know what you'll be feeling today
Tell me how you love me but cause me dismay

I know that you're trying I see it in your eyes
The first time I learned not only your mouth can tell lies
Say I give you life but you're already dead inside

You never hit me so I can thank you for that
Instead it was my mental state you attacked
I'd much rather you make both my eyes black

As I walked out you stood in the doorway crying
I probably would have stayed if I wasn't the only one trying
I hope next in line soon finds out they'll be dying.
Freddie Ruiz Jul 31
How to know if it’s wrong or if it’s right?
I’m all yours but you’re not mine.
You got your love, where’s mine?
You’re always ahead, I’m always behind.

He is up front, I’m always in the back.
I’m not your first, but I want to be your last.
He knows your touch, that’s what I lack.
Your heart is full, mine is blank.

I need you, you don’t need me.
You take what’s yours, but what’s left of me?
It's not you, it's just me.
It doesn't mean a thing when I can’t make you get closer to me.
You know it’s you I’m needing,
however, it’s him you’re holding hands with.
Written on April 1, 1999
Composition number: 64
Umi Jul 26
Eternally no word is spoken,
See it through your vision, this deserted shrine hidden within hellfire,
The dreams are fading into the slipping stream of time, vanishing,
In silence waiting seems to be alike an eternity, lonesome and sad,
If you believed you could try, all the same it's both the truth and a lie,
Silence, is what is called for in this abandoned, forgotten, rotten place
But if you were to spread your wings and were to fly,
Maybe then, you could reach high, rise from the fire and call through a voiceless barrier for help, but will the deaf understand you ?
This is, where all hope is lost to cause, where all words have come to pause, no message is delivered and prayers are sent by reticence,
So what makes you still look up to the burning sky the flames are controlling with pure rage and overwhelming fury beyond reason ?
Perhaps hope is something one can only lose last or frankly, never.
The feathers of your wings have burnt to dust and were scattered into the wind of the rampaging purgatory since a long gone past,
All you do is listening to your own voice in your head, over and over.
Bound to the ground, with no wings to fly.
Bound to silence, with no voice to cry.

~ Umi
collette Jul 26
Stranger's hands wrapped around my neck,
ropes tightly tied around my hands & feet,
They pointed a gun to my head,
and their words pointed a knife to my heart.
As they kill me slowly infront of you,
my screams filled your ears,
the image of my tortured body
was stuck inside your head.
Your body was frozen in place
nothing to do while I was suffering
right infront of you.

  - yet you mourned for my death
Sequoia Jul 21
The dagger is deep in her chest,
In great precision with the heart.
Empty eyes fill up quick with tsunamis.
Her sadness weighs a ton on her shoulders.
When her kindness is taken for weakness, she becomes broken, little by little.
Her bright smile surpasses a lifetime of pain.
Her way with words shows experience & tribulation.
Her eyes possess conundrum & distress.
Body imbibed by caliginosity,
She is trapped in an eerie forest.
She is a fly in a spiders web,
Struggling to detach herself from the dreadful bleakness.
She's been incapable of doing this all her life,
But now,
She seeks revenge on the killer of happiness
With high hopes of restoring her contentment.
December 31st @ 5:55 A.M.
Sela Jul 19
My choices are analysed.
Yours are praised.

My hesitation grows big.
You never stumble.

My heart says many things.
Your heart never lie.

My mind wanders too far.
You are on the right track.

My fate is uncertain.
You know how to determine other’s fate.

My life depends on you.
You make the decision.
tatianah Jul 19
Some people are used to feeling everything
Others feel nothing
I don't feel anything anymore
I feel like everyday I force myself just to smile
Sometime i find myself happy but it always fades
Everything fades
I wake up and find everything pointless
Music would be my escape
Now nothing works anymore
My life is pointless
A young man was digging in the trash
Next to an Art Gallery
Here in Denver.
I didn't really think
That there was anything of value in that trash can.
So, I interrupted him by saying,
"Would you like a bar."
I had a few of those Bearded Brothers Bars in my backpack.
He appreciated getting interrupted
From his fruitless search
And gladly took two Bearded Brothers Bars.
He asked me for water.
Well, I have a very wide mouth water bottle,
And he just had an empty bottle of purchased water.
I didn't think it would be easy from me to pour water
From my bottle to his bottle
Without a funnel.
I gave him my change,
And instructed him to get some fresh water
At a gas station instead.
He started talking
And it was all a "word salad".
He didn't make any sense at all,
And I excused myself to go buy some lunch at Parsley
As a person with a psychiatric myself,
Let me tell you
That no one can tell you how to cope
In this crazy world.
When you see someone who can't use his or her mind,
You realize
That your "sins" are infinitesimal.
I'm  spend a bit too much money
On good quality Chinese Food.
I really like to look at
Well-Focused  nude photos
Of beautiful women.
I probably spend too much money
On houseplants
And give too many of them away.
None of these
Amount to the catastrophe  
Of being helplessly incoherent
Out there on the streets.
This Right Wing Conservative Agenda
Of people like President Donald Trump
Doesn't just deprive agencies that serve people with psychiatric disorders of funding.
It also represents  false sense of values.
We need to help everyone to THRIVE.
So, a President who is NOT thriving cognitively himself
Really is in no position
To preach a Gospel of
And side with the Religious Right
On all issues pertaining to sexuality,
Telling women what to do with their bodies.
If President Donald Trump
Was admitted to an Inpatient Psychiatric Ward,
He would give the therapists and psychiatrist
A lot of work!
He would not be rapidly let back out on the streets
Until the staff was sure that he could function
On his own in Society.
If he wasn't so rich,
I guarantee you that Donald Trump
Would be digging in a Trash Can
That has nothing of value in it
Just like the fellow
I helped today.
I sigh for the many awash in despair
My attitude attuned in a devil may care
All clamoring for Poe not knowing of Baudelaire
Or that Ovid’s Bleak Black books of exile are out there
Content to coil in their own content of the unfair
Not understanding that Depression’s hosting a centuries long fair
So rejoice for others have long paid the fare
And like starlight from afar your suffering is fair
And through artistic labor, you set tables of tantalizing fare
Hope heaped underneath hollow hells...
Madisen Kuhn Jul 10
why do i crumble
fall into pieces of
oats and sugar
something beautiful
in a white bowl, but
a mess on the floor
when i wake up
in an empty house
why do i wither like
brown leaves
under brand new and
borrowed boots atop
autumn sidewalks
when i’m alone,
i’m alone,
i’m alone
it is not enough
to eat breakfast
however small
to wash my hair with
coconut milk
to not step out into
the busy street;
i freeze before the ice
touches me
i do not allow
the chance to warm
my own hands
i lie down, on
dirty sheets,
and wait for someone
to awaken me
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