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دema Sep 28
this mind grew tired
of feelings of helplessness,
this body cannot endure
the pain,
these hands can no longer
afford to tremble in weakness,
these lungs involuntarily
pump life into me
as these years slowly
escape from thy
inward eyes.
I am creator
To definition
My skill
My impact
Unbeknownst premonition
Subject to creativity
To a single lost member of empathy
Spell it out to bold
"My words of wisdom have grown old"
But hide it in cryptic chat
"Art of being beyond those of that."

Ward of insanity
Dictionary of clarity
My word is tied to apothecary
The magic of old and legend
A title left to those of behead
Another ninety turn, I shall be crass
"My poetry skills are ***."
The telescope of an overseer
What I wouldn't give to be her
The one with eyes and power
Define my life of words with cower
How can I be the poet
If she dare let me show it?
Artisan of the Goddess
The lady who bare this mess
The man who make this planet
And the Jester be I, who is all but candid
I witnessed
God's tear

When I look back
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: Helpless
Author's Note: I find human emotions in god. He laughes, he cries.
Tammy Cusick Aug 22
Gleaming upon ashed cigarettes
the smoke of your calloused lips burning against the back of my throat like hot coals
breathing you into my lungs had never felt so relaxing and painful at the same time
Like magma across your tongue
you swallow me whole
exhaling the negative of what you left over
I am distilled, like water quenching your prudent impurity.

Flick as if something of disposal
that's when you lay your eyes upon my flesh
Foaming at the mouth in my carnaged disarray
deadened in your pupil
I see my reflection.

Sinking your needles grip into my veins
I feel the ***** of your despair flowing in my blood platelets
Multiplying seeds of hatred in my DNA
This is who I am.

Engulfed in you
serene to your touch
getting colder at the moment
the warmth of your embrace coddles me like a mothers hold
I am helpless.

Warm honey is the color of your eyes
yet, your taste is heroine
nothing like I've ever sunk into
you've shaken me to the core
sweet and deadly
and on the floor.
riku Aug 12
Please come back.
im sorry for not being there for you
Nathan Jul 14
For no reason again
Why am I even here
It's 4:40am right now
End it all
End it all
my keyboard is broken
like me
so some leer will be missing
hoefllly yo can ndersand
i'm broken
and like my keyboard
i'm missing things which
i can be cant be wihot
if yo can ndersand this
then maybe yor broken o
becase yo ndersand my brokeness which
is more then i ca say abot alot of eole
my keyboard is broken and i do no feel like using the onscreen one.
annieohk Jul 5
Lover of my heart
Breaching the strongest of walls
I am helpless now
Cherish Jul 3
Why is my efforts so transparent to everyone?

Yes, it doesn't seem noticeable
Yes, it doesn't seem enough

But its the small thing that matters.
Mind Matterer Jun 23
Allow me to ultimately succumb to my fate;
Spill down onto the sidewalk
along with the other helpless raindrops
and slide into the gutter.

Allow me to finally let go
of the blissful, blue balloon;
fall to the ground,
and disintegrate in midst of the dirt.

Allow me to disappear
Forever and always;
into thin air,
like a cloud of dark fairy dust.

Allow me to cry
a flood of tears and sorrow;
enough to fill an ocean
Deep and Wide.

Allow me to bask in this
dark void of emptiness
that fills my mind and chest;
rendering me plainly incapable.

Please, just let me go.
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