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Luisa C May 1
I want the air to surround me, hug me,
losing myself in its invisible arms
and therefore finding something meaningful
in its transparent substance.
I do not want to cower from the implications
that I am so dependent on this traceless vapour.
Make me crave you, I think, hoping it hears my wish,
welcome me as I so desperately want to welcome you.
So I stand paralysed staring into the unknown,
the endless vortex of existence,
hypnotising me with its mystery, torment and beauty,
divinity, chaos and serenity;
the paradox of living and reality.
To be a human is to be a reflection of the dazzling mess of life;
how can I not take in the wonders of the universe each time I inhale?
My breath is power, the air my hero,
it gives me strength even in times I fight ruthlessly against it.
What is this strange instinct, this stubborn ingrained desire,
this anonymous impulse that never changes or falters?
Why won't it tell me what it's here for, why it persists,
I want to be informed on what it has to offer me.
So show me, I say to nothing, come out and reveal your secrets,
stop your hiding and give me everything there is to know, consume, devour.
I want to be nourished with it, overwhelmed with it,
so show me that this life is worth living.
The vast and depthless road of reality stretches out for so long it scares me,
the plethora of choices, unlimited possibilities,
fear traps me, foolishly, I allow it to strike me
in every way, shape and form
even when I told it to do everything it can to excite me.
It kept its promise well it seemed, it obeyed my order,
now I'm stuck between two states, helpless and frozen.
It turns out I'm not really sure I can handle it.
It turns out I'm not really sure what I want, ever.
Anais Vionet Feb 25
Have you ever been so infatuated with someone that you thought you’d die? My memories are fresh - and embarrassing - there’s no sense of time’s distortion.

I was twelve and we were living in Shenzhen, China.
When my heart went off like a grenade for this fourteen year old boy.
I was so beguiled that I started writing poetry - always a bad sign.

I was exposed - turned inside out by it;
like my guts were hung out for birds to peck.
I writhed in that particular, lonely agony.

All I ever had to offer him was my helplessness.
He didn’t take advantage - I think I scared him.
I wonder what memories he took from me?
BLT word of the day challenge: Embarrass : "experiencing a state of self-conscious distress."
Leah Carr Feb 15
Do you ever feel like
you're in a box filling up with water
And with your head just above the surface
The realisation makes your stomach
Just as your mouth goes under
And then your nose
And you know that that's it
You're helpless
You're drowning
And you're never coming up to breathe
George Krokos Jan 31
The danger has passed
with its shadow cast
and you feel relieved
if you're not deceived.

When it was around
there wasn't a sound
and all that happened
nearly time flattened.

'Twas on such a day
that it came your way
but did not expect
let alone suspect.

You'd never have thought
that way to be caught
but who knows when fate
brings death on their plate.

It's only when time
finds the hour to chime
and it strikes you down
with no one around.

So helpless you'll be
until you are free
from the direful hour
if life is not sour.

On such occasions
of life's invasions
which are distasteful
be not ungrateful.

Give thanks to the Lord
and study His Word.
Apply it with heart
as Grace will impart.
Written in May,2021.
N.D.E. = near death experience
Vellichor Jan 16
Last night the truth faced me,
And looked me in the eye,
Death never promised,
That we’ll say goodbye.

It can come in the night,
And steal you away,
Like an endless dream,
Like a beast and its prey.

I’ll wake in the morning,
To find that you’re gone,
That life left your eyes,
Long before dawn.

And I’ll have been powerless,
To save you from death.
I couldn’t lend you my heartbeat,
Or transplant my breath.

You’ll have slipped out of my reach,
And I’ll have to live knowing,
That you’ll never come back,
And I’ll have to keep going.

Last night the truth faced me,
And told me in my ear,
No matter how much I love you,
I can’t keep you here.
Andrew Dec 2021
Before I die
I wanna try
Just one day
Without a lie
To feel free
In every way
Help me be
Run a mile
Go and play
With a smile
Make me cry
For a while
Not get high
byron Johnson jr Nov 2021
Even before 1619 chains and tormentors guided our fate’s
Decisions made by masters of disasters, calamity incarnate
Strict with the lash, fast with cash, made to be last
Ground into mash and left in the past
Hundreds of years drowning in the struggle
Voices ignored and submerged into a gurgle
Each strike an etching of fear to remind of us we belong in the rear
We belong under their heel, we belong in a field
Our place standing as equal, not real
'1865 and the wool is pulled further over our eye’s
The lies fly fast when equality is subject
You matter, you’re worthy, you’re heard and valued
Just enough to serve and just enough to observe
Now they tell me we’ve been unshackled from the hassle
Now our voices are as powerful as the masters
Now actions matter
With my newfound freedom, I looked behind the curtain
Found a sinister grin hiding a truth that leads us right back to where we began
Where my freedom of choice is blocked by the path to move forward
Where my value is determined buy profits that profit from me as a product
Forever a slave to shackles of titles that never really matter
Shackles of false power and influence
Shackles of masters too blind to see the new face staring at them from inside the veil
Forever beaten blue and yellow.
breeze Aug 2021
As I am falling into the abyss,
I try to hold on to a thing,
yet there is no way to resist
cold-blooded gravity of swing.

My head chill air begins to hit,
and with the accelerating speed
I'm wondering: "Shall this be it?"
My eyes feel heavy, I think: "Indeed."

A moment later I hear them scream,
as time slows down I face a flow,
I follow it and think: "Bad dream,"
Eyes closed farewelled by dancing snow.
Nathan Jul 2021
At night when troubles themselves seem to weep
The rest comes hard and never deep
Sounds in the dark break the dream
Slick and stuck in tangled web
Trapped mid slumber and thick in head
The figure stands with burning eyes
Writhing closer that empty gaze
The scream won't form
My mind ablaze
Close enough to taste her breath
A burst of speed
I free my hand
Vanishing fast
And nothing left
Now alone
A stammering mess
Back to rest
This hard fought test
Watching in the corners still
The darkness shimmers
For one more thrill
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