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Long across the grains
Watching the hills float
Screaming till he faints
A droplet in his throat

Straight shooting arrows
Vaporized his proud entity
Raising both arms in sorrow
He cried his eyes empty

An attempt to beg forgiveness
Fell on his knees and rose
When hope struck the witness
On a lost mirage long across
Bella R 3d
You march on
steadily ahead
As I silently
Your guardian angel
Your Nobody.

How powerless
"I love you" is
Just words,
My feelings
So passionate,
E v  a   p     o     r      a        t         e
Before they reach
I want to fall
So bad
To run
And trip
To crash
And burn
I want to hurt
To feel
A reason for it
The air is
Can't take too much
It hurts
But why?
No reason at all
There is a moment where one feels hopeless, where one feels pain, but we can't seem to find the reason why. It hurts, but why?
I'm so sorry you're hurting like this
I never knew it was so bad
that you could feel
the ache in your chest
from where you're heart had been
before you gave it
so selflessly
to that girl
who lost it on her way into another's.

I'm sorry I'm not her
because i know I could give you what you want,
and fill that empty void from where your heart once was
because I know your worth.

It pains me
that you are losing your head
over someone
who doesn't deserve you
and will never see how special you truly are.

I see you crumbling over a girl
that wouldn't even know something was wrong
if you wept on the floor
desperatley cradling
your own bleeding heart.

I have tried to show you the reality
but it's too late,
you're already
far too blinded by the good
to ever see the **** truth.

And the sad thing is,
you are going to die loving this girl,
but you are aware,
and have accepted the challenge.
So I can no longer help you,
as I am already killing myself,
by trying to save you.
CL Fjell Dec 3
From every blink
Your beauty doth seep
Staring, I start to feel myself sink

Like pools of endless galaxies
I see my future in your eyes
Like a dense forest of pine trees
I float through your milky white skies
Seductive and terrifying
Am I caught in my dreams
I see myself with you, flying
But you don't notice me, not yet it seems.
I'm lovesick
Disastrous is my inability to write
And I have a lot more to write
My computer has just crashed
I cannot get it repaired
It is declared irreparable
And I do not borrow things
I can never afford a new one either
I am old and do not earn
I had given up wielding the pen long ago
And ever since
Lost the ability to write with an ink-pen
If I tried
My handwriting will be indecipherable
What must I do now
But cry
With the increasing use of laptops and desk PCs, we are forgetting the way to write and improve our handwriting.
Hope One Day Nov 27
Open Confession

I don't hate you, no I never did.
I just want to save you, as I always did.
That feeling of being helpless when you know someone is knowingly destroying them self, yet it's beyond your control to save them :(

I tried all I could within my capacity to save you but unfortunately you have determined your path and ===============I failed.
Piyush Gahlot Nov 21
It pinches , stings,
It demotivates you ,
It makes you feel humiliated,

Spoils your mood,
Make you regret of your actions,
You wish you have never gone for it
in the first place,

It's okay to be rejected,
Be patient, stay calm,
Because *** has planned someone/something better than you assumed.
Latifah Nov 17
so colorful
so darkful
everywhere I go
no one can help me
but myself.
I fixed you with a thousand poems
         yet you broke me with only one!
why did it have to end with one poem! why did you just gave up, why didnt you let me reply, why did you disappear!
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