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little glowing flakes
blissful and divine
snow glistens into my bright blue eyes
the beauty of simplicity
of a simple blank white canvas
means winter is upon us
TIZZOP Sep 2020
flakes in the kitchen, flakes in the kitchen
my fate is holy like religion, old traditions:
live life greedily, follow your ambitions
without the stacks, i got an itching

thousand racks, volume of a bible
the day is black, that is my lifestyle
don't offer me gizmos, i know the skid row
above the earth, you see an airglow

above my head, you watch my hair glow
snow male machiny, breathing airflow
phantom with a whisk, never stop-and-frisk
my birthmark, no risk, twenty yumys in the carpark

when no one sleeps, the crowd dances
i'll be hanging with the focus, grabbin' chances
fountain flavour, the mountain and the savior
brash, blue bunnies burning all my moneys
JAM Jan 2020
Snowflakes 'round me:
Bird wings beat hushedly;
Spoken words ripple silently
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
Gently, feathers floating high
From wings of
White doves as they fly
Solemn, silent as a sigh
Floes & snow banks by & by...

Six sided crystals, different all
None are perfect as they fall
Frozen, they heed nature's call
In human hands can be a ball
To throw as children, we'll recall...

The built up forts & furious fights!
It's a time to bundle tight!
We're all artists at the sight
Of flakes falling, defused light
On parts of earth it's endless night.

During storms it'll cut & slice
On the roads can become ice
Please,  just listen to advice
Stay inside where it is nice!

Snow. The Queen of legend... lore!
There's SO much she has in store
The winter's scepter in the tors
It in the valley, desert floors
When heaven opens up it's doors
When the wind rips & roars
When it sprinkles then it pours...

It fascinates forevermore!

Catherine Jarvis
(C) 12/19/2019
S I N Dec 2019
I stand in front of a window
With a darkness without and within
Watching snowflakes falling together
In this descent creating or rather combining
Into a snowfall that every time it befalls
For me to behold it and with the inner eye
To hold it, I can’t help but only permit
Myself to feel a state of heaven bliss
Especially when booted feet of mine create A crisp
Of snow under theirs membrane sole,
This crunch with such a pleasure fills the soul
Of every one who knows what it is like
To take a pleasant winter roaming hike
Mike Sep 2019
i miss the sounds of cars
splashing through wet snow and slush puddles
i miss a calm stillness as
snowflakes fall under distant streetlights
i miss the taste of salt
when i slip on frozen city sidewalks
pressure building in my face
i miss wearing jackets too big
and socks too long
i miss the heavy blankets
and the drinks too strong
Jenna Mar 2019
Flakes peck my lips;
becoming more numb
with every brush and flutter
Lily Feb 2019
I know you saw it,
The snow coming down in sheets,
The snow you wished would quit,
The snow that covered the whole street.

White flakes escape from the clouds,
Flash in front of your vision,
The white all your sight enshrouds,
Until endless snow is all you can envision.

But did you see the sunlight this morning,
The gentle glow from the waking sun,
That, rather than a warning,
Was a sign that the night had been won?

Did you see the beauty that the snow held,
Sparkling like stars in the night sky?
Nothing from our eyes the Lord withheld,
When He made the snow shimmer nigh.

So remember that happiness can follow sadness
And if you don’t look for it, you might not find it.
Now if you’ll excuse this rambling madness,
A lovely snowman I will now outfit.
Just trying to embrace the snow :)
Bashir Ali Najar Jan 2019
The snow puffs on the lonely trees of my yard...
Zephyr falling on the rheumy ground,,,
My Heart beating
With no sound!!!!!
My Heart beating with no sound!!!!!
Moist ground intimate
With moist eyes :::
The Parakeets holdback Spring to come,
The peak of KHARABALL,
All Milky with fresh snow
Once Sunshine Gnaw...
Looking above the minerates of my Masjid,,,
I saw your image
Waiting for me...
Let us again we should be we
As we are we
As we are we
Snow drops
Bernice Helena Dec 2018
The yellows swirl and stir,
Awakening this repressed fervor.

In gold flakes that cling and sting,
Your spotlight falters, dancing in a ring;
A reflection of the sun.

Around my head we spun,
Drunken and lost in this rendezvous,
Floating - fleeting, just like you.

Scorched by your misguided torch,
A sun spot, a momentary blotch
On my patchy pink skin.

I was on my way to recovery,
Now stopped by a possibility
That I try to wash down,

To drown
In every guilty sip.
I know there is no end

As I contemplate the taste
Of your drink and
My need for haste;

The sorrow it brings,
As the cogs in my mind turn
And the imprint of us burns

Up in flickers and flames-
I alone should take the blame.
Falling in love is a blameless chore.
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