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Aidan Jun 8
Everyone has someone to depend on
Everyone has someone that will listen and understand
Must that be nice

How long did that take?
To let someone in.
To let someone see everything with the trust they won't judge.
How long did it take to muster the courage?
To let someone see the scars of my mentality.

It seems too much,
It seems like a hefty ask.
It sounds so refreshing.
To have someone to completely vent to,
that can be relied on to listen and not go away,
whose a permanent fixture rather than a temporary presence.

How long did it take to realize a physical being was needed?
How long did it take to allow light into the darkness?

I must sound insane if anyone could listen to my thoughts.
I am haunted by past words,
Haunted by the possible future,
Haunted by people I have let go of in fear.
What happens if I finally find someone I think I can trust,
But then push away just as quickly.

In times like these, it may be better to just stay in the dungeon
Stay hidden
Bottle it all up
Not a good choice but it is the default settings I am programmed to
Can I be re-programmed soon?
It gets kinda lonely in this dungeon of thoughts
First time I think I have put these thoughts into words...
Khoisan Dec 2021
in the heptagon
of gratitude
natural pride
the abominable defied.
"Heptagon" - metaphorically
denotes the continents.
Julia Celine Aug 2021
Sometimes it feels like I hold you in the palm of my hand
You’re too stubborn to stay seated, you’re too scared to stand
So you lean on impulsive promises, a thousand planted seeds
Plant yourself halfway through the doorway and throw away the key
And look to me to water your garden
A consideration I haven’t yet bought
And you need me, now you need me
I’m not so sure that’s what I want
micaela drew Apr 2021
i miss you when things get hard

i miss your gentle voice and understanding

i miss your presence, sweet and commanding

i miss how you knew exactly what to say

i miss how you always brightened my day

but I really only miss you when things get hard

your love for me was completely unmarred

and I want to call and say I miss you

but I know it’s not entirely true

i miss the way you supported me

and saw me for all the things I could be

i don’t miss how we were

i miss the way you made me feel secure

- insecurity
Gabriella Apr 2020
I focus
so much on
that tiny piece of
paper that comes in
      every little cookie
          And when I don't
                Get that little piece of paper 
                            My day is ruined and         
                              nothing seems to matter anymore
              Why do I rely on such a tiny piece of paper?
               Generalized for the masses
          To give me something to look forward to.
        This means nothing
But it meant something in a moment,
and it could have meant something so
much more
If it were in the cookie.
Fortune cookies are good until you open them and there's no fortune inside.
F A Pacelli Aug 2019
you deserve your best
it is your right to achieve
but your responsibility also
the world owes you nothing
take (or create) what is yours
forge your weapons
win the wars you wage
but remember to respect
the freedom of others
lest it comes back to you
Persephone Salix Jun 2019
one is happening
before our eyes
one we caused
disguised by lies

what they make
from the week
they become hooked
to the relief they seek

are what is left
nothing to regret
souls left waning
while the industries are gaining
Caitlin Feb 2019
You are so close

I can see you on the horizon

You are my salvation

The closer I get

The more I realize

When I touch you

You’ll disappear

You were never really there
your body is my compass,
and its leading me down a fragmented path,
but i dont care because its everything ive ever required.
i follow your map to places ive never seen before
and its horrifying
all this reliance i waste on you,
because you dont care where you are taking me,
and you never really cared.
you continue to lead me to nowhere
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