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Caitlin Feb 7
You are so close

I can see you on the horizon

You are my salvation

The closer I get

The more I realize

When I touch you

You’ll disappear

You were never really there
your body is my compass,
and its leading me down a fragmented path,
but i dont care because its everything ive ever required.
i follow your map to places ive never seen before
and its horrifying
all this reliance i waste on you,
because you dont care where you are taking me,
and you never really cared.
you continue to lead me to nowhere
Claudia Jan 23
Your life has been hard,
It has
And you're not even seventeen yet

You've just learned to wear your hair in a ponytail,
Even though it doesn't cover your face as well

Now everyone can see that face,
That tiny little forehead,
And those eyes that aren't quite green or gray or blue,
But full of hope

That is the color of your eyes

When you look in the mirror and hate yourself to pieces

When you wanted to grab a pair of scissors and cut off those beautiful belly rolls

And when you wanted to carve out a new shape for your nose

Ther's still hope,
In your eyes

Because that is what your made of,
and it shines through

Every time you've been broken down
Countless times

Every day on your way to school
Stepping through the gates of **** on earth

When they called you names
The sticks and stones
Staring at you in the corridor

When you got through your ninth year

When you saw your grandmother and all the safety she was die,
For the third time

When you realized that this time she wasn't coming back

When you told your dad you hated him,
And every time you realize you still do

When they crushed you
There was still hope left in you, if only the smallest grain

You always believed there would be a better day,

Even when you sunk the blade of a pocket knife into your own skin,
And you could barely see through the tears in your eyes,
And you mom cried,
And she held you,
And you said "No, you'll gett blood all over yourself"
And she screamed a little,
And there and then, at fourteen years old you thought that this,
This is rock bottom

You knew the only way out was through,
You knew

And that's why you made it,

Because no matter how sure you were that you'd given up you never really had.

That's why you,
Eleven years old,
You didn't jump ,
You didn't

No matter how hard you believed in the freedom of bones cracking,
In just a second
Floating away,

You never managed to convince yourself it would be worth it,
Because what if the sun will rise tomorrow and you will be okay?

Maybe that won't happen for another week or ten or twenty years
But it still wouldn't be wort it,

Because WHAT IF

You don't want to miss out,
You don't want to be the jinx,
Miss your whole life just because you got tired so you left early,

So instead you flew
Because you knew
You' pull trough

And you did
You bright bright ray of light
You brilliant star
Even though you are covered in scars

And that's okay,
It's okay

Now look in the mirror,
Look me in the eye,
And say after me

                                ­It's okay
                                 You did it

                           It's over now
Roseanna Nov 2018
The mere thought of reliance. Of getting myself addicted, kept me from buying it.

A Flowered Tux Mar 2018
How could anything be so tall?
I wonder if she is trying
to meet everyones expectations?
They don't even bother
to learn her limitations.
How do people have the gaul,
to build her up by lying?

When do they stop
and think if she will fall?
or will she drop
with a wrecking ball?
Nothing left but the foundation.
To heal her broken nation.

Her poor heart is dying,
because she sends so many to the top
through sweat, tears and crying
all just to stall
an end that is terrifying.

- The Statue of Liberty
Lady Liberty, Oh So fair, please do not let this wretched country tear you apart!
Joshua Hobbs Jan 2018
A boy,
born of dirt and ash,
walks not alone in the shadows.

For he is accompanied by a heightened sense,
for who is to become, and for who he must destroy.

Lies spill forth from the mouths of those branded "Slaves."
Slaves to the Serpent riddled box they so desperately cling to.

His vision falls on the subjective view of right and wrong,
Good and Evil,
Just and Unjust.

Reality shattered by the sight of hungry mouths never to be fed,
Greedy hands that take, never to be sated,
and of the Love never to be had.

Put aside your pride, boy.
Fall the farthest you have ever fallen.
Then and only then, may you break into a million pieces.

From the ash of your misguided life,
you may rebuild yourself into more than a mere man.

From the shadows,
A King Rises.
I am the last enemy that shall be destroyed. Then, may I reign forever.
Carlyyyy Sep 2017
Humor comes in a million different shades.
As mine reaches various greys and yellows,
I admit, more often an inkling than a joke,
I say, "I could die happy, right now."
This life assures me nothing good nor bad.
Maybe the next? If any.
I won't take anything away from myself because that would mean,
I have an enemy.
And you don't run from your enemies,
You face them.
So it's safe to say,
I am here until I am not.

It's hard to explain this one.  I am aware of suicide's toll on everyone. I am neutral, well I like to think so. I notice the many sides of why. It can be a way out but it could be a way in. No one knows what goes on in other people's minds. Suicide can be neither a sign of weakness nor a symptom of strength. Maybe it's both? I don't know but I do know it happens. I lost my friends to suicide. These people, I knew them when I was a kid. We all possessed naivety and love for life. Adventures didn't come to us, we made them. We grew up. We saw, did, & heard things. The real world ****** us in. Expectations hit hard. Lies and deceit had familiar faces. Love hurt. No one is to blame. No one at all!  I've come to terms. We all face demons. We all have our struggles. How you face them is what matters? you decide everything in your life. Don't let people get you down. You are capable of anything! Preferably good things that help you, people, maybe nature and animals. Idk but be good.
Afrah May 2017
i find that even when i sit down to read a book, before i begin, sometimes i’m hit with a wave of sadness, this heart-dropping feeling of loneliness, fear of the emotions i’m about to feel, the emptiness, the focus i’m putting on my own mind… allowing myself to face my own thoughts all alone as they run through my head… it’s a scary, weird feeling and i wish i didn’t feel like this... i need to stop being afraid of being left to myself, of being an individual. i need to find fulfillment in life, in things, in reading alone, in taking photos alone, in spending time alone, in going on a walk alone... in being alone. at the beginning of this year i wasn’t like this, i found happiness and made peace with myself when no one was around but it’s changed, because of /you/ it's changed, something’s shifted, and i want my old self back, i want it to shift back, can i reverse this? can i please take back my old self?...

what have you done to me???
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
You are my moonlight,
the darker that my life gets,
the brighter you shine.
Jack Mandala Jul 2016
Baby girl I know you have options
But take a chance with me and you'll see
You're what I need and breathe
As corny as it sounds
I feel sick and empty when you're not around
Every sip from the chalice leads you to malice
Please put down the bottle
And let's take our love to full throttle
Just follow through and I'll fix you
A quick poem for the girl who is killing my thoughts with every bottle she downs
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