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Jamesb Jan 5
Pain I can take,
It's just nerves firing when all is said and done,
A few tiny tiny electrical impulses
Advising of damage or of hurt,

If it's not my head then
I can grasp it and isolate it and mitigate it
And bring the problem under control,
Mostly and more often than not,

Even a heart attack did not
Preclude a presentation duly prepared,
Albeit quieter and more hesitantly delivered
Than my usual confidence,

But the turning of friend
To unreasoning and un-listening foe,
This thing cannot be grasped nor quenched,
Even by a horse sized aspirin,

It leaves ones heart
Pierced with a jagged blade
That rips and tears a hole beyond
Imagining or control,

Faith and care and love
Hemorrhage uncontrolled
Like the tears that course down my face,
Or will if I permit,

The pain I cannot contain
But stoicism is my friend
This day and stoicism
Will stem the flow

Liz Jan 2020
I see the world and fall into despair
Confusion and anger scatter everywhere
I know I'm blessed but emotions still burn
Because the thought of a world that refuses to learn

Honesty is valued but only if it alines
With the premade opinions of the ever-changing times
The drenching pain of extreme loss
Some may understand, but few know the cost

I don't understand my thoughts
The fill me with things that make me distraught
Heart broken people and lost ingenuity
But amongst this mess is undeniable beauty
Yo, I say yo
You think you can just ignore a ***** like me
Read my messages but I get no reply
What, you hoping a ***** will cry?
******* too *****
Dis ***** right here ain't gon die in no ditch
Thinking yo lack of words gon **** a *****
Naw naw imma come out on top
Gon have me a dime piece and a guap
You gon wish you gave me the time of day
Instead of being a ***** and making me feel some type of way
This one is about a former coworker that would only talk to me when we were working together but since me getting fired she only reads my messages but doesn't reply.
Rifqi Kim Sep 2019
day by day enduring mental and physical pain
what does it feel like to lose yourself?
what does it feel like to lose your mind?
feeling breathless and not able to think straight
hyperventilate and feeling pain in your chest
your heart starts to feel pain as well
worried that you won't be able to carry on
even for days to come
Tammy Cusick Aug 2019
Piercing eyes
pale white gowns,

furrowed brow's
big bright crowns,

horizontal smiles
across floor to ceiling paintings
limp of emotion,

distraught in sepia
color at rest,

mildew in the teeth
callous on the tongue,
nails in the feet
dragging dead weight,

wrapped in burlap
tied in loose ribbon,

clammy cold hands
only for the given,

red in the face
angry with a fist
distraught in the heart,
spliced across the wrist.
Jennifer West Mar 2019
It's not fair.

You were the best thing.
That ever happened to me.

You believed in me.
Like nobody else.
You supported me.
Like nobody else.
You loved me.
Like nobody else.

You were the best person I knew.
That I'll never get to see again.

It's not fair.
my heart is a warzone,
and you invaded just so you could attack.
you were never careful about how you treated me,
you just wanted to cause as much destruction as you could and then retreat.
but i will soldier on,
pretending everything is okay,
although the scorched earth around me is crumbling and burning.
but everything is okay,
its okay.
its hard to pretend everything is okay
your fire still burns in my heart
my lungs are gasping for your air
i mourn the loss of you
vulnerably and emotionally
i scream in agony as i think of us
my heart belts hymns of you
you were always so concerned about hurting me
because you knew that one day you would rip my heart apart
and leave me too broken to be fixed by anyone else
will i ever get over you
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