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giovanna Jun 4
ele é literalmente o centro
de toda a minha galáxia
tal como um buraco ***** massivo
puxou-me para dentro
e agora é parte de mim
não há lamentações a se fazer
esse evento não é o fim
mas sim, meu recomeço
aprimorei um poema antigo
nunca me vi nele
mas agora posso finalmente
entender oque escrevi
Dinamus Apr 5
I often look up
When my world is down
To stare at the stars
When no one is around
giovanna Feb 4
O ar desapareceu dos meus pulmões
Senti como se o hidrogênio tivesse tomado seu lugar
O tempo parou naquele momento e eu me vi em queda infinita
Dentro de um planeta que não tem chão
Dentro de um sentimento sem previsão
Eu corri, e quando senti seus braços, a temperatura derrepente ja passava dos mil
Não contei e nem tive tempo antes que o vento daquela imensa mancha vermelha me levasse consigo
Não há foguete que conseguiria me buscar
Eu não me importaria de chegar ao núcleo
nem mesmo de ser esmagada pela pressão
Então eu suplico, deixe Jupiter me levar
esse poema é especial para mim!
escrevi com base em
memórias que eu tenho da
primeira vez que eu o vi.
meu pitico, meu gatinho, meu yu
te amo.
Literatim Jan 25
Deep in the void, where light is scarce,
devoid of life and sound
The remnants of a fallen star
fall to an endless ground.

Until they slowly form anew
by force of Newton's formula
Fantastic clouds of gas and dust
in green and red and pink and blue,
known to us as nebula.

Before our eyes, they grow in size,
take shape, and with elation
we're witnessing a cosmic birth –
The Pillars of Creation.

They tower over the abyss,
a glowing trinity
Amidst the universal mist
of darkness and infinity.

Until they finally collapse
and under heat and pressure form
A self-sustaining plasma core
and thus, anew, a star is born.
This poem is inspired by "The Pillars of Creation" (1995), a photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope depicting interstellar clouds and dust within the Serpens constellation of the Eagle Nebula.

Disclaimer: By no means do I claim or strive for scientific accuracy, however I did try my best to integrate the information that I could find into this amalgamation of art and science. Hope you enjoy (:
Dinamus Dec 2021
I often lock my eyes
On the sight of the sky
And I stare into the night
Under the glow of moonlight

Through this looking glass
I could see
An entire world out there
Looking back at me
dorian green Oct 2021
you point out jupiter
in the sky, and i try not to
think about how cold i am.
my ears ring, it's just
angels singing,
i get drunk and act a fool.
i hope you don't know
that you've got me trapped
in your orbit. i hope
i never let you know.
maybe there's life,
but maybe it's just ice
all the way down.
i am simply one of
your many satellites,
caught in a storm's eye
and just trying to keep
my head on straight.
i think if i stood up
i would fall through the floor,
nothing but empty air
and the loyal orbit
of an inhospitable moon.
either way, the sun
is rather far but i know
you'd rather feel
its warmth than anything
anyone would find on europa.
Taylor St Onge Jun 2021
It's the pilot light in the stove,
                                    the fireplace.  It’s the
night light in the bathroom,
                        the living room.  The
reflection in the mirror,
                  in the glass of my windshield.  The
      hum of electricity,
the sigh of the furnace.  

What do you mean I’m supposed to go looking for something that is constant?

The conjoined twin does not go looking for its sibling.
                 The brain does not search for the heart.  
The shadow always finds the body.  Gravity invariably
                                                    pulls the moon into orbit.  

The smoldering ache of loss
                  —hot like bubbling magma, bright like a solar flare—
                                                   is always there.  
Lurking beneath the skin.  The face behind the mask.  
                 Gnarled roots beneath the forest.

What do you mean I’m supposed to look for something that is a part of me?
Assimilated to my sense of normalcy.  Integrated into my DNA.
I can only do so much introspection before I go insane.
write your grief prompt #12: What would it take to seek out the smoldering ache of loss?
Taylor St Onge May 2021
the asteroid hit the earth so long ago that
                                                             i do not remember a time before.  
(the bones of dinosaurs do not remember a time before they were
petrified into brittle and fragile memories; the moon does not recall
who she was before she got stuck in the earth’s orbit; uranus knows
nothing of how he came to spin on his side.)

you could stick your hand through
any of the gas giants and find
                                                          your whole body
                                                           slidi­ng through.  
this same theory can be applied to my skin.  i have very little gravity,
or at least it feels that way most days.

maybe it depends on how you look at it:
one way is perfect, and the other all wrong.  the woman in the casket could either be sleeping or dead.  she could either be a stranger or my mother.  the head or the tail.  the light or the dark.  the two sides of the moon.  the comet striking through the night sky.  the interdimensional toll could refuse to let you through.  the cult could accept or deny your entry request.  there is one and there is the other.  the upside down.  the rightside up.  the parallel universe.  the evil twin.  it’s fresh and then it’s rotten.  this could either hurt a lot or a little.  it depends on how much you let in: how willing you are to bend to the emotional blow.

science says that the human body tends to
                                                            forget physical pain as a survival tactic.
but science says jack **** about emotional pain.

so am i living?  or am i just existing?
     the difference is six feet deep.
writing your grief prompt three: how do you live in a landscape so vastly changed?
Yazad Tafti Apr 2021
saffron frontier of bewildering junipers
aquamarine formed leave me breathless and scorned
rip up my heart tie is down to a steel slate
and watch it delaminate
peel piece by layer
ungluing spindle stuck fibers tear
sweetheart's credit expiry date
intiate your soft precious acid lounge lips
perspicacious lad when you sway your hips
hips that make me trip upon your sunkisssed garden
you blue my mind like saffron
im ***** as a juniper
you are my love and my moon
and i long for Uranus.
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