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Alexis Jul 12
and if we were in the endless exosphere
i'm sure I would've fallen for you even then,
despite not having gravity.
Starry Sep 9
As I look
At the constellations
After a bad day
I see the patterns in the sky
I real that
Everything is
Going to be OK.
Kate S Sep 9
just like gravity
you pulled me close

and just like the sun
you burned me alive

sometimes i wish
i was never in your orbit

but just like a comet
i couldn't resist the pull
Starry Sep 8
It is dusk
The street lights
Are on
The moon
An autumn
A perfect night to go trick or treating
Or not
Starry Sep 8
Hello there purple moon
Have you come to cheer me up
With you
Vaporwave look
And tiny sliver
Starry Sep 8
Is something
Calming about
Sliver of the
A u t u m n moon
Starry Sep 7
This autumn
I dont
Just see
But two
Moons in the sky
Eerily facing eachother
What autumn wonder.
Starry Sep 6
Three people
Star gazing
On a beach
I wonder if
The are having a
If so
Count me invited
Starry Sep 4
You reep
So watch out
What your doing
Might bite you in
The *** later on
Thus is the universe.
M C Sep 3
Sole stars shine together in a nightly swirl
sharing light with the collective whorl as each wink in turn.
I am only my mother's son in this moment.
As is everyone a bright point in the lineage of our family,
looking up at a familiar heavenly mirror.

Even the heavens fade.
Minds reflect on this godly tact.
Entropy is a fact that we fight
or are we acting?
Afraid to admit how warm the embrace of coldness?
Clinging silence saturates space between bodies,
between sparks of life.
Fretful existentialism balanced by... nothing.
Whole galaxies begin, submit,
only a simple hello reaches me in the twilight.

Countless hellos overwhelm.
Connecting with the universe through metaphor is beautiful
but after all, we are only human.
Messy in our emotion.
The restless observer should practice patience to find peace under heaven.

Stoic stars accept a proper pace of degrade.
Us people struggle
to fade with grace.
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