Toxic yeti Jan 7
I follow the Dipper
To places unknown
Both physical
And emotional

These places are frightening
But I keep looking up
At the Dipper
And I find comfort.
Xaela San Jan 5
It is in the night sky where Stars of different colors shines
Marveling each spectator in wonder as it twinkles its way to their eyes
Xaela San Jan 7
It is in the passing Comet above, mistaken as falling star by dreamers
As they wish upon the star to make one's desired dream come true.
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
I was in a darkness of my own
Within a night I had not known
I chose to stumble in my pace
With all hope of light misplaced

On my course a twinkle caught my eye
A lonely star in the sky above
Getting ever brighter as I drew nigh
Then did I see the truth thereof
It was a myriad in mutiny
A constellation that raided the night
Luminous in its beauty
A radiance which compelled my sight

I was in a darkness of my own
Overcome by a light unknown
That eased my path in grace
And all lost hope replaced

It reclined in the cosmos
Calling out to me
Seeming within reach almost
Then I blurred back to reality
A marvel that pulled my soul
By more than figure of speech
To be part of a whole
My flesh could never reach

How daunting a brilliance
I longed for though farfetched
My heart need travel a distance
Fear served only to stretch
It held my tarrying gaze
For only a moment more
Then left me in a daze
Stealing that which I adore

I again stumble in my pace
Having lost my stars in space
Returned to a state I now bemoan
I am in a darkness of my own.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
I was the full moon
Lighting up
The dark night sky
Bring the night
To life
You were the sun
Who was enlightened
And bright light
To the world
Being the source of
And life
Only at dawn
And at dusk
We will couple as
Forbidden lovers
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
This is my
Nightly lament
I try every summer night to find
The face of my lover
In the stars
A lover from
Long ago.

This is my
My nightly lament
I try to every winter night
To find
The face of my lover
In the northern lights  
A lover from
Long ago.

This is my
nightly lament
I try every spring night
To smell him in the flowers
Remembering coupling in the flowers.
A lover from
Long ago.  

This is my
nightly lament
But tonight
The moon is full

I am able to find
Your gentle
And compassionate
Face with the sparkle
In your eye
On the moon
Lama Tsang
My love.
Euphie Dec 2018
Quiet and strong.
He who hunts
in the sky,
will hunt
for eternity.

He is daring,
and holds no fear.
Hunting for
the Great Bear

Who could weaken—
Orion’s belt?
No one,
except for Orion—
pluto Dec 2018
We were dying stars, 
broken with all our scars,
seeking serenity in the past
with light that could no longer last. 

We were fading stars,
lost and dead ***** with cores of carbon
then nitrogen to silicon to iron, 
perishing as we conquered what we thought was ours.
"You lied" he pointed out.  

"I never did" she replied slowly. "You were too blind to see"
Bunny Rubinstein Nov 2018
Sometimes I like to go for a late-night swim

I ***** down and sit on the edge of the horizon

Dip my toes in the darkness before plunging into the stars

I swim and swim until my feet can’t touch the skyline and the moonlight could easily drown me

I lay on my back and gaze down at the city below me

I watch cars on the freeway and lovers on the boardwalk

I dive deep into the universe open my eyes to observe the planets

Soon the sun starts to float towards me

Wrap myself in its rays

Walk back into my apartment

I grab coffee and watch the world rotate around me

Those nights are when I feel most content

Watching the world below grounds me
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