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Lee 5d
the wise old sun sighs
as the pretentious moon laughs,
dances with the stars.
ali May 13
you told me, of all
the stars in the galaxy
i was the brightest

i only believed you when
i was the first to explode
"A supernova can shine as brightly as an entire galaxy of billions of "normal" stars."
She was Saturn,
The epitome of unique;
He was Jupiter,
The beast to her ethereal beauty.

She was Saturn,
Clothed in mystique;
He was Jupiter,
Clothed in shock and cruelty.

R. A. Tyndall
Nely Mar 23
Making stops from the sun to the moon
Who'd say i'd fall in love with you.
I'll land my feet on its dusky grey surface
Tell em Haze sent me,
Message you that i need better communication,
More assertion, more voice.
I'll skimp through 900 degrees,
I need the feminine energy to suffocate me
& i'll assert my drive across the reds
I'll write love letters to demos & phobos,
While i hang from the rings.
I'll take responsibility for falling in love with the stars, the moon and everything about you.
ATILA Mar 21
If you let me in
I’d bundle up all your insecurities
and create a new constellation from them
I’d shift my whole attention to you
like sunflowers turning to the sun
I’d build an observatory
to verify that stars in the sky
are not as brighter as you
I’d fight to be your gravity
so that you would stay still with me every second
I’d ask the moon to tell the night
how charming you are
when you wink a star from your smile.

I know you don’t see yourself
as worth as I see you
But hey, here are functions of a partner
To remind that you worth a galaxy
To be flooded with your presence
To prove that you orbit in my atom
To be thankful for your holy existence
To show that you are the first snowflake in my winter
and my spring’s first bloom.

If and only if you let me in
and be your absolute sanctuary.
Happy World Poetry Day!
FrankieM Feb 29
There is a mini-moon up in our sky!
A lonely asteroid caught while flying by
It was just yesterday I heard the news
A sweet surprise but he’ll be leaving soon

For we all have a purpose that’s unknown
Some even worry that their fear will show
But that’s okay, nothing is meant to last
“Forever” actually means “in the past”
Fey Feb 23
eyes in the color of outer space,
the milky way lost its enchanting glow,
whenever you lifted your reticent gaze.


you are a solid caldwell 39,
six-thousand-five-hundred-twenty light years away,
probably the "acid to my alcaline",
even the matrix to my data storing array.

I am quiet. I am calm. I am out of control.
maybe even slightly delirious.
my rationality got ****** into a black hole.

my heartless state in a temper tantrum; furious.

you are in outer space,
close to my everlasting hope.

If we won't meet face to face,
I will continue watching you through my telescope.

© fey (28/12/29)
1time Feb 19
We rarely meet but that sometimes
makes an astronomical event,
You and I form an eclipse
Both beautiful in a paradise
Your presence like above sky
Is as blue as your eyes
Only when I am around
Twinkling, shining along with thousands shining stars
Nature so hated us to be amass
That it tore us apart,
Fret not my love
For destiny is on our side,
We shall cross paths again,
sometimes No not on daytime
No not on nighttime
Not under the sunlight
Not under the moonlight
But up above the stars
Kai Feb 11
The weight of the heavens
set on the scales of time
reduced to facts and figures

what once was celestial majesty
has become mathematical
precision and location of the stars

The universe and it’s beauty reduced
to the base of all its atoms within
what we questioned is now quantified
Just finished my astronomy unit one test. I suppose these are my thoughts so far. It’s fascinating to think that the stars were gods and spirits to people, but now I’m calculating their distance and evaluating their chemistry.
Gonzalitu Jan 29
In this unversal world, each shall have their place.
There's small and big, close and distant people. Ones are solid and hard, while others gaseous and malleable.
Some have enough energy to shine and give warmth to those who orbit them.
Others, are fugitives: the endeavouring errants.
There's those which will fill their surroundings of colourful dust, as well as those which will brightly shine for just a night waiting to be seen by the awake ones.

Blinding with a flash is a way to go, however, getting lost in the dark or dying in the lonely company of the ring is equally valid.

When in groups, stellar bodies behave on a particular manner.
We' ll find closed clusters, whose members are slowly turning off unnoticed.

On the other hand of infinity, there are open clusters, populated with the youngest and most brilliant generations.

As a galaxy we have a shared destiny.
Regardless of our spacial fauna, we all come from the same chaos and death remainings.
Even more mutual will be our entropic ending.

These bodies atract and orbit each other in order to always have their backs. On couples, the exchange energy, warmth and light.

It will be one day when a human finally sees them aligned.
A mixture of my two passions.
Hope you don't get annoyed by some scientific misassumptions
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