Vincent JFA Mar 23

I protect my heart
because I don't trust my sternum
to be man enough to take the impact
of circumstances such as car crashes,
or rejection, or crippling disappointment.
and if there's a pain to be felt
from never feeling vulnerable—
I've thought about it time and again,
but mostly I keep busy, feeding my heart
lemon meringue and poetry,
to distract it while I fortify the ramparts,
so I don't have to pay attention

to whether it hurts or frees me,
to make that first move,
that the stories say lead to a kiss
or a long-awaited confession
that's probably never been more
than a stupid pipe-dream anyway
that's made Hollywood trillions of dollars
selling false promises and popcorn,
and has made fools like me
embarrassed and dizzied on their loveseats

ignoring the sight of the vacant spot
in their peripherals by waking and baking,
over-polishing apples, and counting floorboards—
tuning in to old jazz and blues
to counter the dead quiet of the living room,
pinching sugar between their fingers
to counter the bitter taste of the coffee
that they fucking hate drinking,
but it gives them something to do,
something warm to cradle in their palms
when Fridays alone start to feel pathetic.

and while I make plans to hear a voice
or see a face that I miss, and let my hair
fall over my shoulders tangle-free,
polish up my smile, and freshen up my favorite jacket
with a shot of dragon's blood and sandalwood,
my shoes stay where I left them a week ago,
and I never follow through with that phone call.

I'm the protector of my heart,
because I know no one else
is looking out for it more than their own,
and it's worth the risk of being unkissed,
as long as my sternum stays whole,
and that small, red empire not left jaded,
and my pride still intact.

You are all repression
and denial and avoidance
in the face of anything
not ideal
because the alternative is
self hatred
And we both love
too much to prioritise
your happiness
and do you see now
this is killing me

maxime Mar 13

flip a coin
take a chance
of one in a million
to have met you

wear a mask
hide yourself
from everyone
who wants to know you

stand in rain
burn away
the monsters
that still haunt you

say goodbye
leave me to die
hate me forever
because i knew you

watch from far
never to speak
checking on me
because i scare you

guard me dear
teach me now
stay on the edges
because you can't let me go

ah. i don't know why i miss them. i need to stop reading old messages.
Poetic T Jan 15

Be it in the sea or on land my duty is
                         the preservation of life
Be you woman man or child,
it doesn't matter if your ugly or fit
but remember this before you leave.
                                   "BRUSH YOUR TEETH,
Its a major gag reflex condition you
don't want my chunks in your mouth.

When I give you the kiss of life don't use
tongue, I have a wife who would  divorce
me quicker than you  know...
                  My job is to look good and to
always looked tanned with a smile.

"Please don't drown, as the sea water leaves
patches on my skin fading my fake tan,

Do you ever feel like
someone watching you
and when you look at a
pic or a stuff animal or a
statue and feel like
someone watching you
Guard Angel
Guard Angel
Do you ever feel like
someone watching you
and when you look at a
pic or a stuff animal or a
statue and feel like someone
watching you because I
believe in guard angel
because when I feel like
someone watching me I
believe it is my guard angels
watching over me so the next
Time you feel like someone
watching you it is your
guard angels watching over you
© Amanda Kay Hill

Graff1980 Dec 2016

I was sitting quietly
just outside the city
beneath a starry sky,
contemplating all that is
in this strange 3d life
and enjoying a cool night.

Knowing that once
the night ate the day.
Then the sun ascended
in an orange expanding blaze,
reaching out to touch the blackness,
allowing the dark streaks
to sneak away.

I was slightly blinded;
Dry eyes sore and blurry
from the light a shining
as people hustled by.
It was a change you see
from my normal
nightly duties
of guarding empty factories.

Even so,
I still know
they are both
great places
to ponder the briefness
of our human existence.

My Dearest Reno Nov 2016

willing to let go of maintained glories,
morning was stellar, developing our creative instincts
i, in asking simply, "what's good?"
snapping back into bent position, your anger flies,
"i am busy to be bothering about you,"
inherently knowing your holy stream was broken.
retreating, rolling up like leaves that rush out in winter
wither, i no longer understand, for now sad
my house reflecting so loudly, "been there, done that"
marking my post to the right,
soul mirrors transpersonal movement
my heart longs to join in thy song,
call its name touch it gently.
too smart to be cheated, quietly waiting
melody unheard of broken composition,
sky to sky music runs but does not mesh our hands
that was my last attempt to sing to you with glee
sinister dark is what i pick up,
step by step, inch by inch.
water may spill but no turnip has fallen
i'll never abandon your quick-tempered flare,
explaining never the easy thing to do.
i could not take unwarranted blame
cutting to the core, backing off a cliff
kiss the cheek of your cold stone,
a clear indication it was time for me to fly alone.

you tell me.
i'll never shake your reply.
Ma Cherie Sep 2016

Short dark hair under
a dogeared baseball cap
tipped my way
a perfect smile on your face
crisp  white pocketed T-shirt
dark blue Levi jeans  
worn all-weather Chippewa boots
rugged, young and handsome
holding a stop sign for children
best crossing guard ever.

Cherie Nolan  © 2016

Lol musing
Rina Vana Jul 2016

Lips kiss carefully
leaving me craving for
the carvings dug deep
within your undeveloped brain

I found carnations
pink as your Italian cheeks
left on my dusty dashboard
in the midst of summer
when I climbed back in heels over head
after the jeep flipped over

There they lay
limp and lonely
telling me stories stuck within their thin throats
and warning with their petals pointed towards the sun

but I’m bleeding nostalgically from my nose
licking the beet red bath from my upper lip
speaking with no teeth left
salty says my tongue but
I see bubbled blotches of someone
I used to call “baby”

Maybe I taste the bittersweet bouquet of
stale rain after all,
Maybe I can hear the clouds gaining weight
when I listen close

Ynhia Pollard Jun 2016

You are a solider,
The war of my life is at a cease,
Its the stillest moment I've ever lived,
Because you are my solider,
You are a protector,
The wreck of others is trashed,
You know the right words to say,
Fixed my heart when it's mashed,
For that I adore you,
You absorb the bad,
Dispense the good,
You are knocked down,
You get back up and walk,
You are hurt,
You are pain,
You are love,
You are joy,
You're my Aegis,
Many try to mock,
Many try to ruin,
Many tried to fix,
God walks in your walk,
God shines in your smile,
God moves in your spirit,
God talks through your voice,
If you want to see the beauty,
I'd advise you to look closer,
It's not what you think it is,
It's what I see, I'm a boaster,
I am proud,
I have pride,
I have the greatest mother Alive,
And I just want the world to know you're beautiful,
Go ahead,
Seek and you shall find,
It's not in the weight,
Or the size of your behind,
You'll find it in the bathroom,
On an item that reflects,
My Aegis look in the mirror,
And tell me what you see,
When you see yourself,
Smile and let your light gleam !

Dedicated to Lisa Pollard, My Mother, My Aegis
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