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Asia Mar 13
She was chained
by the FURORE of
knowing far too little
and feeling far too much

Her lungs crushed by chaos
her words stolen by shame
her hands flooded by fear
her thoughts filled with pain
her eyes blinded by tears
that leave her palms with stains
her skin as pale as snow
so white that one sees veins

"Help I cannot BREATHE!"
she cries in muted ****
"My mind it cannot SPEAK..

all it does is YELL"
Thought i'd try to describe as best as i can how i feel during a panic attack. and as you can see, its not all emotional, a lot of it is physical. I would say I hope some of you can relate but honestly, I wish for no one to ever have to go through this..
Stay strong,
Love, Asia
          she let go oooooooo

the grand canyon
                                   would overflow

so she painstakingly

        an impenetrable fortress
        to guard what once was
                                           an open
                                           freely loving heart

parapets and towers abounded
        higher ground
        first sight
                                          smoke billowed
                                          in warning

                                          gates barred
                                          archers flaming lethal weapons
                                          poised and ready

                                          catapults silently loaded
                                          and aimed

intuition hyper vigilant

                                         as she isolates herself

                                         prepared to ward off


                                        perceived enemies
                                        whose intent
                                        evidenced by ropes and picks

is to

                                       stealth fully cross the moat
                                       scale the tower

                                       and unloose the chaos she so vigilantly protects


look a little deeper, ask the hard questions.  you can never tell from the outside what is taking it’s toll on the squishy parts of a person.
blake Mar 1
eyes are dripping like gutters after the rain
hands are shaking like an addict's
breaths are short and fast like someone who ran a race
mind is stu-stu-stuck like a br-broken record
laurynas-dyma Feb 21
My heart is beating faster
and I am losing my breath.
Thoughts rushing through my head,
none of them make sense.

Feels like I am losing my legs,
they are walking by themselves.
Every step is harder to take
as if I am walking to the unknown.

Why is this happening to me?
Is it the rush hour in central London?
Perhaps the mystery of my future?
My family? My significant other?

No answers; Oh I wish I knew why.
Out of the blue it seems,
can't find any correlation
as to why I am like this.

The storm disappears
when I'm in the arms of my loved ones-
my family, the significant other.
My undoubtable safe place.
When fighting in melee
everything within reach
is presumed
Ever wonder how many comrades died by a friendly sword?
my heart is a warzone,
and you invaded just so you could attack.
you were never careful about how you treated me,
you just wanted to cause as much destruction as you could and then retreat.
but i will soldier on,
pretending everything is okay,
although the scorched earth around me is crumbling and burning.
but everything is okay,
its okay.
its hard to pretend everything is okay
moon Feb 4
in these moments,
the world seemed to shake instead of spin.
i forgot to breathe and i kept realizing that i've been holding my breathe without me even realizing it.
i wanted to come down from whatever this was.
i didn't know what i could've grasped onto,
for my arms were flailing everywhere.
my heart raced and i could hear my heartbeat radiate through my bones,
shaking them and making them feel like clanging spoons.
in these moments,
i felt the the urge  to run and keep running until my lungs hurt from the wind.
i wanted to run and escape these feelings.
s Willow Feb 4
Her heart beats
To her she’s
She’s with up
but unresponsive.
Her blank stare
shows something’s
but she’s not saying what.
Sarah Foster Jan 10
I want someone to relate to.
Please don't look at me.
Do you know what I'm thinking?
I'm sorry my eyes are so loud.
Please tell them to be quiet.
You probably aren't comforted by my silence.
What should I talk about?
Do you ever feel something so deeply
       you feel like you are not feeling anything?
Is that why I never feel anything?
Some things hurt.
When someone pulls you in closer
       they are going to break your heart.
I never pull away.
I don't have a heart.
But it is broken.
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