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Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When people are saying cruel words to me
it helps me when I say “They are being cruel to me”
as I name and blame their behaviour
then what they say loses moral-credibility
then I don’t have to listen to them anymore
then I don’t have to be affected;
When people are saying cruel words to me
I do my best to ignore them,
and I re-focus my mind on striving for my joy and happiness.
i wish i could be unaffected by the scars of my past
but time can heal no wound of mine
the marks will last a lifetime
Starfire Dec 2018
Life was perfect- nothing to worry about
Enjoying everday, every minute, not and second
Never worrying about anything bad happening

But then, one day, things took a drastic turn
I'm now on the verge of ending my life
Nothing makes sense anymore, nothing matters anymore

The only thing that's stoping me is that:
I'll be hurting those around me, those who love me and everyone around me will be affected in some way

I can't do this to my best friend, she is everything to me
Without her, I'm nothing
I now found reasons to not **** myself

And I learned that life is going to be more painful death

But I just have to live through it
And one day, all will be different- a good different
I learned that life will get hard and sometimes it feels like there is no way out but there is. You may not see it now but a year from now, when you think back... You'll finally see it.
Pearly Aug 2016
I strive for people's confirmations.
A disappointed soul disturbs me.

This disturbs me.
When being ignorant is the new strong.
When attitude becomes coolness.

You know what,
I m not cool !
There ! I said it.
Not because I don't care about others.
But because I can't.
Its beyond my limits now and forever.

I blamed it to my childishness
I blamed it to my nature.
People blamed it on society rules.
I blamed and i cursed myself.
I beat myself to guilt.
Faked to be all that was required.

Not anymore !
I m not ignorant. Things affect.
But now I will not fake it.
I will let it flow.
You will not see any difference, I will.

Afterall what am I without my aura?

**need to find out
Austin Heath Apr 2014
is the only word I have
to describe what you do to me.

— The End —