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SophiaAtlas Sep 2021
I'll start reading a kindle when they make it smell like a book.
Hello everyone, for those that are still here I'd like to inform you that I have my first poetry book Before It's Too Late published under Amazon Kindle! It features many of my poems here, ones I wrote in the past but not posted and some afterwards of my hiatus here.  To all of those that have supported me since I began my account, thank you very much for the fervent encouragement and being very welcoming. This project is dedicated to all of you.

Much love and thanks,
You can preview/purchase it here at:
Cerasium Apr 2020
My love burns bright
Like a neutron star
Raging in the darkness
Bursting with new hope

When old love dies
New love blossoms
Creating a beautiful scene
With a splendid of color

The pain I once felt
Is slowly receding
Bring forth new hope
That I will be loved again

Though the pain of betrayal
Is still fresh in my heart
This new found joy
Is stitching it up

For when I am with you
All I feel is comfort
I feel the compassion from your words
And the kindness in your heart

Though I dare not speak it
My heart is already growing fond
I miss you when you are away
I crave you when you are near

My heart jumps when you talk to me
Flipping with such joy and hope
That one day it will be joined
By the heart which is inside you

Though we’ve known each other so little
We have talked to each other so much
We know each other’s weaknesses
Now we just need to build on each other

I’m willing to give it a shot
If you are with me
I don’t know if you know this
But I’ve already fallen for you

All you need is but say the word
And I shall follow you
To the ends of the world
Or even hell itself
Devin Ortiz Jan 2020
The winter blues are rich with gloom,
twisting my heart with apathy.

And perhaps shame too, let it not hide behind the weather.

Is it this dark obsession or some hidden transgression?

All the lessons learned, but failure is all that remains.

What road is left, I cannot see between the flickers of my dwindling flame.
Àŧùl Oct 2019
Even the second one I shall give to you,
Whether to kindle it or to break it,
It depends entirely on you.
My HP Poem #1776
©Atul Kaushal
we went together like fire and dynamite
something was bound to explode
you and me together was like lighting a match and igniting explosives, nothing went well when i was with you
sophia Sep 2018
A rose of budding blossoms,
Your eyes glitter gold.
The laughter of a meadow,
sounds like yours I'm told.

I hope you're doing well,
even though you're far away.
Just know I still love you
even to this day.

Our bond might break again,
but I'll always hold you close.
I hope you make new friends
more than you needed me most.

Don't be afraid to forget me,
just don't wipe our memories away.
I hope you still love me,
even to this day.

I loved you like a sibling,
but then again I still do.
I will never be able forget
how much I cared for you.

I can't stand distance
because we're far away.
Just know I still love you
even to this day.

Maybe we'll meet again one day,
and we'll talk with kindled friendship.
But that's just a maybe,
it's not exactly definite.

Stay healthy and take care,
even though I'm far away.
I hope we'll still love each other
even into the future days.
Okay guys! A bit sooner than I expected, my book is out!
Here’s the summary:
“A hero or a villain
To them it’s black or white
You’re a spectrum of a person
And none of them are right”

Alex’s Spilled Ink is a compilation of Alex’s poems, divided into three parts: heaven, earth and hell.
Heaven. Dip your hands in the warm, crytal water and reach for the words at the bottom of the lake. Inspiration. Hope. Love. Which will you take?
Earth. Keep your feet on the ground but look up towards the sky. What do you see? The moon, the stars, life passing by?
Hell. Fire burns but so does passion. You fight your battles and sometimes you lose. Hurt. Pain. Grief. Keep on fighting, there’s no excuse.

Alex's Spilled Ink is available only on every amazon (free on kindle unlimited!)

I hope you guys like my little compilation of poetry!
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