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Kuvar Mar 2018
Before you say this is *******
Read the first line again
Before you say this is *******
Read the third line again
Before you say this is *******
Read the fifth line again
Before you say this is *******
Read the first line from the third word
This is *******, Isn't it?
Poet poetry depression write read *******
Kuvar Feb 2018
I don't need a geographer
To take me round the world
I don't need a compass
To direct me south west east north
I don't need a sailor
To sail me in the dark light seas
I don't need a pilot
To fly me all way above the earth
Let me whisper the truth in your  ears
My lady is the world
Inside her is the map
She takes me round the world
She magenetizes me to the paths
She sails my heart through the storms
She flies my mind out of the earth
And she whispers the truth in my ears
You must travel round me my Love
(c) Kuvar
Kuvar May 2018
I fear our originality will fade
The mistake I made
Thinking love is a trade
My heart lost from this bade
I should have called a ***** a *****
Your “NO” tears me as a  blind blade
My heart is homeless and needs shade

When the ine we love doesnt love us back, i leave the rest of the story to one who knows.
Kuvar Jun 2018
Your sincerity as thongs
When you say
We can’t work out  
Fate is a key I hold
Out of your heart I go  
Shutting the doors in grace
If I refuse and stay
Is to be trapped a slave
Whatever involves two and one says it won’t work then it won’t for negativity is achieved with little efforts , possibilities are it will be but becoming enslaved to such a decision is to be enslaved to another’s choice.
Kuvar Nov 2017
We are march to the blacksmiths
Blacks in thick black and deep black clothes
We come to mourn against lawless smit
For aged dark days and noisy nights.,
beneath gray sky

Their envelope in our mailbox spews blackmail
That they plan to transfer power by bed
We refuse to swallow such corruption ***
Now we will fight for generations to come

Should we say the uniform saved us
No! But yes! That blacks spoke in uniform
can’t you see the strong bass in your black
Ignite your coal that light be born.
Put your coal on fire and light beams...
Behold...Zimbabwe saw light
Kuvar Feb 2018
My girlfriend rushes in like a flood
It was no joke, she was furious
Someone had called her to wave goodbye
But her hands were cold and frozen in love

So she stood there and watch
As my hand sweeps up a strange creature
And I could hear the noise of hell
As her tears drop to the floor

She does not deserve this I taught
Or her **** or ******* insufficient
Before mercy dries up from her tears
My tears met her tears on the floor

In her unsettled breathe I could hear
Her speak forgiveness to my heart
And that same day must I say
She became black panther to my world
Kuvar Jan 2018
Cattle’s rear by men
Ask for less yes grass and water
Fulani herdsmen in my country
Agitates for too much for their cattle’s  
Their taste for human blood
70 gallons the last they drank
And innocent yokes of unborn fetus
Sat there my over 70 president
His hand fastened to his chin
All he can do is chew his cud
And cows coup and cheerfully moo
If we all die who will eat their beef
I can smell the blood of my brother
Wasted on the map of Nigeria
Do you find rest in the Aso Rock
While many continue to die in cold blood

70 people were killed and all in the name of what does the world need to know cattles don't live in Castles.    It is painful that we live in a world of probleming solutions
Kuvar May 2018
We are in a century
Where a new phone line
Will mean a new life
Distance of love
Is only taught
To be covered by a dial
so we see no pain
When we quit relationships
For a donkey’s walk
As the ancient had it
Is nothing but a phone dial
How chameleonic is it
I have seen people give up on themselves by the easiest recommendation of technology on social platforms just a block or an unfriend., as far as having a new phone line... life as we have it today is chameleoniC
Kuvar Nov 2017
I found love in the *** of snow
Beautifully cut in snowflakes
Her pointy nose pokes my heart
Snuggled up so cozy and warm

She makes me rich with the gold in her hair
Mind-blowing filters in winter
Her ******* are timbres for the soul
Milky magnets attracting angels to Earth

Eyes of a dove engrossed in rose
Sputters silence out of a withered tongue
Her fleecy hands as feathers of dove
Gently Wipe away tears of wild fire

Rainbow treasures in her rolling tears
Her Voice wheeze out of birds in spring
Her breath is why air breathe
Sail eternal in the depth of her heart

And if I come when fire owns your soul
Unable to afford a yacht, I sail in a canoe
Seeking haven a survivor of your volcano
Will you take my hands despite I am coal?

- [ ] ©️Kuvar
Kuvar Apr 2018
Beat that drum
Beat it so loud
That drum of vengeance
Made out of the skin of man
Who will dance to her beats
The dance of nemesis
Who shall dance next
To the talking drum of kamar ?
Kuvar Feb 2018
Right here in front of my computer
I don't need coffee but whiskey
So bad a trader tricky brisky
Hold onto dear life placenta
Coin market cap is my wall street
Cryto coins zip zag zoom pit pat piffy
Crypto news throws me wing Wong ****
Deardevils hodling coins from plummeting Ceaser
Traders can only make your money if you sell her
History moonwalk to 2013 the drunkenness of GameKyuubi,
Be calm I HODL it sting as bee but as honey it will be
Kuvar Jan 2018
Today i woke up to death
Her claws seductive to my flesh
She said " come and let us make love"
She took down my pants with her words
Her eyes holds fire without fear
I was lost in her ******* suffocating in there
Myself didn't want to leave in despair
Her tongue scold lies away from my tongue
She kisses my pains inbetween breathe
She shave my beards to the ground without blades
As an infant mouth in a ****** hole it appears
I am not dead but I live everywhere
The very night I embraced death
Flesh and blood pressure I overcame
On love I stood and the clouds purelight
Waving goodbye to deadly life now
How do I know you smile when to death you bow?

Kuvar Apr 2018
I flowered her
Digging to the end of her earth
Parting the lips of her lines
I flowered her
With my poems
Thrusting so deep in her heart
Kuvar Jan 2018
I have been to hell and I'm back
I wish salvation still got my back
As the judge sat here in Kamar's court
The fire was not hot that it hurt
Nor the flames wild blue to burn
Is it late to be born again or again born
My sin readily served as red hot pasta
that I reggae like an unwell Bob's rasta
I salivate for repentance but know it is late
My soul suffers my gone worldly gait
Hell is the beacon to this lie we call life
stab at my back my hand helped the knife  

Lord Jesus help me in this strife to make heaven.
Kuvar May 2018
As the rain beats the Earth
The romantic blues in her fall

As the rain beats the Earth
She tore the territory of my belt

As the rain beats the Earth
The lightning testifies to our sweat

As the rain beats the Earth
We made love still and yet
Kuvar Jul 2018
Where are you I asked
Beside you she replied
Why haven’t you burnt yet
Sitting next to fire
She gave a gaze and said
Fire doesn’t burn fire

Kuvar May 2018
Success is all he had
And hate was what it brought
Frenemies with smiles
All around your house
Perching your fortune as houseflies
The scramble stumble struggle  
That took you
To be a butterfly
Frenemies can
Make you turn larva
Kuvar Jun 2018
This game of chance
Is what you call dating
Marry after or marry not
I can do better as “I”
But the reason however
Is to erase ‘I’ for ‘US’
But this game of chance
Is not always so nice
And yet another time
It has failed ‘US’ for two ‘I’s
I pray the lord
Have mercy on ‘US’
Have you ever seen this bitter sweetness of our finding an everlasting “US”
Kuvar May 2018
The world is watching  
Little boy dangling
Like a earring
In an over ear piercing
Many hate to see
The future go ******
Not in their eyes
But still the boy is dangling
Right in the open
Many eyes looking
This is unthinkable
All wishing
Let it be a marvel comic
Hoping to end happy
With a friendly neighborhood
Spider man!
There is no Spider-Man
No Spider-Man
If there is no neighborhood
We have  a neighborhood
Without a Spider-Man
But a mere mortal man
dried up the tears on Paris map
In the hands of Gassama

This credit goes rob Gassama who saved that poor soul in Paris...Not all heroes wear Cape
Kuvar Jun 2018
Just when I taught
Why girls with curves
End up as ******
Tina is just a letter I
And she ***** like acidic pores
Notice Gina
Letter 8 is the word
That lady preaches the word
With her character and her word
She is slaying the devil’s chord
A woman with curve
Yet not a *****
Deserves applause in this ******* world
Alas! Some women out there won’t just let that beautiful body praise the devil
Kuvar Sep 2018
Today I saw them
With heavy loads of favored wood pulps  
Weighing them down to the earth
The deceased might of their gods  
Pushing hard to open the library door
Today I saw them
Protocols mechanizes their existence
Sniffing the dust as they walk
In-between lines of old forsaken books
Gently touching the back covers
Today I saw them
As their feet march in accordance
Empty Buckets of sands to quench fire
They’ve come for the obituary of dead men
Reading their books to their ears  
Today I saw them
The chirping birds that made it in
Build a nest with tattered fluffy cottons
Chirping in slumbering pitch
A Lullaby to this already sleeping generation
Today I saw them
Kuvar Jan 2018
I met a beggar in wealth avenue
His night free to the face of the sky
But the dews sew his hope in whole

I met a begger in wealth Avenue
His coat washed out of colours
But the sun glared him a rainbow in his soul

I met a begger in wealth Avenue
His shoe sole eaten to the end
But the earth carved him a wall round his feet

I met a begger in wealth Avenue
His lunchbox kills the worm of famine
But the Lord poured him manna from heaven
Kuvar Apr 2018
The blood of a lamb
Hewn from the wall of life
Flourishing as fountains
In the place of skulls
Golgotha knows no peace
For his crown of thorns
Tore her to pieces
The heart of life
Is back to life
Lord Jesus, your death I can’t repay
Kuvar Jun 2018
Here is a check
To take to a bank
Miles far away from the bank
I am yet to bank
Tell me where in the world
Would I deposit a check
Bouncing the banks out
With no No numbers
Not even Roman numerals
tell me
Where to deposit this check
with the sign of your heart
So have I come to realize
With a stern rose at sunset
I will come kneeling before you
Please take my love back
Let’s make love in the river bank
I am still waiting to deposit this check of mine in your heart my love
Kuvar Feb 2018
This wind up toy
                 You crank it
                 And let it go
                     This wind up toy
                           All it does
.                               Is hit the wall
                  Backup and hit the wall again
                         This wind up toy
                       Made it back home to his .           Cheesy honey Juicy Lucy
    This wind up toy
Is the relationship of two
Never meant to be smooth
       This wind up toy
   Bruises and falls and pain and tears
Is the beauty of her perfection
relationship was never meant to be smooth and this hitting and hitting is what smoothens her
Kuvar Jan 2018
I will be the garden
If you were the butterfly
I will be the tree
If you were the bird
I will be the sky
If you were the stars
I will be the ocean
If you were the fish
I will be the ring
If you were the finger
If love were to be what is wants to be...
Kuvar May 2018
They were to be tore apart
By a villain  
They could tear apart
They call her
The contract of divorce
And I laughed
Took the crazy papers from them
Squeezed her in my fist
Chopped her in the bin
Just like that
Kuvar Jan 2018
Today is not Christmas
But fireworks Crack in my heart
Today is not Sunday
But bells of worship ring in my heart
Today is not valentine
But candles lit up in my heart
Today that I know
That I am special
To someone special
Today like no other day

The day I csnt explain more...
Kuvar Apr 2018
For the prologue
As a sign of gentlemanliness
I pull my hat for her
How beautiful you are my lady
And then I put my hand forward to her
And to the greatest wakanda saga
Venom spew her **** lips to my face
With no second taught
I took my leave to live
Far away into the land of singles
For her beautifulness
Will give me nothing but illness
I am looking for a boo not a poo
So I took my hat and my heart
Who burns love letters to ashes
on a first date??
Kuvar Feb 2018
Your flesh in the winds
Your scent in the rains
Your soul in the clouds  
Your voice in the thunders
Your throne in the hearts
Your death never will come
Your life in All
Your name is God
He is God and He lives Forever
Kuvar Jun 2018
This is a time
When a man
Needs to eat a full chicken
And flesh he can’t afford
Let him go for an egg
That is a full chicken
From a life chicken
Poor innocent man
Just saved a chicken from the knife
Man with his muscular knife and fork
is such a
I am talking about his Tongue
Kuvar May 2018
Love is the only sacrifice
To make us
The monster
We must truly be
And those who never loved
Are no better
Than weaklings
Kuvar Aug 2018
reality is a devil’s lie
It sprouts questions hauling
“where is your God??? “
Job resisted those lies  
Lucifer fled away from him
So when the devils sows
realistic seeds in your life
Face him with the truth
Jesus is the truth
The devil will lie to you in the name of death of a loved one but this is the time you should hold on to the truth of this trials.. don’t let you faith shake.
Kuvar Jan 2018
I woke up to an image of God
worried from bed of the phrase
That There is but one God
I hear the pastor and imam say
I serve the greater God
This is the only way to Heaven
I brood on this poo of faith
Why deficate in the minds of men
I am sure at least
There is but one me
When men sin against men
Backed up with a verse of belief
Swing and Stone away the world
The mischief of the good one
It wasn't faith who wronged us
Men needed an instrument of war
Faith happens to be the best of it all
And why has it been so successful
Shut your ears and listen with your breathe
Because there is but one God
And he can't save us all
For there is too many of us
Who refuse to believe
That there is but one God
© Kuvar
Religion is an excellent instrument to cause war when men hate peace.
Kuvar Mar 2019
The mirror is a story
Of a body with smooth scars
So it appears on smooth glass

The mirror is a story
Of a mind to remind man
Of his thoughts unforeseen

The mirror is a story
Of an heart of darkness
And the give and take of kamar

The mirror is a story
Of beauty and ugliness
For those with eyes to see

The mirror is a story
Of our past and our now
And of those lies we lie  

The mirror is a story
Of those who dine
At the corner of lost glory

The mirror is a story
Of a skeletally written matter
With an opportunity to wear death

Kuvar Aug 2018
Life is a circle of lessons
Happy learning to us
Death is one of those bitter lessons...
Kuvar May 2018
When I wave
I am saying
hi and goodbye
To  be welcome
To be estranged
Life has taught me
Never to be so sure
Kuvar May 2018
On that faithful day
With the tree’s clapping so loud
The wind escalated the noise to the sky
Covering the face of the sun
Darkness corned in man’s heart
Their shelter roofs it took off
Men were sent on a forceful voyage
Things fall apart as weak mustache  
Tabula rasa hits the skull of man
Church goers lament in distress  
“Forgive me oh lord my sins”
An atheist gulps in self defense
I stand as a witness to say
The sexuality of nature is wild

At the veranda, then this might my wind started beating the trees and the waves went up as dust and the darkness on that day was so heavy that I feared if it’s the end of the world then the rain poured that the sea wasn’t known from the land...
Kuvar Nov 2017
For seven  hours I was dead
Dead in my Luxury lord's bed
I did not care of weather or bread
Life Lynchs me, she's  so rude

I turned left to the wrath of hell
I must tell you, hell is already here
My flesh cozy  but my soul yell
This is the earth that we do share

I had said Kamar is nothing but a myth
I am twice correct But today we meet
Call the priest who collects my tithe
Should I be blind after I paid for sight

The poor man, honey do pour
His healthy heart in tattered coat
The rich man, stings do pour
His thorny heart in costly coat

I stole from myself, the truth
For I am blind of the lamb birth
I chose the Golden crown of earth
For I am sightful of the lustful fruit

I woke up to the man in the mirror
Tears roll his eyes while I smile
Seven hours and it was lemon without fresh lime
Sour and bitter saint of the carcass in the mirror
If the needle eye will fit a camel., why so hard for the rich?
Kuvar Jun 2018
To say love is blind
Is soulfully blind
Hasn’t love been so kind
To give back sight to the blind ?
Kuvar May 2018
No woman no cry
A mother is no exception
The tears that roll down her eyes
As she push in pains for my sake
The blood down her ******
In between the first haven I knew
The spank that spoke life to me
That moment I cried as mama cries
That moment I sensed the pain
O Bob Marley!
Now truly I see
No woman no cry
Kuvar May 2018
I have learnt to say OK
when I feel like going a little further
I halt and say
She’s ok
That’s ok
You’re ok
I’m ok
It’s ok
I guess after all
Whether I can or I can not  
afford a cupcake
being OK is OK
Kuvar Jun 2018
He’s a palm wine tapper
His bicycle for the journey
His calabash for the palm wine
His waist tie for his balance
Calabash will not be filled
Palm tree will not shed tears
Bicycle will not ride itself
Palm wine tapper is dead
The political and social vanities of man
Kuvar Jun 2018
I am living in a house
Made of fleshy blocks
Costlier than golds
Not because it is cost
But this man in the building
refuses to be bought
His choice of substantive intake
Rotten tomatoes or fresh tomatoes
it is the shelter of slaves
It is the guile of the law
Kuvar Nov 2017
Don't forget
I am  just a boy
Standing before a girl
Asking her to love him
Notting Hill Takes a flip
Reality made me Anna Scott
Kuvar Jun 2018
Dear self
You can’t find yourself
On another man’s shelf
Said the bookshelf
Kuvar Jun 2018
If making you a wife
Will take away my life
Then I will choose my life
She is my first wife
I love my life and she is my wife so let me hold her tight in the dark nights and blur days
Kuvar Mar 2018
This is the story
Of a Truck driver
Who never stops driving
Unwillingly he lives on the road
Hoping he will find love in motion
He wasn't looking to love someone else
He is searching love for himself
And at the same time
He is running  from feelings
Running from the hurts
He should be told
He carries it on every road
That head that tells him
O! Truck driver
navigate left away from tragic street
For twenty four years
And yet today
He is still driving
Hoping the road will teach him
To love himself again
Kuvar Apr 2018
I know you are in love
with your time
But I will wait
As far as Mississippi
Till you have my own time
Until then
Don't forget
To sprinkle some happiness
On my sad face
Till then
love will hurt
Kuvar Feb 2018
On the tree of Life
grows the fruit of death
The fleshy branch on the right end
Where man hangs in perfection
The most beautiful fruit on the tree of life
Who caught the eyes of death
Death climbs like a shadow
Eager to sniff her scent
And in showing her love
Death took her to herself
© Kuvar
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