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How can you tell what's on
your heart?

What is the most important thing
that you think about?

The last thought you have before going to sleep


the first thought you have when you
wake up.

Just quickly wrote this down before bed because it wouldn't stop bothering me.
sara Aug 31
People are struggling all around,
shrouded in mists
which naked eyes can't see.
Behind falsified smiles,
and alcoholic amusement;
unspeakable pain resides.
check up on your mates ❤
Seanathon Aug 21
Buried beneath the same old memories
     Are the papyrus and the paper scraps

The kind which will be eventually tossed
     Just to settle upon the winds of trash

But even still in stillness found
     Like a dream born near in this reality to pass

Though it’s a beautiful and ironic sight
     I am sleeping on your memory at last
Sleeping - A Fond Memory Past
The way you cry
O’er the leaking roof
Under the stars, holding water
Knights cradling craftily
Civilized cries
Circadian rhymes
Still the night
The civilized pope hides the most
In the people following him in syncopation
Ken Pepiton Apr 2
Trailblazer learner auf all that may be
spoken, the awar...

wind sound wound clocks
wind down...
Not Spelchek, her viral redit kids
infect us, no, they never run down,
they invest us as
Flavius Josephus invested his story
as Rome invested Jerusalem

the true histerical history
approach leads to riddle liddle
kurioish timerish

triptrap thingys,

witty inventions. Who imagined these?

Take A. I.
AI or Al or ah,

beware beveraware
the missin' aitches an' gees andees.

it sets the tone. light

may be
it's a trick, you never saw, but

we've been here, you and I,
dear reader imaginin' in me

every word written on the internet
is now in the blind's kindest voice
choice award since the very
beginning of robotic

readers, like you, dear spelchek,
refugee from Tolstoryer's

idle word pile,
though ye be.May your children rule as
flexibly as thee.
gitem whenthey hot.
Valentine's  Day,
Wife was away,
Partied all night,
Morning, head was light.
Didn't know what took place,
Until month later came face to face,
With a blond girl,
Her words crashed my world,
With my child she was pregnant,
To marry her it was important,
So I took action,
I had medical check up and DNA test,
Doctor told me to relax and smiled his best,
Test showed I could never be a father,
More tension, more bother,
I had three kids at home,
They called me daddy and my wife mum.
If not mine, whose creation?
Isaac Feb 10
You are growing into something.
I’d suggest you check what.
Written 10 February 2019
Anon Jan 15
Some people,
Unknown to the people around them,
Isolate themselves from the world.
Causing them to have so many thoughts,
Ideas they can't control
Decisions running through their head.
Eventually, they decide it's easier to just, end it.
Not everyone is as happy as they seem
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
Deeper cuts show signs of a broken heart
Suicide the signature for hearts torn apart
those who can’t speak
are slaves to their insecurity
Silent and muted by depression and anxiety
In love with the thought of being free
Searching for ways to put an end to life
Running away from their problems
While diving into a pool full of their own blood

Silence takes lives
So speak!!
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