Where are you?
Inside of me
But I can't feel you
You're too far gone

But, I know
We will carry on
All we have to do
Is remain strong

I am broken
When you are strong
I can't do this anymore
I'm too far gone
But maybe you
You can bring me back
In spite of what
You and I lack

We will carry on
All we have to do
Is be strong

Won't be long now
Til we're standing there
Together we'll reign
When life's not fair

We'll be there together
Our soul will entwine
Forever and ever
It'll All Be Fine

All we have to do
Is remain strong
As One
We'll Carry On
Dedicated to my brother Tim and his wife Diona. May there be happiness and tears and May they reign together forever as #Cohorts. I am glad that they are finally together after a long ass courtship. Lol. I love you guys lots. Keep ya head up and Get It!
*~ January 22, 2018 ~ *
Oh and by the way...
Happy Mothers Day 2018
Kuvar May 4
They were to be tore apart
By a villain  
They could tear apart
They call her
The contract of divorce
And I laughed
Took the crazy papers from them
Squeezed her in my fist
Chopped her in the bin
Just like that
She? She was always there. She may not have loved the way he treated her, but she stayed because she loved him.
He? He loved her too. No doubt. He may also had troubles with some attitudes. But at the end of the day, love was always
s t r o n g e r.

Still, both of them deserved better.
Stuck on a relationship with no passion.
Love still present but never shown again.
She was next to him through everything, until them both decided it was enough.
A I R.

They took different ways to breath.
She was not able to support the two kids.
He was not able to let them go.

She? tried to keep going.
He? couldn't.

Illness knocked at his door late at night. Rushing to the hospital because something wasn't alright.
The next day, early in the morning, when he woke up, next to him was her, holding his hand.
Years went by, married they ended up. Things looked fine outside, but the family was slowly falling
a p a r t.

Two more years they spend together, in peace until the hospital he had to visit again.
Once again, when he woke up she was there right by his side.
Little months went by then, until she stepped into the operations room. A routine procedure, nothing big. Just something to make life easier for her.

She? just needed help.
He? apparently didn't care.

In opposition to the way she was, he was never there by her side. Eventually things got bad, he was mad because she kept getting up. With a few screams and a few tears, he stopped talking to her until who knows when.

Tired of their bullshit one daughter stepped in, taking care of her mother and all her needs.

Tired of their bullshit and with no one to talk to, one daughter took her phone and into Hello Poetry logged in.
Your fingertips run along every inch of my skin,
evoking a kind of fiery passion from within;
close enough to feel the warmth of your breath and hear the sound of your gasp,
as our bodies entwine in desire and I am held within your grasp.
We lay down on the grass, with one another we’re entwined
and my eyes look up at the midnight skies to where the stars are aligned;
but you only have eyes for me, and say the brightest stars are to be found in my eyes,
and the most beautiful constellations run through my veins rather than through the sky.
Kenley Elrod Mar 23
There was a hard lock down drill at my school today.
This means that we had a practice run of what would we would do if
there was a shooting.
We hid under desks, behind walls, and inside cabinets.
There were whispers among students,
because we all knew that it was just a drill.
A practice.
Made up.
We all knew it wasn't real.

But what if it was real?
What if the last time I took a breath,
was in my fifth period history class?
What if I never got to see the outside walls of my high school again?
I never got to college?
Got married?
Had children?
What if my entire life story was washed away because someone decided to take a gun into my school, and take the lives of innocent students?

World, was has happened to you?
Why do so many feel like they have to take the lives of innocent people, in order to gain something for themselves?
Why are we letting this happen?

My biggest concern isn't what I'll do in math next week, or what tests my teachers have planned.
It's if we'll make it that far.
If you pray, please pray for our schools. Our world is becoming a downward spiral of violence, and this needs to stop NOW.
Ek Feb 24
It was 8:45 after my bathe
I dried my bod and put my favorite moisturizer
Looking at my reflection I’m feeling sexy
So I put red lipstick on and decided to wear my flesh color see-through lingerie

I went to distract my husband playing virtual game, PUBG specifically
He drew attention to me — his hand is caressing my face, you’re gorgeous he said
He then pressed his lips against mine and started talking...
Talking back to his playmates about what strategy are they going to use
So I went to bed to write this lol
It’s the funny reality of being married. It was his last game for the night so I decided to eat chocolate while waiting. Haha just love!
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