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When I was a young girl, I loved to watch couples getting married and told myself that one day, I'll marry a man who can give me my dream wedding. Now that I'm all grown up, I still love to watch couples getting married but instead of wishing to marry someone who can give me my dream wedding, I'd love to get married to the man who knows my dreams and love me still no matter how simple or grand my wedding will be.
Eric Babsy Sep 30
Despite the fact that I thought you were hot.
What you did really did not hit the spot.
Because of you and their foolishness.
Now I will have nothing left.

I will be homeless.
Forever lost, and left talentless.
I hope these people never find peace of mind.
Because I was the one who was left behind.

I know you did it to be kind or hurtful.
What they did for you and your people was helpful.
Until someone else stepped in and held my life by a thread.
Maybe someday soon I will fall dead.

Because all the lies they feed us all.
I hope you have fun at the mall.
Have fun person who’s name rhymes with dating.
In that corner I was trying.

All you fools who ruined my chances time and again.
Like with moving arms I even right with a pen.
Again and again I play a song.
For me you better hope nothing is wrong.

I know you were married.
But I did not make the advance you carried.
Have fun all with your picnic.
Because you can like an apex you can have it big.
Nichole Sep 19
So caring
and loving
He's not sleeping
When you both are fighting

to all your stubbornness
he can handle it
surprisingly he treat you like a princess
when your are just a useless trash who just sleep and eat

get furious about you in bad situation
but can't help his self but to forgive you.
Kisses in the forehead
and you both wakes up cuddling in bed

Have the same thoughts
thinks about the problems you fought
the sacrifices you make
but the bond never break
bf duties?
Amanda Sep 3
We almost got married
We almost stayed together as long as we lived
We almost started a family with eachother
But "we almost" is not the same as "we did".
Almost is one of the saddest words in the English language
Summer Wright Aug 28
There once was a girl from a small town
She was a shy, small girl.
She spent all her time on the computer
At the age of 14, she had many friends.
Far and near, she eventually grew up to be 18.
She was still heavily into the computer world, she didn't
spent much time outside anymore.
The internet was all she knew, She grew to be 19
She decided she had enough, she took herself to a trade school to get her diploma.
There she struggled for a good long year to get her Diploma, she was still on the computer.
She had met a wonderful guy, that she was only friends with at the time.
She and he had grown closed, and decided that he would move in with her only after being together for 3 months.
Her mom agreed that he could with them, as long as he went to the same trade school and got his Diploma as well.
Somewhere along the line things got messed up and he didn't end up going to the school but he did move in with her.
He moved from Indiana to Maine to be with this Girl to prove to her that she was worth it. That she meant something to him.

September 2015 He arrived, and this Girls world exploded. They shared things that she had never known before. She gave herself to a man that showed her the world that she walked on was made of gold and diamonds.
They were the perfect pair, for a year he stayed with her. He helped her moms paper route and helped fixed things around the house that needed a little tinkering.
He helped her mom whenever she may have needed it, with Dishes and other little things.
Her family grew to love him as one of their own.
A year later a call came that he had to come back home to help his mom. A big decision laid in the Girls palm, she had to decide if she was going to follow or let him go.~

She had made the biggest decision of her life, she had thought she would stay with her mom her entire life and that's not because shes lazy and didn't want a life for herself but more some because her mother was her best friend and she was her entire world and the thought of leaving her was terrifying.
She spread her wings and on the day of August 16th they set out on their day and half bus ride to the big city.

She was scared and she was heartbroken to leave her mom but she was 20 and it was time to be a big girl. So they went from town to town, to city to city to get to Indianapolis. August 17h they finally arrived.

This small town girl was in awe of everything, she had never seen such lights, heard all the sounds, smells, all the things to look at. She was just struck by it.

They had finally reached her Boyfriends mothers home,
About a month or two later they had found out that they are pregnant and everything exploded once more, fast forward 9 months the day after her 21rst birthday Their little daughter was born. 7/15/17, 7lbs 14oz @10:24am 21 inches long. She was a beautiful baby girl ♥

A month later She married the man of her dreams 8/07/17, fortunatly they had signed the wrong paper and didnt end up getting offically married till April 30th, 2018.

But here we are, sitting at the end of this story, its a wild ride and many thing more to come.

I am happily married, and have the most perfect daughter and husband in the entire world ♥
Haiku Donna Aug 22
Everytime I see
butterflies , I think of our
wedding and I smile
:) loved my wedding day love butterlles too **
Liyah Bella Aug 1
I think I am going to try to speak to you again
hear you say sorry
and watch me fall back in your cycle
watch me plead for your approval and beg for affection
i want one more chance with you
so you can destroy me one more time
leaving me helpless and hopeless
leave me wondering what i did wrong
it always plays out like this
i want to talk one more time
to hear you deny me again
to hear you prove everyone right
that we are not meant to be together
but still i love you
In a garden,
As beautiful as heaven,
At night Jasmine,
With white silky lips,
Unfolded its perfumed petals,
Blossoms in ethereal beauty,
With a creamy glow.
In the morning the Red Rose in bud,
Drenched in dew,
Unfurled its petals one by one,
On a single stem with its prickly thorn,
Sassy and beautiful.
Each with an ego of,
"I am the best",
Their hatred flared,
In fumes their scent flowed in waves.
The  birds and insects looked on,
Prayed for peace,
Tried to pacify them.
Then one day their enmity changed to love.
Bees and butterflies sang and chanted love songs,
As they sipped their nectar.
Soon The Rose proposed,
My love, let's get married,
For long have we tarried.
So the hummingbird  flew them to them to a famous wedding planner,
To be stringed into garlands,
Jasmine for the bride,
And The Red Rose for the groom.
The couple took their vows,
So did The Rose and Jasmine.
They made a beautiful pair,
And their children were called Jasrose.
Poetic fairy tale
Vhien Miguel Jul 19
Forgive me my love, for I always want you
All I expect is for you to want me that much too
Be afraid when I’m about to leave, clinginess and everything else
At times, I might be stubborn, but not to forget till my hair is no auburn,
I will love you, ‘till my dying day
By your side I will always lay
If your happiness would need me without
I love you so much, I would gladly walk out
For that will give mein liebing joy,
I have no say, just for you to enjoy,
Mostly, I could be ******, yes I know
But I feel bad when I give you sorrow
Answer my questions, I’ll keep on asking ‘till there’s no tomorrow
Be patient with me, don’t be cold as snow,
Please stop being snappy,
That doesn’t make me happy,
All I want every time is to see you smile,
Even if that would send me off a mile.
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