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on the floor

no lore

no-one and nothing
still worth more than more

a silent parade of rain
the rain of heaven

in the circle of
woven limbs

now all in,
and out on the limb

Will just
marries Lara

now on)
I can’t read these signs
Were they ever there
You won’t look me in the eyes
But why do I care
It’s my mind and my heart
They’re tearing me in two
I’m about to be married
Yet my heart skips for you
I know this isn’t easy
These feelings are confusing
But your come and go attitude
Is feeling abusing
So here we are now
Let’s bring this to the end
And happily ever after
We were never even friends
I hope I will end up with you
or none at all.
you or no one
Raw words Aug 22
Its been a long time
We haven't seen each other
you and me
the one inside that fills my soul
the one who only knows my role
you are I and I am you
striving thinking and praying
what should we do

you're married now,
who knew
that that man in the mirror was looking at you
you combed his hair
you let him near
you listened to his goals and his fears
all in all keeping a distance to keep him near
you married him and thats all you know
how to love is a great mystery
and we know thats why we are here
to learn
to be taught
to feed our souls for that one thought
of what to do
being loved, by me to you
I said who knew
thats who.
Those frolics the highest
Grandeur "Gin and Tonics"
Mr. and Mrs tropic tongues
Like soft velour don't disturb the door
Bermuda triangle marriage in general
to be in sound mind
Be the human kind

  Tropic lips treasure rare find
The grandeur topics
Mr. and Mrs. climb Ice Queen
Meeting the King mountain
Goggle if the crown fits
Drinks flow in form with hearts
beat in uniform
"Malibu Me and You" sounds cascade
Godly gesture inside and out he reads
Bali water the tropic pours the topics
Single glass marriage "VIP Pass"
love comes with variety of colors
The blue ***** whale

Holiday sale Gold- Rush
Pours and sounds warm lips hush
Stars of atoms instagram post
Love and marriage toast
the whole entire sum it's love
This is like being on a vacation as a married couple but also its for anyone  that love to drink or think of a moment when life made you smile
Donna Jul 18
today the sun shined bright
and it giggled too , and all
the butterflies smiled
Me n my husband have had such a good funny day Today , laughing is awesome , everyone needs to laugh more tis truly magical , inspired to write this one x
Still on my break hope u all well ❤️
Planejane2 Jun 16
I’ve been seeing hella signs
But I ain’t need to clear my mind
I don’t even wanna rhyme
For the first time in a long time I feel fine.
The moment I said it I knew.
Us and We.
Not you and me.
The words that slipped out of my mouth
like a banana peel from Mario kart.
Oddly I didn't regret it.
Strangely enough I was confident.
Tonight has been a breathtaking trip.
It's been a real adventure,
and you were the only one that I needed to be there.
You picked me up from the park.
The one I was probably to inebriated to walk to.
You drove around for hours just for me.
While I stuck my head out of the window,
Screaming Misfits lyrics, and flipping off the heavens.
This was the night I had lost my mind.
The night I was fully alive.
The night I put together the pieces.
The night I found something to believe in.
We smiled and laughed, threw glass bottles into the street.
We sang punk rock songs until our lungs couldn't breathe.
Never have I felt more free.
Never have we both been this complete.
I know you could see
it too.
A feeling nothing could ever compare to.
A fire that’s cold enough to stop a beating heart
right in its tracks.
Emotions that took over me that I still cannot define.

I have never looked back.
If you love me like I love you we will be together for all eternities
Jenna Mar 31
You belong with my heart
captured in time, standing still
deep breaths, even when
you are sleeping
nothing can wake you up
not even the dreams
of us together forever
let the blankets cover
all your mistakes, hiding
but don't forget the warmth
I provide when you toss and turn
my hand is always here
when you awake again
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