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the heart-shaped white topaz
and crescendo contra bass

I smell chaos
To you, kudos
Leap unto the destiny

Why we rushing
Denying norm
Anxiety showing
Lock the room

Do you have
a cold feet?
cause I am
150623 |23:58 | doubt
Dee Bach Aug 2022
She had seen him a million times in her life. He was at her wedding as she married a different man. He stood at the altar and supported her as he always did.

So why was this time different? They spoke to each other in a way they hadn’t in a long time. She laughed in a different way, as she knew she would always be in love with this man.

So when he said “I wanted to kiss you” it made sense why her mind spiraled out of control. She, a married woman, loved this man, but he was taken by another woman.
Ryan Long Jul 2022
As I walked the hills I heard the horns
The stamp of steeds and cry of a hound
I ran towards that iconic call
The hunt was on, I knew the sound

As I watched the fox run and hide
A magnificent creature sleek and fine
The thought intruded upon me
And created an image in my mind

What greater event could I encounter
Of the pursuit of love that I here had

The pursuit of something beautiful
called forth with trumpets and fanfare
Chased by all and caught by few
Tracked and then lost, joy and despair

The chase of the fox
Woman, seductive and coy
Pursued by gross beasts
Determined man and boy

For love like that fox is wily and sly
Catch only a glimpse before it flies by

Sleek and slender a thing of great worth
Pursued by all to bring home to the hearth

For love outside your possession has no value
Home it must reside to bring satisfaction to you
One of my endeavors has been to write a letter, and possibly a poem to my wife every month. As I sat and thought about pursuing her love it occurred to me. The Fox Hunt is on!
Karijinbba Nov 2021
Not all Married men are
inaccessible to a past true love
Especially mentally united.
Not all honorable unmarried men are accessible
for affairs in the love arenas
Some married men are a Knight to someone special
without any extra-marital stains.
My King lost his sword by me
all without my intention to do harm at all but mare duty to love my man more than I loved myself.

Once a married poet found his sword by me by
my virtual loving ways
and at a distance.
My old true love King of hearts thinks of me
walking, sighing love poems about our road not taken.
My avenue of the death.
I feel like a blindfolded sword gold hearted queen
who has lost her pharaoh
and can't be consoled.
I need my Knight in real life
My beloved king of hearts!
My once upon a time?
My willow tree of life.?
My ancient Pinocchio
hiding wealth name reign
and heart of gold?
Oh come to me I plead you.
I love you so.
Nathan Smith Jul 2021
How do you tell someone you’ve ****** over many times that you’ve changed and you are sorry?

You beg and plead and make promises you’ve made before
But it’s clear they’ve had enough, and they won’t take no more

You tell them your sorry and buy them gifts.
That’s still not enough friend, their love will continue to drift.

You give them their space in hopes it will make them miss you.
Odds are you never gave them attention anyway, so that’s nothing new.

So what’s the right answer? What else could you do?

There’s no exact answer as there is nobody the same.
It’s also not guarantee anything will work as this is not a game.

You should look in the mirror and try to see what they see.
Put yourself in their shoes and ask how did they feel around me?

This is not how u can help them, their not the ones who need a correction.
You have to fix yourself, make it consistent  until you like the person you see in the reflection.

Truth is you may not get them back and that’s a hard pill to swallow.
If you fix yourself it’ll make it easier to let go, and you’ll be more confident and happier for years to follow.
Be gentle it’s been a couple years sense I made a piece
Jane Smith Apr 2021
Though I love you, and I did,
I returned once more to the orchard.
Home seemed so far away,
Clasped in the hands of another.

Every dish washed another breath drawn,
The slick ribbons against the trees.
My love, my wonder, at my side.
Again, my demons embrace me.

Again did I stop outside of my haven,
Praying to a malevolent, unloving light.
Is it wrong to be so human, my doubts,
How could a grey sky be alright?

Why live if living is wrong,
If each whine should be a cry?
My bed felt more like teeth then,
Gnawing at me from each side.

The flowers bloomed under a night sky,
Adorned with all the things I should’ve confessed.
Once again I find myself in that time,
Yet with you I think only of what I’ve repressed.
Strying Mar 2021
it's not horrid
it's not terrible
it's everything
it's you and her
it's the tears that pour
it's the people laughing
it's everyone clapping
for the joyous occasion
the white dress
the suit
and the girl in tears watching her life dissapear.
POV: watching the love of your life get married to another girl and love someone else. you're never enough, you're never the one.
Paul Idiaghe Oct 2020
show me how to wear diamond
dreams without trembling
beneath their weight.

I am a pebble, peeled off
from a peak, fraying and falling,
faltering at its feet. end up

locked between the lips of
married mountains; eyes
hinged to the sky, feet sinking

into earth, chest caving into
a coffin where my heart hides
its head. as despair crawls
in to devour the decay, I linger

between the decomposition, dead
to dust to soil—waiting
to bloom again.
Hemang Dani Jul 2020
I got married in 2015
a journey I started
I thought I met my dear
She barked fear

I got scared
as I had dared
Love turned unknown
Fights were homegrown

no memories to look behind
no feelings stood behind
I made my commitment long
Emotions all went wrong

15 to 19 seemed like a decade
everyday looked like a parade
No where near was my wife
Faith in God marched my life
The poem inspiration came when one of my near dear one was going through a very tough time and to make it easy for him to pass this phase, I penned few lines on his phase.
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