Daisy Rae Jul 14

lucky are the kids whose parents
are still together...lucky...

don't take for granted what you have
Cné Jul 6

Hello love, ya I just got into town
Well I just thought, you know
If you were going to be round....

The lover of my dark desire just calls.
He beckons with a smile.
"Come hither." whispers husky voice
alluring me with guile.
My heart compels me to comply.
My brain says "This is wrong."
And yet, I find my feet move toward
the magnet of his song.

Did he ever wonder, about that one time
Does he know that those were mine
You know she would surely die
If I ever left her high and dry...

Shhh ... a finger on his urgent lips,
"the rest let's just forget"
I'm aroused by heated passion
igniting lust within ... I'm wet

No one can know what tomorrow will bring
But for tonight my love, it's you for me
Behind the gas station I just couldn't wait
I put her up against wall in trance like state

Penned against the wall with parted lips
A kiss to potent to breathe
Not nearly private enough, still
my legs part, spread with his knee

So willing as I pulled up her dress
Gasping for lust with erratic breaths
No need to be bashful when freaking at night
Three moons were shining vividly bright

I surrender. I give up.
Release me from the spell.
No recourse now exists for me
but succumbing to ecstasy, as well.

Such passion for life
Breeds a hunger for lust
Fulfilling and satisfying
Yet I can't get enough
Her smell on my fingers
As I take to the road
Another memory
Worn into flesh and bone

A chill descends upon my heart
as I watch him drive away.
And as I've done so oft' before,
I wish for him to stay
And though I know he must go
back to his life there.
I close my eyes and smell his scent
dreaming of all we shared.

Traveler Tim

We just can't help ourselves...
Just for fun

I swear your smile can melt a thousand hearts

And you're eyes can hold a million dreams

Dreams of us where we don't drift apart

I had a dream where we had an actual start

We made it somewhere

Everyone was jealous of us

We lived in New York City with three kids, two girls, one boy

Our oldest, when born

Oh she was beautiful

She was as pretty as her mother, I could've sworn

Her mother was beautiful

So much so it was impossible to adorn

But I adored

Both child and loving mother

You're eyes are gateways of ecstasy

Whenever you look away

I want you to turn back

To let me see

And feel that feeling that sets you free

Lifts you out of reality and into the feeling of utopia

Every moment with her was perfect

Lost in her was like being lost in heaven

I can feel myself leaven from the weight gone

My entire heart without worry

And my mind empty besides you upon

Anivel Aidan Jun 28

Everytime I see your name,
hear your voice,
see your face,
I get this sinking feeling inside
because we no longer talk.
And what a tragedy,
for we broke so quietly,
without a single drama.
You went with your friends,
people I am strongly against,
and I went with my new friends.
I've always known that one day
you are not going to be mine.
But whenever I hear you laugh
coming out of my speaker,
my fingers itch to type 'hi' and
talk about my day with you.
But I don't.
I know you're going to reply warmly.
But I also know, that we won't be
what we used to be.

Milana once called us an old married couple, do you remember?

Take the slice when offered
It doesn't happen everyday

It's not that you don't want to
But life gets in the way

Married life
Ben Jr Mar 16

This is to the man of her dreams,
I know you've never had a chance to know me,
She is a beacon of happiness in my life,
A reason behind my smile,
So before you take her hand..
I need a moment of your time,

She is a little rough around the edges,
Its just how she's always been through out her age,
Be patient when she is hype and off her ground,
With a kind word touch her hand and calm her down,
She is fragile, you see,
Sometimes when she needs attention not only when sick,
Try to understand and be there,
'Cause you are the only one in trust with her care,

She isn't built for this hush world,
And I'm sure she'd want me to take back these words,
So when you see she's down with sadness around her eyes,
Be the one to step in and make her smile,

She is sweet and loving,
I've known for all the time she's been with me,
I know not much of her heart and the turmoil of her soul,
But let you my boy,
Be the heart she'd call home,

I've taught her pride,
Am the one to blame for that,
I've taught her to talk,
And say what she wants,
I hope you understand her power of free speech,
And don't mistake it for an attitude or habit from peers,
Its just her heart trying to speak,
So please my boy, lend her your kind and loving ear,

My boy, she is my most treasured gift,
From the day she opened her eyes,
I have a reason to tell you this,
So you can be a man to her,

This is to a man of her dreams,
Be part of what she believes,
Never see any less of what she hopes,
This is to a man,
She wants the most

Bikey the kid Mar 14

She sees me
And steals my breath
She reads me
Before I know what's next
She accepts me
While I've been a reject
She knows me
Deeper than intimate sex
She loves me
To see passed my surface flex
She holds me
Until I can finally rest

Kee Mar 10

The good, the bad, everything.
When you were happy, sad, mad, flat out numb from the acid.
I loved it. I loved you, all of you.
What I loved the most about you was your smile.
It was lopsided and dorky, you teeth weren't perfect but I loved them anyways.
And your light brown eyes hung low, you looked like a predator.
But the only thing you killed were my sides because you were tickling me.
And I know it sounds cliche but I don't care,
You were my everything.
Those times you held me when I cried, you were my everything.
When you made me smile, you were my everything.
Watching the re-runs of Family Guy and throwing popcorn at each other, you were my everything.
God, even when we screamed and yelled at each other, you were my everything.
Even when we made love and I lit a cigarette after and you called it 'gross' but you'd snort up a line so quickly it was insane...
You were my everything and even though you've left me behind and you'll never me able to come back to me...
Able to kiss me, hold me, yell at me, even just touch me

Hi! So this piece right here came to me when i was walking home from school today. It's about a wife giving her eulogy to her late husband. i think im saying this right probably not but it's supposed to be sad and happy all at the same time. you can love a person so much that you hate them, but in the end you'll still smile because you'll never regret loving them. it kind of sounds like he's broken up with her but he's died, from what? i don't know, it just came to me. i hope you like it! Follow me for more :)

Spent so much sweet time with you,
On a lonely road I'm travelling now.
Oh, well past is the happy scenery,
Now I gladly refuse to move on.

I know that moving on I will be sad.

What I desire and deserve is you,
I am not an ascetic here, you see,
Laugh will my horrors sarcastically,
Laugh along the devil they will sadistically.

Which is why I gladly refuse,
Inch I will closer to hell,
Now I just work on myself.

Your iron heart I do love,
On a Sunday you were created,
Unbelievable is this story,
Rows of roses in your honour.

Hope is on a backseat, you know,
Earn I will more than money,
Art of war I will mend & luck will bend,
Roar my life will do when I am happy,
Tint of glasses will help view my launch.

And you may embolden all your defences,
Golden hues of my heart will complement,
Amazing will be our next meeting,
Into your heart I will be breaching,
Not just for some time but for a lifetime.

I won't move on unless you get married to someone else who deserves you more than I do.

My HP Poem #1452
©Atul Kaushal

Two hands,
Equal in touch..
connected by two different hearts
but also feels so connected by words..
I bought you flowers today,
they will sit upon my dresser and die for the sake of our love...
Harsh energy is transferred by the tears on my face and the pitch of your voice
and the only thing that's racing through my mind is that I just want to make you happy..
every excuse you have to leave me you throw it at my face..
you lay down that broken platform for me to fall directly through it..
Broken and stuck in your arms once again...
Something in me thinks that we could still work this through ...
white picket fences and big enough windows with family dinners awaiting so the people that walk by can see us , happy , as a family .
Our bed is now divided into two parts ...
Your side
And my side .
And some nights when you don't come home... the bed belongs to me.
You remember a couple of weeks ago when I called your phone and a woman picked up..
I asked you who was she ..
Who was she ?
And you told me nobody ..
Who was she turned into
Who are you ?
and she turned to me and smiled then walked away ...
How could I be so stupid ..
How could I still stay ....
The lipstick on the rim of your boxers
and the aroma of her perfume so potent I can smell it before you hit the stairs..
So careless you've became...
So disconnected  from the feelings we once shared as a whole
Are now divided by unspoken words and a missing touch ..
As you take your shower, I pack my things and leave the dead flowers awaiting your arrival to the bed that was once ours ...
and a note that will devour your heart .
" Dear Husband of 7 years ..
I love you ,
this was my biggest fear ...
Leaving you was not the first thing on my mind.
I waited for your words to comfort me and to tell me that you still love me ..
to tell me you were still mine ..
In this envelope is the truth ..
The pictures and the proof of the affair you have been having for some time ..
My ring is the flowers
and the divorce papers will be mailed to you in a couple of hours ..
how I wish for this all to go away ..
I hope you've found happiness and since I've lost mine .. I will no longer stay ...

Sincerely , Your Soon to be Ex wife "

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