Ek 22h
It was 8:45 after my bathe
I dried my bod and put my favorite moisturizer
Looking at my reflection I’m feeling sexy
So I put red lipstick on and decided to wear my flesh color see-through lingerie

I went to distract my husband playing virtual game, PUBG specifically
He drew attention to me — his hand is caressing my face, you’re gorgeous he said
He then pressed his lips against mine and started talking...
Talking back to his playmates about what strategy are they going to use
So I went to bed to write this lol
It’s the funny reality on being married. I was his last game for the night so I decided to eat chocolate while waiting. Haha just love!
Alex Nov 2017
I wear a ring on the fourth finger
I get asked who I'm married too.
I say A ring on any finger is what you make it to be.
A ring on my wedding finger does not mean i am married
Marriage is trust, love, committed to each other, vulnerability, no secrets, friendship and so much moreb. Marriage is promise to always be there no matter what, until death. So why is it that its called the wedding finger when indeed it could possibly be called the promise finger because are we not promising to spend the rest of our lives together. Even if one is not in a relationship with that person does that now make wearing a ring on that finger forbidden?
I wear a ring on the fourth finger or third if your one of those aliens that think their thumb is not a finger.
I get asked who I'm married too.
and idk this got to me
Nothing fancy
Just little stuff.
Using our real voices
Not the shallow mockery
To sing in the car.
Confessing our crushes
Honestly and gleefully
Dreaming and scheming.
Shoving our cold feet
Under each others' warm butts
With ice cream and SNL.
Nobody's perfect
(Least of all us)
But we certainly have our moments.
10/29 Inktober prompt: United
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zero Oct 2017
Radio me in,  Razzmatazz,
Redman and the fox here.
Sending my love from three blocks over,
hoping you send yours back.
Mum and Dad.
Emm Oct 2017
strong>"Karen, her name's Karen!"
whispered one to the other,
Those married men...
That new intern...

what about loyalty?
what about pride?
what about honour?
what about when you said you'll only have your eyes on me?
what about when you say "you're my one and only"?
plain old lies?
"They remain...
Just in the name of having fun...
Just appreciating..."
Just asking...

--what about feelings?
what about respect?
what about honesty?
what about "no more lies"?
what about trust?
"Nothing serious...
my heart still belongs to you,
you're the only one I'll come home to"...
But about loyalty?
Honour? Mine?
What about... the rest?...
Just asking...
in the name of FUN...
Alienpoet Sep 2017
Television romance

In scripted dialogue
and camera click bait
is this our love story
or can heaven wait?
in the dreams of writers
will love be fore filled
if we become fighters
Will fate yield?
and will the type writer give us that happy ending
as the stage is set and then completed
Will we kiss and get married and die together or will we pretend
That love is merely written in our stars or will we have retreated
from that notion
that can be grown only come from a story we tell ourselves about each other
and that love and devotion
Is merely a set of complex conditions that come from one emotion.
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2017
You better love her more than I love her
Heal all her scars
Speak to her insecurities
Be her security
Show her loyalty
Respect and honor who she wants to be

I raised her
now it's your turn to raise her beautiful gifts
Love them and cherish them
Embrace them and adore them

Love her and she will love you more
She will never let you go
Jose H Sep 2017
What is your dream?
Literally, the dream you have
The one you wake up from
Hoping you could relive every day
I have dreamt of that beautiful morning
The morning where the sun shines through the blinds
The morning where birds sing
But most importantly,
It is the morning I wake up next to you
The morning I brush up against your flower scented hair
The morning your body is all the warmth I need
The morning I wake up to you're beautiful smile
I couldn't imagine a more beautiful morning than this.
TeenWords Sep 2017
It was as heaven beside her
A great leisure
She was ineffable to express
so I call myself so much bless
To have her in my life
To be my precious wife
To take care of my children
and feel ineffable feelin
id rather take a thousand risk
to held her wrist
and insert this beautiful ring
and hear the love birds sing
She'll walk in the isle
with a beautiful smile
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