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Paul Idiaghe Oct 2020
show me how to wear diamond
dreams without trembling
beneath their weight.

I am a pebble, peeled off
from a peak, fraying and falling,
faltering at its feet. end up

locked between the lips of
married mountains; eyes
hinged to the sky, feet sinking

into earth, chest caving into
a coffin where my heart hides
its head. as despair crawls
in to devour the decay, I linger

between the decomposition, dead
to dust to soil—waiting
to bloom again.
Hemang Dani Jul 2020
I got married in 2015
a journey I started
I thought I met my dear
She barked fear

I got scared
as I had dared
Love turned unknown
Fights were homegrown

no memories to look behind
no feelings stood behind
I made my commitment long
Emotions all went wrong

15 to 19 seemed like a decade
everyday looked like a parade
No where near was my wife
Faith in God marched my life
The poem inspiration came when one of my near dear one was going through a very tough time and to make it easy for him to pass this phase, I penned few lines on his phase.
Hemang Dani Jul 2020
Me, my wife and our married life

I got married in 2003
Life was young and free
I was 26
and I took the risk

I belong to a joint family
she grew in a nuclear family
Our thoughts were a mismatch
conversations were out of catch

She liked to have an open talk
I was a reserved lot
Her expectations were different
my ideologies were repellent

she was a career woman
I an ambitious man
I persuaded on my own business
her career was left in a mess  

slowly I started understanding
life started turning
she became my good friend
our conversations are in blend

Now our marriage is in teen
Life looks all young and green
With my kids, my dear
Thank you God, my eyes in tear.

Hemang Dani
I penned this poem on completion of 16 years if my marriage. It is one of the prized gift for my wife and me.
xavier thomas Jul 2020
I give her love with the protection & wisdom I carry

I chase after her consistently as if it’s our first time meeting all over again

I carry her flaws on my shoulders to show that these are my flaws to

I help her seek God when darkness attacks our light

I love her shades of brown skin because Black Lives Matter

I held her hand in marriage, & propose this ring that symbolizes “Till death due us part”
I'm Ready
and she got married
gave birth
i’ve become kind of a relic

like sun or time

because we’ve known each other for four billion years
soo doo nimim Jun 2020
I dream of you in color
I see you, through all life's clutter
I dream of you in color
In all the shades
Of red and greens and blues
I dream of you in color
You make the world that much less duller
I see you in my dreams
And forget i'm in reality
I dream of you in color
You make the emptiness, that much fuller.
Demi Apr 2020
Domestic life, wouldn’t it be nice,
wine in hand, topped with ice.
Your hair shining ginger in the sun,
at the BBQ, loading sausages in buns
as our son screams and trips over. Twice!

On Thursday we lounge and eat egg-fried rice,
all we do is laugh and you say: 'This is Paradise.'
Then we shout over cake, it’s overdone!
Domestic life.

You see my tears and hug me, feels nice.
You’re still the man with the best advice.
So take me to Harvester, just for fun,
then we talk in funny voices to our sweet son.
Let’s drink more wine we bought half price.
Domestic life.
A modern take on a rondeau.
My dearest wife,
    no matter
how cruel the world is,
we don't break over weak words
    and lose our sanity
over uneducated fools

For my vow is strong
     and my words are true
the sky may fall
   but atleast I have you.

For I love you,
in every parts you adore and hate.
I have found myself a woman so priceless
that in every richness
the world has,
no dime can outshine you

  and no other woman
can have my heart
    Because it will always be you
A Deco Apr 2020
the fact of the matter
the wrong thing never feels right

because you've been here before

which should prove
that rings are inconsequential
malice is not the genius of what you wanted her to be

they say you cant have your cake and eat it too
the royal they are right

you get married
white dress
and shes beautiful

when she falls out of love
and ends up
in my house
in my bed
in my life
******* everything up for me

making me wish
i could have her
make better choices

that ended up with

me and her in the first place
not sneaking in silver
while current bronze

former gold

who won on a technicality

sits at home
hoping she doesn't fall in love with me


she did.

but so did i.
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