Liyah Bella Aug 1
I think I am going to try to speak to you again
hear you say sorry
and watch me fall back in your cycle
watch me plead for your approval and beg for affection
i want one more chance with you
so you can destroy me one more time
leaving me helpless and hopeless
leave me wondering what i did wrong
it always plays out like this
i want to talk one more time
to hear you deny me again
to hear you prove everyone right
that we are not meant to be together
but still i love you
In a garden,
As beautiful as heaven,
At night Jasmine,
With white silky lips,
Unfolded its perfumed petals,
Blossoms in ethereal beauty,
With a creamy glow.
In the morning the Red Rose in bud,
Drenched in dew,
Unfurled its petals one by one,
On a single stem with its prickly thorn,
Sassy and beautiful.
Each with an ego of,
"I am the best",
Their hatred flared,
In fumes their scent flowed in waves.
The  birds and insects looked on,
Prayed for peace,
Tried to pacify them.
Then one day their enmity changed to love.
Bees and butterflies sang and chanted love songs,
As they sipped their nectar.
Soon The Rose proposed,
My love, let's get married,
For long have we tarried.
So the hummingbird  flew them to them to a famous wedding planner,
To be stringed into garlands,
Jasmine for the bride,
And The Red Rose for the groom.
The couple took their vows,
So did The Rose and Jasmine.
They made a beautiful pair,
And their children were called Jasrose.
Poetic fairy tale
Vhien Miguel Jul 19
Forgive me my love, for I always want you
All I expect is for you to want me that much too
Be afraid when I’m about to leave, clinginess and everything else
At times, I might be stubborn, but not to forget till my hair is no auburn,
I will love you, ‘till my dying day
By your side I will always lay
If your happiness would need me without
I love you so much, I would gladly walk out
For that will give mein liebing joy,
I have no say, just for you to enjoy,
Mostly, I could be stupid, yes I know
But I feel bad when I give you sorrow
Answer my questions, I’ll keep on asking ‘till there’s no tomorrow
Be patient with me, don’t be cold as snow,
Please stop being snappy,
That doesn’t make me happy,
All I want every time is to see you smile,
Even if that would send me off a mile.
Sharon Talbot Jul 12
I’m fading away, backing off from life.
Echoes of joy and faults pass like falling stars.
Every day has a few drops less of strife.
Silent shrapnel crashes in soft and witless shards.
And I’m shrinking from the Now;
I couldn’t even tell you how.

Moments of ecstasy and pain are sealed,
Like shrines to a life I still know.
Etched in summer’s softness or in steel.
I am vanishing, but I don’t know where I’ll go.
My once-beloved and my son are here.
One ignores me, while the other
Watches in helpless fear.

Five A.M and I am by myself…again.
Sun washes in with sorrow in its face.
For the thousands of times, I have slept alone,
I feel like a stranger in this place,
I once called our home.
Now it’s a cage to me,
Filled with broken promises and mis-matched lace.

I am going now, heading toward the West.
Leaving memories and pain behind with a sleeping wife..
Every day brings me closer to an end
Leaves fly in the road behind me, remnants of a life.
I am crying for the misspent years.
But no more of those; I am changing, switching gears.

September 17, 2010
Edited – January 5, 2016
This goes with a novel of the same name about a psychology professor who is so unhappy with his life, he begins to "shrink" away from it, back to the life he once knew. That's all I can tell you for now!
Gray Jun 3
Across the street by the old elementary school,
Lives a man that is married to some strange ghoul.
In a dark old house she stays hidden,
For the world around her wished her ridden.
In my own opinion, i disagree.
Despite her strange appearance I believe she’s alright to a certain degree.
From what the man tells our town,
His wife almost never has a frown.
It’s a shame that she looks so gruesome.
Because i believe she is rather lonesome.
If only it weren't for her scary face,
She would be able to get out more often and embrace.
Where are you?
Inside of me
But I can't feel you
You're too far gone

But, I know
We will carry on
All we have to do
Is remain strong

I am broken
When you are strong
I can't do this anymore
I'm too far gone
But maybe you
You can bring me back
In spite of what
You and I lack

We will carry on
All we have to do
Is be strong

Won't be long now
Til we're standing there
Together we'll reign
When life's not fair

We'll be there together
Our soul will entwine
Forever and ever
It'll All Be Fine

All we have to do
Is remain strong
As One
We'll Carry On
Kuvar May 4
They were to be tore apart
By a villain  
They could tear apart
They call her
The contract of divorce
And I laughed
Took the crazy papers from them
Squeezed her in my fist
Chopped her in the bin
Just like that
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