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Sthembiso Apr 25
let me be your dear.
and I  shall have no fear.
allow acceleration from God's Gear.

Dear God,
I'm lost and looking for directions.
I'm blind and willing to see.
send your healing miracles,

I'm one of your creation,
living in your created nation.
and living with your created nature.
guide us as our lecture.

With the power of your name,
Please full-fill my life with prosper.
and shall I prospect forever,
and ever, Amen
Helps on seeking strength from God.
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
In the infallible word
christ is revealed as the sovereign lord
even countless of warlords
bow to his sovereign words

In the patriarch's days
he moved in diverse ways
indeed he's the only way
no matter what blasphemers say

The holy scriptures
paints one key picture
of how those who endure will feature
in the grand future
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Lean Harvests
by Michael R. Burch

for T.M.

the trees are shedding their leaves again:
another summer is over.
the Christians are praising their Maker again,
but not the disconsolate plover:
     i hear him berate
     the fate
     of his mate;
he claims God is no body’s lover.

Published by The Rotary Dial and Angle. Keywords/Tags: plover, skeptic, atheist, agnostic, Christians, god, creator, maker, fate, mate, berate, lover
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
He wanted peace
and love,
he found war and death.

He didn't care
about the material world,
like poets don't.

Trapped in the human body,
he couldn't win,
people made him lose,
like they always do
with someone who is greater than them.

I look at the men in robes,
with crucifixes
hanging around their necks
and I think to myself:

If he was alive today,
he wouldn't admit he knows them.
They'd call him Judas today.

If he was alive,
he wouldn't want to have anything to do with them.
Andrew Rueter Jun 2019
Christians are concerned with who is and isn’t saved
Maybe they should focus on the road they pave
If they really want to know why people run away
While they persecute those who are atheist or gay
They should try to relate
To the people they hate
But their emotions break
When their notions deflate

No free thought
Or love
Just breed a lot
And shove
The meek you’re supposed to admire
Because they’re not in the capitalist attire
Of a suit and tie to show that they’re higher
The weak are only interested in being consumerist buyers
Even if they have to team up with holocaust deniers
Who are seeking to ignite funeral pyres
It doesn’t matter how many bodies are on fire
As long as their own situation isn’t dire

They say ignorance is bliss
Following Jesus through the mist
But they clench their fist
Once they’re really ******
There must’ve been a lesson missed
Like the ones involving politics
Yet they add their hollow wit
To the country’s rhetoric
While they’re not ahead of it

Christianity develops a nasty reputation
Of being closed minded
Because all they add to the conversation
Is that they can’t find it
No matter how much they’re reminded
They walk around like they’re blinded
To not see what’s unclean
Like Christians who are viciously mean
Tearing society apart at the seams
Missed by the blindfolded team
Following signs as old as He
While ignoring history

I isolate myself in a community
So I can act with impunity
Once nothing gets through to me
I try to get the Jews to see
Their blasphemy

Not wanting to follow these roads
The congregation is leaving in droves
Searching for more peaceful groves
Or thoughtful treasure troves
Where they can follow the flow
Of not being told what to know

Christians must stop imposing their will
They must stop the self righteous kills
And pushing counterproductive bills
And take the red pill
Of peace be still
To abandon royal shills
Who sell toil filled
Oil drills
To follow Jesus’ path
Not enacting God’s wrath
By using subtractive math
That makes Satan laugh
Ylzm Apr 2019
The Jews searched long and hard
for signs of their Messiah's coming
but when he arrived as prophesied
they traded their King for a thief.

The Evangelicals love their bibles
Proud they see, for the Light has come
And not as Jews for they're true Israel,
Desirous as Eve, they hasten the Apocalypse.

The Evangelicals searched long and hard
for signs of their Messiah's return,
the lawless one arrived as prophesied
and they made him King.

If the Chosen suffered the Holocaust,
how can anyone escape chastisement too?
Arden Feb 2019
to all the claiming to be Christians
using Gods name as a reason for your hatred

where is your God
how can you say that God is love
but claim that you hate in his name
how you say God doesn't make mistakes
but hate people who are different

I think you need to read that scripture again
John 8:7 "he who is without sin cast the first stone"
matthew 7:1 "condemn not and you shall not be condemned
romans 13:10 "Love does no harm to thy neighbor therefore
love is the fulfillment of the law"
1 John 2:9 "anyone who claims to be in the light but still hates a brother or sister is in the dark"
proverbs 10:12 "love covers all sin"
Richard Martin Apr 2018
This is my plea; this is MY submission
So I petition you to stay away from vain tradition
It’s rudimentary my dear Christians!
Follow Jesus not man, don’t listen to magicians

The inscription was handwritten on my heart
Its perfection has forever been positioned
Jesus was not a politician, so why place restrictions?
Where’s the distinction?

This isn’t a competition
There’s only the affliction of a life spent in derision
The road less traveled can be protection, reflection, and salvation;
This is my position:
You can put a gun to my head wish me dead and I still won’t regret my decision - to follow Jesus!
Kuvar Apr 2018
Who among you
Here today
haven't given his life to Christ
Let him today
Take off his flesh
Lie it in this coffin
Let him today
Drop it six ft down
Let him today
Pour sand on that dead flesh
Sprinkle holiness
on his sinful deeds
Let him today
Go and Sin no more
Kuvar Apr 2018
The blood of a lamb
Hewn from the wall of life
Flourishing as fountains
In the place of skulls
Golgotha knows no peace
For his crown of thorns
Tore her to pieces
The heart of life
Is back to life
Lord Jesus, your death I can’t repay
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