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Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Our souls crossed
And told the lies
We’d be together
But then the cries
Wailed from hearts
Breaking in denial
Who thought
They’d withstand the
Trial of
Turns out souls don’t wait
They dissipate
And leave the wreckage

Sabene Nov 2020
Sudden dawns and piercing twilights,
I don't recall when I wake and when I go to sleep,
When I rise and when I fall,
Doesn't matter,
Because with you,
It feels as if time has stopped,
In one moment,
We're sitting on the beach looking at the sun rise,
And the next we're lying in the forest,
Gazing at the stars
Hey y'all,
So I wrote this poem from an Instagram prompt. Let me just make it clear there is no lucky guy or girl
Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Despite my desire
To not think about
The caged bird
Inside me
Still sings

Alec Llaneta May 2019
If love was time, I would stop it right here
To keep it from going forward, to keep it from going back
For tomorrow is uncertain and yesterday is already known
I will stick with what's in front of me
You and me alone

If love was the stars, I'll only look at one
To brighten when its day
To warm me up when its night

If love was you
I'll stop right there and fall for you
Ryan Vallee Feb 2019
I had a house so empty

it would sway in the wind
like a song you close
your eyes to

it had a space for each day
of the week
seven rooms all quietly waiting
for you
Ryan Vallee Jan 2019
you can’t jar the lightning bug
for long before the light
becomes night again

the baby bird lost from the nest
can’t follow the chirps
and arm-flapping, you see
i could teach you to fly
you will eventually
find ground
if it’s my flight you follow

i was never meant for the places
you perch
it was wonderful while it was
but, i could never stay
no matter
how much i flap my arms
Ryan Vallee Jan 2019
head over heels
hand over mouth
this sweet cruelty of love
beckoning blasts;
the bomb
that keeps burning
Anthony Jul 2018
You had me at friends, but I wanted you.
You had me at gaming, but I wanted you to be player two.
You had me at metal music, but I wanted us as a group.
You see, to you, we were just friends, but to me I knew what was to become.
Now look at us falling madly in love.
To you the distance kills us, but to me I see a testament of our growth.
To you it's hard, but to me it's you that drives me to achieve what we will be.
You feel alone, as do I, but we can never say goodbye. We hold on for dear life.
Because I know that one day you'll become my loving wife.
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