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Styles Apr 20
"It's funny,
when our eyes touch,
it floors me."
Styles Apr 16
I want to spend the rest of the night,
                                        inside of you.
Styles Apr 16
Whatever I don't melt,
with my hands,
I will melt,
with my mouth.
Nobody Apr 13
I love the times when he’s playful,
and I find he stimulates my mind.
He sang a pretty song just to me,
and I tried my hardest not to cry.
I dreamt of holding him close last night,
I was craving the warmth of his skin.
In the dream I tasted every inch,
and nothing mattered but his touch.
I woke up and thought that I knew bliss,
but at the same time it wasn’t enough.
I always need him close by for one more kiss,
so I think I'll stay in my daydream with him.
Aŧül Apr 5
Ich liebe Sie, meine Dame.

Ihr Lächeln ist sehr schön,
Ich liebe Ihr amüsantes Schmunzelen.

Ihre Lippen sind so süß,
Ich liebe Ihre herzige Lefzen.

Ihr Lieb ist so attraktiv,
Ich liebe Ihr **** Körper.

Ihre Brüste sind so voll,
Ich liebe Ihren zarten Busen.

Ihre Stimme ist so verführerisch,
Ich liebe Ihre melodische Stimme.

Ihre Hüften sind so Sanft,
Ich liebe Ihre weiche Hüften.

Ihre Zähne sind perfekt,
Ich möchte Ihre perfekten Zähne lecken.
My HP Poem #1920
©Atul Kaushal
Your eyes
Those soft blue **** heart melting
take my breath away blues
You just look at me
Im under your spell
They are so delicious
They tantalize oh yes
So pleasing so daring
Your **** soft blues
With a just a look
they cause a reaction
My temperature rises
You have me at your will
Your eyes
the fantasy , I long to read
Take my breath away blues
Look at me baby
Please keep staring
I quite enjoy
Seeing those soft blue
**** heart melting
deeply satisfying blues
© Jennifer L DeLong 2/19/20
bahulakaji Mar 14
What does that even mean?
What is that?
If we’re both drunk does it count?
Because I am the definition
So a drink in me might
do her a favor.
But just for the first time.
So I’m comfortable enough
to draw my line,
Or the line of hickeys
I left on your neck.
Because you’re awkward, too.
A lovely Shade of shyness.
But all I could do was look you
in the eyes
and say you’re beautiful.
Then a tear streamed down your face.
And all that came out was
Are you sure this is okay?
Because I’m not comfortable,
the way you’re comfortable.
The way taking off my shirt
feels like letting the sea inside me.
So I’ll keep my pants on,
until the lights are off.
And even then,
my scars are screaming.
It’s ringing in my ear,
my biggest fear.
When she stops and whispers,
Are you sure this is okay?
The first time I’ve ever heard
those words.
Was the first time I felt free.
For the first time,
I didn’t feel *****.
When you whisper in my ear.
I thought, Baby!
I love it when you talk
consent to me.
Since that nite , I first felt ur hand in mine
It was about to become all about you & it started w ur touch that made me forget every dark and protruding insecurity that paid rent in my heart
the way your eyes sparkled
every time you blessed this world with your forgiving smile
the way your laugh sounds like every one of my favourite songs rocking
on the radio
the way I finally understood what a gentleman is when you grabbed me by the shoulders & told me
I am beautiful & kissed me passionately
That nite , I went out my door to go on our
First date.
It changed my life my soul forever.
And no matter what , I'll always need u
Your like second nature your just like breathing.
I love you it true

© Jennifer L DeLong 💙
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