I can read your skin
Like a map in the dark.
And every pore,
Begging for more,
Rises to meet my lips.

we take the corner seats,  
we wild animals in heat
wait for the lights to die,  
and then in one soft sigh,
run a hand over your thigh

There ain't no point
In studying  anything any more.
Bosses just choose female employees
Based on What they think  that  they would look
In the the nude
I guess that's their compensation
For not getting laid
By their "liberated" wives?
Such  is the End Result of Feminism!

Politically disempowered.
Living on a financial cliff.
Are you really having the Party to celebrate
Or just to Get Trashed out
To forget about your debt?
Portraying yourselves as "liberated"
Though contaminated  with the Virus
Of Institutional Racism.
Such is the Plight
Of Today's Youth.

That lip you bite
That "take me" look in your eyes
That grin on your face
No matter what time or place
Gets my head into a lust ridden space
I go insane
To hear you scream my name
I think I've made this
Simple and plain
You've got a reserved space in my brain
The hormones cant be contained

Suffice it to say, the things you do drive me insane ;)

ashley Jun 13

at 4:14 am
im still wide awake
imagining your body on top of mine
captivating me,
your large hands running down my fragile, tiny body,
claiming everything you brush as "yours".
at 4:20 am im still awake,
imagining myself on all fours,
your hand grasping my hair,
pulling it into that tight ponytail i wear during the day,
while you're telling me about how you could never resist me,baby. your words alone leaving me drenched and ready for you.
it's 4:30 am, and texting you:
"are you awake?"

ashley Jun 11

she dresses down during the day,
a pair of swearpants and an oversized flannel,
her soft, curly locks bouncing in a high ponytail.
she's seen as the class hippie, an activist and a seemingly air headed girl.
but what people don't know, is that
this girl is the top of her class.
she's a ditsy, fun girl
by day,
and a baby in lace for her lover
by night.

smooth or rugged
strong or frail
fist or caressing
brown or pale

long of finger
open or clubbed
wrinkled parchment
child's chub

Mona Lisa
calm and coy
Captain Hook
girl or boy

remember how
his love attracts?
touching with
his finger backs?

hands with nails
lacquered red
tell him that
it's time for


what could ever
be so grand?
as a tender



(C) 6/11/2017

Hands are beautiful.
I've always loved drawing them,
even though it's difficult.
I especially love the hands
of the elderly.
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