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We sit on your balcony
All I want is for you to undress me
You’re sitting in your favourite chair
I can’t help but stare

I rub your thigh
Look at you and smile
Lean in for a kiss
I want to taste your bliss

I get down on my knees
This act with you so heavenly
Undo your zip
I lick the tip

My lips now wrapped around you so devout
I feel you grow inside my mouth
I have your treasure
You moan with pleasure

My tongue moves up and down
My body tingles, I’m floating on a cloud
I gaze up into your eyes
As once again I take you inside

Kneeled before you I get carried away
You don’t mind, this is risqué
You reach down, gently tugging my hair
Moonlight above, I crave nothing more than to receive you anywhere
Lofting in the breeze
Her scent, So subtle
An Intoxicating allure
Hints of Rose and lavender
For my love, she's the cure

Her supple red lips, plump and ready
A most delicate treat
So luscious, so beautiful
Eagerly awaiting for
Both of ours to meet

Her eyes, so bright, so deep
Gazing with everlasting affection
So deeply entranced, encapsulated
In our powerful connection
So close now, I see my reflection

Her skin, so ripe, so smooth
So lustrous and silky
My longing for you
does not make me guilty
Truly a masterpiece, a work of art
I've fallen in love
Never again shall we part
I wanted to try my hand at writing about something thats less about dark subjects and more about attraction and love etc. Won't say its my best, but I tried.
helena alexis Oct 14
his eyes contemplated the way she introduced herself, sultry and seductive
never breaking eye contact with him

this young woman wanted him
in ways he could never imagine
vivid dreams filled her mind
the passion, the roughness, the danger,
it all excited her

she pictured him in a way that
one day without warning he would
break her, ravage her like
no other man has before
thinking ab my crush
Shannon Oct 8
The ice I wear is silence.
As for diamonds, I don't own them.
The stone I choose is cold.
I save ruby for my lips.
I save swagger for my hips.
I save crystal for my gin.
And the only thing I age is grace.
As for me I grow divinity-
The sin in me,
is confidently rising as I walk into the room.
If I make you feel I'm naked
when your burden down with fur-
"What does he see in her?"
If I make you feel uneasy,
and hold him just so tighter
because my steps are lighter
although my thighs are trunks
like mighty oaks they hold me high
so I can match my Tiffany eyes
to the Tiffany sky.
Wear your silver, wear your gold.
And I'll wear nothing loud and bold.
How dare I not adorn.
Not care about your scorn?
I am the bracelet that wraps the wrist,
I am the earrings lazy laying.
Designers drape me in goddess garb
while your childish glitter is fraying.
I wear years like men wear watches-
Proud and vainly count the notches.
Watch me slither, watch me wander.
Helpless but to become fonder.
This is a statement about aging and social media and the eternal dialogue of women and value.
Mose Oct 6
She was beautiful.
The moment I was graced with her presence the air became a warm, calming breeze. It took me over in the way an ocean wave would.  I’d been with her for five minutes before I wanted to undress her. Not in the way which her black lace dripped over her shoulder exposing her sun kissed skin. I wanted to undress her in the way which she was naked and exposed in the light of her own essence. I desired to know what dark day allowed her eyes to read such solemnness. I clung to know of the day that gave light to the darkness & allowed her eyes to twinkle of the stars.
She read books in the dim light corner of her faux leather chair surrounded by plants. Gleaming to the light as if she was the only reflection of its pure form. I’d been admiring her from the across the room as she grazed up the pages of her latest novel.
She always looked to have known something more than that was ever said. I swear, there was a whisper through the crack of her bay window. The wind breathing secrets to her instead of air.
The way she smirked led you to know that she knew of something you never would. I’d never have known what love was but looking at her in that moment I thought I just might.
Réne Curtis Oct 1
Kiss me slow
You kiss my soul
Let the feeling linger
You have me
Wrapped around your finger
Twisted in your love
Rolled up in your attention
Don't you feel
The chemistry, the tension
I can't hold it back
Like an elastic band
It goes snap !
My love for you
Just saying...
Let kiss you
Touch you
Lick you
**** on your *******
And ****
As I do my work my ****
Dance on to you
Make you ***
Or get hard
Are you enjoying it as much as
I am
Aa Harvey Sep 25
Kiss me twice

I saw you rocking on a Saturday night.
I fell in love with a beauty wrapped inside a light,
That snaked its way over your body.
Scream aloud.  I need to love somebody,
So I can appear in front of your eyes.
Devil dancing, under multi-coloured lights, at night.

Raise my soul up to newer heights and let me get lost inside,
Of the sound of your heart as it eternally sighs.
I love you in this moment in time.
Fire heart needs a soulful cry of delight
And a kiss that remains electrified,
As I move my fingers down your spine,
Pressing all the right digits in all the right places.
Forget all of the other faces.
We are alone in this moment in time.
Kiss me twice in case it doesn’t immediately hit you right.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Poetic T Aug 31
Sticky pips coated,
    Groping this Apple

No biting only licking

     Teasing her with

My tongue..
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