we are connected, like two gummy candies fused
or like a warm tongue stuck to a cold piece of ice

i feel like i'm stuck to you
like when a magician traps you inside your own mind
or when you're handcuffed to yourself

but instead of you being me
you're you
glorious you

   o     o
/ \  / \

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Mims 3d

"I'm lonely"

"make a mistake out of me"


her kind of naughty
is sipping hot chocolate in dark lingerie
at midnight.

R Nov 6

Roses are red,
they're sweet and they're soft.
The rose is an emblem of love,
and of summers I spend aloft
with you.

But the rose is laced,
with thorns abound;
to hurt and punish those
who do nothing with it
but fool around.

Most would respond by
cutting them off;
but a rose is a rose,
thorns and all.
Is a rose still a rose,
tamed and demure?

I am not that kind of lover.
Know that with me,
my fingers are adept, and soft, and smooth;
as I trace gently along and around your thorns
to feel your petals
and love you as you are.

Timothy Daly Nov 3

My sexy neighbour was in knickers
salaciously eating a Snickers,
from behind a curtain,
with only a shirt on,
my wife appeared. Gosh, how we bickered!

Jack Jenkins Oct 23

a divine mixture of young love and smutty nights
roses in a vase
on the table
while we make love in a bathtub

in candlelight softness
with passion red petals
slip in the ripples
as our bodies braid together

splish splash splosh

skin upon scorching skin
steam bubbles within
consecrated in elation
I’m lost in your lips

hands navigating your body
charting your curves
lips impassioned
moans interlaced on our tongues

mmm oh god yes

such an inciting allure
your body on mine
years fade
just you and just me

a young physique of fervor
amore in matching ardor
ageless in love
attune in affection

rhythm throbbing harmony

you know what you're doing
we're in sync in love
your tongue on my neck
you drive me to the edge again

climbing that pinnacle
arriving together
desire whirling, intimacy
releasing ripe rhapsody

ooh's ahh's climax sighs
we tenderly kiss satisfied and content

She sure knows how to make the room steamy... :)
Benji James Oct 21

Your magnetic attraction
Gives me that animal reaction
Your such a distraction
I want that infectious affection
All of her love and attention.

©2017 Written By Benji James

Karl Warren Oct 17

Life is not mechanical it's fluid,
I used to regulate my perception of
reality of my heartbeat
to the second but failing to see how
second flows
into another
and one heartbeat bleeds
lovingly into the next.
I hear Voices soothing my sou.
I am writhing in white and
you are watching
beckoning me
into the real world and
real from real
Crimson from Vermillion
a tarred but
unfeathered tree
bends against its back from the world in
It's face as I see you
in my mind
I undress.
I caress you
as my fingers run through
your hair
I kiss you
softly down each chakra
my god!
your face is heartshaped but also
slender as your waist
and fresh for not so long I
and inhale you
but only in my mind.

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