You ever wanna lick a lollipop?
You ever wanna take turns licking the lollipop
With your loved one?
You ever wanna lick the lollipop at the same time
But your loved one shoves
the whole lollipop
stick and all
Down their throat
Swallows it
Asphixiates on the mere Concept
Of ever having licked the lollipop in the first place
Let alone the reality that you
You, the love of their life,
They, the victim of ultimatum
Have both licked the lollipop?
You ever been the lollipop?

Ma Cherie 5d

Close your eyes to see my face,
an touch my skin in hot embrace,
reaching out to touch my lips,
you touch me deep,
an move my hips
please run your hands,
back through my hair,
let's do some things
I'd never dare,
make me want you -
that's so nice,
but ask me baby
an don't think twice.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Smokin hot guy to me anyway but idk if he's ever gonna get it! He maybe just a tease this time -not cool! ;/ Lol trying to get back here to do some poetry hope you're all doing well! Moving turned to choas. ;/ ugh!

I want you to know,
you were the first person
to call me sexy
and the first person
to make me feel
that way too.

As I urged a goose to stand still for a photograph,
A smoking-hot Mulatto Woman walked by,
Wearing a micro-miniskirt.
I can see why men prefer women as photographic subjects
Over geese.

I composed this poem in Denver's Washington Park.

You say you have
Glitter butterflies
Tinglies in there
Oh, you've evicted the butterflies princess
Those are storms coming
This is the eye of it
Wait till your captain steers the ship
Towards that looming dark cloud
You will beg me for butterflies little bug
You would beg for a swarm of bees
In exchange
for the beating you've earned

From me
then your captain

Ma Cherie Apr 9

Double knee Carhartt pants
in rusty brown,
a cotton cornflower blue
long sleeve

Stains from cooking about my tummy,
cuffs of my pants I'm soaked in mud n dirt.

Everyone already had some wine
an they are feelin' fine,
but I'm not in the mood to flirt.

My hair up in a messy bun,
a colorful scarf around my neck,
you say I still glow
I'm looking sweet,
I throw up my arms
an I say what the heck?

I look like crap I'm smelly too,
this dirty vest? I love it true,

Your cheeks are cherry red
your eyes they sparkle too,

You say- it's just what makes you -
an you are so very BEAUTIFUL tonight.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Wow.... ; ) maybe see him again LOL
Jasmine Apr 7

"God bless it, what are you doing to me?"
He thought to himself quietly.

They had jumped together from a cliff, into a natural pool.
And he was given a harded stool.
He grabbed some soap, for which she was glad.
Finally a bath, something clean and grand,
Approaching him again, as the water bends.
Her hands grabbed his own, the soap intact. Rubbing the suds in her soft hands.

She rubbed his cheek, he felt the tingles and jolts. As she pinched his other cheek, playfully.
He giggled and chuckled, pinching her nose during this playful matter.
As the water became a splatter.
He cleaned her, and she had cleaned him.
Just the two of them.
No one else.
Just them.
He begged for the moment to never end.

He'd been touched by her, and he loved the feeling,
he wanted her close, so she wasn't for the taking.

"Just a simple peck, nothing intense." he thought sweetly,
he yearned to touch her again, to feel her again.

"Do we have time?" She asked, as he looked at the positioned sun.
"No, we have to go back."

This saddened him, for he want to be in the water forever,
just with her and him together.

Inspired by the erotica - Make Me : by Beth Kery.


A temporal anomaly
peaking your drift
Perusing the cosmos,
within Dude's rocketship

Quarantined as a species
from contact with the Gods-
Odds are they're too busy banging
new milky ways into the stars
While you're pensive, quantum-plating
the nature of existence
Prayers fall unto deaf ears
too apathetic to listen

Godspeed towards the rift,
Time bends at the edge of a black
-But only the tip

My seeds melt into the motherverse
So I get down on it,
Cunning Linguist eats his words
Oedipus'd be jealous,
In slow motion
Impregnates spacetime itself;
With a big bang fellatious 
Thus, the holy seed of life
Was thrust into the void~~~
Perpetuating strife
Into the loins, of beyond

Its not a paradox if you simply process
0 and 1 at once
1 can go into 0
as many times as it wants


Preach level = Jim Jones
just the punchline's too long
Your golden idol,
Holy fuck,
Bless this nut that I bust
I'll stretch my luck
To the sum of existence
Until it comes full circle

Voracious, bodaciously
Spatial in stasis
Without patience
Inseminating your eyeholes
With lines of text

Entangled in a
With a devil & angel
Dimensions oughta coalesce
At just the right angle

Y'all haven't the wherewithal
To feel my balls
Slap-happy against one's skull
Put the rock in the hard place
Meander tall, in the wave of thought,
The photons in your DNA are all but shot

I will abduct your subconscious
To probe through your thoughts
* testing Testing *
are you turned on?
Feel your genitals tingling ~~
I'm simultaneously dichotomic
Jerxin off my dingaling
playing your heartstrings like a harp

Allow me to go deeper
& penetrate your very reason for being.
Is the life that you're seeing
-Just the information eyes are receiving
-Only what your mind is perceiving
-Abstract thought is just too deceiving no
Can you even conceive it?

Why bother

Wanna switch positions
so you can see
where I'm coming from?
Go ahead and tell me,
are the heavens not
what you've dreamt of

A smoldering ember
in a once burning sky
Life of a former divine,
Masquerading as an angel of light
A furnace see:

To the nethers
On the outskirts of the universe

Don't tell me how to live,
I already know a lot more about Life
Than you can ever dream of learning
From books!

Timothy hill Apr 3

Club doors smell of lady's potions easy kind of hazey.

Daily news of power, and fruit and punch.

Dj Spun, music so courageously.

With laser touching all there eyes.

Yet no irritation, you see they where protected by a small musical meldoy.

It was epic heads all head baging.

Fast pace music, slowed too jam to it with no penut butter.

See how I twist the version, call your favorite pill brewer and we will trip.

Club focal point.
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