Just be the sexy beaver you desire
Just be their icon, diva, vogue, inspire!
Just shake that money-making waffle tale
And put it up for every market sale
Or be the coffee squirrel on the wheels
Just give me mochas, lattes – those the deals!
Don’t be so easy cheesy, take a shot!
You drink at Hortons’, baby? You are hot!
Don’t feel like beaver, squirrel? Be the moose!
Hang out at Lake Louise with Branta goose
Just grab a Molson and then chill it out
Now, isn’t that what Canada’s about?
Just be polite today and I won’t bite
Just say you’re sorry when you are not right
Just be the polar teddy, be the loon
We’ll love you all the way from Earth to Moon
Styles 3d
its Her.
    just a look
The beauty in her isn’t
Honestly its pure honesty.
one is hooked.
Just as one must breathe,
One must look.
if she passes, it’s a present.
is a gift,
The poem is written to be read both ways; I am confident you will appreciate it
“It’s far better, to do your own duties imperfectly,
than to master the duties of another.”
Lord Krishna

Even just to live, takes extreme summouring
threads of courage. To have that same courage
to be self-produced, is even rarer. Without
anxious dependence, as this present, unfolds
into the future, parting from the past. To stop,
for a single second, to have romance, under
candlelight. Blessed. There is no easy way
from earth to Heaven and to dance with the
stars, that humanity call ‘constellations’. Do
not debate it, those who dare to live originally
is the brave, without fear of persecution. Material
wealth slaves the fool and has the potential to
master the wise, the poorest person is the one
who still wants more. The sun still rises and
even on sin, it still shines. To whoever has ever
experienced love, knows how to turn themselves
into a muse to poets. And there I go, to cross these
plains in utter exile, in hope to avoid death
(knowledge variable)
Magical passion fire rages can you feel me do you want it you know you do you want to reach in and pull that fire to your body lick it with your bare hands rub it all over your body fill it's hot wet soft caress have it lick you tenderly passionately within the passion there's a fire that rages yet there's a coldness that rages inside your eyes where did you go where have you been do you know me do I know you not anymore not anymore
© Jennifer Delong 4/2/2018
Maira 7d
Dance to the cheering of men
Show yourself and dance, Dear Gwen.
They pry on you but that's alright,
You'll serve three for tonight
Take it light

One at a time, do not rush
With two hands and a mouth, pure cold cash
You get your pay, they get their pleasure
With a body as if porcelain like yours
Women have no pressure

Your price is high so let no customer down
Satisfy and obey, smile never frown
Dance gwen 'till the sun arises
Until then, you're trapped in your own darkness
Poor gwen, used to satisfy moree than less

Take a quick sip, this liqour has its magic
Makes you brave, night less tragic
It's the moon again, the spotlight is on
The room is dim but the eyes are dawned

Dance Gwen, dance 'till dawn
Dance to the cheering of men
The less you wear, the more you gain
Dance Gwen, Dance until you're worn
Worn out, keep your thorns.
Styles 7d
Dripping with wetness
Tongue licking your wet lips
Drips dripping as his mouth slips
Your back curves as her waist dips
Sliding inside your precipice,
warm licks melt her core
his length stretch her sore
Soothing strong loathing
Between your legs; imploding
Fingers explore
tendons screaming
lions yearning for more
folds of flesh mesh
tongue swirling
in juices fresh
Fingers twirling
insides tense
destination distinguished
i knew it
i knew it
i was never, enough
not now
not then
not ever
you'll always, cheat on me
your fingers don't
trace her collarbone
they don't follow her curves
to dip at her waist
they won't grip her hips
or hold her close
but your words cut me deep
shes sexy
she appreciates you
she isn't me,
your wife
who does your laundry
cleans your dishes
turns your shirts inside out
when i fold them because
you believe its good luck
I won't ever be her
doesn't mean
I'm not sexy
doesn't mean
i don't appreciate you
but you don't appreciate me
I recall walking
In Denver's Cherry Creek Mall
Where there are so many diverse,
Beautiful people
With so many different physiques
And racial characteristics,
How America became Fascist?
In front of my eyes,
I see so much diverse Beauty,
But how HONEST
Can I be with these people?
Will all these beautiful people
Walk away from me
If I'm in pain?
The most diverse nation on Earth
Elected a Fascist
Who DESPISES Diversity.
He's greedy,
But he's not even Pro-Business,
Because Businesses depend on
Embracing diversity.
Attending Ethnic Festivals
And appreciating the Beauty
Of different types of women in a mall
Is not enough.
If the United States of America
Where the Truth is not respected,
The Fascism,
Initiated by President Donald Trump
Will continue
For the rest of my life.
I was finally tired of getting harassed
By  all the White Supremacists
In my Denver  neighborhood,
Capitol Hill.
I knew that  the Democrats had experienced
A resounding defeat  in the 2016 Presidential Election
And these White Supremacists had been empowered.
What was I to do?
I finally decided, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join 'em,”
And decided to order an Authentic Nazi Uniform on Etsy
To fit in  the new Social Order.
I received it  in the mail  on a Tuesday morning
And put it on without even washing it,
Deciding to wear it that day,
Just to be safe on the streets,
But the response I received was unexpected.
When walking down 13th Avenue,
I bumped into Sandra Cisneros,
I always thought that Sandra was really hot,
But she usually didn’t say too much to me
'Cause she thought that I was a Square.
“Lookin’ really sexy in that Uniform, Dan.”
“Why don’t you come to my place so I can teach you a bit about life?”
I got jittery.
I didn’t want to get too heavily involved with Sandra right NOW
With Donald Trump coming into the White House!
I bought that Nazi Uniform
So, the White Supremacists wouldn’t HARASS  me.
If I had a Hot-Looking
Latina Girlfriend,
The Skinheads would probably beat me up on the Street!
“I’m sorry, Sandra,” I told her.
“The White Supremacists are ruling the United States now”
“If I hang out with you,”
“They’ll accuse me of being a Mexican-Lover,”
“And beat me up.”
But Sandra was unrelenting.
She had a strange,
Sexual attraction to me
Based on the  Nazi Uniform I was wearing.
“But that Uniform is really TURNING ME ON, Dan!”
“I want to show you the meaning of love!”
“My vagina is getting wet just thinking about it!”
“I’m all hot!”
At that point, Sandra Cisneros grabbed me
On the corner of 13th and Ogden,
And started ripping off the buttons of  my Nazi Uniform
Right there on the Sidewalk!
She was really sexually aggressive!
It was terrifying!
Sandra was gonna’ rape me
Right there in broad daylight
On 13th Avenue.
I guess Donald Trump,
And his friend,
Ann Coulter,
Had a point about
“The Mexican Rape Culture”
After all.
I broke away from Sandra,
By stripping  off my Nazi Uniform,
Throwing  it in the middle of 13th Avenue,
I ran towards the Police Station
On 16th and Clarkson wearing nothing but my underwear
I was greeted by Officer  Joe Teeter,
The Friendly Neighborhood Cop,
Who I knew from our chats
When he worked off-duty
As a  Security guard
At the neighborhood  Whole Foods.
“Why aren’t you wearing any clothes on such a cold night, Dan?” Joe asked
I couldn’t tell Joe the Truth……
That I had purchased a Nazi Uniform on Etsy
And started wearing it on 13th Avenue
So I wouldn’t get attacked by racists.
He just wouldn’t understand my reasoning.
So, I lied.
“Those White Supremacists tried to rape me, Joe!”
“They took off all my clothes”
“And were about to give it to me”
“Up my butt.”
Joe was definitely concerned about me.
“Yes, Daniel.”
“We talked about this at Whole Foods.”
“A lot of those White Supremacists are closet-case Gays.”
“They can get really aggressive….”
“Especially with Jewish People.”
“You need to watch yourself  out there.”
“Here, we’ll put you in an old Police Uniform”
“Until you get home."
It isn’t the type of photo
Which is likely to end up
In a Gallery of Fine Art.
It’s not too likely
To appeal to Alt-Right Disciples,
Or Prudes,
But any connoisseur
Of Nude Photography
Will recognize this photo
As a dramatic pose.
This photograph by Noir Nus photography in South Africa is dramatic indeed!
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