Just two ships, passing in the night
or two shopping carts, at the grocery store
glances that say, what could'a might'a
or maybe even, more

Who knows, who can postulate
all the what should have beens
some maybes, or conjugates
a minor sin, of skin

The look the pass of eyes
kindling of perchance flames
mentally too compromise
not even knowing, names

Never mind to reconcile
the quiet cost of ecstasy
whether yes, or not worthwhile
just, a crazy glance
and a simple
Your eyes meet, for less than a second, yet, you know! :D
if you're in control of an addiction,
it's not really an addiction.
it's only an addiction,
if it controls you!
svdgrl Jul 13
You always scoop me up with a smile and a wink.
I can't help the smirk that comes in sync,
You open your broken door to let me in
You're straight out of work and you still hold the scent
of the day on you, and we're spent but still I stay on you.
And I don't need to know, but I'll ask "How was it?"
while you're driving through our cities,
for you, I wasn't just a way, I knew.
I stare at the green patches and the spills of blue,
we listen to the radio and I listen to you,
lips glisten as grass and morning dew,
tongues run along them fast, and we have a clue,
and we glance way up ahead, as the cars come to a slow
you lean over and press them to me, under the red glow
You've a hunger and my lips abundant-
a feast, for plunder, and it's no wonder
under the disguise of your caddy sedan,
you're the man whom I call daddy,
a dirty man with a solid plan
and we'll drive by some thirty friends,
and park down and around the bend,
and scramble in through your basement door
even though it's no secret anymore
We'll say hello to your mother,
pretty sure she knows I'm your lover-
and though I hide the shame
cause I don't wanna be lame
My name in your parted mouth
And you in mine, hard down south,
makes for an even better night
than kissing at all of the red lights.
Aaina khan Feb 11
Beauty is skin deep
The Definitions of Beauty has Evolved. NowaDays..

Sensitivity is Sexy,
Sense of Humour is Hot,
Caring is Cute,
Being graceful is Gorgeous,
Positivity is Pretty,
Smartness is Stunning
Confidence in your Attire is Attractive.

Beauty is not about,Being Flawless,
Its about Being Full Of Yourself.
Aa Harvey Jul 9
Still we believe

Smoking hot; I’ve had a thought and now it is lost.
Insanity clouds clarity and we lose all we have;
Too soon it is gone.
Money can’t buy love; it is not for sale in any shop.
Jewellery can buy your way into a heart,
But you cannot keep love in a box.

Love has many messengers that spread the love around;
When you see someone in love, you too want to be found.
You wish someone would come along and raise you up from the ground;
But arrogance is attractive, so we are forever let down.

Delusions of love along the highway to Hell;
Entrapped by the witches, under a love spell.
Family fortunes are not only tangible;
They are spiritual as well.

Drop dead gorgeous, can only come between us;
A quest to be faithful is easily failed and tears are too easily shed.
Words left unspoken, promises broken; the sacrifice of love.
At the end of the day, love fades away and we have nothing left.

No jewellery box, nothing on the box;
Tell the tale to anyone who will listen, as to how love was lost.

The singer can sing a song, but no words can heal us now.

A kiss goodnight on a doorstep;
No kiss from a lover when it is time to say goodbye.
A last minute dash to save a love;
Without love there is nothing else to do but cry.

So say what you want, for if you don’t then you deserve nothing.
Love will hurt you,
Love will break your pretty little heart…

And still here we stand, firmly believing.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
RBWhite Jul 6
The promised land in her eyes,
A whole story of sensuality in her body,
After a word comes out of her mouth a flower blooms in winter's sleep,
The way she walks, steady,rock hard,
Placing her dreams where they should be,
Above humanity and notions of happiness,
Long ago, she was a seductress in the Promised World,
Unreachable to him,unknown to you,
But now I know her,
Like I always knew I wanted to know a wanderer of souls.
mermaidinCLE Jul 5
when you
my soul
your voice
on my skin like
and as the hours
the earth
filled with words we only
somewhere the barrier
What inspired him most
Was the texture of her skin.
Rough in places....
Smooth in places....
An invitation.
He loved to hear her voice on the phone.
He admired
The all the flowing contours
Of her body,
But  the  geography of this  microfeature
Is what he felt
Most devoted to.
He could pamper her.
Every day.
Aa Harvey Jul 4
A funky kind of love.

It’s been a year now since we first met,
And I still haven’t got you figured out yet.
There’s so much more about you that I want to know.
When you tell me you love me, I become such a mess!

Lost in your eyes and lost in your words;
I love the way you love me, you rattle all of my nerves!
From the tips of each finger, to the end of every toe.
I need your touch upon my body, so I can love you so! Oh!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

I get to call you, every day,
To lay compliment’s at your feet.
I get to look at your beautiful face
And I get to see all I want to see!
I’m always going to love you,
The way you have always loved me,
Because I want this love to reign forever,
So my heart and mind can be at peace.

My woman, my light, my lover, my life!
To me you are all of these things!
I try to put my feelings down in words,
Because you make my heart try to sing!

I want to give you all you desire
And I want to be able to give you so much more.
I want to be able to love you,
Like you have never been loved before!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

Now here we are walking on this beach
And I know for each other we are always going to reach.
We will love each other forever;
This kind of love, nobody can teach!

Roll with the good times and suffer the bad,
Because this kind of love, we have to make it last!
Imagine it’s our first love and live like it’s our last.
My woman, you’re my everything; my future, my present and past!
It all begins and ends with you now;
Because where your love ends, my love begins
And in turn where my love ends,
The beginning of your love shall always be!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

I’m gonna love you the way you should be loved.
I’m gonna be your lover every morning and every night.
I’m gonna do all I can to be your light;
I’m gonna be your lover!
I’m gonna be love!

The things you want I will fetch them for you.
The words you crave to hear I will speak those too.
The love you desire, I’m gonna give it to you,
Because you’re my woman, my love, my lover, my truth!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I think this was written to the instrumental extended version of Sexy Dancer by Prince, but I can't find the extended instrumental version anymore so I am not sure it was Sexy Dancer.  I just know it was written to a Prince song.
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