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Styles Apr 14
I want to kiss her lips
Then lick around
her mound

A mouthful of her juices
It’s the only thing
That will settle me down
Styles Apr 11
Sitting here,
wishing she
were here,

In this chair-
on my lap,
straddling me.

Choker on,
wearing a skirt;
pink lace thong
Hair combed long
no shirt on
tats; jet black lace her back

Gently kissing her neck,
she slowly lick her lips,
But, the rest is
all mine...

Her soft skin
rubbing against mine
goosebumps run up her hand
then scatter through her spine

Thin *******
turning me on
I need her energy
Her senses
sense me
her scent
attracts me

The rough material of my jeans
Rubbing against her ****
Buckles your knees
I can feel it
The more I move
the tighter she squeezes it

the stare in her eyes
is her invitation
to my demise;
I have

as she grinds,
absorbing all her vibes
rubbing herself against my thighs-
Leaving her wetness as my prize
Styles Feb 12
Submit to me,
your weakness,
for I am the antidote,
that will cure your desire.
In ways your soul will admire.
Give me your body,
and I,
will satisfy,
your needs,
with the pleasure,
I will apply,
in ways ,
you can't deny,
the urge swelling,
between your thighs.
Styles Feb 9
As she rides me
I feel her stride
align with mine
our spines run
like parallel lines
my hands on her hips
when she dips, my hard tip shifts
and she lifts, bouncing ****
she's straddling my hips
with her thighs opened wide
I'm buried deep inside
she's moaning
I'm feeling the vibes
***** walls stroking my ****
while my tongue kisses are driving her
Styles Feb 9
I want to feel the skin
between and within
her thighs

As I fantasize
my size, starts to rise
and temptation starts to set inside
I want to be inside
her insides
feeling her walls grind
against me
as I slide in deep
our worlds collide
her juices subside
then thrive
my ***** swell intensely
wanting to release inside immensely
I won't stop until I am empty
filling her plenty

it should be a sin the way
she tempts me
Styles Feb 8
I watch as her dress rides up
Exposing her beauty,
freshly cut.
My eyes mesmerized,
by her bare naked surprise,
making my nature rise.
Now it’s time to claim my prize.
Styles Feb 7
Rubbing her *****,
Through her tight yoga pants
At first glance, the slit, split by the seam
My finger tips, slips, perfectly over her ****
She’s getting wetter with each stroke, it seems
Stroking her bump, as my finger humps,
Her warm, ***** *****, jumps.
Pulsating to my touch.
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