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Kuvar Jun 2023
my emotions dread for peace
this space is so tight
I seem lifeless

why prickly numb and burning
are my toes writing a story
spare me a niddle to escape

For my fears are dead
Today I question life
Now I got my answer

Live today
Live today
Live today

(c) Olu Daniels -KUVAR
I felt so depressed but I found hope again, today , and tomorrow and forever. TO LIVE
Kuvar Mar 2019
The mirror is a story
Of a body with smooth scars
So it appears on smooth glass

The mirror is a story
Of a mind to remind man
Of his thoughts unforeseen

The mirror is a story
Of an heart of darkness
And the give and take of kamar

The mirror is a story
Of beauty and ugliness
For those with eyes to see

The mirror is a story
Of our past and our now
And of those lies we lie  

The mirror is a story
Of those who dine
At the corner of lost glory

The mirror is a story
Of a skeletally written matter
With an opportunity to wear death

Kuvar Sep 2018
Today I saw them
With heavy loads of favored wood pulps  
Weighing them down to the earth
The deceased might of their gods  
Pushing hard to open the library door
Today I saw them
Protocols mechanizes their existence
Sniffing the dust as they walk
In-between lines of old forsaken books
Gently touching the back covers
Today I saw them
As their feet march in accordance
Empty Buckets of sands to quench fire
They’ve come for the obituary of dead men
Reading their books to their ears  
Today I saw them
The chirping birds that made it in
Build a nest with tattered fluffy cottons
Chirping in slumbering pitch
A Lullaby to this already sleeping generation
Today I saw them
Kuvar Aug 2018
It made a Father a Woman  
It made a Mother a man
O death!
How unfortunate you are  
A winner of those who race in flesh
Doesn’t the soul mock you yet ?
Kuvar Aug 2018
reality is a devil’s lie
It sprouts questions hauling
“where is your God??? “
Job resisted those lies  
Lucifer fled away from him
So when the devils sows
realistic seeds in your life
Face him with the truth
Jesus is the truth
The devil will lie to you in the name of death of a loved one but this is the time you should hold on to the truth of this trials.. don’t let you faith shake.
Kuvar Aug 2018
Life is a circle of lessons
Happy learning to us
Death is one of those bitter lessons...
Kuvar Jul 2018
Where are you I asked
Beside you she replied
Why haven’t you burnt yet
Sitting next to fire
She gave a gaze and said
Fire doesn’t burn fire

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