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Ingram Jan 2021
I cleansed the knife
you stabbed in my back
and cauterized
my bleeding wounds
with it.
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Why did you leave, my good friend?
I miss your poisonous voice
that is swimming in my thoughts.
Why are you disappointed my dear?
Isn't it enough to intimidate
Every inch of my broken nails?
Frommy dark poetry collection Coffin Of Thoughts. Visit my wattpad account @WizMorrison
Esther L Krenzin Aug 2020
you thought it wouldn’t hurt anymore
it wasn’t supposed to
when they took advantage of you again
or stabbed you in the back
but no matter how many times you built up your wall
it was never thick enough to stop the knife

-Esther Krenzin
scrawny Jun 2020
This is my life force
my only life force
A pill that would make
my pain go away
A pill that sends me
to my own dimension
A pill that makes me
fly so high
that I can feel the
stars at the tip of my
As I float to deep space
I realize there's nothing
to breath in
and found myself
gasping for oxygen
that sweet sweet oxygen
as I hold on for dear life until
I realized that I've been back stabbed
by my life force my only life force
LISH Jul 2019
I swear I never seen an enemy
Because many friends claim their true
With their hands covered in my blood
I swear yu think I did it too
The smile of friend
Who swore they always there
And a mother saying baby
Be careful who you trust
A wolf is always there
SomeOneElse Jul 2019
**** all you who rush to judge me
When you all don't even know me
**** all of you doubters out there
And those who just pretend to care
**** all you ******* hypocrites
With your intentions counterfeit
*******, you're really not my friend
When you back stab me in the end
******* who play with my feelings
Could care less for my well being
**** this world I'm so sick of it
And the bullies who control it
So ******* and your little lies
Now here is my final reprise
**** all you who rush to judge me
You don't even ******* know me!
A poem written after constantly being rejected and or backstabbed
Elisabeth Oct 2018
He passes that gold chalice down

Full of wine redder than the blood you share.

He knows you can make everything gold but drinking this only once will ruin those chances-

And he hands it to you with a smile on his face.

His own blood made into wine

Through those iron bars on your window

Supposed protection from this deadly spell.

This opportunity for you to become one yourself  

An alleged King

But only to oneself
aih Aug 2018
got a
out my
Peter Winder Jun 2018
I tried to grab the rose
I wanted it’s beauty
I wanted it’s petals
I wanted it’s symbolism
I realised that my flaws drew a schism
I waited for the perfect moment to pick
I came back to get it
I saw it’s stem so slick
I reached for the rose when I thought I was ready to
I reached for the rose when I thought it was the best time
I reached for the rose when I thought that it wouldn’t stab me
It has spines like a rose
I feel my blood flowing through my wounds
I feel my love flowing through my wounds
I feel my love flowing through my wounds
Kuvar Jun 2018
This is a time
When a man
Needs to eat a full chicken
And flesh he can’t afford
Let him go for an egg
That is a full chicken
From a life chicken
Poor innocent man
Just saved a chicken from the knife
Man with his muscular knife and fork
is such a
I am talking about his Tongue
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