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Bri 3d
Mommy loves you
I really do
I just can't have you
I couldn't
I can't say that daddy couldn't have you
because he didn't want you
but that doesn't matter because mommy does
and mommy did
I'm just too young
I can't be the best I can or could for you yet
mommy can't get daddy to even care
but at the end of it all when things go through and fall
my heart and yours are always there
Being 17 having to give up this child is so hard.
Ken 4d
When the clock strikes 7:10 in the morning
Everbody starts running
But in my perspective
Time is subjective

People walking by each other
Walking past one another
In my narrow view
There's you

As a courtesy
I nod and said "Hello"
At the back of mind a continuation,
"... my unrequited intent"
An imagery of my morning routine
You were the piece that didn't quite fit the puzzle
You were different
And different is something
Not many
Not alot
Save me your soul, my love...
miki Aug 9
i expected you to come. but i didn’t expect to care. i thought the past was, well, the past. but seeing you, was just a whole other story. it felt like i was relapsing. what i thought i had left behind of you, came flooding right back into the conscious sector of my brain. i looked at you for a brief moment and then immediately looked away. i didn’t want you to know, but somehow i got the feeling you already did. seeing you once again made me realize that you were exactly what i craved, the unknown lust in the back of my brain. you were what i wanted, more so what i needed. i looked away as soon as your eyes drifted to mine, but even then you never stopped looking. i tried to stare the other direction, to engage in conversation with my friends, but somehow my eyes always drifted back to yours. i never wanted to look away. and every time our eyes met, it felt like the moment would never end. and i never wanted it to. as i stared into your eyes, i felt a longing, a sorrow, a hatred, and empathy. memories come flooding back, one by one, many good, many awful. all i wanted in that moment was you. but somewhere i knew that i could never have you. my brain tried to make a logical/realistic way that we could maybe work this out and that all would end on a good note, but nothing was coming to me. and then i wondered, how many times must a scab be picked in order for it to scar? because it seemed like no matter how times i picked that scab, disregarding all of the pain and tears, it never seemed to scar. i thought that maybe that meant that one day we could be happy. i should know by now thought that destiny would never let that happen. so hours went by of our eyes meeting and then we would both turn away, almost afraid of what would happen if we were to continue. there were moments aswell where i could see you out of my perifial vision, staring at me with a sense of longing. us being in the same room felt nostalgic. i hated that i still felt this way, that i still love you, even though you have broke me time and time again. tonight we spoke no words to each other, but our eyes spoke sentences. my heart hurts at the fact that this is the way i have to live. in longing. waiting for a love i was denied, many times. cheers my love. xx
Pyrrha Jul 15
I want
To fall in love with someones smile
To swoon under their gaze
To become dizzy with their touch

I want
To crave someone like an addiction
To nestle up to their warmth
To get an adrenaline rush from their scent

I want
To hold them and never let go
To tell them how much I love them everyday
To keep discovering them like it's my personal quest

I want
To give them my heart
To love them for all that they are
To keep them from the tainted world

I want
But what can I do with these contaminated hands?
How dare I try to hold them close with these hands of mine flowing thick with lies?
To tell them sweet nothings with my corrupted tongue?

My love
Is like a wildfire
Sudden, quick, and innocent
Without my permission my little spark turned into a flame
And consumed everything that contained a letter in your name

My love
Is like a wildfire
Untamed, ephemeral, and dangerous
It destroys all it touches,
Breaking barriers, burning bridges
It envelopes everyone in its warmth leaving no option but to run or turn to ash

Beware of my wildfire love
You cannot leave unscathed
I leave a scar

Beware of my wildfire, love
Because I'll burn enough for us both
I'll keep you warm on cold nights and dry on rainy days
I will set your heart ablaze and love you with all the force of my wildfire

Beware of my love,
It can't be forgotten nor replaced
This is the first time posting a poem on here as I am a new member, I hope whoever stumbles upon my work enjoys and relates!
Kuvar Jul 12
Where are you I asked
Beside you she replied
Why haven’t you burnt yet
Sitting next to fire
She gave a gaze and said
Fire doesn’t burn fire

Aa Harvey Jul 4
You, my love

You make me feel invincible;
Your love is tangible.
This thing I hold in my hand;
This is your love.

All I want to hear is you, my love;
All I want to see is you, my love.
All I’ve ever feared, is losing you, my love;
Now all I have left is you, my love.

Never had so much faith in love;
Never been the one to open up.
Never want to be without your hugs;
Because life has never been so easy, for me…my love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2
Useless love

I’m so full of useless love; nobody wants it.
They can have it for free; I can’t even give it away.
I’m so sick of this useless love; there is no point,
In being so pessimistically disappointed,
Or even trying to speak about, this hopeless romantic love.  Hooray!  
Is not a word I use lightly, only sarcastically.
Misery, my only continuous companion; gone is passion,
For useless love.  Take it all away.

Remove this heart, this useless thing;
This useless love that exists, inside of me.
Remove yourself from my nothing; the bitter waste of your pity.
Keep it all; you need it more, than you will ever need me.
The final fall, worth nothing at all; this useless, useless love.

Loser speaks; says nothing, of interest.
Stop listening to my silence;
Just try your best to be apathetic and not detest.
Just admit that you do not care; join me in my despair.
Go away, I will lock the door.
You will not have to see me crawl
And beg for this useless love, once more.
Just take it all!  This useless love.
I cannot take it at all, anymore.

Stone; gone; pause.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sanna Tirkey Jun 13
When all my world had turned to grey,
Colour had gone and nothing stayed.
      Reality was harsh to withstand,
      Dream was the only solace.
          When all seasons grew worse,
           An Eastern wind was the only support.
Someone from east;
   Predestined or preplanned from heaven,
   Blew soothingly in my life then.
        A bond much stronger nurtured within,
        Something was clear ,would last forever.
            Someone was the change,
            Shooting stars had crossed the sky again.
Life had never been so beautiful before,
Colours were brighter and vibrant more.
   Knew not I then, rock heart replaced
by softer when.
    Tuning of life had slowed down,
    Rythm of heartbeat had paced up.
        I knew that Someone was the
  Looking in the eyes of love ,
    I knew I had found my precious man.
   Colours had never gone, seasons
  were not the same.
    He was the change, he is the change.
    He is the one, he is my gain.
Its a poem for all people who love their partners a lot and are thankful to them for being there in their lives . Just like me for  My love, I m very grateful for having you in my life. A small gift , a small poem dedicated to you.
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