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I want to come home fast and “Sit With You!”
It doesn’t matter if we don’t have “Sh_t To Do!”
Who I love to end my day with? “It is You!”
Dine and spend time forever “With My Boo!”
I can’t think of no one better..”Just Us Two!”
I appreciate Chelsie's abs and blood red lips!
I appreciate her being around for me, for loving me beyond reason and logic, for being there when no one else was, for believing in me when everyone else gave up on me, for devoting her time and space to me when I thought we were gone forever and I never get tired of her imperfections also God-given wonderful lightish dark blue eyes.
I care too much what people say when they those idiotic, repulsive dingbats harass my girl's reputation and honor to the ******* public.
I think too much about our future, our friendship, our "fights", our little quirks and flaws so yeah I ******* love my girl!!!!!
I love her in general as a panromantic bisexual because I am in love with her as a demiromantic bisexual.
I am not a stalker, she have no boundaries and she lives with me.
I mean for the love of God have seen how drop dead gorgeous she is?
Who the **** wouldn't want to date my Chels? I consent to devoting my heart to her so yeah my *** life is messy because I ask permission to date other people before doing anything else. She always asks me if she can have her *** and romance life back because she is a serial monogamous and I am strictly monogamous.
I don't care what anyone says about us being "unconventional friends" for 15-16 years together. We grew up together I always helped her study while she gave me the definition of ****** words because I don't know what the **** most of those bizarre words mean and no I am not asexual Ken!!!!
I am the most confusing and weird best friend you will ever have I promise that. I never stopped falling in love with you, Chels!
I say what I mean and I mean what I say because love lost between Welsh speak and Italian speak really ******* ****** being without you! I missed you and I still miss you my Chels! You aren't abusive, narcissistic or just a simple flame to me. You are my burning everlasting desire, my deep everflowing ocean, my villain, my hero, my one true soulmate because here is the thing I never stopped loving you, my sunshine girl and I am your lonely boy.
tabitha asiana Dec 2021
she danced with a guy til dawn
but at the back of her mind
she wishes it was your hands around her waist,
your arms pulling her closer to you,
your chin on her shoulder,
your heartbeat she's listening to,
your body she hugged so tight,
you she was flirting with all night.
and even though you shattered her heart into pieces,
she was still hopelessly hoping it was you.
it has always been about you.
ain't that a little pathetic for someone who decided the break-up?
found this writing in my 2018 journal and i want to share this to you all. i wish i could have formal education in writing so it's not cliche as this.
Vishesh Singh May 2021
She is one of the angel who is sent from above,
She has the biggest heart in every terms of love.
That's why she's rare, not like any other
There's none so devotional as that of 'Mother',
Her love is something that no one can explain,
It is made of endless love, sacrifice and pain.
Her power is super, how can she do it all?
She has all solutions for my problems - big or small.
She will be the one who will stand everywhere,
In every situation, when no one else will be there.
She makes me feel so good, safe and sound,
When she is there with me around.
She is the reason everyday I smile,
For me, she can run for a mile.
She's so pretty and versatile,
For doing everything she has her own style.
It's so difficult to understand what she thinks,
Her heart is soft as pink.
Words are less to describe her behavior,
She's my world, she's my savior.
Thank you God for this precious gift,
I Promise that I will always uplift.
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful and strong mothers around the world. Love you!
My dear Love...
why you made my face blush..
Why you made my mind a dreamland..
why you made my confidence boost..
why you made my lips sweet..
why you made my body fight..
why you made my choices alter..
Why you made my eyes wet....
Last but the least...
why you made my heart bleed....
Zack Ripley Mar 2021
You never knew how I felt
Cause I didn't want you to know
But now you're ready to leave
and I don't want you to go.
You taught me to laugh
When I wanted to cry.
You're not just my love;
You're my sun, stars and sky.
How can I tell you how I really feel
When every time I'm with you
Nothing ever seems real
SMS Jan 2021
Every night I can’t help but lay awake
Replaying your voice and laughter in my mind
Trying to guess the moment
The world assigned you as my soul mate
Trying to piece together what stupid **** you must have done
To be punished with such a foul handful.
Trying to remember if I helped an old woman cross the street or something equally as cheesy to be so blessed
You are my heart my soul
The breath of air that hits my face when I lower the windows .
Something you hate but something I cannot live without.
The outdoor air fuels my lungs the way you ignite my will to live and love.
You,my beautiful moonlighted man,
Are what I long for
For in your arms
I am home.
Ali Hilout Dec 2020
Your hair, its softness makes my heart palpitate rapidly;
Your face, its lineaments leave me in the wonder of their rarity;
Your eyes, I can stare open-mouthed into them unweariedly;
Your lips, I wish I can kiss them constantly;
Your hands, I wish I can entwine them with mine eternally.
Your mind, it captures me on every occasion thoroughly;
Your soul, I can love it everlastingly;
Your heart, it belongs only to me, solely;
O, my inamorata! Feelings of you will never be dreary.
Ann Delorme Nov 2020
I once thought, death do us part
     but it did not, my love
     you are immortal, deep within me
     watching me through the eyes  
      of the sculptures we cast together.

      I will never forget the morning
      you lay still and cold beside me
      arms that once hugged, hanging
      lifelessly by your side, eyes shut,
      lips closed to beautiful words
      you conjured effortlessly
      lips and eyes of endless love
      for the world around you
      you were love and love you shall remain.
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