I painted a portrait of you
I tried to make it as beautiful as your face
but I can't
Because there's nothing I could compare your genuine face with
you look so perfect and there's nothing that could defeat its perfectness

I was staring at your portrait
and I told myself "this is the guy I'll get married with"

I wished on a shooting star that we will be together forever
but it will never happen because you’d let go of us

I fell in love with everything in you
I can still remember each detail of your face
I'm still in love with your body
I can still see your whole physical shape staring back at me
I can still see your perfect silhouette which is about to lean on me in bed
I'm still in love with your flaws
And I won't deny that I am still deeply in love with you

But I've lost the one I love
and there's nothing left with me
but a portrait of you, my love.

Abby Mendoza Apr 6

to that bespectacled beauty
whom i fell in love with on the train
i wish i could've told you how i felt
i wish i could've held your hands
before you alight the train.

to my crush lmao
LuLu Apr 5

I was confined in a box
The only way I could talk to you was through a detrimental robot
I wish I said more
I wish I wasn't so torn
Goodbye my love.

I cried for so long
Because you couldn't hold on
I daydreamed for so long
Because you kept my spirit going on
Goodbye my love.

Although our time was short
You were my fort,
You were my temple
And I fucking praised you

Goodbye my love.

Gracynn Hunter Mar 27

You were the darkness
To my light
Where I shine the brightest,
You will always take my light away.

Mane Omsy Feb 20

I've heard stories of princesses
Tales of village beauties
But, I haven't seen nothing alike
Until I gazed upon you
                      - My Dear

Mane Omsy Feb 17

Like we shared our hearts together
Another day, I will be with you
Do you mind if I stay here?
Your presence nourishes my happiness

My dear
Erin Nicole Feb 15

It's just so hard to ignore you
Just so hard to not look at you
I don't know what it is about you
That makes me feel like I do
No matter what they say
I can't think of you that way...

But It's hard to say hey
Or just smile and simply wave
I don't know why I feel this way
And when you smiled today
Oh how it takes my breath away...

Erin Nicole Jan 26

His eyes were like
clocks that stopped
spinning the moment
she stared into them.
The universe halted.
All things began to breathe
each others stillness.
To her: it was a simple,
blue, eternity.

If only he knew that I like him or how much. Hmm.. life is hard.
Brandon Harmon Jan 26

{Set I: Brandon}
If we only have this life, you get me through
Never met many so genuine; only a few
If we've only got this life
Then this adventure oh then I
Shall share it with you for your amenities
Your heart in mine is the ultimate proximity
She's endured my pain for so long
She's a never ending loop of your favorite song

{Set II: Brandon}
Even if our hymns fall flat
The fact that I saved her from splat
I made her believe again
Even then I can be that ultimate friend
She needed to know genuine still exists
Her smile brings back dreams I reminisce
You want an MVP in your relationship
To help patch the ship and sail for companionship

A dedication to the greatest girl in the world. Show your girl that she means everything to you!
Earl Jane Jan 18

You've filled my cup with your love,
That's why I spill my love over you.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.

For Brandon
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