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Thorns Nov 2
Back you smiled at me
Back when you sat with me

  Back when you just sung out loud

    And it was whatever song that was on your mind

Back when you had a loving heart and affection for me and the world

Back when I was in tears and on my knees you were there for me

You were my hero

You were and will always be my love
Ed Russ Jr Nov 1
With all my affection let me serenade your heart for a second with some poetry, don't mind me I'm just venting keeping a journal of my flowing thoughts vulnerable is my raw emotions, keeping my mind wide flaunting here in my ocean deep views enjoying the motion, a place I love to go to avoid commotion of life insanity a peice of sanity of my mental health, words that come off my penning that need to be felt keeping my feelings higher than pants and belt or my brain on narcotics, no brakes i'm not seeing red I'm not going to stop it poetry is peace for me

Opinionated and I'm proud about it no floppy mind I'm not a kiss *** these are views mine you ain't got to agree that fine with me, these words hold no ghost writing this is all me writing to a beat poetry in motion don't mind me, jotting down verses when I feel lonely or when not chllin with the homies finding time just enjoying me

Poetry my love fall for you back in high school staining my class notes with some ink from thoughts secretly making love with fine arts, you the reason I always got A's in literature ignoring the teacher lecture, poetry my love can't get enough of you, poetry my love
Mimi Oct 19
My love
I'm sorry that we never got to meet.
I am to blame for that.
I was so afraid of the outcome and how people would take it.
I regret doing anything to harm you.
You were the definition of pure.
You hadn't yet be exposed to the toxins that walk this earth.
I was the only toxin you knew of
And it was i that ended your life.
I'm so sorry.
There are so many things that I wish I could have done  with you.
I wanted to hold you and feel you grasp onto me.
I wanted to be the one to stop you from crying.
To comfort you.
To nurture you.
To love you.
I never got the chance to look into you eyes and see you looking back.
To hear you say your first words or see you take your first steps.
Just the thought of seeing you run around and the way your curls may have bounced.
It is all a figment of my imagination.
Something that could have been reality but was not.
That reality was taken with the slightest thought of unworhtiness.
Please no negativity. The way my daughter was taken wasn't "normal" it wasn't a basic abortion It was an attempt I took on my life but in the end it was her life that was taken and it still haunts me every day
Dee Oct 14
Sometimes I wonder if you understand how much my heart sings for you
Even when you're hurting me you still manage to make me happy
You are everything to me
I'd like to think that if you did something horribly wrong to me i would leave you and hate you
Truth is
I couldn't
I could never actually leave you
I could never actually hate you
I couldn't even last a few days without you
I would be waiting for you to beg me back
And like a lovesick puppy I'd be there
You really don't understand how much I love you
It consumes me
I love you so much I would be willing to be a side piece to you
Just so I could still feel your touch
My handsome man makes every day happen
He makes my sadness sink further into my mind
And I kinda don't mind it
Lilly frost Sep 17
What have you done
To my eyes
My love
My life
It's all or nothing but it means nothing to you
What have you done to my eyes
What have you chosen, my love
Why is it that my life is all or nothing to you
Can you see how how this ends
I'll always be nothing to you
female grinch Sep 16
Mommy loves you
I really do
I just can't have you
I couldn't
I can't say that daddy couldn't have you
because he didn't want you
but that doesn't matter because mommy does
and mommy did
I'm just too young
I can't be the best I can or could for you yet
mommy can't get daddy to even care
but at the end of it all when things go through and fall
my heart and yours are always there
Being 17 having to give up this child is so hard.
Ken Sep 15
When the clock strikes 7:10 in the morning
Everbody starts running
But in my perspective
Time is subjective

People walking by each other
Walking past one another
In my narrow view
There's you

As a courtesy
I nod and said "Hello"
At the back of mind a continuation,
"... my unrequited intent"
An imagery of my morning routine
You were the piece that didn't quite fit the puzzle
You were different
And different is something
Not many
Not alot
Save me your soul, my love...
miki Aug 9
i expected you to come. but i didn’t expect to care. i thought the past was, well, the past. but seeing you, was just a whole other story. it felt like i was relapsing. what i thought i had left behind of you, came flooding right back into the conscious sector of my brain. i looked at you for a brief moment and then immediately looked away. i didn’t want you to know, but somehow i got the feeling you already did. seeing you once again made me realize that you were exactly what i craved, the unknown **** in the back of my brain. you were what i wanted, more so what i needed. i looked away as soon as your eyes drifted to mine, but even then you never stopped looking. i tried to stare the other direction, to engage in conversation with my friends, but somehow my eyes always drifted back to yours. i never wanted to look away. and every time our eyes met, it felt like the moment would never end. and i never wanted it to. as i stared into your eyes, i felt a longing, a sorrow, a hatred, and empathy. memories come flooding back, one by one, many good, many awful. all i wanted in that moment was you. but somewhere i knew that i could never have you. my brain tried to make a logical/realistic way that we could maybe work this out and that all would end on a good note, but nothing was coming to me. and then i wondered, how many times must a scab be picked in order for it to scar? because it seemed like no matter how times i picked that scab, disregarding all of the pain and tears, it never seemed to scar. i thought that maybe that meant that one day we could be happy. i should know by now thought that destiny would never let that happen. so hours went by of our eyes meeting and then we would both turn away, almost afraid of what would happen if we were to continue. there were moments aswell where i could see you out of my perifial vision, staring at me with a sense of longing. us being in the same room felt nostalgic. i hated that i still felt this way, that i still love you, even though you have broke me time and time again. tonight we spoke no words to each other, but our eyes spoke sentences. my heart hurts at the fact that this is the way i have to live. in longing. waiting for a love i was denied, many times. cheers my love. **
Pyrrha Jul 15
I want
To fall in love with someones smile
To swoon under their gaze
To become dizzy with their touch

I want
To crave someone like an addiction
To nestle up to their warmth
To get an adrenaline rush from their scent

I want
To hold them and never let go
To tell them how much I love them everyday
To keep discovering them like it's my personal quest

I want
To give them my heart
To love them for all that they are
To keep them from the tainted world

I want
But what can I do with these contaminated hands?
How dare I try to hold them close with these hands of mine flowing thick with lies?
To tell them sweet nothings with my corrupted tongue?

My love
Is like a wildfire
Sudden, quick, and innocent
Without my permission my little spark turned into a flame
And consumed everything that contained a letter in your name

My love
Is like a wildfire
Untamed, ephemeral, and dangerous
It destroys all it touches,
Breaking barriers, burning bridges
It envelopes everyone in its warmth leaving no option but to run or turn to ash

Beware of my wildfire love
You cannot leave unscathed
I leave a scar

Beware of my wildfire, love
Because I'll burn enough for us both
I'll keep you warm on cold nights and dry on rainy days
I will set your heart ablaze and love you with all the force of my wildfire

Beware of my love,
It can't be forgotten nor replaced
This is the first time posting a poem on here as I am a new member, I hope whoever stumbles upon my work enjoys and relates!
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