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Jazzy-Goats Apr 27
To you, her eyes may seem
Insignificant, boring, or bland
But to me her eyes
Are absolutely perfect
My girlfriend's eyes are so pretty
When I was younger the quiet scared me,
Demons running wild in my head constantly.
I’m older now and they cannot ruin me like they once did.
My past demons can no longer touch me,
For I am enough in his eyes.

Sejal ahir Mar 26
You my love
Are one of those galaxies
Which are still undiscovered
And You my love
Are worth all the efforts
Ever made for your discovery
The person in person which is not known by anybody
I wish
I could learn that trick too,
The way you wipe your every lie
With your sweet kisses
My Love!
The things I hated the most about myself,
He loved with every fiber of his being.
Perhaps if he loved them hard enough,
Maybe I would too.


It's been two years since we have been through on this different world; I left the mountain peak and reached the seventh sea,

I thought this is the only worse thing that I can do for love.

You have been my world, my everything-- a light that burns brighter when night comes, I deeply drown in you.

We are created by constellations and dream, we were connected connected for centuries;
You are the love that I have been written long ago, the prophets kept telling we will meet on collision.

And a blind faith will keep us on truth; my love, there are things I can still do for you.
Sarah Delaney Jan 18
I have seen blue Caribbean waters,
Yet nothing compares to your eyes
Sarah Delaney Jan 10
I never expected to fall for you as hard as I did
It was as if I was free falling out of a plane without a parachute,
As fast as a baby falling asleep in its mother’s arms,
And as deeply as the Black Sea
You are my sun,
And I revolve around you

Sarah Delaney Jan 10
I love when you speak to me softly
The words falling from your lips as sweet as honey
Every syllable pulls me deeper into a dream-like state
Your voice, as soft as cashmere, comforts my soul
I could listen to your velvet voice forever

Sarah Delaney Jan 10
Every time your fingers dance across my skin, my breathing stops in its tracks and my stomach erupts in happy fluttering butterflies.
That's how I know I'm in love.

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