It could last long
My love
I've come back
Not from the dead
But, indeed
From the graveyard
Where once you burried me
When you said
You don't want to see me
But, I knew
You couldn't hold
Any longer

I'll be there, always for you and for the love you lost in the desert of your craziness.

The things you murmured hit me with surprise
I exchanged glances with the devil in me
Can I admit I left you behind?
Rumours will kill for a beast like me to conquer
Your world was so innocent to me
Yet I traced the crimes inherited
I could ruin your sympathetic face
Sooner or later, people will know the truth
Hold with pressure, you've sunken in love
But I seek pleasure, don't you ever fall for it

More to her revelation
Speak words not wonder
I cannot I'm lost with all
Oh, she
Oh, her
Please, see for yourself
When you lift the pressure
With puffs of marijuana
I simply see her in my mind
And everything stays calm
A single piece of beauty
A master piece of art
A mystery none could solve
Her smile could lift my soul

Mane Omsy Jul 9

There was many ways to say sorry
But you didn't
You looked at me like I was so lost
But I'm not
At least for now
It's something natural
You wouldn't know
You aren't familiar with melted hearts
You were busy paving your way up
I can't believe I'm still mentioning you
Just to get over you
I wish I'd have another chance
For at least
I could try to purify your blood

I'd try if you'd come back my love.

I'm laying in bed wishing I wasn't here alone. I trim my bangs and cut my hair to feel satisfied with myself. I pray to God, to keep me with my lover.
I don't eat much and I haven't swam yet. My lover came to see me but as soon as he left, I felt guilty of myself. My failure. I entered into a panic attack and as a result, laid in bed and listened to Pink Floyd; wishing to be in his arms again.
He makes me laugh and smile. He squeezes me so hard that I feel my lungs collapse. He touches me gently as a rose. He plays with my hair and kisses it. I hear his breath near my ear and I feel in a dream. He's the lover, I don't really know but I want to create a family with him and die by his side. I think I might break without him... He just left but I barely remember how he looks. It's just the love that I have that keeps this going. I get on my knees and pour my eyes out because I want him to love me and to never leave my side because I want to be with him. I might break without you so please don't go!

To my lover (Gavin Pasho)
Mane Omsy Jun 22

The bravery she thought
That she could handle
Bursted into tears that rot
Agony, a pathetic blown candle

She barely stepped in front
And shared a glance
We locked eyes that burnt
Innocence into wild stance

A strong armor to lean on
A shelter she seeked in me
I let her belief carry on
She have tamed the beast in me

The moment I realized, it was too late to act like a rebel.. Be bonded or act like it.
Mane Omsy Jun 18

We could build a castle in our dreams
On a peaceful beachside
No cyclones can blow it away
Dress up like a queen of my heart
You deserve the diamond tiara
We could walk ashore bare foot
Holding hands watching the sun set
Like a gold coin dipping in water
Hear the breeze singing memories
I would carry you in my arms
Back to our palace, lay you on the bed

Just yesterday,  I dreamt a wonderful dream.. a date with Selena Gomez.. that was awesome.!! We walked a lot and held hands and She put her arm around me.. It was wonderful..
Cné Jun 12

Be my muse tonight, my love.  
Inspire me in my dreams.
In poetry, I'll think of you
where starlight always gleams.

As Morning Glories catch the sun,
I'll capture you in rhyme.
My heart will sing your praises
while you make my spirit climb.

The raindrops are a mockery
that try to match my tears,
which fall like diamonds on my cheeks
each time our parting nears.

Your eyes like pools of amber
often take my breath away.
Your lips demand attention
and my ardor doth obey.

Be my muse tonight, my love.  
Ensnare me with a kiss.
Enslaved my heart shall ever be
a prisoner of your bliss.

Mane Omsy May 26

Save me
Before I fall
You enlightened my world
Don't be away now
I can heal myself
But only when you're here

My dear
If you go, I must too
The rage against death
Will invade for eternity
Why isn't it ever be peace
To conquer the world?

Rising Imaginations for Passion
Mane Omsy May 24

Like clothes to each other
Like the closest to you
Like the warmest of all
To imbibe your sweat
And relish your touch
where ever you go
I'd protect you from stares
Dust and pointy things
I'll keep you warm and safe
So, please wear me
Love me like I do
We could be one
A one hearted creature
A single cell in goodness
A weaknesses

Rising Imaginations for Passion is on now...
A really beautiful collection of poems..
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