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He carries bits of stars in his veins
And they illuminate the night sky beside me.
I often tremble out of fear
But his eyes flicker in dark and guide me.

He paints a ray of sunshine through his smile
Although he endure agony but lied me.
He carries ointment of love in his heart
That heal the straches of my soul and delight me.

     ~your smiling queen :)
Dedicated to the love of my life.
K3410N Sep 15
Dear Reader,

I'd just like a few moments of your time.
A few minutes to illustrate how and why I love Fall so much.

Fall is full of colours,
Full of sweaters,
Full of breezes that give you just a little chill.

But most of all?
it's full of a variety of changes.

Relationships end,
They begin,
People have an air of change about them,
something magical...
Something Whimsical.

Do you know what I love the absolute most though?

I love how her wild spirit matches the changes in the leaves.
Her hair in the wind reminds me of the wheat, as it sways this way and that.
Her smile is like the sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds - A brilliant radiance that I cannot be more grateful for.

But most of all...
The curve of her hand in mine is like a kind of natural magic.
Something graceful and fierce and sensual and teasing.
All one and the same.
It's beautiful.

I could compare her to a summer's day,
but what's the point?

She is magic.
She is the fall.
She is MY fall.
And she is my love.
OupaGollie Aug 23
Another day has passed
I pray this distance will not last

I love you and hope you love me
Next to you is where I want to be

Not today, nor tomorrow,
but for all eternity

I love you and hope you love me
Next to you is where I want to be

Not yesterday, nor the day before
Because today I love you even more

I love you,
and that is all I want to do
I wrote this a couple of months back and forgot about it until I found it yesterday
Neha Sharma Aug 17
Tears come out from my eyes,
But you don't let them fall down.
Every time I feel lonely or cry for help,
You are the one who's always around.
I look at you, I wonder.
Your presence I adore.
You are my life now,
Without whom I can't live anymore.
Your friendship is my treasure,
Your voice is my song to soothe.
I love you the most,
And that's the Truth.
You are a precious gift to me.
You are my only secret keeper.
Thanks for everything you do.
Thanks for being mine forever.

~your smiling queen :)
My friend, my love, my life, my luck, my everything...
Butterfly Aug 9
Baby, just come a little bit closer.
I want to know your touch again.
I forgot:)
just for u some justin bieber
Laurel Aug 3
Take me to the mountains
so I can breathe the cool, crisp
Let the overpowering protection
whisper their haven of peace
In my ear-
Take me to the mountains
alone with just you
Those beautiful sights are my home,
and my home is You
My Tennessee mountains have been a safe haven, right in my backyard and in my life for as long as I can remember. Today I am grateful for their natural beauty, and the love I feel and have gained through them.
Kassey Jul 30
July 3rd, the day when our
Universe collide, stars showed up in a
Shadowy endless night, I was lost
Thoughts may came across but
In the middle of a chaos, you showed
Now I find my peace inside you
Got me return in a mirror flesh
Embraced my weak scars
Raised my spirit, shines
Angel hiding in crowd
Love me deeper eyes can found
Dream above every cloud
Justin Gerald
White Lily Jul 20
Pelipur dalam kesedihan
Penyejuk dalam kehausan
Arah menuju tujuan
Sumber kebahagiaan
Engkaulah segalanya
Nowan Jul 16
Sitting on my bed
Looking at my pen
Thinking what to write
To the man of my life

Closing my eyes
Promises without lies
A beautiful life
With the man of my life

Thinking deeply
Smiling beautifully
To our memories truly
With my man hopefully

Decided to write
Remembering even the fights
Until the pen make it right
To my man for life

Everyday I'm thankful
Everyday is blissful
Everyday I'm grateful
With my man I am hopeful

I will promise to love you
To laugh with you
To cry with you
To cheer you

To wait until to become your wife
To stare at the stars with you at night
To sit and watch the sunrise
Everyday of our life
Jaz Jul 11
My love come back into my arms!
If only you can see it isn’t that far.
Let me be there when you come too,
from this coma that has you.
You are in this whole I want to save you from,
But you keep pushing me away that I want this pain to be done.
My love, please reach out your hand.
I’m sure I will be able to understand.
Understand what you are going through and if not at least empathize.
I want to be your ride or die.
but as long as you keep pushing me away,
I know I won’t be staying.
This may sound cold hearted but I need to start thinking about me.
This toxic environment has led me to believe, that this is how love should be.
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