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Dibyendu Sarkar Apr 2021
Recipe for making a ****
"The God of Unknown"

× Half a dozen of personalities 
× A spoonful of Unknown questions 
× 2/3 of darkness from Svalbard
× A Jar full of pain from the rain
× A whole book of poetries called Unlove
× Freshly hand-picked Metaphors
× A pinch of verses dipped in curses 

Even before starting the recipe, it could intoxicate you, to be safe until the end be patience and forget you have a heart to love.


Heat the cast iron pan on high flames,
Pour the pain boil it until you see bubbles,
then drop one by one all the personalities stir it well on low flames,
an ebullient aroma will start to fill the room
Now add a spoonful of Unknown questions, Questions that have souls attached to them be careful they might jump over you.
Now take the book cut through the pages,
book of poetries in a zig-zag pattern,
like the wrist of a lover who wrote poetries to hate her but couldn't Unlove her,
Now turn the flames to high and add 2/3 of the darkness from Svalbard an Ingredient that keeps the balance of the entity, stir until everything has been mixed well
Take a pinch of verses dipped in curses toss the pan and sprinkle the magic portion, an Ingredient that makes ripple in the timeline of every multiverse to relive the moments,
Finally, Garnish with freshly hand-picked Metaphors only for the ones persistence for the worthiness.

Your, **** has been created.

Eva Adams Apr 2021
You wore the scent of betrayal
The more I sniffed it, the closer I was drawn towards you
I had never denied being in love, but for the first time, I was in denial
After a few weeks, days or even years, when the scent will fade, you will too, I somewhere knew
Flatfielder Dec 2020
Dance in the snow
Slide down that hill
Go where you are meant to be
Dream your way
Intermittently sore
Find the alley
Find the door
Enter silently
Fear no more
In your dream you are home
You fall asleep
Awaken gently
All is left is dreaming on
Dream on
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Lines of discontent
Drawn out for decades
It doesn't make sense
Keep on going scratch and muddy
Self-righteous behaviour
Why bury yourself
Diminish family
Isolate friends
Can't see a light
Dullness sets in
Where are you now
This battle you won't win
Observations hurt
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Years as a loner
Under the big changing Sky
work and commitment
Family shared, misbelief  a far cry
Yet down in his heart
A burning light
Hidden, secretly shielded
Condescending bullies outside
Illumination never extinguished
Shined at an occurence
Where clashes opened windows
Into a new bright world
He had to find a deed personal
To give it all he had
Persona physic in real time
No apprehensions met
Taking the reign of his gatekeepers' soul
Chose desires to be freed
To find freedoms mole
His mind at ease
A song danced his whistle
This lad with a brithel
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Not knowing who I am
Calling out
Do you feel me
You never heard my voices' sound
To whom do I put this forward
I really don't need to know
Fact is I feel and write
At this hour
I am literally alone
Just a scene late night
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Feel guilty of living
Express sin and glory
Made it this far
Able to compress the story

It wants to unfold
Not coming out
Seeking a rainbow
Hidden behind a cloud

There are others
joining and dancing
Invisible moves
Flashes glancing

One time to break out
Stopped in its tracks
Epic journeys
Back to back
Somewhat surreal
Wide range of interpretations
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Risks been taken
Pushing hard
You are bidding
Dreams of triple money
Dancing visions
Go higher loose sight
You are on fire🔥
About excitement
Flatfielder Feb 2021
Time wasting
Mind searching
For self
Who am I this morning
Cold drizzle meets a late dawn
Opens pores on bare skin
Feel free but awaiting
The Lights glance
Penetrating clouds
An hour of my truth
Absorbed into the rigors of a new day
When we were still farming
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Futuristic thinking in a time compressed
Accelerated by technology
Will robots annihilate humans gist?
Rapid decline in cultures destinations
Mass bullying less debating
You are with us or you perish
Alarm bells are ringing
Who is ringing the Bells?
Wrote it last fall
On instagram mirakee as near_lane7
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