Afiqah 1d
hope arrives and stays
favoring us by
crowning our flawed souls
characteristically in its own ways
through all of our
becomings and unbecomings
for they know even after
taking such a wild turn at life,
hope still stokes and fuels its drives
within beautifully for us

Any choice you make,
They will judge you in the end.
Don't let that stop you.
Society is funny. Society is frickin' lame.
Society is sh*t.
ls 3d
When we met again
my body remembered yours
they fit the way they used to
our fingers interlocking
as if they'd never been pried apart
it was natural
and right

But now we are separate entities once again
my body awaiting yours
searching the empty space in the bed
my hands lonely
they reach out to touch your hair
but is met by dust in the air
my limbs suspended in front of me

There is nothing for me to feel
my eyes gaze through where yours should be
my hands lowering to your hips
and your fingertips
but they find nothing there
just pain
and loneliness
Writing poems for someone was n e v e r  my thing
Until you ripped my heart out and left it bleeding
Words  c a n n o t  suffice how much I am hurting
Now that you are gone and left me with nothing

{ l.m.l.b }
you got drunk that night
just three sips you said
and you already out of your mind
it has been a while you said
I listen to you with smiles on face
another minutes passed
and I already pictured the gaps between our fingers
hello I said

you can't seem to sleep
the night drag you like forever
and you wished to touch me against my chin
I got you on my mind you said

I can't seem to have enough
just distance ain't far be patient over and over
and I wished for the words against my ears
I will see you soon I said
The memory flows between their distance by the end of the calls, he said he miss her too .
Afiqah 5d
I may have let their
malignancy creep poison
onto my skin
way longer than it should
but there’s a reason
I had held itself prisoner like that
and here I am,
loosening all their ill, wicked psyche
into spilled ink

Afiqah May 9
say your thank you’s
to the universe,
to the moon,
to the stars,
and especially to fate
for whatever’s written for you
has at least, held such otherworldly,
sirenic nights for you and your beloved
to sit by and be wild about
one another’s flames

Each day we stray further from
Which is ironic, because
From the time we are born
We continue the cycle
Of growth and decay
Like withering flowers
Once youthful and green
Who basked in the glory of the sun
Are now wilted are weary
And are screaming in agony
To return to the soil
Where they once were born
Afiqah May 7
here we all are
in a city full of pulses
a living contradiction
we’re such timeless beings fleshed
with mortal emotive parts
in temporary bodies
yet funny how,
we always seemed a little famished
to settle our bit of soul out there
on the reckless side

I hate how canvas shoes
Remind me of my 11th birthday
That was the year mom worked 15 hours of overtime
To buy a single pair of size 8 converse

I hate remembering the exhaustion in her voice
The swelling in her feet
The puffiness around her eyes
And her pained demeanor

I hate how I’ve outgrown those shoes
How the stitching looks tired and worn
And how the laces are now black and frayed

Much like those shoes
I hate how my mother has outgrown me
Early morning conversations and sporadic day trips
Have been replaced by a lifetime of waiting

I hate living in a world that is governed by a god
That hides behind the glory of miracles
And within the shadows of tragedies

I hate how those canvas shoes are a constant reminder
That I am now forced to walk alone
Without the guidance of my mother
And the support of my best friend
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