any one person can withstand pain.
But there is a subtle difference.
When it isn't registered..
Like a dream that alludes the recently awoken.
For the moment is always questioned as fiction when it comes about.
As if building a freeway over the desolation would bypass the isolated incident.
With every pass does it become so.
And yet it is ever so aparrent.
Like a splinter made of ice.
For when the initial trauma fades.
The cold.
Sets in.
Making every other impalement go unnoticed.
Picking at old scars with phantom limbs.
Visible only to other ghouls.
Which have sadly become the only contact available.
And neither the shadow nor the image it belongs to are recognizable.
And this room full of strangers gains an addition to its ever changing painting.
One that will inevitably be painted over.
For it has become not only a constant.
But a certainty.
One that will be upheld.
Regardless if this hand helps it.
Or not...

Luvanna 17h

So I've been thinking tonight
I put a serious thought on
how come you managed
to fall asleep so easily tonight
knowing you've said something
broke my heart and made me
feel unwanted in my early morning

Afiqah 5d

they just stood,
rooted to their ground
killing the state of our mental vice
into such sinful cries
what has kept us breathing since
feels almost dead by now
how can we not leave our rooms
so soberly sad
to such peculiar repellency
that lives within in our souls too


Riot 6d

s-these aren't words to say in church.

A flower bloomed in your hair as I
told you
I loved you. your
chest rose up to my face as i lay,
you had taken my breath away.

The tattered book scattered through
my mind as you whisper
into the night’s ears.

I remember winning bible study challenge
in fifth grade
then losing my faith in eighth,
I can honestly now say,

jesus christ,

you calling out my name
you calling out his name
brought me back.

I can never sleep at night

Cherry blossoms from slumber awaken,
As she passes by in blithe, lissome grace,
Only to fall to ground, souls forsaken,
To that mesmerising smile on her face.

Stars adorn her shapely neck as diamonds,
The pale moonlight her fair countenance be,
Rubies glowing from western horizons,
Cast a fleeting blush on those cheeks shyly.

I bow down low to this divine spectre,
Trampled blossoms by her feet are Incense,
Hitherto abandoned pen, gold Sceptre,
Myrrh of heart’s blood, become my obeisance.

From the God Himself I seek forgiveness,
For, my verses have made love to His Goddess

Afiqah Jun 19

it was always hidden
in the welcoming smell of rain
no matter
how soft and quiet
or how heavy and stormy
they came
in all sorts of drizzle
either way,
nothing else could beat
to the wild, lingering, raw sound of it
to feel you through
my flawed skin
over again


Afiqah Jun 18

tell me,
where do hearts go
without them breaking too loudly
after baring one’s soul
killing their only gut
but ended up writing letters
to one’s self
where can we reset
such one-sided emotion
before the demons take over
the walk with us
to their hellish pit


Afiqah Jun 18

what else could be more
than to know
that every beginning now
mirrors and consumes
this almost heart
into something frightening
and never lasting?


It's PartOne of #wordchallenge I came up with for the word
Afiqah Jun 17

it was in his
soft smile
that played on his lips
and I knew,
I was next in line
to finally learn how to waltz
with his demons
tugging through
such silent, wakeful nights
where our hearts stood unquiet
but loved the hardest


Afiqah Jun 16

the heart's
a soft-skinned treasure
and only your gentle hands
could illuminate
the right kind of blue
to mine


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