Afiqah 2d
we stood through
counting pulses
letting those nights come and undress us
and little did we realized
how quick we were
in making ourselves become habits
to one another  
leaving our stars slightly drunk
into such blissful oblivion

Afiqah 4d
it’s okay if all their almosts
made you naively fall unquestionably
fall anyway,
just remember
to repeat this mantra to yourself,

lucky or not,
your innocence with love
is a soul-changing gift that some might fear
let it lead you
let it unveil your worth
let the stars create their little mayhem
while you do you

Afiqah 7d
I never had it in me
I’m not always clever with the words I use
and I’d never thought
meeting his poetic heart
would make me finally settle
to write about beginnings
over and over again like this

L Mar 12
Summer come, but already
her heart is dropping temperature
yet again,
already her hair is blasting across your shoulders down to your arms, your hesitation and your unhinged desperation of her heat.
Her bones scattered all over your
almost-said words and in the crevices of your proud, unfazed deceit.
The fine threads of her sanity tangles and knots up in every nooks, crannies and cul-de-sacs inside you.
In your bedcover, your clothes,
the chair.
She is drifting away.
Riot Mar 6
Maybe that's why they said we just drifted away

the boats of friendship
wood can't handle the water anymore
And breaks

Leaving chips on the shoulders of waters in peoples own lakes
(this is where someone's lake meets the rivers)
and the chips carry on
till someone cleans the water

I have too many chips in my shoulders
I'm a sculpture made of Georgia red clay,

With those chips,
waiting for it to rain so I can fall into pieces on the ground into mud,
waiting for rednecks to have a mud marathon in my own self,
getting them dirty in melted liberalism,

My god,
it's never been so beautiful
to get my hair wet in the rain,

Only this time,
I'm not worried about my curls knotting back up.
Afiqah Mar 2
the smell of coffee beans still
has its warmly ways of spilling
the setting air with those
cinematic, sentimental
little tender thrills
we’d share
like how our eyes
then our hands would easily
meet the other
and made love all finally seem worthy

This insidious slithering being
rises inside of me guaranteeing
to extinguish the light that was once inside
and leave a hole where my soul no longer resides.
Afiqah Feb 21
we seem to be lighting more fires habitually
than extinguishing them,
we keep replacing wants with wars
then soon after,
we eventually learn tove
the blues and the grays more
we perform such paradoxes
of being tough yet subtle
but despite it all,
we are our own great mind changers

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