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Kuvar Apr 2018
The blood of a lamb
Hewn from the wall of life
Flourishing as fountains
In the place of skulls
Golgotha knows no peace
For his crown of thorns
Tore her to pieces
The heart of life
Is back to life
Lord Jesus, your death I can’t repay
Prabhu Iyer Dec 2014
ome orth azarus, come th laz, ome for zus
echo in the winds outside the empty cave;

In the desert an insurrection
to deluge the earth from cauldrons of faith;
Tinderbox by the Dneiper, an interview stolen;

Dance of Ishtar caged, the demiurge call.

Treading on ice, our mortal lives;

Ancient wells wailing with the earth;

A vessel weathering the storm, sinking
now at Galilee.

At Golgotha, by the empty Crucifix;
it all began here in Bethlehem where we wait.;=NKJV

— The End —