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Anais Vionet Apr 14
Two nights ago, Sophy and I were studying for our chemistry class in a library 24/7 room. Those feature large open areas with couches, tables with computers and some other, small desks behind cubicle walls. We were seated in the cubicle area. It was after 11pm, a time when the library rooms are usually deserted.

Suddenly, these five brolics come noisily into the open area. As soon as we heard them, Sophy and I exchanged a look where we asked each other, “Should we leave?” But we decided to wait and see if they’d settle down or stay.

There’s a native kind of white, frat **** I’ve encountered once or twice in my year at Yale. These men, usually upperclassmen, are big, rude, entitled and combative ***** who are positive they rule the universe. We derisively call them “scions”.

One time Leong and I were in line to buy snacks. Leong had just stepped up to the register and this scion walked up - cutting the line - to buy a drink. He reached out with his card almost hitting Leong in the face - like she wasn’t there, like the line wasn’t there. I'm sure the checkout lady just quickly processed his card to avoid a scene.

Now there were 5 of those jerks in one room - their inherent chaos introducing them. They were loud and bunxious (hello, can you say library QUIET?). One, in particular, had a very deep, grinding and irritating voice. He started truthing to his audience, crowing about a recent, violent, ******* encounter he’d had. Sophy and I looked at each other in shock, like “***??”

At the end of his explicit narration, he kept repeating “Bang’n it.. Bangin’ it.. Bangin’ it.. Bangin’ it..” slowly, rhythmically, grindingly over and over - he must have said it 80 times with various nasty inflections. While he was playing that out, the others were laughing and yelling encouragement and raunchy feedback over his “Bang’n it” mantra.

I’m sure they didn’t know we were there. But I turned a little and drew my feet up onto my chair, my knees becoming a small wall, in case the barbarians rounded the corner. I’ll admit that ******-guys like that scare me a little and there’s something in the tone of their voices that makes my skin crawl.

This seemed more than those “guy’s locker room talks” we’ve all heard about. The scene seemed oddly private and primitive, like a band of excited apes celebrating a ****. Perhaps something one was more likely to overhear in a dark fraternity basement than in a college library.

I guess I experienced a moment of gendered fear. Sophy and I both scrunched down in our seats a bit, exchanging “chagrinned, what now” looks. There just didn’t seem an opportune moment to reveal ourselves by leaving. Sophy showed me her phone - the app that summons a security escort if a student needs one was up - but I shook my head “no,” to mean “not yet,” and we decided to wait.

After about 15 minutes one of them said, “Let's get a drink” and they left. Thank God. I wonder what would have happened if we stood up and left. Hopefully nothing, but even now I shudder at the memory of that guy's voice. Those guys were way, way more than creepy.
BLT word of the day challenge: Opportune: "suitable or appropriate time."

brolic = tough, hostile, steroid-aggressive, and possibly crazed
truthing = telling his story
bunxious = obnoxious, loud, rambunctious, disorderly
I S A A C Apr 10
lavender, lilac, and strawberry
I taste energy like yours rarely
make my cheeks redder than cherry
you have an essence, it is a blessing
you taught me lessons, such a blessing
I thought I was unlovable you showed me the contrary
make me sing like the giddy canary
was too used to solitary
read my feelings like a library
renseksderf Apr 6
The journey begins always in the mind
but it always manifests with the sliding
of rectangular boxes encasing index cards.
The faint odour of vinegary wood ensues
and a chase scene begins in a wooded
forest of leaves, bound by hundreds and
thousands upon thousands of both soft
and hardbound varieties, gilded or plain.
These days a computer terminal or a
touch screen has replaced these boxes
but their function remains the same;
being akin to boarding pass gates that
regulate your voyage above and beyond.
Alpha Apr 12
Torn pages flutter deep
Into dark-golden abyss
Tears of ink fall where books weep
Flying in flame-like bliss

Sun stretches golden fingers
And reaches through broken rooftops
To catch those falling poets and singers
And the frail paper of their mental crops

Those pages crackling, bristling
With thin veils of smoke rising from the piles
No one ever heard these flames whisper
Yet maybe it's golden Dustthat rises from the files

Wind carries parchment back and fourth
Dancing in whirls of solemn waltz
Love letters above float
Telling of flaming hearts
Among the rubble and debris they lay
Those sacred words of subtle lines
Etched inside from dark inwells
Torn pages telling of forgotten times
I had the picture of an abandoned library in mind when writing this... Oh, I wanted this to be oh-so more beautiful, but I think that's the best I can do... Sorry.
tree Sep 2021
after years of pondering in musty libraries and public bathrooms and on my bedroom floor i think i finally understand why the face staring back at me in the mirror is so unfamiliar

i am not my dark eyes, i am not my crooked nose, i am not my thin lips, i am not my rosy cheeks

no, i am the hairstyle that my mother taught me how to do before middle school started so that i could take care of myself
i am the love poems that run through my head all day because language is so wonderful and you are so wonderful and sometimes i can't help but experience certain compositions as many times as possible
i am the friendship bracelet that i wear on my wrist that matches with my best friend who would never wear a bracelet in a million years but did it for me
i am the whirlpool of love that exists behind my eyes that shy glances and awkward eye contact put there

i see myself in my fingers mindlessly tapping out rhythms from my favorite songs, not in my tears, but
i see myself in everything i mourn for

i see myself in the money i saved from my grandmother's funeral three years ago because i am too attached to part from it, not in my smile, but
i see myself in my inability to keep a straight face when someone laughs at my jokes

the years of pondering in musty libraries and public bathrooms and on my bedroom floor was worth it because i see myself in those too, more doodles in the margins of the storybook of my life

in the end, i became who i am because of you
humans are but mosaics of the people around them ;;; we are such little seeds if not watered by loved ones
Lawrence Hall Aug 2021
Lawrence Hall

                         We All Dream of Our Own Library Someday

                               If you have a garden and a library,
                                  you have everything you need.

                             -attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero
                                   Ad Familiares, Letter IV to Varro

We all dream of our own library someday
Shelf after shelf of finely bound editions
An oak-paneled room with a stone fireplace
And French windows that open to the sea

We all dream of our own library someday
A handsome wooden table instead of a desk
Lamplight and candlelight that fall upon
The open pages of a Russian poet

We all dream of our own library someday -
For now, a back-pack paperback must do
My dream library is in a wood or a wooded park, but “sea” set itself into place and refused to move. Perhaps I saw your dream library for a moment.
Ilhana Mar 2021
It was in the library; the power was out.
Barely could remember, the anatomy of your face.
But one thing I do remember ;
Your smile, your blissful smile.

Can you kiss a smile?
I looked and looked again
And all I wanted is to kiss your smile.
Whether it leads me to vain,
The time stuck there ;
All I wanted to tell you how much it meant.
So pure; so childish and certainly for me.
The smile was for me; it is mine
Wasn't ******; wasn't funny
Wasn't some charm to put on.

It was just a perfect smile
Only for me wasn't for anyone else
Things never went smooth and never will,
Sometimes we meet
Sometimes decades it takes
But whenever it happened it remains the same
As it tucked into the timeframe.
The time, the smile, and the library
It Will never change,
Whatever happens,
Till my soul comes to an end.
In my mind, my charming sweethearts' smile
Will remain the same.
Amy Perry Feb 2021
During this energetic renaissance,
People are the libraries
To unbridled, universal energy.
Concrete towers replace the ivory.
Leading up the bookcase,
Hands on mahogany.
When the hourglass flips,
So do the pages.
We feel blessed moment to moment
Throughout the ages.
abp & icp
Nat Feb 2021
The skylight tints the afternoon grey
And some dull, dusty oranges
Perhaps there's fire, somewhere far away
Somewhere far beyond the creaking shelves
The time-varnished brown, rusty door hinges

The air is thicker than the oldest tomes
Sticky as the darkest aisle
Where long-dead spiders once made their homes
Minds caught in paper, minds caught in webs
I think, if I think, I'll sleep for awhile
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