Mims May 10

All the card holders are empty,
These cards fill the library restroom,
(Library? REFUGE)
It's great these organizations exist,
Yes help,
More please!
What's more disturbing to me,
Is the fact that we need them,
Or even more so,
That the holders are empty.
The victims are,
Only increasing in numbers,
people are just becoming numbers,
And teenagers,
Are just statistics anymore.

Audrey Maday May 4

I am not a disposable library,
Of information for you to borrow,
But never return.

Sarah May 3

I write stories on my sleeve
Silent novels carved into my arm
Sometimes dragged out
All melancholy with the hope for happiness.
The different variety of length is on me.

I am a library,
My words are written for the public to see,
Shelves on shelves,
displaying biographies of my tragedies.
But my stories are closed off when I roll down my sleeve.

Written 5/2/17
carter Apr 23

a library opened late last night
an abundance of books
yet, all i want to read
is the emotions on your face

- c.j.

Josie Apr 7

Mystery man at the library
I see how your eyes smiled at me
Wondering what your story might be and
How did you end up working in a library?
My nose in a book as you pass by me
You arise my curiosity
That awakens my sensuosity

Breeze-Mist Apr 5

I love the way that
Library bookshelves quiet
The sound of the world

So that I can search
For my mind's satisfaction
Without the chaos

So that just maybe
My mind can quiet down, too
From its raging roar

This prompt took me a bot, but I got there. :) :P
Sophie Hartl Mar 26

A sad man sits in front of me in the library
He seems generic;
A used sketchbook, modern glasses, and a Banksy sticker on his MacBook.

His arms are filled with marks
black ink solemnly attempts to cover up what is underneath
But they are beautiful
An abstraction of two people kissing, entwined like the style of the art
Further up is his star sign;

Honest, courageous, passionate
Impatient, impulsive, intrusive
I don’t know if this is him;
All I know is his art, encompassing his every stroke
and carve

His left arm has a different mark
What happened to you?

sad sad sad i don't know what else to say

I shall fill the hole you left in my heart with books.
That way it can know what a happily ever after can be.

Spencer Feb 22

holy jesus, dude
you made eye contact with me
thanks for that, now i feel awkward as shit
oh fuck, I've just realized that my family will burst in here soon
I'm embarrassed already just thinking about it
there are so many other computers and you chose
to sit directly next to me, thanks so much for that
oh god are these keys too loud
am i clicking too loudly
holy shit did my stomach growl loudly
oh god i can't even think about chewing my tasteless gum
the walls are closing in
and there are some cute guys, or at the very least,
interesting-looking ones
but i sit here and panic as i always end up doing
because even though I'm medicated for depression
and even ocd,
nothing says anxiety medicine like good old-fashioned
talking, am i right?

this library is so quiet and my earbuds aren't exactly working
Lunar Love Feb 19

Tell me, are you a library, full of stories?
Are you a collection of fiction and fact that no arms could contain or no minds that could grasp?
I look into your eyes and I get a glimpse of the catalogs and genres which you keep within you.
You must have had your fair share of history; that is one textbook I want to study and memorize by heart.
Do you think I can be the one to take care of you?
I want to keep you a classic and as a monument in this era of advancing technology.
I will clear the dusty parts of your heart and wipe the slippery surface of your crying face.
I will caress every page you own and help restore the words you've been trying to preserve.
I may not be the one who found you first but I will be the one to stay by your side, until the day either of us crumbles.
So let me check your books out and let me return to you so very often.
Let me call you my favorite place and my second home.

wjh--you are a library i would love to go through and would love to visit over and over again.
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