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We are liars
in their stories,
they lie in ours,
we all lie at the end.

is it always wrong?
Remember the need for navigation?
when you rolled your silly guts
outside of this?

I shoulda guessed there’d be
a sorta dumbening
that comes with dark times
sitting in a sofa groove
that coulda been made by Adam

but then whadda I know?
I voted for this,
AceLione Dec 2020
I sit upon my throne and stare
Looking at the empty hall with no care
Memories of cheers and excitement
And then I only had indictment
They blamed me for the faults that occurred
Traitors amongst my ranks who had it stirred
The price I have to pay for those I trust
Keep their words they must.
But no, they don’t. I see them running out
My Kingdom a Blaze and I’m with no doubt
And for whoever wants to be the king
Be prepared for what troubles those who say they’re loyal will bring
I had a discussion with a friend of mine and this is inspired by it
Brandon Brazel Nov 2020
Looking up at the sky,
What do you see?
When one tells a lie,
How does one breathe?
A man who tends to be shy,
Opens up like a blade from sheath.
Please don’t tell him good-bye;
One more heartbreak may lead him to die.
It’a been a while, a lot has happened, I’m doing the best I can.
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
my father taught me honesty
i was raised to stand up for truth
integrity is the most righteous tool
deception is only for fools
but he forgot to teach me
the world is made up of liars
who do not follow these rules
the truth of it.
Solaluna Oct 2020
It is hard to find words,
That rhymes with the other,
Words that are evidently sweet,
That can make your heart feel warm and tender.

Poets are clever,
They build worlds in words,
That can make you shiver,
Poets, they are brilliant liars.
Ylzm Sep 2020
The greatest enemy is the enemy within
The most evil is one most believed as God
The Shepherd sacrificed sheep, and sheep cheered

How can anything not be what it seems
How can I mean other than what I said
How can eyes see soul, when there is none

An apple can be nothing but an apple
A patriot hugs the flag, a christian waves the bible
And the loser, unarmed, accursed, hangs from a tree

In robes of peace, prosperity and power, reigns evil
In dispersion, despair and death, are its enemies
In friends with cleaned feet are traitorous deceivers
Reality is not Hiding

It is being hidden
By liars

It is being covered
By demons

It is being shielded from us
By cowards

It does not hide
It fights everyday to be seen me
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Beguiling faces
Smothering soothing smiles
Dealing deadly dreaded dives
All Liars!
fray narte Jul 2020
the poets and their poems
say that
she is
an ocean,
vast enough — deep enough
to hold
all of the world's
sun-forsaken sadness,
to hold so much enigma
and twisted ironies
of how oceans — such as herself  —
d r o w n.

and here, we see
a search and rescue.

here we see
a body pulled out.

here we see
the poets.

here we see
the poems.

here we see
the liars.

here we see
the lies.
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