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Alvin Agnani Feb 13
As soon as we met, I washed my face with grandeur and politeness.

She did not know how out of place I was. Nevertheless, I managed to fool not only her, but the rest of world in the process.

I'm smiling, gently and tenderly while standing in your presence.

All while [ l o a t h i n g ] your words, your actions and your image.


Anais Vionet Aug 2023
You can lie in Wyoming,
they don’t care in Arizona,
you can mislead them in Mississippi
but don’t mess with Georgia.

You thought us “hicks from the sticks”
but we were wise to your tricks,
we just recorded your words,
now you’ll get what you deserve.

Your threats and fraudulent incitements,
have earned you several indictments.
You came down with your whole freak show,
so they charged you under RICO.

Come back to Georgia, Mr. Trump,
it turns out you were the chump.
Because we’ve got lots of new prisons
and DAs with surly dispositions.

In Georgia we don’t mind high flyers
but man, we hate traitors and seditious liars.
While many, it seems, fell for your blusterous aura,
you ******* yourself good by messing with Georgia.
I thought I knew you but I guess I was wrong
And all the kind words you had were just lies all along

I burned the bridge because I got carried away
I wish you didn't exist in my mind that way

Anais Vionet May 2022
You’re so HOT when you lie to me
young republican
I love your insurRECTION
I prefer my men dumb and dishonest
so come Lie with me
give me your BIG one
about how Trump won and
how the big steal couldn’t be stopped
ooo, slower, yes,
Tell me what a strong-man Putin is
with truth in abeyance
Yeah, uh huh, like that
Oooo.. uh..
restrict me, control me.
take my choice, my privacy
Ummm.. yeah..
right there..
impede my vote.. yes, yesss
Keep, keep, umm..
nothing’s wrong
don’t stop, oh,
don’t stop now..
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: abeyance: a state of temporary inactivity.
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
Here’s plan B:
you gather your duplicitous *****,
dash on a bus with another
erroneous statement, like
“Competent Leaders”
and leave us

a shot of your plinth
with a placard that read
“Just do what I wouldn’t”
couldn’t be worse than this

And every karmic drip,
from every lone last breath
or lost tear of an apartheid
volunteered for others
will be a harsh tide to wash
you stains away
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
I’m not so good at telling the truth
neither am I good at a lie
So if you asked me, “do I love you?”
don’t look into my eye
You’ll see my Iris drowning
in a black sea of deceit
I’m sorry, It’s just self defence
confessing my defeat
When it comes to love, we’re all
thieves and liars
Call me bella May 2021
We are liars
in their stories,
they lie in ours,
we all lie at the end.

is it always wrong?
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