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RaeAnn May 5
I hear you screaming,

But you’re still drinking
    From the bottle.
Arya Apr 19
We shouldn't have met,
I should have walked away.
But I had to stop
To see that beautiful face.
I understand
This ain't no daydream.
It's more like life
It's more like life.
Don't give a frown
You little Brat
Cuz behind those tears
Is a little smile.
A dark little smile
That always lies
Beneath that tiny little innocent face.

That tiny little innocent face.
Stephen James Apr 15
friends and liars
two words that should be opposites
too often find themselves synonymous

friends and liars
always take note of those who surround you
they'll prove the price is steep for a grain of truth

friends and liars
two words that we think should be separated
too often find themselves integrated

friends and liars
don't allow loyalty to become a blinder
know your worth keeping your circle tighter
a poem
Marla Apr 6
Pictures of who I once was
Line their new walls.
They cling to me despite
My enjoying their withdrawal.

Life is now so visceral
And I've learned to feel.
Their lies keep them high above me
Like a broken ferris wheel.

They can see me,
But I ignore them.
Their yells the backdrop
To my teenage reverie.

Those years are stuck in time
Like a long-forgotten fair by the sea.
Though they try to taunt me with sirens,
I'll never go back there while I stand free.
Sammy Harris Mar 26
Her long black curled hair
Shoulder blades and collar bones
***** under a strategically placed towel
Candles and stripper heels.  

Seductive poses, he’s thinking about ******* her. Wanting her. He yearns for more. Wondering how this small frame feels.

My heart sank, dread filled my body
I expected to see fields and melting snow in that camera. Blinded while deleting all photo’s of you and I.

I didn’t deserve this, now I’m left with insecurities, anger and grief.
While you are just left with your lies and “erotica”
Sparrow Mar 19
When you said,
"Your secret is safe",
is how I felt.
The art of spotting a liar is cultivated through severe emotional stress that stems from betrayal by people who you think are close to you.

Like a plot twist of a cheap thriller, liars stand out by the setting of their premise.

Well, I'm a liar as well. Born out of the need to keep the liars happy.
Wendy Buckley Mar 12
Don't tell me how you feel.
I have heard this all before.
I know what you say isn't real.
I can't believe what you say anymore.

I know you'd like to believe, that you aren't as transparent as you are.
But I know how you love to deceive.
And I really don't need another scar.

You need to just move on.
Your eggshells are everywhere.
They're to sharp for me to walk upon.
I don't need to because I no longer care.
Emma Feb 23
My mind is a Haunted House.
I live in it with
the abusers,
the non-believers,
the cowards
and the lairs.

I am haunted by
lovers who have come and gone;
traitors that took my skin and
made it a stranger to me;
and the ghosts that make my brain their home.

I am haunted
because I know that I was not brave enough.
I am haunted
by those who have come after me
because I was not loud enough.

I am Sorry, my loves.
I could not stop what happened to you.
But I will teach you how to cope
with your Haunted House.
I pray for you, my loves.
memoona kazmi Jan 30
They say ,
They know me,
They love me,
They understand me,
That’s not fascinate me,
What intrigues me the most,
Is what will they do,
To themselves,
When they’ll truly understand me……….
Deborahlee Jan 24
you eat up lines that she dishes
seeing steak on the plate of ****
the wine you shipped top shelf
but her caviar is just counterfeit

she painted pictures she flashed
with you as the star of every bit
whispering tales of the airplane
carrying you for heights two hit

an email and message paper trail
screams out a capitalized tissy fit
as the silk spiderweb knots break
and you sniffing the perfume of it

now people point fingers sharing
every ***** lil detail the ***** spit
sipping foam latte with a cigarette
tossing your reputation into a pit
get a belly full yet?
I don't like spiders and snakes but...
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