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Scramble for Africa,
Like pieces on a board game
North, south, east and west
Plains leading every way.

They don't have Bibles,
they don't have faith?
Perhaps it is time
we teach them of our ways.

Let us begin by erasing their past,
let's take some of their artefacts,
hang them in our museums;
admire our murderous past.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
Truth hurts but lies ****... Happy Black History Month from London
Revival of a revolutionary spirit
What I represent?
The Motherland of wisdom
BLACK genesis
Check the pyramids
My heredity IS
God-man manifest in the physical,
And astral and mental
Been mastered every plane of existence
Whole civilizations who understood the Science of Living
Tens of thousands of years before any 'westernized thinking'
An enlightened people
Way before colonialism
How you gon bring democracy (now capitalism in disguise),
To Afrika where it was invented?
And dress ya pawns as 'appointed' leaders
Devil oppressors
Erased our culture, history, and identity
Spiritual genocide by 'Willie Lynching'
Karmically tied to these modern times
I gotz to watch my temper
Lost ONE,
Who found refuge in the Buddha to be most skillful
But what happened to my people?
I just wona know
My whole life,
I was ashamed of being BLACK and didn't know it
Guess it was sub-compartmental
But through practice with experience
Of accumulated virtue
I shed dem old ethers
And broke me down
Psychological brick by brick and rebuilt me
Na I'm ready for war
I wish I were richer
I wish I were smarter
Or in a better political situation
Send help
Please Send Help
South Africa is falling
The government cannot protect us
The government is too corrupt
The government keep making mistakes
Political parties in the country are killing farmers
Caucasian Farmers
Political parties in the country are promoting ****** of Caucasian men, woman and children.
Black Lives matter
What about the rest of us?
Don't we all belong as equals?
Send Help
Please Send Help
South Africa is falling
They're burning our buildings
They're burning the country
Our government prioritises money
Over the welfare of our people
One president to steal money and another to come
Send Help
Please Send Help
South Africa
Is Falling
Women are being *****. Children are being *****. Men are being murdered. The people of this country are going to begin an uprising. Send Help
joel jokonia Sep 20
Inquiring sons of daughters,
Of a day, one day,
The unmalleable grounds
Of Untanga gardens
Will beget,
By far Richer.
Than today

Down to their own sons
Of a day, one day
Our land,
Agleam in lights of progress.
Surging nights
Bedeviled by the buzz of utopian youth

They, then also
Down to their sons
Of a day, one day
So on
And on...
what’s the hurry
one of my elders told
me about the power of
stillness   you scurry
hoping you will make it
in time   he said i will ne-
ver be able to capture
the essence of life if i am
constantly bewildered  
  worried that clear visions
will turn out muddy   chasing
another human for fulfilment
   questioning whether he or she
will love me  am i enough for my
loved one’s endearment   judging
how other’s worry  forgetting about
my own commitments   my elder told
me to be at peace with the past and
appreciate everything that is
worth loving   everything that is not
will  in due time  reciprocate these
thoughts that build on your spiritual

Lily Sep 9
Silent and so calm
Heads peeking through leaves and trees
Bright eyes stare, yearning
inspired by a trip to the zoo
The dark man has always entice me
Never short of flavor
Never lacking etiquette
And never impotent towards a woman’s heart
With melanin so pure
I wonder what more do they have in store.
Even with systematic abuse
They have stood firm in being the greatest creation ever produced
Racism forges hate towards their race, but many do see what a waste it would be
To hate and discriminate
The dark man’s race
For what crime have they commit
That differs from what we all have did
The dark man is my wish
And surely it should be your wish.
Chris Saitta Aug 27
Sunset whispers to itself
~No time outlives time~
The meltemi winds crackle the wild millet,
Graze-feed upon the stalks of Greek plains,
The pelican scoops up the honeyed Aegean,
Waves of sunlit anise and almond in refrain,
Vestigial as the sweet persimmon from Egypt,
The hammered warmth from the flat anvil of Africa,
Sunset whispers to itself
~No time outlives time~
“Meltemi” are the dry northern winds that blow across the Aegean in summer
Ayodeji Oje Aug 26
On a sudden sobbing night
in west african harmattan,
Light wasn't smiling
in the thickness of naked darkness
but for a dying flame
sitting on a frail candle stick.
In the deep sea of life,
tiniest things spark hope
When beyond we see.
Far from home
Our minds thus wander
To a land
Vast beyond the ocean
Where the whites lives yonder
With minds stone cold
We shun our homemade products
The fats of our toil
We reserve for aliens
Who in their world
Are not worthy
Of a strike of an applaud
Nor a job to be poor

Our children scavenge for crumbs
In the hands of strangers
In their home land.
Our leaders with alluring deceit
Conjure soothing malicious stories
To educate us on the benefits
Of this benevolent strangers

Our youths for ignorance
Scramble to be noticed
By this fair coated aliens
Who's helping outstretched claws
Would save us from the ignorance
Of our daring impulsiveness.

No-one will ease her of the heaviness
The heaviness of her yielding back
Nor till beneath her scorching smiles
But would rather
Dance to the sophisticated tune
Of the aliens piano
Neglecting the message
Of her talking drum.

**! mother Africa
How she weeps so
Beckoning on her children
To come back home
To the hospitable warmth
Of her essence.
Where we love
One another without fear
Nor look down
At our resourcefulness.
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