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I hurt by the
loss of you.
That you have
lost yourself.
That you can't seem to get away
from the depths
and nightmare
of your addiction.

I am hurting like a Mama Bear.
Lost my cub
and I can't find her.
I look endlessly.
Feel an avalanche  
of painful emptiness.

I am lost myself,
in losing you.
A mother watched
Her son play games
He ran around.
She said ‘Son sit down,
And let me tell you
A bit bout life
And what is true
You wont need it now.
When you are older
You’ll find more friends
You’ll pack you bags
You’ll go to school’.
The little boy
Looked up with drool
She wiped it off
Then told her babe;
‘My son you’ll find
A wife for you.
And in your troubles,
She’ll help you too.
She’ll wipe your tears
Together you’ll last
You live together
And have a past.
Never forget my son
To live your life
but when all is done
Be a man.
Take care of kids
And help them grow
Never take
What you haven’t sown.
Don’t worry about money
Because in the end
The greatest gift
Is time with them.
I love you my boy
Don’t ever forget
And when I pass
I’ll say God I’ve met.
I’ll look down on you
From up above
I’ll smile down
And share my love.’
The baby boy
Fell fast asleep
So then She sighed
And had thoughts deep
She ran her hands
Over her bald head
Then looked at her son
And smiled instead
Christina Carty Dec 2018
I have *** on Sunday mornings
Tuesdays too
Well, any day I can to be honest
It’s just something I like to do
I don’t nip behind closed doors
Wrap curtains or silk sheets tight
I don’t need scented candles, whipped cream or Barry White
I make love in wide open spaces
Without a whit of shame (We don’t own ****** veils or wear a family name)
We’re too blissed out for who-called-who
Doped up on the intoxicating hue of shiny morning dew
Halima A Dec 2018
I did not have a chance to reach higher in studies,
I did not have a mama around to encourage me,
I did not have a baba to support me,
These are just the few courageous words I grew up with.

To realize they were words of wisdom,
To lift me up when I am down,
To raise my spirit and determination towards my goal,
Mama, my precious mama, I THANK you.

For all the troubles me and my siblings put you and baba through,
Not to say how many fights to hold our family tight,
How many things you had to sacrifice for us,
The tears,pain and sweat you hid from us,
Mama, my beautiful mama, I APPRECIATE you.

If it was not for your words,
If it was not for your smiles,
If it was not for your strength,
I would not have been the me that I am today,
Mama, my amazing mama, you are my HERO.

To the woman I have become,
To the values I hold thee,
To the morals you taught me,
To the lessons you schooled me,
Mama, my first LIFE teacher, I LOVE YOU.
marianne Oct 2018
like daisies to the sun
magnet to the moon
sweet tang of peppermint
face raised with shining eyes

like dancing cabbage whites
plums clinging to the branch
roots warm in cool brown earth
hands reach and nestle close

like vines around the oak
clematis shoots in spring
sweetpeas through the fence
four arms in twined embrace

like rosehip to potent tea
hatchling to chickadee
from green to aubergine
my love is sprouting wings
Because she is growing up.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
I can never describe what you are to me
I have to say goodbye to so many people, Mom
So many
And I've missed them.

But you are the only one I never consciously missed
I missed you, physically

I can't begin to explain what physically miss means
You don't really think about it
But it feels like part of you is gone
And your body is aching for what's missing

You were the only one I've physically missed, Mom.
The one who stuck with me the longest.
You were in my dreams, Ma
And that just made me miss you more.
My mom has been with me all my life. There was thing 4-month period last year we were separated for. (There were times before, but not this long).
Maybe I’ve not physically missed people because they weren’t always there with me.
Well, I do miss my Dad, deeply, but I guess I’ve grown accustomed to adjusting to life without him at home it doesn’t cut too fresh. Sometimes you only realize how much you’ve missed someone once you see them again (like with my Dad).
Ash Aug 2018
I've been looking for you in each stranger,
Each blue eye with sand hair makes me turn,
Each musical note I play is a reminder of your name,
I often forget to distinguish my voice from yours though this mics
I said I'll be strong but mama I miss you.

I guess blood is thicker than time than death since,
Each eye on this arena feels like yours
Every time I give life to this fiction characters
I hear your laugh,feel you cringe,
Each attempt to hide from this paps,
Feels like a carbon copy of yours,only with a failed attempt
I said i'll be strong but mama I miss you.

It's been a decade,I want to lie i'm stronger/mature i'm not
I still ball over and cry sometimes,especially days like this,
I still let them in even though you warned me about naivety,
I still shy away from the life you and dad gave us,
I know I said i'll be strong but mama I miss you.

I have loads of questions,so I ask the siblings you gave me,
Hoping they asked the same questions to you,
Hoping they pour your knowledge to me,
I watch  you,how you were,so beautiful so young,
I know I said i'll be strong but mama I miss you.

I've tried been good,
Though this creepy's make the search engine say am not,
I want to talk about your old man and your boys,
Right now though I'll be a little selfish because,
I know I said i'll be strong but mama I miss you.
Ek Aug 2018
She’s trying when she’s stressed
She’s trying when she’s tired
She’s trying even it’s not her fault
She has all this questions that she can never get an answer
Until she starts loving herself a little more
And remind herself that there’s nothing wrong with her
Remind yourself that people can be ******* and it’s not your fault
Qwn Aug 2018
There's a monster under mamas bed
he's made of metal and...
and probably has razor-sharp teeth,
he's got eyes made of silver.
His sharpened tongue hits the roof of his mouth with a click.
And he shouts out shots.

My baby sister found him yesterday.
He fought her till she died,
And mamas never cried so loud,
But the monster's still inside.
They say a daughter reflects what her mother is.
I say, no!
I'm not my mother.
She sees the best in everyone,
I assume worst.
She holds scars but smiles outside,
I scream about pain.
She loves and supports everyone at any cost,
I disappoint people around me.
Somebody put her in worst of situations, she remains kind,
I take vengeance and hurt myself even more.
There are Angels God puts on this Earth, I've one. I call her mama,
On my name & life , I can't even stand the shadow of her.
Ever since I can remember, my mother has been a strong individual. She raised my brother and I financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually by herself. My mom gave her all, by that I mean, she worked two jobs to make sure her children ate properly and that they had the essential amenities to grow happily and successfully. Another way she supported us was with love and care. She would encourage me by simply saying, "Complaining is a useless way to solve problems, but becoming active on the issue is a great way to conquer it. My mother My mother has always had strong faith and views in her religion. When I was younger, every day and night, she would bring prayer time to me and my brother's attention. My mom instilled As a child, my mother displayed the seriousness of spirituality. In which she expressed her faith in us at an early age, that prayer time was not the time to make jokes nor to complain about having to partake in it. One lesson she taught us the most, was how seriousness about our spiritual beliefs could provide us with a substantial, stable and structural lifestyle.
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