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Ashley S Sep 11
Sweet spiced cookies
wafting in my nose.
It draws me to the kitchen
and on my tippy toes.

Mama's made a special treat.
She says it's still too hot to eat.
I can hardly stand the wait!
I bet they'll taste so great.

I hold mama's apron
until she gives me some.
It tastes just like mommy,
and it tastes just like home.
My toddler's little world 💜
Zywa Sep 3
Flat pillar of salt,

my fixed image of mama --

Beloved photo.
A photo is an image fixed in salt compounds
"Ivoren wachters" ("Ivory guardians", 1951, Simon Vestdijk), chapter II and V

Collection "Inmost [2]"
Mark Wanless Aug 8
the words on the page
nothing but echoes in mind
mama papa me
for all I know, she is a woman.
her beauty might leave you speechless
she is special, not the only one of her species,
and yet, she is uniqueness.

the wind whistles through her hair,
as she walks in elegance,
but it’s nothing like arrogance.

she embodies love and protection,
her heart is strong and golden.
and she is a lover of perfection.

she still remembers
the chances she didn’t take.
the wounds, the heart aches
and the days without breaks.

she has fallen many times,
but sure knows how to arise.
her strength has never let her down
and she still carries her crown.

for all I know,
she is a queen without king.
she always knew how to fight
and how to spread out her wings.

she protects her infants
even from a distance.
her love is persistent,
she is brave and resistent.

for all I know,
her heart is in the right place,
it carries compassion and grace.
and she will always make sure,
that I am safe.

for all I know, she must be a mother.
and gracefully I smiled,
when I realised,
that I am her child.

- gio
Nul ne peut pleinement comprendre l'amour d'un père pour son fils.
Vu que le Père lui-même ne le comprends pas parfaitement

On ne peut qu'avoir un aperçu de l'amour d'un père pour son fils et voyant comment il se tue à la tâche sans intérêt pour lui-même

Nos parents sont durs avec nous, mais ils sont plus dure avec eux-mêmes.
Ils nous avertissent pour qu'on évite les erreurs qu'ils ont commises faute souvent de conseiller et pour a eux-mêmes, les erreurs sont des interdits.

Si on demandait aux parents à quel point, ils aimeraient leurs enfants, ils seront.

Khaab Dec 2021
What is this between me and her?
Our moments hold love and hate
Why is she like this?
Fighting everyone, who hold flowers
on their tongues for me
They feel sad for her for being this way...
criticizing me for my ways
As they say, that I am no genius
And why can't she accept...
a life so normal for me?
I hold tears in my eyes
As her words hurt my soul...
But now, a part of me knows
those words coming from her...
hold a meaning lot deeper...
I see someone, there in her eyes...
Someone shouting behind those words...
"You are not normal...
There is a reason...I gave you this name..."
I have begin to understand the enormous love,
She holds behind those thorny words...
My past holds a thick account of good deeds...I guess
As out of all, the creator of stars gave her to me...
She, who has the courage to leave her own joys
to help the ones in sorrow...

Somedays, I don't like her ways...
But, at the end of the day...
She is the best part about me...
But, even at the end of my life...
She will be the best part of me.
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