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Nul ne peut pleinement comprendre l'amour d'un père pour son fils.
Vu que le Père lui-même ne le comprends pas parfaitement

On ne peut qu'avoir un aperçu de l'amour d'un père pour son fils et voyant comment il se tue à la tâche sans intérêt pour lui-même

Nos parents sont durs avec nous, mais ils sont plus dure avec eux-mêmes.
Ils nous avertissent pour qu'on évite les erreurs qu'ils ont commises faute souvent de conseiller et pour a eux-mêmes, les erreurs sont des interdits.

Si on demandait aux parents à quel point, ils aimeraient leurs enfants, ils seront.

Surkhab kaur Dec 2021
What is this between me and her?
Our moments hold love and hate
Why is she like this?
Fighting everyone, who hold flowers
on their tongues for me
They feel sad for her for being this way...
criticizing me for my ways
As they say, that I am no genius
And why can't she accept...
a life so normal for me?
I hold tears in my eyes
As her words hurt my soul...
But now, a part of me knows
those words coming from her...
hold a meaning lot deeper...
I see someone, there in her eyes...
Someone shouting behind those words...
"You are not normal...
There is a reason...I gave you this name..."
I have begin to understand the enormous love,
She holds behind those thorny words...
My past holds a thick account of good deeds...I guess
As out of all, the creator of stars gave her to me...
She, who has the courage to leave her own joys
to help the ones in sorrow...

Somedays, I don't like her ways...
But, at the end of the day...
She is the best part about me...
But, even at the end of my life...
She will be the best part of me.
The first sip they say
Takes your breath away
And so it did
As I lifted the lid
Again to my smiling lips
The liquid falls and drips
But my mind is elsewhere
Thinking of a moment I share
With only you
Just us two
Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!
SMS Feb 2021
Because I swear I miss the way your arms felt around me
I miss the way your smile grew after you saw mine
I miss the way you dressed me up and made my hair
I miss you , your presence just in spirit
A ghost from the afterlife
I miss you
But I don’t even know what I miss.
GQ James Feb 2021
I'm from a broken family,
Mama was always there,
Daddy went missing since beginning,
It broke something inside me,
Ain't been the same since,
As I grew up it made me stronger,
For the longest I was cold,
When I let it go I seen something different in me,
Life hasn't been easy,
Being where I'm from made me hungry,
I ain't ever been greedy,
Didn't have to beg mama to fed me,
Mama fed us with all she had,
Didn't ever want for nothing,
Didn't ever have to question my mama's love,
We all knew she loves us,
Her love surrounded us always,
What's real doesn't have to be said.
OpenWorldView Nov 2020
mama and papa
i long for your warm embrace
but you both passed on
I miss you!
Bhill Oct 2020
is humanity going to be beautiful again
it has lost its way, and I want to know when
all people of the world, deserve a little break
it has been too long since all of us, really could partake
mama never told us, there would be days like this
she told us what she knew and would she gave us a kiss
I want humanity to be beautiful again
let's find a way to save ourselves, and I end, with an AMEN

Brian Hill - 2020 # 280
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