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don't call us “friends”
when all you do is pretend

act like you don't want to attack
but you'll do it behind my back

and all i've been was loving and nice
but you were threatened by my spice

you mistake me for being flirty
when you're the who did me *****

telling everyone i'm the one to hate
when all i've done was be a good mate

so go on and talk **** about me
and i get we all have our insecurities

but don't be fake and start talking ****
hurting other people is just not it

words are just as hurtful as fists
pain like this can exist on wrists

there's too much hate already being hurled
when are you gonna realize we need more love in this world?

if you're wondering if i'd ever do that to you
i don't have the heart to do what you did to me too

and in the end, i'd still care about you
even if our relationship decides to falls through
you took advantage of my kindness, i was so blind and completely mindless
Farhan Ahmed Jun 2019
Who runs the show
To create a mess
In the game of chess
Smart to know
The next move, a guess
Of the guest
Aiming at the chest
Scatter by flattering
Clattering of the best

The enemy is in the nest
Feeding the allies
with lies and pride
Demanding a crest
For the services
Vest for the bullet
But aimed at the head
All is at war
But still goes to bed
The enemy among friends.
These so called friends have let me down
And made me feel as though I would drown
My heart was broken, like a death to grieve,
These friends of mine set out to deceive.

We had been friends for many years,
With much laughter, fun and tears,
We'd had good times, but that was the past, 
Like many things, they did not last.

They did not ring or call, 
I think that just about says it all.
In my awful dark despair,
I really thought they would care,

They left me crying and so upset,
How could they, and yet,
"I'm alright" they said,
We don't care, we'll go ahead,

No doubt to complain, stir and moan,
But they had left me all alone.
The pain they caused will not go away,
It cuts deep and strong to this day.

How can people be so mean?
When I was always there so keen,
They did not deserve me as a friend,
I finally realized this in the end.

I am better, kinder, than they will ever be,
Love, respect they no longer have for me,
To me they are forever gone,
And in my life they no longer belong.

I realize now they were not real friends,
But used me for their own selfish ends.
I really don't think they will miss me,
But I've left them alone, and let it be

         ©Words of a withering soul
Not all friends stay forever
Thorns Nov 2018
I told her I liked
But inside I loved him
Then she got him first, so I let her be happy
And stayed in the shadows
He left our town after they broke
They both were fine with it
And I was to busy hiding...
To see him go
He was my one way to heal
He saw me and he like I saw him
But that girl had to ruin it
You're still like a sister to me and I, you
You don' ****** up
I'd rather walk alone in the light if that means no more dark eras.
- Thorns
KJ Jul 2018
I am jealous.
I am jealous of the way you easily change your faces.
They switch so quickly,
hardly anyone can keep up.

I am jealous.
I will admit it, the green monster building inside.
How do you live your life,
so carelessly.

I am jealous and angered.
I wish I could be as selfish and cold hearted as you.
I wish I could rip the knife out of my back,
and stab you too.

I am jealous and heartbroken.
I cry out in pain, pain that you so ruthlessly inflicted.
You think only of yourself, trampling everything in your path.

I am jealous and done.
I am tired of trying and fighting, fighting for you.
I am done wishing that you will be a better person.

no one is left to root for you.
Kuvar Jun 2018
This is a time
When a man
Needs to eat a full chicken
And flesh he can’t afford
Let him go for an egg
That is a full chicken
From a life chicken
Poor innocent man
Just saved a chicken from the knife
Man with his muscular knife and fork
is such a
I am talking about his Tongue
Chey Ferrill May 2018
Snakes masquerading as friends...
Shed the facade you have crafted;
I can see your forked tongue
tasting the air.
I'm not a fool.
Finally Free Mar 2018
Words may not seem that dangerous
The knives on my back appear
The words you’ve said about me on each one
The thought of your hatred makes me sick
Why must you say those things
I’ve done nothing to deserve the words said
Your words dig deeper into my back
I once let you have such power over me
Friends forever you once said
Now I am your mortal enemy
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