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Caroline Jul 12
I handle my children as if they might disappear.

Sometimes when I am holding them,
My face pressed to their hair,
My hands around their little fists
Like so many eagles
Cloak their nests
In feathered wings,

I feel their edges start to blur
As if pulled by a strong hand
Through a silver curtain.

“You can’t have them!”
I yell at the space above their heads.
“They’re mine!”

And yet I feel the weight of being gifted
So many treasures that
I don’t deserve,
That I try to earn.

I handle my children as if someone might come back for them.
Speaking to me sternly, they will explain
“These are too precious, too rare,
For you.”
But I would not let them go.

I would come after them.
Charging like a lioness
I. Would. Come. For. Them.
Through every burning flame
And every mangled wreck
And sterile hospital bed,
I. Would. Come. For. Them.

Dragging both legs
And seeping blood
And holding the heart
Inside my chest,
With my own two hands
I. Would. Come. For. Them.

I would die for them.

I handle my children as if they might disappear.  
Clutching their tiny bodies and all their edges,
Holding them in, keeping them whole.
I wrote this a couple of years ago when my babies were very tiny, but it remains true, always <3
Because she cared for me

To me and mommy
He was different
To her thinking space and brain
He held a gun


He lied
He hurt
He screamed
To me,
I loved him though it was
The definition of tough love:
I’ve seen a lot of ‘Can you write a story using simple words of an experience through a child’s eyes that was a heinous act of an adult?’ questions on Quora. Decided to try a poem using the same mindset. Thanks for reading
wc Jun 21
my mom is lovely
we argue and fight, but she
will always be there
kiran goswami May 12
My mother has been reminding me of things,
since I was 4,
and the school started giving homework.

She reminded me of
the notebooks I needed to take,
the drawing  I needed to make.
the exams and competitions coming,
the girl, I thought I was becoming.
The answers I needed to remember,
there are 31 August 30 September.
the handkerchief I must never forget to bring home back,
the books that needed to be kept when my bag when I used to pack.
The words 'harsh' and 'cruel' that I should never speak,
Gods and mythology all Indian and Greek.
The way I should sit and walk and behave,
the Queen's like Lakshmibai to tell me even I am brave.
The lights that needed to be turned off and to shut the doors,
to be careful while painting and not let the colours spill on the floor.

My mother still reminds me of things,
now I am 17 and school still gives homework.

she reminds me of
The lakes that a deeper than a sea,
the Queen's like Lakshmibai and Sita because that's how I want to be.
The kingdom that flourished, the kingdoms that vanished,
the dream she lost and her words that were banished.
Herself, who is  like the bank that is washed by the soft Ganga waves,
Her sandy words that grow roses and sunflowers and then dig their own Graves,
The stars that are lonely and yet together,
the places where people go to find themselves in pleasant weather.
The handkerchief that I must never forget and bring home back
the books that I need to keep in my bag when I pack.
The lights that need to be turned off and to shut the doors,
to be careful while painting and not let the colour spill on the floor.
The prayer and the love that she carries in her eyes,
the hope and the faith that she tells me, 'never die'.

My mother still reminds me of things.
Mother; I love you. I cannot say it enough but it is true. You were the first voice I heard, also was the one who taught me my first words.
For nine months it was me and you, with your care and God’s will your pregnancy with me made it through.
From the start your name was mom, and you was the first woman I loved.
As my teacher, you taught me how to be a leader; as my friend you taught me to loyal to the end.
As I grew there were lessons to be learned, when I broke rules my britches you didn’t hesitate to burn.
Mother; I love you!
I may have not show you the love I have, I didn’t understand I was on a rough path.
The arguments and my constant rebellion, I chased what I thought was success but, you saw me failing.
On a road of destruction, raising a teenage boy couldn’t of been an easy lesson.
When I decided the streets was my way, your love for me never strayed.
And when those prison doors shut, it was a quick reminder of you whooping my ****.
Mother; I love you!
With your sickness, it made me grow and mature with the quickness.
I had to become a father, so you could become a grandmother.
I became a husband so you could be a mother-in-law, all of these I made sure you saw.
As your time on earth was getting short, I knew I was going to lose my mother’s love and support.
Now that you are gone, I understand the man you left was strong.
No mom you raised no fool, and for that I will always love you.
Mother; I love you….
By, C. E. Cheatham
Abigale May 6
in bed

I do nothing
but lay in this bed

"ABIGALE!!!" I can hear
my name being called as if I'm
some sort of maid to her every beck
and call but I'm not, I'm just her daughter

I'm just her tired, lonely, sad, and afraid, daughter
Who at times feel grateful but at others feel terrified
I don't know what to do, what to say, or how to be myself
when all I feel is sadness in her presence yet at the same time
undying & endless love because after all, she is my one and only
I don't even know what this is but it's something I thought I'd share ; )
Can you hear me? Can you hear my lonely cry?
Momma? Can you feel me? I'm all broken up inside
Momma can you see me?
I'll never be the same
Momma I can't wait til the day I see you again
I don't know how to do life without you mom
Parker Poole Apr 12
She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
And I might yell and scream at times but
She is worth every pain I went through
And if I knew that this kind of love existed
Maybe I wouldn’t have broken my own heart so many times
I kept aiming for a target but missed it
But on this round I hit the bullseye
She looks up at me with her eyes open wide
It makes me feel as if I am her entire world
This little little girl...
Has entirely changed my life
Finally I might be able to enjoy something
Flowers bloom in the cracks that once engraved my heart
There is not a single part of me I wouldn’t give for her
Through this, a realization is spurred:
Finally I might be able to love myself
Because she is just an extension of me on the outside
Like an ocean tide we will ebb and flow
When I feel low I can stare at her face
And understand that I belong in this place
Astrid Annmarie was born March 20, 2019 at 4:43pm, 6lbs 9oz and 19 & a half inches long.
For nine months straight
You carried my weight

You’ve delt with my flaws
I’m forever in awe

I love you mom
Forever and on
Carmen Jane Mar 18
Mommy a bee just stung my forehead
Please come kiss it, it hurts really bad,
Mommy, I was brave, because I used my bare hand
And throw it in the wetland!

I always liked you bumblebee,
but now, I am not!
I used to  to point at you with glee,
but now I hope you rot!

I always liked your honey in my milk
In books,your wings were drawn like silk
I really liked the songs ‘ bout you
That hurts so much,your sting, who knew?!

Mommy I want you to  hold me
On my little forehead I've got stung,you see
Please, quickly come and kiss me
And don't call me more ,your little hunny bee!
True story today :(
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