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cait-cait May 17
why are the walls always blue...
in the places where it hurts me to be?
in the places where i watch
a little girl you grow up through pictures of
a little happy family in
a house that’s big and round...

who am i in this story?
trailer park trash assuming the role of
dignified enough to be
in that house...
with a kitchen island,
and a garden, and a beautiful, bright blue
fish tank...?


******* for having what i wish i had
when i was small,
when my parents first cracked my head open,
and accidentally filled it with illness and
from our gross, apartment floors...

for i did not grow up with a happy garden
or through pictures that mommy
keeps on her wall...

if you are unhappy, i must live in ******* hell.
Wow it’s been forever since ive been on here! I miss and love you all. This is about someone who I love dearly but am angry at bc she lives the life i wish i had when I was a kid. From march 9, 12:36 am. hope you’re all being safe!
Eva May 11
Happy Mother’s Day to the person who’s always with me
To the one who helped me become the person I’m today
To the one who taught me to treat others how I treat myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person whose approval I craved
To the one who helped me understand that nobody will ever care for me
To the one who taught me that I’m a piece of garbage myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person whose laugh I was scared of
To the one who helped me know that I’m undeserving of love
To the one who taught me to hate the mirror image of myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person whose voice haunts me
To the one who helped me avoid responsibility and criticism
To the one who taught me reasons why I should **** myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made me scared of thinking
To the one who helped me breed hate in who fundamentally am
To the one who taught me that others will always be better than myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made feel guilty of my depression
To the one who helped me find innovative ways to hurt me without a trail
To the one who taught me that everything wrong is a fault in myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made me a mom to my siblings
To the one who helped me get rid of my carefree childhood joy
To the one who taught me that in life one can only care for themself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who isolated me of the ones I loved
To the one who helps me know my worth in negative numbers
To the one who taught me jealousy and that I'm hers  

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who fed me lies as facts
To the one who helped me befriend an ED princess
To the one who taught me that was the only way to be one

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made me scared of accomplishing my dreams
To the one who helped me endure years of abuse and neglect as a mask for love
To the one who taught me that I could never be truly happy

Happy Mother's Day to the person who polluted the word mother for me
To the person who made me dread being a mother myself
To the person that I'm horrified of emulating and ******* other child's life up

Happy Mother's Day to my mom
This is poem I wrote for the woman that give birth to me on Mother’s Day 2020 after a big fight and a lot of crying. This represents that while many people are thankful for their wonderful mums, some of us don’t have a good relationship with our mother or aren’t close to our blood family or simply, not everyone has a mother. That’s okay. It’s that’s you, I send you love 💕
Birthdays are not my things,
I'm not into gift-giving really,
But I'll give this poem to you
Because, Mom, you're special to me.
One year later I'm posting this, but better late than never, right?
Happy 45th birthday, mom!
Ally Nov 2019
Your beautiful brown eyes
A window to your soul
I can tell you everything
My mommy, my friend

I know you love me, unconditionally
It is the one certainty
I have always known
Your love for me never questioned

Mommy, you are my anchor
In my happy days
And my darkest days
My mommy, I love you unconditionally
KA Sep 2019
Mommy with your plastic gloves.
Why didn't you give me just one hug?
Tell me it was ok or that I was sane.
Your ***** ancestry with the violin.
Another fake just the same.
Can you tell me I'm ok?

My Robot Sisters in step.
one, two , three
fall in line -
four, five , six.

can you really love Mommy?
can you tell my brother he is ok?
why did you hate the men in life?
what happened to you in your little sun dress?
what was the slight of hand that changed so many lives?
so many hidden answers and no more time.

me with so many woman just to say the debt was paid.
everyone with your face, I made them worship me .
never loved them, I was the one that won.
Me with Sally, Sue and Stella they all adored me,
many that I don't know the name, they all loved me unchanged.

I showed you,
but it wasn't the same.
sushii Sep 2019
as i sit tense on this plane, i wonder
am i closer to you up here?
do you truly look from the heavens?
do you protect me from regrets?

sweet small talk
fills the child with lies
as murderous eyes stalk
they seek to bleed you till you die

paranoia is incorrect
giddiness unkempt
fear is easier to accept
either way, doom will be met

“mommy, can you do it for me?”
a guilty question wrought in youth
“my love, can you set me free?”
an age-old concept based on truth

death is inevitable and too powerful
shaking, i refuse to accept that
i am ashamed to still be fearful
in my comfort zone, i’m glad

if i join you
what should i say?
i might die once more if i do
simply because you were such a light
a ray that shone upon my darkness
your warm embrace held me quickly
and released all too soon

and if i may tell you,
on the next blood moon...

i truly do love you.
alice Aug 2019
I'm sorry, mommy.

You told me you loved me. For the first time in years. You were tucking me in bed with tears stinging your eyes.

I stared back, looking at the ugly wrinkles lining your face.

"Well...I don't!"

I turned away, staring at the plain white wall.

You shouldn't have seen my wounds.
sometimes we make mistakes
Jack Torrance Jul 2019
Sometimes I create daydreams,
with nothing omitted,
and if others could see,
then I would be committed.

Daydreams of the pain,
that I’d make you endure,
till you begged me to stop,
as you writhe on the floor.

Dreams of carving “bad mommy”,
into your forehead,
so that your always reminded,
even if I’m dead.

Dreams of hurting him,
for what he’s done to our son,
you never lifting a finger to stop,
not ******* one.

Using me like you did,
like I wasn’t even real,
like I wasn’t a person,
or a human that could feel.

Seven years we’re together,
raising your daughter as mine.
You say you never loved me,
you faked it the whole time?

You only stayed,
because you were pregnant with bub?
In seven ******* years,
you couldn’t find something to love?!

You didn’t want to be,
a single mom of two?!
So you cheated with him?!
Well **** him, and *******!

Now I know the truth,
I know how you got that raise,
it wasn’t just him,
you ****** the entire place.

All of that I could forgive,
but he treats our son like ****,
and you just let it happen,
and I’ll never forget.

He knows that I’ll **** him,
if he ever lays a hand,
but it’s coming to a head,
and I’m about to ******* stand.

He’s all I got left,
you took all the rest,
and he’s the reason I’m here,
why my heart beats in my chest.

I wanted our son,
the moment I knew he was conceived,
and when he was born healthy,
I was so ******* relieved.

So you better pray,
that he doesn’t hurt bub,
because I’m one step from insanity,
all I need is a shove.

You ruined my life,
so you better take care of our sons’,
because my daydreams are vivid,
and I’m dying to try one.
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