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''Faith or logic pick a side,

They cant coincide we've tried.''

This is hard I'd rather die,

Than decide which one I like.
Descovia Aug 5
If looks could ****.
Nothing against the animals
You would get slaughtered like sheep.

The car and mirror are the two main things
That can display your pain.
You may feel like it's all not ENOUGH.
Geniuses make common errors
It's a miscalculation not a **** up.
It does not have to leave you dumbstruck.
You acting as if you are low on luck.
When it's all vivid and clear.
You need an answer?
It's staring back at you in the mirror

Do not fault yourself for mistakes
It's included in the tests of life
Destiny constructs for you to complete.
GaryFairy Mar 30
Expect earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tornadoes. You don't have to be a meteorologist to know that the climate has already changed. The layers of the atmosphere are re-arranging. People still seem worried about property value and other things that will seem like nothing to them soon. This isn't conspiracy theory *******. This is energy, and how it works. Electro-magnetic energy is king.
Anais Vionet Dec 2021
I’m Imagining a place where we make sense - the hot-chocolate
safe-house where we’ll tongue wrestle, watch Gossip Girl reruns
and cuddle - sustained by love and Cinnamon Life cereal.

This dark, coffin-like clock in the corner whirrs, mechanically.
Suddenly a little yellow-clock-bird bursts, jumping-jack-like,
through a tiny door on a blue, tongue-suppressor diving board.

“Cuckoo!” it shrieks, to mock me. “Shut up!” I say defensively
but it repeats, “Cuckoo!” like an oracle - an unfeeling instrument
of adult logic.
GaryFairy Nov 2021
aka the artist, aka prince aka PRINCE

now, that is slick!
dropping your last name, to make you more famous
even though yo daddy was there, to give it to you
and he is already famous

smith really is a boring name

independence day for your new nation's mind
what do they call the first independance day?
not the one we celebrate yearly.
but the one where it first happened?

i am sorry if i hurt you
oops i
did it again

oops i did
it again
oops i did it

this is brittany *****!
i think she knew who it was
who needs a last name to draw a buzz?
what came first, the peach or the fuzz

all i ever got was the pit

is it okay if i call you willow smith
or is it miss willow
i will not use all caps for anybody!

i come first!
as you probably knew, before me...willow smith has changed her name to bold...for a spoiled rich girl. who may deny reality...either way, i am being forced to do things i don't want to do, and type things i do not want to type
GaryFairy Nov 2021
is the joy of life felt within our first breath?
why do some grow to see the joy of ****?
every day. the last day is put to the test
some find less, is their "happy at best"

this quest has left many a man depressed
press reset at the hater's behest
at rest in our full metal jacket vest
blessed in all the ways we have messed

fulfillment kills when finally at ease
beautiful thing. must i say please?
regrets full of life, lived on our knees
who will be left to pollinate bees?


saving all questions for the grave
tells me that my death will be saved
coals made by fires we stave
hey man! i ain't gonna behave!

is the joy of life felt within our first breath?
i'm looking to find the joy of death
GaryFairy Oct 2021
I know that my type of sarcasm is of the same nature that got Socrates that big glass full of poison hemlock juice, but didn't he also know what it might get him? Maybe he gulped it down happily for a reason.

I truly am sorry if I have ever hurt anyone's feelings. Feelings do heal though, but I fear this modern world never will.
I just feel a need to try in any way I can, not for fame or money, but for the future. Fame and money mean nothing without future.

Do you love the thought of the future, or hate It? What is love and hate?

Do you get it yet?
I feel like my words are coming from some unseen place, and I take no credit
Shapelessness of Love

I am a logical person
I think in polygons and geometry
But you come around and the shapes fall apart
Into meaningless squiggles on a page.
There is nothing more beautiful than the shapelessness of love.
Part twenty-five
David Plantinga Sep 2021
A hungry alphabet will flock
One word to several things.  
Taut meanings have diverged
From verbal hankerings.
hazem al jaber Aug 2021
Logic and feeling ...

between your heart ...
and your soul ...
i swam ...
as i'm a cold fish ...
search for a warm ...
and a safety place ...
as i'm now ...
diving there ...
within you ...
just to get ...
the warm of love ...
and the safe ...
there ...
inside you ...

Between logic and feeling..
i got lost ...
in spite of a long distance ...
i'm trying ...
to fly ...
just to reach the heart ...
that i'm feeling with ...
no matter ...
if there is no logic ...
the matter is ...
i'm feeling now ...
the love with you ...

hazem al ...
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