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aih 3d
stuck in my head
to when we were young
Emotions made our decisions
logic. reason. never in sight.
stupid in love or just plain stupid
it was you and me
Through contemplation,
the mind leaps to its haven
above reason's gaol
A daily dose of contemplation frees you from the shackles of reason and logic. Deep reflection is great for your wellbeing.
DENIAL of truth only one knows
Neglect of WISDOM when it shows
Surely its dark & can't see the why
Soft spoken WORDS to a hardened heart
Shootin' my LOVE it's worth the shot
Real recognize REAL & I love to watch
You grow, GLOW & radiate
With more CONSIDERATION it's less fake
In moment of truth don't HESITATE
- Don't Lust
Do right the thing! Use logic & wisdom in everyway, #StayClean
Harmony justifies…
The onward march of time
The warblers and dragonflies
The ants and twinspots

We are not just forgetful
We write poetry about
The forgotten…
Harmony justifies!

And so sullen
I was at daybreak
And so enchanted
I was at dusk
A lesson in logic, and a good day
Simon Aug 10
Styling someone is never the option for truth too supplement facts, altogether! It's probably because truth towards an option of essentially giving someone such an "option" as too never style them (first and foremost)... Is simply because those very facts are supplemented too such a degree, that everything falls apart from both decision-making and choice! Logic doesn't rule anymore! Nor does a sense for reasoning, either. Therefore, what are you truly left with then...? Easy. As it could never be as simple as styling someone who doesn't have the very effective option for truth too supplement facts over the "long-drawn-out haul"! Mostly because ALL things with purpose in mind, essentially won't ever (anymore) have it's sense for duty in hand, either. Meaning your left with the only comparable stationary meanings that will tempt the negotiations of many things too remake sense...once again. Even if it takes longer than what was fully expected (not the first time around). Whereas it wouldn't have taken as long when the very unexpected "anticipations" were completely expected (the second time around). Giving hope too an even newer sense of logic that doesn't have anything too truly do with normal reasoning, anymore. Actually, it NEVER did! Why do you think hope is an offerable cause too mandatory "enlightenment"?! Hopes grows into the shape or form of "believe", after all. (Leaving little powerful things both such as "decision-making and choice" entirely scrunched! While being also compressed "too death"! Too much between!) Which slightly contradicts logic ruling as it ALWAYS should. Or essentially, ALWAYS did! Especially when that very sense for reasoning becomes (all the more) valid (first and foremost). Conclusion... "Styling someone is never the option", because you essentially don't have anything more equipped than regular truth which prompts joy into hope growing and amassing into believe. Which actually creates the sense of reasoning that breaths logic into it's very surroundings.
PS... "Styling someone is never the option"... All for truth too supplement facts, altogether! Again...and again...and again....
The joy in styling someone is nothing more than the failure for truth! Only when your willing too truly adopt that very specific feature... Is when the obvious would come running at you with a very "engraved" knife!
Ruheen Aug 6
The littlest of lies
Conceal the largest truths.

Because the more extravagant your lie is
The less likely people are to believe it.
Simon Jul 13
Logic isn't logic if it's forced down your throat! Which is exactly why logic can't protect itself against its own reasoning when forced to do something it's never to have been done ever before, since an idea's very conception!
Sometimes logic pieces things together that isn't always "perfection"!
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