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Don't falling, don't falling, don't falling, don't fall.
I forbid! I prohibit! I ban!
Just stop it. Think logically, look at the facts.
Don't fall in love with someone who not fall in love with you.
Don't love someone who don't love you.
Do nothing for someone, who didn't either!!!
John Glenn May 18
i am borderline baffled
the logic completely gone
to think you're no apple
yet my eyes see you as one
mambo carter Apr 29
The mind and the intellect
Governed by


Quenches its thirst by
logic and understanding

The heart

Governed by bliss
Quenches its thirst by


Of the soul
Governed by


Quenches its thirst
Being nature itself

Action is governed by
all the three
But quenches its thirst by spontaneous being

Spontaneous being is possible
With the synchronization of


To the synchronization of


With the frequency of


To the right kind of


With the synchronization of
heart energy
To the abundance present in the universe

The synchronicity of the energies
With the frequency of the ideal
Brings about peace and prosperity in the world

The energy of the ideal power
Is what some call God in real
The ideals of the energy of God
Are nature, abundance, bliss

May you all acknowledge God
As the energy form
Rather than the personified story
Explained to make us realize
To realize the actual thing of the ideal living
So forth ideal being ultimately achieved
With victory of nature as a whole, abundance, bliss and the truth over the opposites
The victory is the synchronicity
It's all about time
The time we share together
The time that holds our memories
The time we get to love, holding each other

We get too old to love
We get too old to be loved
To speak, to talk, to one another
We dont get enough time together

Not enough, no way to buy more
Never enough, so we give up, living on the floor
Clinging on to mere seconds, while our past falls away
No more dreams of tomorrow, no more thoughts, of yesterday

Its all about love, in time,we die
Each of us, a Jade, a diamond, a jewel
One pearl from the ocean, amongst rocks
One firefly, one storm, all our own

I got too old to be known
To ****, to crazy, to weird
To be understood, to be heard, to be felt
And so we all have one thing in the end of time
Our death

Death comes to us all, even without love
It cares not for time, our lives, our stories
It just happens, and takes anyone, all of us
When nobody else would, not god, or the devil

A bittersweet kiss, and its all over
A soul nobody knew but us, erased
The devil would steal it, God wouldn't buy it
It's all about love, and i never even got to try it

April 27 2019
Everything is love
Everything is love
It's all about love
It's all about love
Everything is love
Everything is love
It's all about love
It's all about love
We could fly to heaven, and be together forever
But without you by my side
I had no feathers
So i fell into hell, but not even they wanted me
So i fell into darkness
Lost away in silence, for eternity
and, for me
Silence is golden, loneliness, i cant even feel anymore
When someone has 50 friends, would you pick to be with 49
or 1, that no one else adored
unless you need chicken feathers
When logic and reality intertwine
Should one need to close the senses?
Or, let one feature the time in rhyme?

What should one do?
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Being the observant || How to be writer || Then it happened || Who may not have wrote something in any point in time?
We're all eachothers objects
Possessions and obsessions
Support beams
To a failed structure

We cling to eachother
Like dying rats
On life support
Trying to avoid an inevitable death

Scraping the bottom of a barrel
To grasp a single grain
In an ocean of rice
Easily bought sold and replaceable

The notion of love is fleeting
Life is not a happy meeting
Death beckons us all randomly
No warning. Not love. It just is

Its like a box of chocolates
Or cookies
I freakin love cookies

One love to the next
If you love someone
Wish them their best
You want them happy
Or else. You are just a self centered
And pathetically obsessed a-hole

April 13 2019
Love is literally disgustingly bad for you
Its all anyone thinks about
One love
What about the universe
God huh
What about the devil
Nothing exists without both
But we only think or talk about love
Where's deaths love
Wheres hates love
Can't love everything

"Everything is love"
"Its all about love"

Shut the heck up already

May the devils hate never die
And Gods love suffocate you
The darkness gathers patiently  

I am ready to embrace the fading beauty
Of that expected dream without a name
So that my longing may have its temporary end

Meeting her here is almost antagonist
As I am able to watch her greatness perish
But only from a distance
That is the most potent logic of love
You are the hand
That guides your soul
In life it seems lies are told
Its more than roses
More than Gold
Constrained by our pocket books
Only our logic shall stay bold

March 29 2019
Are we to choose a side
Angel or demons
Or is this thought
Only of
Grooms and brides
Tony Tweedy Mar 25
By cold logic you arrive,
not through panic nor insanity,
for they are something separate.

You recall those who witnessed,
through blinded eye the beginnings.
Those seemingly oblivious of your falling to this place,
and who could offer no sanctuary or escape.

In your mind the inaction testifies, of a value you no longer hold.
Not just in your place of open eyed awareness,
But also in their world of illusion,
where you no longer belong.

There are two pathways ahead.
But only one will each choose according to their need.
Emotional pain made into the physical
Or the ending of pain both felt and caused, both past and future.

At the beginning and in the intermediate,
the times when cries for help prevailed.
Not consciously shouted but through changes,
altered interaction with the world as it once was.

To those who bore witness to beginning and middle,
at this stage comes the "why?".
"I saw it"...."Why did I not see this outcome?".... "I knew",???

To those who have not been here,
There seems to be no logic,
They cannot see from where they stand the simple rationale.
So contrary and beyond sight
that only the tag of insanity gives explanation.

At the beginners guide just so the numbers who sought to read.
At the intermediate a lesser number could give an interest.
The despair of others an unwanted knowledge and the readings so reflect a reality best kept unvoiced... too disturbing to the ear.
And fewer now here... dear reader... eyes uneducated still asking why.... you few are too late to understanding and by now despair has been defeated.
There are words I would have used but the site censors them for those who are not members.
The sad truth is that only those here through three "guides" will make any sense of my writings.
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