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Maria Mitea Aug 25
Thunder Bay, On
13th of June, 2013

My Dear,

I have been thinking for a long time of writing this letter to you. Only, every time I enter in the writing room I feel how words abandon me into the hands of past memories. I feel deserted in front of still uncoated paper, and titanium pen waiting, and waiting for the battle of my feelings.

I hope you understand and forgive me!
Since I left, much has been changed in my life.

I sit here in silence and wonder, if it will rain. The sunlight scattered in all directions and clouds piled up covering the sky with a foggy blanket.

I sit quite here, and watch how vapours are  competing on my pale skin for the arid spot to get in.

I hope it will start raining soon,
As it has been dry and hot since new moon.

You know I always delighted in
touching fresh black soil with my eager hands moving through its richness and leaf blades.

If aunty Larisa didn’t tell you,
I let you know, I moved inland and planted a garth. I work hard from morning till night
being fond of every little progress,
at sunrise I put up my sleeves,
spray the roses, and pull the wids,
sensing the presence of a lost wind,
and watching how the greenwood
guards as an unnoticed hero.
It is soothing and comforting.

I even had a dream one night,
How the garden was in full bloom
waiting for you to come soon,
You were driven by grace
coming from a forest’s place,
the sun showed its shiny teeth,
and my heart froze when thee
gently leaned and smelled the rose,
as if you didn’t want to steal forest’s piece,
selflessly giving all of your attention
to the invisible fragrance.

Still in my dream,
Next spring I planted some chiefs,

I hope to hear from you soon,
My Deer,

The Gardener
dichotomous Aug 9
the disease turned the sky gray
and our forests into highways
stained the passing cars with blood
with those who continued along old paths
while the rest of us hid anticipating the hunter
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2

Golden antlered doe
Rides the wind with fluttered heart
Evade the bolt's eye

New day, new haiku!
This one is for Taygete, the third of them Seven Sisters!
There is a link between her and Artemis, something I've learned today haha! A variant myth is that to escape the eye of Zeus, she turned herself into a doe with golden antlers, wanting to escape the eye of Zeus to which this haiku alludes to. It was said that she was even hunted (but thankfully never killed) by Heracles.
Anyway, thank you all for 375 followers! I'm humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Juniper Jul 28
it’s dark
storming, loud
the rain spatters my windshield
leaves me nearly blind

i don’t see the blur
sandy brown fur, beady glowing eyes
until i hit it head on
my life flashes

on the side of the road
fading out in the ditch
i stare at the beast
in this moment, we are one in the same
driving in the rain at night scares me
SpiralDancer May 14
If you go down
in the woods

Dont go alone
Dont go alone
Better stay home today

Dont expect them to play fair
It's criminally legal

If there's a hunter
then there is hunted

If you go down
in the woods

Stay on the path
Stay on the path
It's best to stay home today

You dont stand a chance
run as fast as you can
You wont see
the end of the day

If you go down
in the woods

Cover your ears
look straight ahead
Better stay home today
Living in the countryside is lovely, until you see the hunt...
Where Shelter Apr 21
~for her~

I put up a 7 1/2 ft. chain linked fence to keep the ****** deer out
of the garden.

Secretly, I wonder, if I had the fence built
another half-a-foot higher,
could I’ve kept out the
no-longer-unimaginable disasters
life has seen
fit to shower upon me.

If I had it made solid,
instead of chain linked,
with barbs that nicked only me,
would have misery passed
me by, unable to peer inside,
my anonymity, being my personal
guardian and savior.

My garden’s yearly renewal,
comes by human effort,
but my wondering is unceasing,
it’s living ache, a perennial,
an evergreen hemlock,
that cannot be cut.

until such time, at last,
it chooses to cut me first,
and the garden retreats to its
aboriginal wild forest state, and
both our cycles are completed.
LLillis Apr 21
Cautiously stepping,
The deer samples the new grass.
We look on wistful.
We saw some deer cautiously hanging out on the side of a road. Clearly confused about the lack of people and cars they kept alert while munching on the fresh spring sprouts of grass. We watched in isolation through our window and chuckled that we are the ones in the zoo now.
Mark Wanless Feb 27
slow deer walk on snow
brown on white
large and little
actually saw it,,,my interpretation
Jac Nov 2019
i guess i should feel
somewhat honored
to have seen past your
mask painted a deer
no need to pretend around me pretty
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