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Zywa Aug 4
The deer is close by,

she breathes and looks, motionless –

I really feel seen.
"Dat het dier je zag" ("That the animal saw you", 2019, Marjoleine de Vos)

Collection "Inmost"
Millie Jun 30
I run through the forest
And smell the wet soil
It has rained
And the leaves are still leaking tears
The sun smiles down with golden rays
And the sky wears its prettiest blue dress
I settle by an oak tree
And lock eyes with a deer
We are both curious
Comfortably so
He comes within three feet of me
Before stamping back to his business
And I walk back to mine
Poetress2 Apr 17
A Deer stands frozen,
when it sees my bright headlights.
The Deer can not move.
Iz Dec 2018
I’ve been told I have that
Deer in headlights look to my eyes
As if everything I’ve ever known
Was coming to an end right in front of me
But little did they know
They were right
Dani Dec 2018
You drew me in, in that special way you do
Pulled into your space without resistance
A deer in headlights in total awe of you
Frozen and nervous, between us there is zero distance
Crashed into each other slowly like waves in the ocean
Beautiful and harsh, full of passion
Water to sand, meshing together in slow motion
Fierce with lust, and an undeniable connection
The sweet taste of your lips on mine
Makes butterflies swarm my whole body
Hidden nerves, corner kisses, crossing the line
We don’t mind, and it’s fun being naughty

So to you I raise my glass
Cheers for bringing me intoxication
A toast for every slap of my ***
A smile, for every bit of our infatuation
King Nov 2018
I’ve never been so cold
While lying next to you
I’ve lost that hand to hold
You watch my skin turn deathly blue

I am the venison
Left unwanted after the hunt
Still warm, sensitive
Dying in the cold front

I only wish I freeze peaceful
The snow covers me white
My death comes so blissful
As the moon overtakes the night

The hunters have left to kiss their women
Hug their kids and sleep soundly
While my decayed body is unwritten
And my spirit is ungrounded

Doe of the night,
Wisting away in the wind
The soul of The Taken takes flight
And finds his own ending
Prancing, Unaware
Brown, gold
Now red and cold
now dreaming
now talking
moving slower
Finally done
Corpse returns to the earth
Hunting beauty
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