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Penguin Poems Nov 2018
We’re all just chameleons
Blending into the common trends
Nothings truly original anymore
But conforming is too boring
So then we encourage the parrots
Who cut through with their loud colors
And unique patterns
but they’re too different
even though everyone knows
Parrots are much prettier than chameleons
Soon after they arrive they are forced back from where they came
Different is good, but only if it’s the same as everyone else’s different.
Penguin Poems Nov 2018
Jesus, stop changing
whenever the lighting shifts
you chameleon
S Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
Kaleidoscope of colors
Mesmerizing, yet deceptive
Arboreal chameleon
Anya Sep 2018
When you write a poem
It's your
Once you share it
It becomes a chameleon
Changing itself
Not to camouflage and hide
But to be viewed by each reader
in a personal and individualistic
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
A voice of the sun
Eyes that shine in the moonlight
Oh crap they saw me
Seema Aug 2018
Tiny marble eyes
Visible like a radar
Grinning on the lush
The cutest bundle of joy
Beautiful chameleons

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Jessica Jarvis Jun 2018
There once was a boy with chameleon skin,
But his eyes told a story the more he gave in.
There was no hiding, as he caught the attention
Of a helpless little star, stranded in the horizon.
Familiar with the longing, she yearned to fall fast;
However, she couldn’t, held by the hurt of her past,
Until, one day, she saw the twinkle in his eye.
“How could a chameleon outshine the night’s sky?”
She questioned her reality, bound by insecurity,
But dared to lean further into his sincerity.
One night, she tripped, and out of bounds she fell,
But she couldn’t help but dance, mesmerized by gravity’s well.
“How silly I must look” she said, approaching the ground,
But all else disappeared once she heard a familiar sound.
His mindful inquiry, she never knew she needed.
Her heart began to blaze, “that’s all I want,” she pleaded.
She couldn’t help but be inspired by the sight
Of the twinkle in his eyes, refracting her own light.
Lightyears of observation presented a reality,
One she so wanted to feel, but could not really see.
She oft’ recalled the hour that her heart was still,
Remembering his freedom, while he perched upon that hill.
There once was a boy with chameleon skin,
But she loved how he shined as he failed to blend in,
So as she saw his heart, she really hoped he knew
That while the whole world could watch her, she told him
“I see you...”

This poem was inspired by another poem. I liked the concept I saw from this other poem because of the story the it told. Literally, it was a straight-forward story. The poem reminded me of a children’s book or nursery rhyme, so it had a certain playfulness to it that certainly intrigued me. After reading that poem, some rhymes came to my mind and I wrote a “response” entitled “‘I see you,’ said the star”. The original poem is entitled “I see you”. You should check it out!
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