Everything's Superficial
They ask if I'm okay
If I say no
They don't want to know
When I try explain myself
They apply it to themselves
It's too difficult to understand something you don't know
Something you cannot be taught or feel

You have to accept you made a mess before you clean it up
Yeah I threw hot chocolate at you
Just like you tell me I'm having a break down
Just like you say I can "talk" to you
Just like you don't want to accept something's bothering you

Everything's Superficial
Until you find someone who cares
Laura 1d
I just want to die

not really,
but really

I'm just wanting an escape.
Wanting to leave this place
Leave the people
Leave the stress

I don't want any of it
Don't need anybody
just one
that's it

But I couldn't take him with me
He deserves better

I don't have any friends.
Don't get along with my parents.

I feel alone.
So just let me do it.
Let me go.

My wrists are already scarred.
My cheeks are already tear-streaked.
My will is already almost gone.
So just let me go.
Laura 1d
It was a bad night last night
My tear stained cheeks
and sliced up wrists
can vouch.
I never know what I'm thinking anymore...
Or why.
I just know that I am.

It's scary,
You know...
Being like this.
I get scared,
and other people get scared.
More often than not,
I can't control these thoughts...
These protruding and unwelcome thoughts
but I don't know what to do.
I never know what to do anymore.
I just know that I've had a lot of bad nights lately.
A lot of them.
But I don't know what to do.
Marloes 3d
Sometimes I see a brief glimpse of light.
It is shining on me like the sun in the evening
It is so beautiful, so gold and bright
I can't believe I am the one receiving

I realize that I am fortunate
To be the one to witness this stunning view
I never again want this door shut
And to be left in this dark room with nothing to do

If only I had the power to open this door
Just enough so that the wind won't close it again
I wish to watch this sunset a little more
I need a plan
Every once in a while (Mainly when I am manic) I feel positive about myself. I realize that this isn’t very often. Also usually when I am feeling like this and not manic, It’s a little bit of positivity. I want more. I want to feel positive about myself more without having to be manic for it.
Floating in the ocean of emptiness.
Trying to escape this sempiternal darkness.
I've been screaming in silence.
Punished for suffering,
constantly wondering
why they took my oxygen away.

These voices won't get out of my head.
I know they want me dead.
It's my fault,
I caused it all.

I can't breathe.
The flashbacks are coming in.
Why did I let them in?

I think I need to..

Run, run, runaway, oh
runaway, runaway
to a better place,
a better place,
far away from here.

Repressing the anger
brewing throughout my veins.
Fracturing my hands,
to release the wave of emotions
suffocating me.
I can't breathe.

Please note that this is about you too.
You revealed your true colors
and your malicious ways.
And for what?
Did it feel good taking
the rest of my oxygen away.
Constantly hidden by an altered mind.

Medicated to numb this monster I try so hard to hide.

Isolate myself before you have a chance to see

who I really am on the inside.
Ashley 4d
My knees are weak as I fall to the ground.
The stairs I lay on has yellow fuzzy carpet. Carpet that is full of crumbs, dust, and nail polish.
The yellow carpet was once white, but is now not, no one knows why only it knows.
My knees can’t stabilize as my brain can’t make a move.
Without a moving body I have no moving brain, but I can’t have a moving body without a brain.
All I can think of is the words you put in my head. I’m to scared of your movements and every word you say is like a million of needles pinching me to teach me a lesson.
I’ve become to weak that I don’t seem weak to myself. Because for as long as I can remember I’ve been like this, weak. That I forgot how it felt to try or work hard.
So once I lay on the yellow fuzzy carpet. Not worried someone will see my salty tears hit the stairs, or see me falling to the ground. All I care about it whether or not if you know your words hurt too much to explain.
Whether or not you choose to be this way.
Because I’m feeling the yellow fuzzy carpet beneath me, and I’ve been on this yellow fuzzy carpet stairway to many times before.
Is this okay? It's practically a draft and I only feel a need to write poetry when I am panicking or crying
Ezis 6d
This is what anxiety is like:
My stomach is in knots
My heart is beating fast but when I put my hand over my heart I can't feel it at all
I might throw up, I'm not sure
My brain can't focus on one subject, one thought
I feel like there is nothing to do nothing to say I give up
Too many thought and yet none at all
Tight chest and curdling stomach, which will get me first?
And this all happens... for no reason at all.
Chloe 6d
Sometimes I break
Like a building
To a wrecking ball.
Sudden, huge, a mess.

Sometimes I break
Like a dilapidated house,
Slowly falling apart, crumbling,
Inside to out.

And then I lay like a corpse
For hours.

Sometimes I'll feel the warm tears
Running trails down my skin.

Sometimes I'll feel the sharp sting
Of hurt I caused myself.

But mostly,
I feel lost,
And dead,
And useless.

'I'll be fine tomorrow,'
I tell myself
Every time.

And I am.
So I don't deal with today.
I don't deal with

I sleep it off.
Then I'm fine.
Then it comes back.
Then I sleep it off.
Then I'm fine.
Then it comes back

I will be fine
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