I can make you laugh,
I can make you cry,
I can make you ask questions
Like, where? What? And Why?

I can be your best friend,
Be your worst nightmare,
I am very fragile,
Treat me with care

I hold your memories,
emotions and dreams.
I'm much more fragile
Than I may seem

Without me what use is wealth?
Please take care of your mental health.
Peace you’ll never find,
if your eyes are blind
to the naked now.
Just look––you’ll see how.
B 2d
For it is the same truth
That plagues and flowers
The one who cares the least
Holds the most power
A little flower with white petals that sometimes turn pink.
An orange centre that withstands the constant extraction of those petals, with the pang and echo of tiny voices shouting
“He loves me; he loves me not”-
Often mistaken for a weed.

A girl who winces with insecurity
Every time the nearest dandelion clock is
Plucked from the soiled earth around her.
She watches with wet, reddened eyes as she is paralysed
(If being limbless can equate to such a feeling)
And unable to stop the careless children blow away Time as if it were some sort of lark-
Seed by seed.

A witness to the exposure of stalks and leaves alike;
A veteran of the unwanted embrace and, indeed,
The wanton thieving of petals and memories and silence and voice
She is swaying but explicitly not
Bending to the wind.
She stands her ground, and
She has blossomed.
Nel 3d
“I think you need a service dog”

I’m not crippled
I don’t have seizures
I’m not blind


I do have those things in a way

How my depression makes me not want to get up or even move
How it makes me tremble and shake
How it makes me see no reason to get up or have a future

I guess I do need a service dog then

An emotional support dog

A chihuahua?

A dog who has anxiety just as bad as me?

Oh man

This will be fun
Guess who’s getting an emotional support dog to help cope with depression and possible ptsd
Raven Frost Jan 5
Yellow winter sun
Warms my face, it is
Forever in the dark
The only light it sees
Yet it burns, lingers
Before it disappears

See me smile, at rest
Eyes closed against the heat
Look closer, I am
Forever in the dark
Just a spark, burning
Before I disappear
Nel 4d
You see
My mind is a battle field
It’s one where many people run from

A bomb went off
And now I’m suffocating under rubble
Waiting for someone to find me

A grenade just went off
And I feel the hole in my soul

Bullet sprays cut through my skin
But that was before I had armor

Raids make me break down and sob in the middle of the day

I feel the emptiness of the houses families used to laugh in

I feel the pain of each family that has lost a loved one

I feel the death of every warrior

I see the angry hot red
And the sad red of pity

I am a soldier
And as a soldier
I’m used to these things

You see
I have scars from the battle

You can’t see the damage in my mind
I know comparing depression to a battlefield is a cliche but here’s this
face masks
feeling clean
strawberries and cream

perfume shop samples
store-printed photographs
watching people blossom
watching seasons change

a window full of snow
blankets against skin
skin against skin

beautiful strangers
rose bushes in bloom
big dogs in parks
summer cherry blossoms

cheap-ish concert tickets
a weekend full of travel
going nowhere but to sleep
lifelong dream fulfilment

the written word
(1) new notification
flowing conversation
laughing until tears

advice, with sympathy
post-cry tranquility
rain (while you're indoors)
the nice part is that there's stuff i've missed. (it doesn't have to be good if it's a reminder to yourself, right?)
SL 6d
Stuck in hospital
No one coming to visit
All you have are other patients
They don't understand what goes on in your mind

Psychiatrists don't listen
They say the same old things
Discharge you when you're not ready
All they care about is the money they receive or don't receive

Problems aren't being sorted out that needs to be
Only focusing on one thing that is a side effect of the major thing
Nurses can't do anything besides push you
They don't understand

It feels like no one is listening to your cry for help
No one cares if you go home and hurt yourself
No one cares what happens after discharge
Why should you care if no one else does
I have been in hospital for SIX weeks now and I'm worse off than what I came in. I'm getting discharged soon but no one is listening to me about the voices.
I'm sorry I'm like this
I genuinely feel insane
Because I love you so fucking much
But sometimes the bad stuff is consuming
And yet I just numbed myself with pain
Then took a couple dabs
And my positive emotions are starting to flow more freely
So I want to tell you now in case this fades again

I love you
I want to spend forever with you
I'm scared to say I need you
But I know it's true

And I'm sorry I've been an asshole
These states of mind scare me too
Which probably just makes it worse
But I'm really going to try this
For you and for me
Change is really intense
But for you I'd try anything
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