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The light September breeze,
reminds me of who I used to be,
A girl without so much worry,
A girl who wasn't judged for,
being who she was.

She left home,
And she had never felt so alone.
So she walked,
sometimes she rode with strangers,
Who seemed to really understand when she talked.

I just wanted to go North,
and see the snow.
But I wasn't doing much good,
cause my wits were starting to go,
And I hoped.

She hoped for an end,
Among the strange, beautiful places,
just around the bend.
And she found some,
In trespassing and chases.

Which is why I ended here,
in a dry town.
No whisky or beer.
Wearing a pale blue,
hospital gown.
Tried something with two different perspectives, hope you enjoyed!
emily 2d
My relationship with Death is impeccable
Those thoughts now feel like home:
Like peace and serenity

Without them I would be skin and bone—
But futile lungs and a heart that doesn’t beat.
Death makes up the very backbone of me

Without Her I would be nothing.
Her shadow arms embrace me in my dreams
Black lips kiss at my aching hips,
She greets me in bed.

Today we were announced married.
Her dark veil awaiting me at the collapsing arch,
Heart in my mouth
I mutter curses and in return She incites,

We are one,
The way it always has been.
Hello I’ve never published any of my work before and this is my first time doing so, I hope you enjoy this <3
Jenie 2d
Insecurities rising,
jealousy over what we are not
and sometimes wish we could be;
Does it make us bad people
or just ordinary?
When we could harm
with easy pettiness, belittle or shut down
the glorious mountain-top creature
in an attempt to feel better
for a short while,
but worse
how can we process,
how can we let it go through us,
without a word spoken,
when odds are,
and with luck maybe,
we will never be anything other?

- Write!
"Fame is an enhancer, but for everyone else's insecurities, and it just, basically it directs it all towards you, because they, like, I don't know, people like look at you differently. Like people you've been friends with for years, like the amount of people I don't speak to anymore just because it f.cking turned weird." Ed Sheeran
mi 4d
I hate it.
I hate me.
My heart is screaming "Stay right here,"
While my brain only wishes to hide and flee.

It's not your fault,
That I'm not okay.
I simply wish to run away,
Away from all the glares,
Away from all the stares,
Making me feel the cold
In every single ******* season.

My hearts been turned to stone,
Cracked in half and smashed to pieces.
Glued back together, before it ceases.
This is weird,
This is strange.
I'm feeling all the pain,
Crawling in and around my brain.

My body doesn't look quite right,
Despite how much I love it.
My personality doesn't fit the same,
Despite how long I've had it.
I'm not the same as I used to be,
My humour has changed, its grown dark.
My anger has overtaken,
My bite now twice my bark.

But if you were to ask me,
I'd confidently reply,
"Im okay, I'm all fine."
You offer me a chance to talk,
My voice changes like the tide.
"I'm sorry no, this must sound strange.
But I must protect my pride."
Please remember to always reach out for help even if you don't want to <3
stumble in the door

no teeth
no pyjamas

half-naked and shaking
curl up in bed

and continue to lie
- a continuation of 'lies'
my tender heart aches
at the thought of any slight change

any and everything
within the right constraints
may cause inconceivable discomfort

blank stares and angry confusion haunt me
they live within the uninhabited parts of me
they’ve decided to take shelter within the parts i’ve closed off for good

empty rooms they fill
inching in my mind
the worms grow by feeding on my discomfort

how they wish i was dead
sometimes i make peace and side with them
She lives in the past, a time she spoke little about,
a world that does not sit with the present,
confusion swarms her fragmented mind.

Memories, once treasured, faded slowly,
now they come and go beyond will,  stripped
of control, her worlds an opening and closing void.

She knows what is happening to her, but none of us
really know why. A decaying fate beyond our control,
no matter how much we want to reverse it.

© Richard Duffy. All rights reserved
Observations of my Mother's journey with Alzheimer's
I wish I can just walk on air
With flare, truly unaware, as they stare
Just one moment to declare, confirm your welfare
To stand in power pose as an extraordinaire
Jay 7d
there isn't anything
through bouts of smiles and unshed tears
there's nothing
it's an emptiness but it's weighted
heavy on your chest and
breathing isn't easy
even while bright eyes gaze upon
what once brought joy
to an already broken soul
no I couldn't tell you when last I cried
no i can't remember when I felt
because everything feels like nothing
Zack Ripley Aug 30
Hello my hellopoetry family! Before I started sharing my work with all of you, I was suicidal because I felt alone. And it hurt. But I wanted to take the time to thank you guys. You made me realize that people COULD relate and DID want to hear what I have to say. You guys helped save me. And I know I've helped some of you and that means the world to me. But now it's time to help more people. I have a book of my most inspiring poems out, and 2 dollars from the sale of every book will be donated to the jed foundation. They partner with high schools and colleges to empower kids to talk about depression and other mental health issues which, in turn, educates teachers how to recognize it in students. here's the link

Thanks again guys. And if you can leave an honest review when you get the chance that would be amazing
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