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Anais Vionet Mar 2022
I’m over Siri-ous,
I’m over-charging,
My screen time is up,
My audio levels are up,
I was watching **** again,
I’m searching stupid things,
I’m not closing all my circles,
I haven’t walked long enough,
I don’t stand at all the right times,
I may be an online shopping ******,
I’m spending too much time on Tiktok,
My heart jumps around the wrong guys,
I’m looking at bright screens late at night,
I’m getting too many calories from cocktails,
I’m not taking full advantage of my subscriptions,
I need to upgrade my hardware, software and my attitude.
BLT word challenge of the day: archetype: the prime example of something
Zywa Mar 2022
Golden cloaks for sale,

against all evil-thinking --

Of you? Or of me?
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Collection "The drama"
Blissful Nobody Feb 2022
I see you,
yes you there,
those peering eyes,
lips pursed,
teeth in a grind,
smirk lines,
touching the right ear.
Yes you,
I am calling you out,
you are judging me,
come on!
yes you are ,
for my time,
MY time .
you wonder how,
what i do ,
in my free time?

my time is not free,
please! i am a life.
i do a lot ,
but to put up a show,
now, now!
stop .

opinions like yours,
i wouldn't lie,
popped up ,
quite a few times .
now i tell you,
if thoughts like that,
left my head,
youd leave me too.

oh come on!
a friend i can be,
a follower,
oh please !
let me be .

my free time ,
as you call it,
my privilidge,
and my choice.
i have earned it ,
or not ,
you are one,
to question,
to point.
this precious job,
who did onoint?
were you coronated,
by the likes of you?
to lead and demolish,
my very being.
word after word,
they are put out ,
like cannon ***** .
i still stand guard,
my thoughts,
MY free time.
You heard me,
that's what i'll always be.
Maybe not to my eyes,
but to yours they will see.
Different is the word to describe
the abnormalities in ones self of
I' am different because your music taste is awful,
but who am I to judge ones flavor in artistry.
You **** me in and ******* out like a dragons fire.
I' am the girl who you never thought you'd heard.
Different is what they call me, and in some other terms
just a freak in disguise.
I' am different, or maybe just a freak.
Drowning in this judgemental sea
Why can't I be just who I want to be?
Their judging fingers pointing at me
I desire to be free
Why can't I be me?
Don't let people stop you from becoming you
Brittany Ann Jan 2021
It says,

“For all have sinned

and fall short of the glory of God!”

So, I ask you,

just how much have

I sinned in comparison

to the pedestal you

set yourself upon?

How much have I plummeted

beneath our great Lord's

merciful feet,

when I dare to challenge

the oppression of earth's

white-man evangelist bigotry?

I ask you,

most wise and knowledgeable


just how far do I fall

from the Lord our God's

reaches of heaven

when I have questioned

on the magnitude

of our fellow man's

prejudice and injustice,

and you have not?
do not judge my story
if you haven’t read
all the chapters.
Traveler Dec 2020
You have drawn the extra version card
Welcome to the deck
Introverted values
You no longer can connect

Intuition, feelings and perceiving
is the game that extroverts play
Opposed to sensing, thanking and judging like those introverted lames!

If you’re not sure which side you’re on
Or if you’re out there on the fence
Do you want to be alone?
Or the party to commence!

So weep not my child
they’ll be no need for fear
God made
An extra version of you dear!
Traveler Tim
K-ROB May 2020
Transparency... yes, no, maybe
Like an open book
Yes, that's me!
Love me or hate me
wish everyone would just say what they mean
Hard to keep faith, when the truth can't be forseen
From now on I'm going to say it like it is,
Or not say it at all, "It is what it is?!"
Only say if it will help??
Otherwise, it's not good for your health
by health I mean sanity
There is such a thing as brutal honesty

Sometimes the truth hurts but lies can consume you
Your heart, your mind, your soul
Stay honest to yourself and your heart will be full
you will not feel as if things are out of control

Sometimes the consequences can't be seen
But it's hard when you really want to say something
and holding it in doesn't feel right
Sometimes it's simply not worth the fight

Perception, it's a funny thing
some say honest, some say mean
I say be true to your heart and the rest will fall into place
Sometimes it's the "long game", slow down, it's not a race

Kristy Robertson
This one was written the summer of 2018 I believe.  I wish more people would be transparent.  I think it would make life a whole lot easier!
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