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Adarsh singh Apr 7
3rd day in the row,
tik tik,
past midnight,but no sign of sleep,
tik tik,
instead,my brain is drifting into thoughts,
tik tik,
which no man can think in sanity,
tik tik,
sound of clock keeping me calm and awake,
tik tik,
if not for the clock i would have been grotesque by the thoughts,
tik tik,
looking into the abyss through the window near my bed,
tik tik,
thinking about the tree which is right now growing wood for my coffin,
tik tik,
than suddenly,
tik tik,
i saw,
tik tik,
just outside my window,
tik tik,
a face,
tik tik,
i live on 14th floor,
tik tik.

-tik tik by adarsh singh
Adarsh singh Apr 2
i was earth,
and you were homosapien,
you came,
you used,
you destroyed,
and now,
you are probably going to leave.
-Homosapien by adarsh singh
Clelia Albano Mar 18
Take me to the xylographs of Tunis
Where silken shades of colour  
Dissolve and reassemble  

Take me to the white veils of sand
Along with Elysia
To the oils of Giverny scented with
Climbing roses  

( I want to touch them with my fingers)

Take me to the orange rows of Laos and  
-further away-  let me
Into the magic Australian Outback

( I want to count how many dots exploding  
The picturesque of Aboriginals)

Take me to Berlin before the curtain on
The Night
To the peripheries of the world

( I want to look in the eye the eyes kept prisoner by Time)
Then let me into the remote echo of the invisible squares
Inked Quill Mar 14
My body’s a fire
To be burned
With your caressing gaze
All teased
Nuzzled fantasy
Makes me
A bad girl
Eager to please
Your ***** sensitivity
Tie me
Choke me
Tell me Daddy
How will you
Discipline me today
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
"Would you burn for me?" said the Candle to the Flame
Sometimes we burn ourselves for others
Ryan Vallee Feb 6
i’m dying soon
on the side of a highway
as cars pass like comets
and trucks rumble by
to stir the gravel
as avid teeth sniff
me out to pull
at my porcelain skin
before the bird beaks leap
from the sky
to peck at what’s left
of my brushfire bones
i’m dying soon
and it may just
like any other day
that i’ve known
Ryan Vallee Feb 4
i am never leaving here
i will sway and swing
and fill the humidity around me
with all the flavors
that once ran through
this beating body
but I will not leave
you see
i never saw things upside down
until we ran from everything
until legs sold out
and spent themselves on love
on you
and all it bought
was a grandstand view
of you
still running
still living
Ryan Vallee Jan 4
you can’t jar the lightning bug
for long before the light
becomes night again

the baby bird lost from the nest
can’t follow the chirps
and arm-flapping, you see
i could teach you to fly
you will eventually
find ground
if it’s my flight you follow

i was never meant for the places
you perch
it was wonderful while it was
but, i could never stay
no matter
how much i flap my arms
Ananya Bansiwal Dec 2018
I thought
you were the sunlight
slicing my dark
when all you did was
sketching everything black
Kuvar Jun 2018
Dear self
You can’t find yourself
On another man’s shelf
Said the bookshelf
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