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The time to wail has always been here
Every day we suffer the consequences owned by the heirs
Not for once have they worn our shoes
They have refused to please our clues
Yet they devise new means of sitting on the throne
Without giving in to our daily moan.

Meetings upon meetings
Agbada upon dansiki
Designer upon latest trends
Convoy upon macho guards
Yet they proclaim it’s all vanity.

In the end of the fashion rally at the house,
Worthless Nothing of importance is established
But the cake is diminished
And then they blame it on poor rats.   Hypocrites!

Blame them and no one else!
Because it’s their selfish interest they fight for and not us.
From the doom by boko haram
To the slaughter by herdsmen.

Don’t we see it!
The people get to die
But they live to see their greatest grandchildren
While their billion dollar ready made coffins rot in the backyard.

God is the ultimate judge
Only God can make the evil one right in his sight.
Obey the nations call

How do we serve our leaders right
When They stand for the worst
Then we say
“If I be in power I will work but I’ll steal a little”
Shame shame shame

How do we Help our youth the truth to know
When our friends are on their laptops defrauding
Shame shame shame

In love and honesty to grow
When only killings and kidnapping we sow
Shame shame shame

How do we live in just and truth
When We fight for equality
But the spirit of rivalry
Has overshadowed the objective

Great lofty height attain
But Religion is like scales in our eyes
“It is well. it is well”
Faith without work is dead

Double standards is the life we live
Shame shame Shame
Hopefully peace and justice shall reign.

Awake O hypocrites
With fluctuating morals
Shaky beliefs
Awake O hypocrites
And fight for the Noble cause
A mother’s limited knowledge of food choices,
You can hear the kids’ voices,
They want food,
Screaming are the broods,
They seek healthcare
The little scared children.
They could not afford to feed them properly as babies,
And cannot afford it now, the ladies.

“We are begging the government,”
The worried mothers say.

The widespread poverty,
Lack of public safety in the North,
Guns are everywhere,
And violence is getting worse,
All contribute to
The plight of mothers
Who want their children to be happy like others’.

“We are begging the government,”
The worried mothers say.

Poor infant development,
Premature death,
Babies gone before they took a breath.
Kids are not being vaccinated,
And bad conditions are created.
All affect mothers and their
Precious offspring.

“We are begging the government,”
The worried mothers say.

The British government,
Put all of their efforts to make sure
Kids are being treated.

But still,
Healthcare providers the country leave,
And mothers are left with no relief,
With no regret of leaving millions of starving kids,
They fly to the beautiful turquoise skies,
In order to get one more dollar an hour,
They think it gives them power.

“We are begging the government,”
The worried mothers say.

The mothers don’t give up,
They want to be educated,
Money has to be donated.
With only technology, they can do it.
The access, the supplies, the needed budget, and commitment,
Will help children get the best treatment.
Oluwatobi Apr 16
So many promises made, yet the walls still crumble!

He said "He is our saviour " and he has the answer to our troubles

Words were spoken

Untruths were told

Nevertheless,  all He needed was influence and riches

APRIL 2019
No Fela and son could tell of
this present roaring Government.
We would soon forget this forgery pain
upon the odours the land created.
Empty bellies shall revive casualties
to beckon the spring of spiritualism
&the bed shall not talk of absence of
bodies on the feet of her tender care.
Our today has queued into the past
as our yesterday moved cautiously
like a troubled legs walking into exile.
Beware of Dogs!
Beware of those who came as saints
to rule you into heaven & paradise.
One was accused yesterday & today
He that accused him presented him,
the other fell on countless occasions
yet, you mounted his bills all over town.
I searched your eyes & I found nothing,
It moves like the eyes watching a
toddler step, coated with innocence.
I see the nakedness of my heart in the
Scars of my people yet, they've astrayed.
Do not hold a demon-smile between
your dark teeth!
& in your eyes, memories of lights...
Do not upset the snoring ritual of the dead.
Go home, help the living live better.

©John Chizoba Vincent
I am not just a person in
a uniform, I am a Soldier.
Every time I arise,  I obey;
Each time she calls, I step up
To defend her freedom,
To restore her home of peace
I arise,  I obey, I soldier on.

Into the forest of her terrors
I charge, not without fear for that
which is mine but with love and strength
and faith, I March. Defending the labour
of heroes past, I march; fighting
for dreams of her children bright-
the  future she deserves.

I arise, I obey, I soldier on.
In the army I serve Nigeria,  my
Country with heart, might and spine.
Though a thousand times I have fallen,
bits and pieces of me, lost to her darkness,
still I obey, knowing it may be my last. I arise,
leaving my family and friends behind.

I obey your call of duty. My service and loyalty
I pack on with my combat gear, that you may live
to see yet another day, to feel yet another ray of
light on your face. I am not just a person in a uniform.
I am your Soldier,  the Nigerian Soldier,
Ambushed and slaughtered in 40s, 70s and 100
for lack of resources.

Bless me O Nigeria as I arise and obey
Send me to your enemies with arsenals
and might to match the fire in my eyes.
As opposed to the massacres of me, let
the headlines read of our gallant victory
For my victory is yours over those who
threaten our unity.

I am not just a person in a uniform.
I am your Soldier
Do not let my bravery dissipate to stupidity
For I rise,  I obey,  I soldier on

©Belema .S.  Ekine
dedicated to all the brave Nigerian soldiers fighting the war against insurgency and terrorism. To those who we have lost and those still fighting for a better Nigeria.
B Sonia K Nov 2018
Broken hearts left behind
Tears flowing like riptides
Console your hearts
Pluck out the shooting darts
For at His feet she lays
After a stressful stay
In a world that defines you by your Genotype.
The world beyond, we know not
But we know God
And He welcomes you home Tosyn B.

©2018 Busola S. Kolade
Hendrix Nov 2018
Àdùkẹ́... You are indescribably beautiful.
More than your breathtaking smile.
Or the way you looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes.
You are beautiful in this supernatural way that makes me yearn for an explanation.

Àdùkẹ́... It is such a beauty that makes me feel complete.
A tremendous burst of euphoria and bliss just by the thought of you.
Your bewitching emanation that makes my soul electrify.
As if we were split in a ****** world to search for one another.

Àdùkẹ́... Your immense beauty that is far beyond the physical.
It makes me suffer in the most amazing way.
Forces me to watch every careful step,
To not shatter the perfection of a thousand lifetimes.

Àdùkẹ́... A beauty that makes the world seem brand new and brilliant.
You make the flowers bloom fuller,
The grass greener,
And the birds sing finer.

Àdùkẹ́... You are the deity my heart has struggled to search for,
The divinity my soul has craved,
And the magnificence I have only dreamt of.
Your presence makes this life hold a more significant meaning. 

Àdùkẹ́... You are the loveliest being, 
I have ever had the pleasure of sharing an existence with.
You cause this intoxication in my very soul,and make my heart skip every beat in the most tremendous way.

Àdùkẹ́... You have brought new meaning to my life.
Things that were once a blur now makes sense.
You have given love "at first sight" a true meaning.
(Holding fire and water together)

I don't know why the rain keeps writing the
name of Nigeria on the ground in every corner.
I don't know why we are this broken and
tortured like the fragments of the dust.
I don't know why the Dapchi girls returned yesterday while their chikbok friends are
still in captive.
I don't know why every street in Nigeria is
known with an imprint of good leaders.
I don't know why we cry yet point accusation. fingers back to ourselves, who is fooling who?
I don't know why the sun cry here with a
closed lips.
I don't know why we keep writing love stories
while our brothers and sisters perish in shame!
I don't just know why but I think you should know.
Are you not the one that collected a cup of rice, clean notes and Abrahamic lie from them?
I won't speak ill of this land again,  I won't!
I won't judge any one, no, I won't for  the
sake of my unborn children.
No, I won't for the sake of what happened to Dele Giwa and Saro Wiwa.
We poets are abnormal psychologically.
We paints abstraction from the abstracts creating fears that might hurt those true patriots.
My muse fell out from me yesterday night,
When my television opened to a scene of genocide.
Men on pants, women on trousers painting out the tears made for people inhabiting ****.
Their laughters and smiles were printed to be archived among themselves.
I won't speak ill  of this country, no, I won't!
Because of my unborn children,
I won't!
But I will tell just one tale for them to remember
Of how monkeys carted away with our monies!
Of how Snake swallowed our currency!
Of how good our leaders are, I think you know!
I have been holding these demons in me until last night they came out horribly in fierce protest to revisit this land again.
To tell of those girls ***** under the bridge,
To ask why boys like me are named after me,
To speak against shadows of death lurking here and there.
Nigeria is grey and black, red and violent,
Retrieving this oceans of mysteries from the hidden abyss of grave corruption is the passport tabled on the pyramid top to recreate a versatile muses of a lyrics calling for a right to write our rights.
Take a walk to memory lane pass your shadow,  that of your father,  mother & grandmas
You will see a Nigeria in another angle trying to free herself from the grip of corruption, then, revisit her tears and struggles you will know we are the cause of our own misfortunes.!

©John Chizoba Vincent
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