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Uzo Okoli Jan 27
The intentions of the colour speak ill.
As the designer weeps in tears
The white is a filthy colour of all
As the double green symbolises hunger.

The great groundnut pyramids stand as statutes.
Termites scavenge the remnants.
Who can stop the difficulties of the nation?
A patriot, coward, cattle rustler or an alien!

The blood of the unsung heroes
Colour the flag of the nation
Bemoaning signs of failed leadership.
Who led the actions of 10102020?
The Camouflage, Alausa, Aso Rock or the Unseen forces!

Men suffer from avarice
Crowd symbolises poverty
Likening to the extortions of palliatives
Under the framework of bureaucracy.
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I am a captive
Taken from my home
Away from love and care
Now I live in fear
In the midst of the unknown
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
Oh! You have forgotten me, probably
I wouldn't blame you
I am just a girl, you thought
But I am Nigeria
And I could be just your girl
Yet you go to bed with both eyes closed
Because I am just a girl.
How do you sleep?
How do you find peace?
How do you laugh with satisfaction
And Find rest?
Knowing I am Leah Sharibu
And I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
Who is she? I can hear you ask.
Oh! You've forgotten?
I am that "Dapchi girl"
Kidnapped with her school mates
But they are free and I am not
They gained their lives back
Because they are what I am not
That's what some people thought
But I am not just "that Dapchi girl"
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
And I am a captive
I am in chains
I am in bonds
I am in pains
And I am not free
I am still missing
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am a Christian
That's what you said
But I am more than a Christian
I am a girl child
I am a woman
I am a daughter
I am a mother
And I am a wife
But I am more than all these
Yes! I am
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
Though you called me a Christian
Undoubtedly I am
Was that not why you left me behind?
Was that not why you've left me till now?
How callous? How unpatriotic?
You swore an oath to protect me
But you lied
You think calling me a Christian
Will clear your conscience
But you lie!
I am Nigeria
That's my identity
I am Leah Sharibu

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I have been betrayed
By Deceivers parading themselves as leaders
By cowards parading themselves as heroes
By liers who embraces you with a dagger
I have been betrayed
By enemies camouflaged as friends
I thought they cared about me
But all they want is a piece of me.
So they don't care if I bleed
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I am not missing
You can see me
But you've refused to free me
You've made me your slave
Everyday you **** me
Everyday you **** me
Everyday you brutalise me
Everyday you torment me
Despite the oath you swore to protect me
You have become my terror
My Kidnapper
My tormentor
My killer
My captor
My destroyer
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I can see, you don't care, who I am
You think I will just pass away
Like a shadow in the night
Another figure among the many lost
So you hope
But you lie
I am your fear
I am your shame
I am your story
Ugly but true
I am your cross
You must bear
I am your pain
And I won't go away
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
You can **** me
But I won't die
Though ****** with many swords
And bleeding on all sides
You will always hear my cries
Because I live on....
You can try to hide me
Like a woman's nature call
But I won't go away
I will be your nightmare
And walk the night in your sleep
I will be your nemesis
And follow you to your grave
I will be your infamy
Lay you bare for the world to see
I will be the truth
That topples your lies
And I pray that I will be your end
So you'd be no more
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
Another night has come
And I pray for sleep
Not knowing if I will see the dawning of a new day
You expect  me to be weak
To break down and fall
You expect me to be feeble and frail
But I won't
Everyday I see the sun
I will grow strong
Everyday I take a breath
I shall be agile able
Don't expect me to give up
For I shall win at last
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria.
Dedicated to Leah Sharibu the Christian girls still in Boko Haram Captivity and other girls held in captivity and have not been rescued by their government if Nigeria
Mr Tendy Nov 2020
Okay, let start.

Am waiting, let start.

Can we, start already.

Our nation needs this new start.

Remember, that is only when we start that we know if it right or wrong.

So please can the youth start a new Nigeria?

Can our government give us a new start?

Can our old parents level the playing field? for a start over?

I hope we are ready to take over with a new start.

This is to all my Nigerian youth.
Let start
Please let start building our mother land.

Let start....
To all Nigerians youth that believe, in a great beautiful, great, perfect, peaceful and in a new leadership of a youth like us.
The country is in  limbo
While the rulers stand with hands akimbo
And many citizens are confused like bingo.

There's need for we citizens to make hay
Now it's day
So we can have a say
And live not in dismay.

Today, in our nation
It seems corruption
Is now the option.

We must take an action
To stop this stagnation
From messing up our civilization.

Can someone lead us in a direction
that can get our nation
Out of this cloudy confusion?

From my observation
Many are in frustration
And have taken the situation
As their final conclusion.

I make a confession
That I see a counter motion
That will shatter the ugly configuration
And lead us into positive progression
In this nation

Can you do same visualization
And make positive confession
So that with inspiration, aspiration and perspiration
We redeem the image and glory of this nation?

© Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Nigeria can only be better if Nigerians are serious about it.
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
When nations beckon
And the world refuse to reckon
Desires begins to burn
To the very last one

Heart throbbing against self *******
Fighting false battles
Along the way
Liars exonerated in white robes
Perambulating, freely reassuring false hope
Beggars bellowing bad breath
Living luxurious lives like lords
Tailored tight thieves take turn
Chopping cheap chops
On platinum platters
Thinkers in their infinite wisdom
Making hilarious decisions

What's there to it?
In this vain world
If not that by your greed
We should be crushed
Into nothingness
Then maybe our eyes
Will open to see the world
For its cunningness.
A better nation would be achieved if only we would take off our blindfold both people and elected.
KAMAU Oct 2020
The wind of change
the wind of Revolution,on our sails
  soon it will sweep across all countries
all over my beloved continent
Stronger than the harmattan I hear it is
the cry has been heard
the wails are too loud
the battle lines drawn
young nigerians say no to tsars
and hell noooo to SARS
message is one #abolish SARS
a united no to oppression
fear not their portion
Beginning of the end
they are ready
ready to reclaim the soul of Africa
message is one from young Nigerians
we want to live,we want to be safe
Respect our existence
or expect our resistance !!!
You raised me from my birth,
Even from when I was a toddler
You promised "by you till death"
Before I even know you're a mother.

My teen years are all before you,
You nurtured me well to be strong
To stand for the right cause, any who
Needs your courage and fight along.

But, the story has changed so great,
You stabbed and pulled triggers on me
So also as the love I have turned to hate,
I deserve better O mother, even me.

Heroes of yesterday are on your street
Clothed with the blood of your brutality
You deserve better and not this hit,
When will you wake to this reality?
My country my home
We celebrate but suffering
At 60 we ain’t proud of home
Yet still we live and enjoy the suffering

What more can we do
When the Government turn us down
Where else can we go
Even when you’re up they’ll pull you down
The pains of being a Nigerian
Safana Sep 2020
Just, are like  MTN
everywhere you go,
Walking to be ZAIN
a wonderful world,
Want have a VISA
for their passport to
to reach the world,
If they own, a GLO
they will rule
the world
MTN, ZAIN (Airtel), VISAfone, and GLO are nothing but... in Nigeria
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