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Em MacKenzie Aug 20
So many of us are scared,
absolutely terrified beyond words,
of being hurt.
We battle, and counteract this fear
by hurting the only person
who would die before causing pain.

This creates a vicious cycle.
The gentle, soft hearted protector
becomes the stoic, heart of stone,
destroyer of worlds.

We’re playing heartbreak telephone.
Pass it on.
“Fear leads to anger,
anger leads  to hate,
hate...leads to suffering.”
- Master Yoda
Carl D'Souza Jul 30
Is a ‘reaction’
an initial impulse to act
after an experience?
Do reactions
get us into trouble
when we act out the impulse
without first self-introspecting,
becoming aware of emotions and thoughts,
self-evaluating emotions and thoughts,
and self-correcting emotions and thoughts?
For example:

A toddler cries
then her mother slaps her hard
then regrets the slap
when her toddler cries more miserably.

A youth insults a man at a bar
then the man punches the youth hard
knocking him to the floor unconscious
struggling to breathe,
then the man regrets the punch
and regrets getting arrested even more.
Millie Jul 7
Everyone round me was crying
But my voice remained steady
My emotions remained vacant
As I watched myself live
I don't need that false transaction. I'll change my own reaction.
At a certain point during war,
you’ll wander out
among the galaxies,
among the whirling particles,
and ineffable numbers,

Feeling something that has no name,
like a thunderbolt through darkness
A storm unpredicted,
The horrible errors of our childhood,

Seeing with my inward eye,
A natural reaction to moving closer to the truth,
Life’s continuing promise,
Grounded in love

      —I like listening to you
Carmen Jane Mar 29
I want again
That feeling
When you said
That what I wrote
It made you
dream again
You also said
You were inspired
That just made my heart melt
Adrenaline rush,
Sweet blush,
Veins vibrating,
To my mirror, you made me rush,
To see my face, when this I felt.
As my birthday approaches, I've been thinking about what I want... ;)
Hold up with that block chain
conflicted economy
keep up the complaints gain
Fall in line with wannabes
Situate yourself into a failing position
Cross the line of chance and miracles without decision
Are you listening to the rhythm or are you trying to glisten on
Shining blindin yourself and everyone you’re walk-in on
Hold a second crazy cuz I’m busy for your hazy mess
Crowded in my head but world is filled with emptiness

Glamour baby
Watch out
Tear at the game
Hear them shout
Test my circuits
Freak out
Sparkin in your eyes
Get down

I’m searching for equality, but let me play don’t bother me
Addicted to the gifted that you try to clone in quantity
Sober up while gettin lit
Fill our cup don’t ever quit
Seeking self control inside of every little hit
Spare the change
Stay the same
It’s a **** shame
We’re all insane
Can’t contain
Past remains
Thinking that we like the pain
Universal consciousness
Never kiss
Heavens bliss
Shake the earth with every moment captivated by a wish
Cold and calculated marketed discrimination
Switch the station work do wages go through phases different stages
Visitation rights to our ancestors blight
Fuel fire engaged engines blast and burn it bright
Out of sight
Out of energy
Not quite, close so let it be
Do you feel me
Come fair to be free
work the weight til they bury me
Commemorate the warriors, fighting behind enemy lines, with idols and worshippers for a war designed to ruin all sides
Guinea pigs
Flipping tricks
Scary that we handle bricks
Galactic motivation cuz they know there’s something more than this
Space it out
Dimension strong
Definitive in guessing the irony of being wrong
Template made
Run the track
Tie shoes or you may never come back
Lock and load
Here we go
Now end this show
**Wake The **** Up**
Asked me
What was that?

Was it the effect
of Ketamine
or you?
Genre: Clinical Romantic
Theme: When the balance is lost ||Dissociative world
Poetic T Feb 2
You grazed my mind,

             it still itches to this day..

Which I  love because,
           with out a scratch to itch,

A reaction we will never learn.

             What made us think
                          in the first place.

A graze is a scratch of reflection,
    and the itch is us looking deeper
                             than the initial reaction.
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