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Avestani Sep 9
Blackest nights and hearts of hearts
As the feeling hits my bones
Vast illusions take their hold
Welcome evil to its throne

Embrace the stars that guide my fate they've often burned when I arrive too late
It seems I'm running in a vector leading myself back to what I hate
I picked the crown from all the roses, chose to drown yet dreamt of floating, spending precious time just hoping, loves a drug so now I'm doping, heart so broken no use coping, all this ink black blood is flowing, spilling from my tongue it stains the ground pollutes the mud

Wasted words, from wasted tongues I think I've fallen out of love and now this freedom cuts me open just to rip out all these pieces, voices, words, and thesis I've been Clinging to this life, God should just hand me the knife, I'll carve myself a new beginning.

Stab myself with a thousand needles to drive it home once more that there is no growth without pain and from me all the hues of red and black come pouring out in a catharsis of the self inflicted damage I've pursued in the twisted notion that accepting this pain will leave me with nothing left to lose and everything left to gain but as it turns out the gods were never so cruel and never so kind as to let me weather the entire storm to prove to myself that I was truly alive.



Take me, break me, shatter my illusions, drive my mind into confusion, take from me everything I hold true and run it through the strainer that's
you, God of wisdom take my hand and drag me through the burning sands, and take from me right as I bleed through every wound you set me free, crush my faith, tear out my eyes, if I don't make it death is fine, gifted wisdom from divine, is worth this anguished mortal life, show me death and show me light, show me plenty show me strife, cast upon I beg of thee, make me listen make me free.
JKirin Jul 23
Cherry petals through currents of air
travel far to get caught in your hair.
Just as I travelled, woeful, worldwide
to find home here, at last, by your side.
Thrown off balance when first meeting you,
I resisted but fell for your charm
and strong heart that can never wish harm.
Blooming trees around you—what a view...
I reach out, set the pink petals free
from the waves of your locks—a brown sea.
Like a siren, you call—my head dips.
You're the one in control, don't you see?
My mind races, my pulse wildly skips
as I steal a warm gasp from your lips.
about finding home in another man, worshipping him under blossoming trees

You will worship

At the cemetery cross of a mother

Who couldn't spare you a tear

Even if you were her own.



You will hang yourself

From the cross

& Not even God

Or Bohumil himself

Could spare a tear

For one as small as you.



The razor blades you've sewn

Inside your sleeves

Will be forgotten

Till the next bitter winter

Will make your blood drip

And fall


You must worship

Till the bleeding stops

Till your heart beats slowly


Till they tell you

You aren't as pure as you should be


And admit that maybe

You're inclined to tragedy
Sy Lilang May 18

Like the wind,
Like the sand —
My heart is hopeful.
To witness Your undying beauty.

I took a picture of the mountains,
And then the oceans
And those people lingering their thoughts
While serving as the highlight of the background.

I can’t deny its raging beauty
But I search for more —
I search for the Sun each day
For what boasting I could have?

I’ve been to the beach so many times,
And in different seasons.
You take me to the shore
And I’m always in awe —
Not by the beauty itself
But by who You are.
Oh, how could I stop praising You?
alexis Apr 22
pray away my sins with your lips,
fingers intertwined with mine
and whisper gospels into my ear
as we explore our celestial altar's in worship-
in hopes that i may be purified once more
avril 2021
alexis Apr 22
say my name like a prayer on your lips,
hands clasp in worship,
and kneel before my body-
to worship as your altar
avril 2021
02:48 am
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