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you kissed the crevices of my body like I was something holy
no one's ever worshiped my scars like that
but you knelt down to them like they were sacred
I wanted to drown all of my skin in you
Poetic T Nov 5
My mother she was one with palms pressed
                                                Asking for help..
Help to feed us,
Help to keep her afloat.

You listened, wait what was that?
                                     you didn't...
Na you played her, used her trust
in you like a torment, she looked to
the heavens and all you gave was ****..

Men were  less than what she saw,
but always too late.
            Married in your place
                                         of every prayer.
But you just kept knocking her down there.

Last time I went to church was
                    because there was free chocolate.
You see with me, my mother grasped  at
straws. She went from one form of you
to another like a ****** clinging to a new fix.

But you were just like before, same old ****,
                 different day...
I knew long before you weren't one to be trusted?
Why you ask? Because there where ones before you..
                      I read your book in the fantasy section.
This thing needed a
                           Parental Guidance Sticker.

Some contorted morals, thrown in with what
                  can be only described as a  WFT's.
I knew that those at these places of worship
                   peddling there own version of this ***..
Didn't believe there own words, so why the ****
would I be gullible enough to be a sheep in there world.

The last time I went to church,
                                         was for free chocolate.
                                    The last time she went was in a coffin..
Slam poetry
aj Oct 28
I prayed that you find hope inside disaster

I prayed that if disaster had to come
at least maybe you learn from the inevidable

I prayed that I could protect you
I prayed to forgiven; I failed

I prayed that I would stop worshiping you as if you came down from the sky

I prayed to those unknown deities
I prayed they would stop taunting me with you

I prayed that angles would stop playing tricks
I prayed their soft tongues and laughing frames would stop placing their creations in my path as gifts on display

I prayed that maybe I would stop making wishes for you
I prayed that I would not care as much about you

I prayed that I would stop worshiping you

I am on my knees and sitting still

(you are a blessing
I've been condemned)

Steve Page Oct 26
His complex plurality of unity has been worshipped with a scarcity of uniformity, with a variety of melodies across humanity's long history and He has responded with reliable proactivity, speaking with consistency through a variety of agencies and always with generosity, ushering His family into his eternal city where at last we will no longer see Him as if through a glass darkly, but instead see Him in His full and unending glory.
*** ain't simple but He is.
[This is curious. I've been notified that this is trending, but no likes.  I'm not sure what means to me.]
Johnny Noiπ Oct 24
History of War, Rena Bana, is an attractive colorfulness;
campaign Ronnie and Bert Curt Trinity The $ 'fapticall',
which is a tri-tot, I was childish I do not know what to say.
I do not know what to say. Not know what to say.
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Synonyms: Hymns, Praise, Ponies, Awards, Trials
"I came in the eyes of Sid's Parisian girlfriend In the beginning of the 17th century: Panelicule France, Giria-tatat, Paneglycos
Latin Board of Governors on Aglisys · Agorallian General Assembly.
Example: canmoliaeth; multiple names: customer's voices 1. Awards or . . . labor labor. "The Last Definition of the President's Visit"
Honor: Award, Prize, Gift, Tight. Expressions of praise and gratitude.
At the beginning of the 17th century,
a noun of France's acroada, acroada (Provençalacolada)
latin "Consum" Since the people, since the neck; multiple names:
1 It is Ruta, respect, or better. "This badge praises the music of 1940"
Synonyms:. Awards, Awards, Remuneration,
Honors, Awards, Celebration, Praise, Admiration, Praise ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"Friendship, and please praise each other"
Honorable praise, praise, "***** award prize prize prize, prize,
beauty, beauty", ****, righteousness . . . handmade . . .     and respect, evidence, proof Proof
He paid a historical historical record. Historical equivalent,
mineral workers, ... payment. / Name / Name: Email info :.
Fit Song of praise and conquest.
Promote expression In the latter half of the sixteenth century
you will be given a name of yourself (_ 0, Mimi song,
beauty song, beauty song, praise, praise, praise, praise, positive
com Please note that we are awarded the prize.)
We will do the following
2. Multiple Nagasaki "I am powerful in prosperity."
                                         Beauty and worship.
                              All women, love of your child, love||||
Cornelius' is a fascinating story of a man in the fight of different kinds
of furniture. Nonchalant, Ronnie and Bad Trinity's optical campaign $;
One boy does not know what you will throw. 1 I do not know what you mean. I know what you mean. You are already starting |
to post comments. Definition: Award for testing "One hit in Paris
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It depends essentially on the standards of "disabled people"
of acroada (Provençalacolada) |
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Medicinal face beauty, ***, baked ... ... evidence of justice |
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| Mimi's song | _ Beauty of beauty, beauty, praise, praise, praise,         |        praise song,
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2. Tally Nagasaki-ensis "I am one strong & happy.  ||
Beauty and worship. All young women love love" | |||
Her heel is adorned with rubies
her temple with sapphires
her calf is painted in gold
and her glorious thighs in kohl

The curve of her hip is tucked in lapis
the swell of her breast is caressed by jade
skin so rich she shines like onyx
eyes so warm she can make a man

This is all she wears
aye-way Oct 14
your hair smells like coconut
your ******* are the prettiest brown
your eyes are the sun. oh light.
your jungle of curls are adorned by golden crown.
"my queen"
"i submit"
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
Whenever we perceive
Good vibrations
Respect roots it’s way

We start to feel the vibrations
Not the name or the color
Not they are, whatever

The same vibration
May change the wavelength
To preserve the earlier respect
It is better
To keep a distance

Let the respect be
The form of energy
We worship

Genre: Abstract
Theme: Conservation of energy
Tramping around the world
like you own it
Lace top
Short skirt
Knee high boots
Red lipstick
And a goddess complex
With a ******* attitude
Exuding immeasurable energy
Enough to entrap me
In spite of all the red flags
I follow you
Like a stray
Lost until I found you
Like the newest religion
Your body a scripture
Whose words I want to memorize
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