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Olive Aug 4
Something has changed in me this week
Small and cynical but not so meek
A voice I once knew and thought was engrained
Turned out was a student that’s now fully trained
She no longer whispers her judgments and lies
While she sits at her desk now she actually tries
To get to know who I am instead of rejecting
And brushing me off with her constant correcting
Now I get to embrace the feeling of free
From hearing a voice that is finally me
Accepting myself takes truly getting to know myself, which takes dropping judgments, standards, comparisons, and asking who I am right now and how I can be true to myself.
Primo Pollux Jan 20
❝ ❞

             My color isn't light as pink
             It is as black as ink.
             Like a place so dark
             Where the dog always barks
             Barks as their judgments
             That made me turn into fragments.

Judgments can make a person fragile.
Penny vase made from
the brown voided canyon rusting.
Friends that were made of waste,
they said time was simply turning,
the boat spoke back and said the depth of ones nature
could walk on water
But a deep voice
Was all that sprayed in pungent
aerosol and

Do we need to be on the same boat?
To drift into the beguiling surf?
Better if we were dispersed
Dropped by the caving soft curve
Sliding through the unseen wash, watching your muddy glare.
Track the force in
blueberry motion
pulling and pushing us,
a sollen hand
and flying sleeve
The touch of flaunting fingertips and strings,
The fluttering wick
Swing and swished.

The chest of wonders beaming
a map
and lines like hay and wires
They were all exposed in the lines of her eyes

You frightened me that sleepy day
The dusted arsenal stick
Casted me on a rod made of hibiscus dew and syrup
A venomous hook that entangled my earrings
The push and her wave of desire,
To her treasure,
Reeled it now all over her wet webbed feet.
and pressure
of the rocks falling against the time ticking
Hours away from the swaying shore.
The meaning of the word ''sollen'' in Dutch provided by Wiktionary,

From Middle Dutch sollen, from Middle French soller.

to throw back and forth (of a ball)
to play, to mess
We laten niet met ons sollen!
We won't let anyone mess with us!

© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Kuvar Apr 2018
Beat that drum
Beat it so loud
That drum of vengeance
Made out of the skin of man
Who will dance to her beats
The dance of nemesis
Who shall dance next
To the talking drum of kamar ?
The color of my skin isn't important,
It has no bearing on the flaws of my character.
The glasses I wear aid my blurred vision,
It isn't related to any intellect I may or may not have.
My hair is wild and my beard is unkempt,
This does not mean I sell marijuana.

Be careful when forming conclusions
Based on snap judgments.

(c) 2014 Brandon Antonio Smith

Originally written 11/14/13,
Revised in 2014
[A conversation between Light and Darkness]

  Light said,
"We're adversaries, maybe.
But I've come to see the possibility
That you are my shadow after all."

Darkness dawned, and said,

"And I thought you could see everything,
For you were light yourself.
Am I merely a fear, of your and mankind's?
[They think you could have no fears, either.]
I am, Nature's nocturnal rhyme.
I exist, for you cannot make up for me.

An ever unraveling mystery,
I am humble, for I become
What the world makes of me.
You make the world see,
Little do they know,
They see the world
Through the colours You colour them in.
I make them face fears,
Away from illusion-ed complacency,
With my silent presence giving them company.
From mere empirical sight,
I have given rise to vision/ imagination in them."

Darkness continued -
"Oh, I am not here to seek pity.
I'm sure they wonder,
Why some-one like me,
Has existed as tenaciously as you.
I am not to be sought,
I am not light years away,
I am the recourse within.
Truly, I had underestimated myself for long."

Light flickered a little,
To glow anew in realization, then said-
"I am the spotlight,
You're the impactful dot.
I comprise the glorious endings,"
Darkness beamed and said,
"I am the prompt to the start.
Dawn and dusk are but a
Celebration of our synchronicity."

Light chipped in to continue,
"I begin to see things in a new light,
For I have acknowledged you,
And that is our victory."
From thinking of light and darkness as two opposites in perpetual contention, to realizing that the two exist because of each other - The conversation attempts to break the notion of them being mere adversaries. Also, light is perceived here from different vantage points in the poem - If one sticks to the light - darkness adversary notion, then light itself has always been in fear of the dark. But light, being luminous as it is, cannot see the larger picture.  When light falls upon an object, we simply see it with our empirical senses, and believe it to be true- a big risk we're taking all the while. Darkness isn't necessarily literal here, it could stand for emptiness-  which may thus not necessarily prompt fear, but introspection, or imagination. Hence, the difference between sight and vision. Darkness seeks to be throned on no pedestal - it lets the world shape it in the way the world  likes to right now, giving them time to discover its real form, unlike light which has been venerated all along. For all you know, light is a shadow of our creation.

— The End —