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thyreez-thy Jun 2023
Spider society needs their own locus
While others break of, I'm keeping my focus
Let me breathe, can't you see I'm what this universe needs?
Millions at risk, due to inaccuracy
I'm never Icarus, only report I'm accepting is one I succeed in

They ask if I'm good, life's not black and white
The justice I'm seeking seems bleak in the light
Priority, I cannot stoop to being petty
Won't take no from no miles, no Pieter, no Gwen and no Penni
My law is final, the canon's at stake
I have to be brutal, taking out the fakes

"I thought we're the good guys" we are, we... Are?
Just look at the good we've done, the lengths, how far
I respect every person in this room, the doom and the gloom
I'm no vigilante, don't wait for the moon
When I see anomalies I just go and Boom

Maybe we can... But think of the Spider-verse
Can't think of her now, they're not in this universe
That kid was on to something, I can't crack
That life I used to lead, I just can't go back
Maybe we're not heroes, maybe we're not evil
we're just in the middle, anomalies to unveil
the job we do, seem to never get hailed
But if I fail this, then it's her that I've failed
Watched Across the Spider-verse and this just popped randomly in a convo, awesome movie, peter, miles, Pavitr and Penni my best Spidey people hands down
Arcassin B Jun 2022
By Arcassin B

"Nerdy kid from Queens in the city that never sleeps,
Single moments without the peace and ability to be eased,
Simplicity to finding your dreams replacing the deeper means,
With a Genius intellect, No these kids can not rival me,
I was brought up and taught these things and took the blessings,
A misconception in human minds don't get the message,
Babylon in full effect ,is where we're all headed,
One day I'm gonna be something,I think manifest it,
My teenage years were pretty weird and wasn't kind to me,
Richard and Mary Parker was just distant memory,
If anything I found myself a remedy to cope with thinking why
I found all of this as a stranger dreaming,
Who knew one day I actually become a man?
Who knew one I'd actually have a real friend?
Who knew one day that I would be bitten by a radioactive
engineered Spider in the very end?.....

(New Poem Titled "Responsibility" to Spider-Man Project Coming soon!)
Full Poem below⬇️

Marri Dec 2019
Waste my time.
Distract me from the pain of other earthly things.

Raise my Hope from the dead.
Give it mouth to mouth,
And So *****.

Inflate its lungs.
Out & in, in & out.
Bruise its lips.

We all are just Living to die.

Take me to church--
Show me God, boy.
Bring me to my knees,
Make me sing his praises.

Shed your tears on my bare back while we break classroom desks apart.
Piece by piece,
You use me.
You shape me,
And Create me into yours.

Make me wear skirts with stockings.
Make me play nice.
Make me smile.
You know you want to.

Make me wear fishnets.
Make me tease you.
Make me want to please you.
I know I want to.

Let's play dress up for the night.
Let's Spider-Man climb the walls of our insecurities and broken hearts.
Let's bite each others shoulders,
Don't you wanna get primal with me?

Tell me I'm pretty.
Say it,
Say it,
Say it.
Be good and I'll reward you.
Be bad and I'll ignore you.

Make me feel all nasty.
Make me feel so graceful.
Make me feel so perfect.

Pedestal perfect.
Pedestal perfect.
Pedestal perfect.
Let's just pray I don't fall.
TS Ray Nov 2019
Flying without abandon,
spinning a spider web, or
saving the day by coming out at nights,
it”s not my powers to be.

I keep no magic secrets,
I drink no miracle potions,
I have no alter egos,
I own no extra fittings.
I just believe.
Just like you believe.

Being your own super hero,
telling your own heroic tales,
crafting your own wins from odds,
no trip to Gotham City is needed for that.

Knowing your intuition,
trusting your gut,
feeling a pinch,
holding to clinch,
the pearl of an oyster
from the deep blue life,
it’s what my force will be.

So, how deep is your oyster at? :)
winter Mar 2019
i'm in the back of your car with your friends
i've watched your movie for the third time now
i text you that I miss you
although the last thing you want on your mind
is how to reply
to a girl of my kind
who you've avoided for this long
to say that you love me
to promise you'll see me
to never follow through
i text you that I miss you
the pissiest thing i've written and hopefully will ever write but my friends r tired of it so i had to put it somewhere
I was chosen by chance
The moment fate took a bite
The start of my story
Was the end of his life
I felt unworthy and confused
Running farther from the fight
I wasn't scared of the dark
I was more scared of the light
That focused on my failures
Weighed by greater expectations
I was ****** into the web
Of my own frustration
I want to run and hide
Just to escape it all
Forget what fate has given me
All of my fears and all of my falls
This mask that holds a legacy
Wasn't able to mask a novice
Because this suit held a hero
And I wasn't suited for this promise
RN Nov 2018
You're Gwen Stacy, I'm Spidey
Don't leave me, I'll make you happy
I don't need anybody or money
Just the two of us, you and me

To others, I'm cold as ice
To you, my heart always melts, Oh nice!
Now, I'm going to roll those dice
To unfold what the future lies

My love for you is absolute
You're my boss, I salute
If I love you means I am Groot
Then I am Groot, I am Groot
Rhymes in my Mind
Michael Nov 2018
On that day,
When the sky clouded over,
All the heroes stood Shoulder to shoulder.
Villains on each side with tears in their eyes.
They each took a turn,
To show their love and to say goodbye.
None hurt more than peter.
He was held up by tony and reed,
For they feared that the boy would fall due to weakness in his knees.
They all lost their creator,
That is plain to see,
But peter lost his father,
And now complete is something he will never be.
Peter screamed out, Please just take me. Don’t you dare leave me!
Where will I be without him, My father, Stan the man lee.
The passing of Stan lee was a terrible day for those of us whom are comic fans. For Stan spider-man was like his son, so I wrote this goodbye for Peter and Stan.
Khoisan Nov 2018
Far out of the corner of his
Eye he followed a star
Shining deep in the distant
Dark matter concealed his
Hand out of sight
The connection was COMIC
From the hammer of Thor
Stan Lee created
Spiderman and the Fantastic four
A tribute
To the late great
Stanley Martin (Lieber) Lee
28/12/1922 — 12/11/2018
Creator of Marvel Comics
Spider Man
And many other superheroes
May your journey continue
Among the stars into infinity
You only brought us joy Sir
In love with Gwen Stacy
When in stasis

Cannot let go of the old neighborhood charm until?

In love with Mary Jane
                  When the mind takes off*

Now, I become the hero Spiderman yet a problem?

     * *She leaves, no Mary Jane
                        And the symbiote, VENOM

Comes along in angry mind of the hero spurned?

Stuck in webs
anger as Man
         Hero no words

Comes along in angry mind of the hero spurned?

I want to do something widcha'
something makes her mad
I want to do something widcha'
something makes him Mad.

I want to do something widcha'
some thing? *

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