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InkHarted Sep 1
After the Rose had shattered like glass
painting the fragility of a gift untouched
his body begins to drown in dirt
and his feathers embrace the roots
his heart hath given to the colder winds
and his eyes kept open to see the dark
its beak still open for its last note still hung
in the air of glum and awe
but from a distance she heard the song unfinished
the angel who hears his sigh
she descends from duty to null this darkness
from one winged angel to another  
she kisses him from divine intention
she holds in her lips the elixir of hope
for one touch of love and whisper of hope
and the nightingale sings again.
love is all that matters and love always finds away
Penmann Jun 7
My brand new life and social game
forfeited in godawful shame
forgotten by default foreshadowed and defeated.
arise again.

Move mountains,
Move seas,
Spread peace,
Remain a friend.

Risen again i will fall
I will never stand tall
But i can rise up again.
Caitlin Apr 20
The book that I was raised on
said we killed You today.
That it took three days
and You rose again.
I believed it.
I still do.
But it says You're always with us.
And honestly.
I'm starting to wonder
Desire Dec 2018
Your sins
- forgiven
Christ is
XXII. Risen King
Six-word poetry challenge for the seasons.
Crystal Freda Apr 2018
It baffles my mind every day
that someone would die for me
in such an excruciating kind of way.

I think of it all the time
how this man could show love
as such a beautiful sign.

How His loving hands covered in blood
could evaporate our sins and shame
so we could be loved.

We will always remember this one man
who died on this Easter day
loves us more than anyone can.
Wrote on Easter
Kuvar Apr 2018
The blood of a lamb
Hewn from the wall of life
Flourishing as fountains
In the place of skulls
Golgotha knows no peace
For his crown of thorns
Tore her to pieces
The heart of life
Is back to life
Lord Jesus, your death I can’t repay
yellah girl Oct 2017
at first, you were two burnished
roses, so pure and bright that i
thought you were made of gold.

you were spiritual parents to me &
taught me right from wrong, and told
me that i wasn't good enough, but that
you were great enough for all of us.

you placed a dunce cap on my head,
but you painted them gold and called them
crowns, and i believed you, you coward.

you kissed my brow, sweetly, softly,
like a vampire caresses his victim's neck,
before he plunges deep & ***** the red
from their veins.

you cradled my throat in your claws
and told me that no one else was
on my level, that no one else
could get this close to you.

i told you i dreamed of becoming a
writer, you told me to burn my journals.
i told you i dreamed of becoming a
painter, you told me to trash my brushes.

i gave you the key to my secret dreams,
to my most vulnerable place, & you
swallowed it whole, like a greedy sparrow.

for 3 years, you dangled my stolen heart
in front of me, & laughed as i chased it like
the hog-tied mule that i had become.

then one day, you got lazy & you slipped
up, you fool, you left the key & my heart
on that pedestal you brazenly sit upon.

i took it back, i swallowed my heart &
unlocked my spirit, free at long last,
and saw that you were the Wizard of Oz,
hiding behind your ratty curtains.

i laughed & i cried, when i realized
what a fool i had been, how childish
i had been, to willingly give you
my life.

you were nothing but stones dipped
in glistening blood, drained from the
blind people you feast upon, you glutton.

you broke my spine & you tried to
**** my spirit, but you didn't know,
I am the Phoenix Rising, &
you will not hold me any longer.
I have been brainwashed for three years and I am finally waking up. Life is beautiful and I am meant to create.
In the Garden of Gethsemane
My Lord did humbly bend the knee
Praying all night for the world at large
And wrestling with His mighty charge

Yet as His disciples prayed to God
Their weary heads began to nod
And soon drifted off to sleep
Jesus alone; they slumbered deep

In the morn He woke them saying
"Why sound asleep; you should be praying"
They had no answer for their Lord
As soliders came they slashed with sword

Severed ear fell to ground
Which Jesus replaced without a sound
He was led away in captivity
But they did not know it was His destiny

Pilate succumbed to the crowds demands
To the cross they nailed His healing hands
"Forgive them, they know not what they do"
He pleaded to God for me and you

"It is finished," He said with final breath
And the Devil rejoiced at His death
His followers mourned for Him aloud
Yet on the 3rd day He threw off His shroud

For He came to seek and save what was lost
Bringing light to a world at great cost
He freely bore the sin of every man
Securing once and for all Salvation's Plan
In honor of Easter
In the secret quiet place I long to know you more.
I long  to  comfort you  
I  long  to hold you
Show you good  wonderful things
I long to know you more and more each day.
In the secret quiet place I long to know you more.
Come let's  is reason says the Lord.
You  sins  have been removed  as far from the west
To the east.
I remember  them  no more.
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