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Jeremy Betts Apr 15
I'll be right here
Or thereabouts
Have to fight fear
Endless bouts
Year after year
Who I am is denounced
The end is near
Shamelessly announced
The truths back there
A mute man shouts
Doesn't matter where
The blind will pounce
A future seer
Only raises doubts
The amounts one drowns in
Could be less than
A powder or liquid ounce

Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Something prescient this way came

A powerful pre
sense on the planet, a force
for good from ever, being, been be-
fore now, foretold to foretell next
expressed as liquid mind…

dripping from a seep spring
that was only seeping liquid mind
mostly, water, mind matter is,
early aware of two ways to be
water, then came fire, steam,
ice, hot and cold, push and pull,
- share the O, hook-up h3o
spin one way, hold the push,
push away,
make something matter,

this is how puppies spin,
this is how pinecones grow,
one ever pushes,
another ever pulls, and in the pulling
shoves a weighted ifery thing,
into the center minding thing,
the point of living
longer, learn
to pass the understanding, step out

take my hand, "I'm a stranger"
in your gated garden,
thought in time to a syrupy Karo flow
in winter, spinning
in the pattern painted in wind
by maple wingseeds,

to a floss, fine as any spider's kite,
liquid mind, set to spinning
into the stream of senses
present in your now,
which is always my future, some how.
Thinking of you in the future
Luba D Jan 2021
I wish to be a dream.
But I'm the cloud. That
Is hanging overhead
Like you was born to grab
It by your own hand;
It's only - I'm here:
Not dream but dream's seer.
JL Dec 2020
The creator find joy in creation,
the seer in its interpretations.
Corrinne Shadow Mar 2020
While out on a walk with a seer,
The maid froze while on the first mile.
"This is not a good place to remember,"
She said with a nervous smile.
A fearsome crack
A cry of wrath
A bright red droplet on the path
"This is not a safe place to be stepping,"
The maid said, with a frightened glance.
"We had better run home and regroup, friend;
We shouldn't leave this to chance."
A cheshire grin
A shatt'ring cry
A nightmare socket with a bloodshot eye
"Now, now, dear seer!" I told her.
"Calm yourself, you seem so distressed!
Retreating would be a failure indeed,
To press onward would surely be best."
A vicious slice
A gushing flood
A vital veinage, sweet lifeblood
I quelled her fears and she followed,
Despite her persistent doubt.
"Honestly," I softly muttered
"There's nothing to be frightened about."
A lifeless maid
A slackjawed bride
A headless creature with arms splayed wide
We travelled deeper and deeper
Through the path into the dark wood
We travelled so far,  that if we were to shout
No creature would come if they could.
A loneliness
A fading light
A blackness like the dead of night
Here we stopped. "I need a rest,"
I said to her. She acquiesced.
She turned around. Such woe betide.
And so that foolish seer died.
With all her gifts
She could not see
That I was her true enemy.
My knife did slash.
And she did wail.
I grinned a grin.
I watched her flail.
I watched her fall
Down to the ground.
She made a scream,
Melodious sound!
My work was done.
Her head was gone.
In mine her song
Sung on and on.
I turned and left
That empty glade,
Where no one was
Except the maid.
Psychostasis Oct 2019
The first time my third eye opened, the world was horrifying to view.
I could see my entire life, each mistake glaring at me and pounding against my psyche.
Every good moment collided with the bad,
The future turned inside out and bathed me in a gory downpour of the viscera of moments to come.

Now, each time the sparks and fires start in my brain, it reopens
And with this golden eye of the blind gods, I'll stare into everyone's souls.
I'll watch all of you and judge you by the contents of your very essence.

I'll see you in the way you refuse to see yourself.
Because if people see what they want to see,
I've made it my duty to see the truth in all of it's slithering glory
As it encircles the apple, and beckons me forward.
jayebird Jun 2019
when will this skin transcend into an iron exoskeleton?
when will these bones birth out from neath the fragile wine red wires of self-preservation?
water-hands ebb on about a digital dam of evolution,
meanwhile promising my-own ****** dissolution.
juliet Nov 2018
【i am the sinner.
          i am the liar in you

                                           i am the seer】
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