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DzulJumadi May 11
There are days
I love you.
There are daze
Thank you.

Time is our common enemy.
When we started off with "hi baby".
& When the time is up.
We ****** it up.

Those were the memories.
That we have promised
No matter high or low
We won't let us go.

**** stinks yeah?
But it's better now
Then stuck forever, ***.
I can see the soul in your eyes.
looks of a sunset reflecting in the water.
Like glass it mirrors who you truly are.
So I try to not look.

But you make it impossible.
By force or by energy.
I am drawn to your glance.
And you know that's what causes the hurt.
When you leave and I can't not into those eyes anymore.

It makes me feel more lonesome than before I met you in the first place.
Maybe if I tried to resist more.
Before I looked into those eyes for the first time.
Trapped from then on out .

Now claimed as yours.
Without the perks of actually being yours.

One of the hoes
One of the bros

I told you I hated the labels.
Did you think that only applied to being called a girlfriend?
Although I never wanted that I still didn't want the labels of.


Just wanted the look.
That comes with the comfort of your soul.
- Petty Vandalism
mjad Dec 2019
We deserve better
He doesn't see it now
How he let us down
She will find out
That I was there too
Taking space in his mind
Popping up on his screen
Not trying to be mean
But sis
He was cheating
chelle Nov 2019
There's always a joe
Anywhere u go

Just can't get it right
For to save his own life

Pulling us down
Way deep underground

What he says isn't real
Words only YOU feel

Heads up look both ways
The joes never stay
Thanks for the lesson learned buddy... evil is real...its what's in you
Ainnoot Aug 2019
the heart doesn't breakeven.
she definitely has the bigger half.
if she doesn't come back.
I won't have much to give.

she somehow always
finds more, meanwhile, I'm limited.

I know she's meant to love many,
so I get lightheaded when my heart gets heavy.
Grammar is out the window sorry.
Ivana Rodriguez Aug 2019
You have a mother;
She doesn’t know
That I’ve given you a paper
That you have yet to throw.
In other words,
Your mom’s a ***.
Ahahah this vine is stuck in my head.
mjad Apr 2019
I don't know if you want to be more than beneficial friends
I don't really want to pretend
I've been told you just want to hit
But I don't think I'd mind if you missed
I used to never go with it
Sometimes I wish I could go back again
I never imagined it as a kid
That I'd go through a *** phase and regret what I did
And subsequently, I'd be bringing bad boys with
Ones I thought I would marry and then we'd get rich
Everything has changed, I am not the same
Now you probably think I'm telling a myth
I cannot tell you a reason for this
Summer is bringing temptations
Maybe I'm selfish and just want ****
Remembering all the times I spent in boys' basements

I know that's not what I want
Wish I could be what you need
But I can't see through all of your fronts
I don't know what you're trying to be
I do not think that there would be a problem with us
I just think there is a problem with me
I don't know if I can handle guessing anymore
I'm not the go-to *** anymore

I'm not sure what you want to be
But I'm not what you think
This is way more emotional than I thought I would be
I'm not what I introduced myself to be
I promised myself to be honest with you
And I want to do this with more integrity
Can't help but think that I'm being played
If that's the case then just tell me
I am always prepared for the truth
I'm telling myself your friends are right
But should I trust your friends more than you

Now my heart is stuck in the grayest of areas
Thinking back to when your friends said not to trust you
Remembering when they warned me not to
Thinking about how we might go to a party
And I will be there confused about what to do
I still take heed at the first words about you
And I do not think there is a way of preparing us
For the inevitable or so it seems
When you get a job and I chase a college dream
Eventually, you'll find a girl much more pretty
Someone that's better that I could never be
You're a guy with smarts and muscles
I don't smoke much and I don't drink much liquor
I want to know what you want, but you telling me I don't figure
You'll find a better girl, like the one you are talking too
Who's body and conversation is probably better

I should be getting myself focused again
Sometimes it feels like I don't really know
I know that we started as beneficial friends
But that type of bond has room to grow
But I don't want to pretend
I don't know if I'd have the emotional control
I don't know if I can handle guessing anymore
I don't know if I can be that go-to *** anymore
Sketcher Nov 2018
Saw them holding hands the other day,
So, I tried to stay away,
If I got close they would see my sadness,
But last week she was on my mattress,
This is why I'm so confused,
Either way she is amused,
She's between my sheets,
Then he's between her legs,
Anger continues to increase,
So, stay out of my bed,
Or don't do what I say,
Just keep clinging to him when he's around,
Then cling to me,
When I'm the only one inbound,
Don't stop the fake love you're spilling out,
If you don't want to,
You'll break more men, the dishonest and devout,
But don't be surprised if out the blue,
Some man breaks your heart and cheats on you,
It'll be something that you can't construe,
But if you come back to me I'll say, "Who knew? ",
Do what you must, and I'll go along with it,
Drink your alcohol and give your **** another hit,
I'm trying not to care,
Trying to take my feelings and smother it,
But now I'm done,
Although I could go on forever,
Once the ramblings begun,
I couldn't be more clever,
How do I end this,
Obviously not with a kiss,
Or an I miss,
Although I really do,
And I'm feeling blue,
I guess this is my cue,
I'm out...
mjad Oct 2018
You run around
Shouting catch me if you can
Sticking your tongue out
Catch yourself a nice ***
Don't like the way she dress tho
And shes a bad kisser
You'd rather hit and miss her
Speed off in a Caddy
She don't call you Daddy
Caught another she a real ***
Running round your mind tho
Punch her heart after ***
Save feelings for the next
Run and catch her if you can
I just can't say no
Catch me if you can tho
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
"It's you who choose"
That seems like a joke
To whose
Destiny was to die
as a child, in a war
Or to ***,
under 18,
as ***** in a bar!
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