If you chase me,
you would be chasing after sunsets and dreams.
All of what I lies beneath my hidden soul.

All my dreams lie shattered,
Disappointment clouds over me.
Now shards of a shattered dreams Pierces my eyes.
Loneliness as deep as the dark night. its stretchus over miles and miles.
A drop of tear or a pain
My every breath .every job becomes a numb.
Someone was here yesterday
But today there is no one.
loneliness has filled my eyes
With million tears.
Where shall i go now
To whome shall i explain .
Life is a journey,some of them lost in the run and gone forever.
I set a long journey which was cut short.
I failed and it time to go....

Vihan Apr 1

An invisible form, yet invincible
Filled with the lightness, and unbreakable;

A silent being, no one can hear
Living in the body, no one can see;

The will of thyself is an eternal
Transcending limits through the doors of the heaven;

Asking a question, to myself everyday
Who are we in this vast milky way?

And then the light inside of me
Illuminating so bright and tells me;

You’re the creator and destroyer of your own
(O friend!) you’re everywhere, the ubiquitous soul.

Vihan Apr 1

I see the wonderful creation of God
To whom one loves a lot;

Myriad numbers of people in the world
But still they’re the same, the one;

An illusion: lusty and cruel
But still, kind, beautiful and loved;

True wealth for human
An everything for some people;

Just like the fragrant flower
Though rise and fall like the sun;

Luminous holy temple, we pray you
Thee O body! May this spirit lives forever in your room.

Apollo Hayden Mar 22

Mind the skin you touch,
for there's no glove that could ever protect you from the worst of enemies.
Though the flesh is all you may see, you're not that.
But temptation gets so strong till we can't take it, and our bodies are open and bare, left with a heart that's naked.
There's eyes in the dark.
They've been waiting for you, to poke holes at your aura and like a snake they'll slide on through.
Passing from one to another, unaware of what we carry;
If we saw our true selves in the mirror, would the sight not change, or would it be of something scary?
It's hard to tell, even if you know them well their energy can deceive,
till they detach off them and onto your spirit they'll cling.
Sexually transmitted demons, relentlessly scheming to find away to stay alive, waiting for a sleeper to slip by not using their spiritual eyes.
How many souls you got clinging; from the merging of DNA can you still say you feel like yourself? Or is there so many thoughts inside your mind that aren't yours that you can no longer tell?
It's the exchanging of energies that can strengthen us or make us weak,  so mind the skin and if ever you should choose to miss the mark, be aware of the preying eyes,
waiting to cling to you in the dark...

Apparicious Feb 16

I hate this world
I wish i was free
From this unhappiness i see

For everything that i can’t be
Not even her
But to you i’m not a priority

You look at her like she’s the world
and treat me like shit
you push me down, i get back up

just wait
my heart begins to drop
slowly awaiting what haunts me the most

death by love

Sajeer Shaikh Feb 7

The snakes sent by Satan,
Slither past our skin.
But you and I are special -
You and I are beyond sin.

The apple is forbidden,
But you and I have set our eyes,
On something that is much beyond
The realm of Paradise.

Sometimes reality will unfold
in such a way that
you actually wish it was a bad dream
that you could wake up from...
that isn't the case
and although life tends
to throw
the most unexpected situations our way,
more often than not,
we are only ever left with one ultimatum...

...and that is
to brave through it all,
as best as we possibly can.

Nothing that happens in life
is by mistake or default,
It is a conscious decision
that one chooses to endure
(whether good or bad)
and regardless of the outcome,
Always look forward to the fact
that there is always something
that is meant to come of it.

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