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Afiqah Sep 19
life is this crazy
of morphing, wistful colors
it simply just sets
your very soul introvertively
as life’s dealings slowly
maturate and stretches you on

H A Vitatoe Aug 25
Moving through
with no restraint
are the haters
& the saints

is a man
Gods hand

Not one
to out run
The truth
that is
to come

With cheers
far away
As the Trumpets
to Play
H A Vitatoe Aug 21
This is true
Being that
It can-not be
Nor co-pied
The imprint
That was
For me
H A Vitatoe Aug 21
Not knowing, where the universe begins
Or how far, the darkness extends
Can one know, where it actually ends
Moeshfiekah Aug 18
I seek what I lack to give myself , and I seek it with my heart , not my head.
And I feel it with my emotions not logic . So I allow another to take my most valuable possession and I allow them to brake it.

So many can relate , but we hide because we are afraid they will think less of us
Afiqah Jul 25
addictions can unbelievably
materializes itself
and look like many things
and sometimes,
the most pressing ones
nervelessly have

Afiqah Jul 16
for even when I am gone,
know that,
these pages have favorably
always been one that has warmly
breathed your name
and I hope these words I have
soulfully written for you
lends you a heartbeat
just the same as I do
each time
you come about to read them

the cut-off, the dying day
the dog in the alley that lost itself
kids these days got fire to them, got fire
wound up in their eyes sure do
Parched lips sip at the rejoice of true love
Sheltering unto the embarks of greatness;
A beautiful journey- oblivious to heartbreak.
Intrigued by gleamy eyes, wet from crying-
Tears for hoax love,
The heart shatters at the sight of each tear drop
One kiss my dear and all pain shall go away.
There was something about the way he smiled
The way his body flexed with each move,
O how divine!
But it wasn't just his body i liked, it was his soul
Or atleast that's what i thought too.
Took me long to know of his deceitful facade;
And his false love
He was not what he claimed to be
He was but a monster in disguise, a true depiction of what we call a casanova.
Nostalgic May 26

Cloud formation
9 degrees from location
I can’t see the formation
Of fear adopting me from temptation

It wasn’t honor or pride
It’s fear of what consequence resides
The naked plush of a lustful rush
In the trippy black out
emphasized by my friend’s paintbrush

I’ve never thought fantasy could be escalated
seems I’ve hit a milestone
I’ve shot up a dragon ride home
Now I’m excited by warmth and fascinated by combs
I’ve never wandered the medieval before
That’s why I stuck to game of thrones

My minds been freed
My body, imprisoned
It can’t be explained but it’s nothing depicted in illustrated predictions of purple, red and off key balance as seen in pulp fiction

They say drug use is escapism
Acid burnt down the bars of social anxiety disorders and confines of 3rd dimensional prisms
Left bare dialectical materialism
Molly taught me how to make friends
While your sobriety made you prone to solipsism

This was always what I’d imagined it to be
When I close my eyes and see
For a while I had looked over the wall than walk through the gate
Always drew the solution with stick to sand but never went into the maze
Always window shopped the shoes
But never tried them on to walked the way
Perhaps it’s a common laymen’s phrase
That drugs are a paradise lost in the haze.
Disclaimer: I don’t support the excessive use of drugs but find the campaigns against some of them on the basis of escapism somewhat too rigid and harsh.
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