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Afiqah 1d
some *******
time away
with the stars tonight
watch our hearts happen

Afiqah 2d
it still beats
it still feels
and *******,
does it still sits,
toughing itself out
even while coming in through
with half of the universe’s little splatters
of such unpleasantry settings
here and there,
all of that unbending,
dead set on hopes kept
this heart fearlessly still in love anyway

Afiqah Nov 9
come watch me dance with fate
notice how
I still let love fall
through all of these
cinematic weatherings
come and see how
I’ll learn to love the dark in you
over and over again

Gemini Nov 7
America the great
America my favorite escape
You’re slowing falling deeper into turmoil and today was the day we were supposed to plan your escape
There’s a man leading you and your people into a grave
America please fight for yourself so we can go back to calling you brave
Stop letting them get you to conform, if you bend anymore we’ll literally forget your original form
And I don’t know if you know it yet or not but you and Russia seem to have an on and off relationship and the man that’s misleading you is how the wall was born
Immigration laws keep separating kids from their parents
Thank *** my mom was born here but what about the friends that I cherish
Mrs. Pakistan doesn’t have a man but to keep her in the states she’ll be marrying this American
What about my Mexicans? My Africans? My Dominicans? And my Ecuadorian?
Bill Cosby drugged women and I married a handful just so more innocent families aren’t torn apart
Like I said before I’m selfless with my antics
I’d do anything to not see another family get separated and put in a panic
America we aren’t talking about money when we said we need to see a lot of change drastically before upcoming dates
Segregation can’t be taught anymore if it’s a current event and it’s happening before journalists can document the dates
Aren’t you tired of seeing blood and tears shed on your wide estates?
America I won’t make this too long but I’ll just ask this last question
America, Are We Too Late?
The Nada Nov 4
It always hides
The twinkle in black and white
It dances in the bright
Masked in the deep night.
This is me, your smile.
The Nada
Afiqah Nov 3
beautiful things
can easily shatter your very soul
but knowing that
you have been favorably loved
once before
is a welcoming reminder
that your magic
in this world exists
and it has always been a worthy one
and trust me,
it still is

Afiqah Nov 2
and every
******* second,
love simply spells by your very name

Afiqah Oct 18
it can still epically hurt
to become
but sometimes,
you just got to have
to trust life
a little bit

Afiqah Oct 15
are never
quite less than heroic
so, let love fall
and let courage
fearlessly drive,
quit hiding your magic

the universe is always ready for you

Afiqah Oct 10
our story
has its pulse
and every pulse beats its fair share
of reasons and significances
to how readily love decides
to take its first breath in,
folding itself snugglingly within
and finally finding home
in our broken pieces

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