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good days
bitter sweet
but you know
it’s merely a treat

head in a bad place
buried in the sand
deflated balloon
tasted so bland

gaze into the distance
stare at the stillness
glance at your feet
just take a seat

try good thoughts
on the bad days
breathe just a little bit deeper
collapse and feel the rays

stare at the sky
and just try
try to connect

why do we stare at the clouds
imagining our dead relatives can see us
who fed us that lie
is that why I always stare at the sky

don’t read your book of mindfulness
lift the quilt
tuck every hair
can’t see me?
like you care
Amy Dedman May 18
you never see it in her eyes
the discomforting shadow
who rests beneath the disguise

prop her up with bamboo
like a limp old flower
so she seems shiny and new

babbling to those who don’t care
and to those who do,
she will not share

reliving in flashes
disturbed by each sting
her heart has turned to ashes
unable to forget anything

as she clutches the wooden bench
she doesn’t feel the splinter
but it doesn’t quite compare
to the pain she felt that winter
David ugwu May 8
The crazy things we did
The late nights we had
The days we shared
And the things we had
So real it was, it sparkled
So out of the world it seemed
And just like the movies looked
A reminiscence of the past
A reminder of what is
And a vision of what shall remain
To the special people who make us cherish the past and make us dream of what would be.
tmartin May 8
words aren't insisting
to be enshrined in poems.
i'm forgetting you
Amy Dedman May 5
Exhaustion seeps out of my sockets
Backed into a corner
Pinned to the wall by pain
Sorrow clouds the room as it starts to rain

Take me to the roof top
Stay here just for comfort
Delay the desertion  
If you need me
I’ll be sleeping

Cross the road
Hand in hand
Fingernails digging in
Suffering locked to my skin

I’ll be the messenger
Tell every single part of me
Your agenda today is
To bury yourself and bleed
Ek khata karna chahti hu ,
Tumse tumhara kuch churana chahti hu,
Nahi!  Dil apna rakhlo , Mai bas tumhari
Bechainiya bantna chahti hu ..
Fasle bohot hai tumhari ungliyo me ,
Bas unhe mitana chahti hu ,
Aankho me Jo savaan  liye ghum rahe ** tum, unhe khubsurat rango me tabdil karna chahti hu ...
Bas ek khata karna chahti hu ,
Tumse tumhara kuch churana chahti hu ...
Mana ki thokare kahi khayi hai tumne aur darr bhi lagta hai aitbaar karne Mai ..par bas ek khata karna chahti hu ke tumse dard ki dhup chura Kar , marham ki chaav lapetna chahti hu..bas ek khata karna chahti hu tumse tumhara kuch churana chahti hu

-Harshada sanap
I wonder where the prayers went...after years spent sitting in the darkness looking for a change that never never came...and...
Where Is My Diamoonnnd!!!!???
All I Have is coal...
And why....
Why can't I have 3 wishes at least?...
Because change never never came...
Only the Storm remained.
But when being present was a requirement, there transpired a lucid calm...
If only it could be grasped like bed sheets the night the Storm was conceived...
Oh I wish those knees could have been broken!!!...
So they wouldn't have opened to receive...seed...or conceive...
Forgive me..
I pray for a mime to be a fly on the wall of these thoughts!!
I pray the clouds part so the sun can shine and you find rest..
Everything's better when you are asleep...
Suffering through your Own nightmares...
What happened to the maternal instinct purposed to protect you, nurture you to a point of functionality?
Is there such thing as functional with you?...
Did you wear out your place of origin to where you're no longer sought for or welcomed?
Was it a joy to desert such a never ending storm?
Is there no remorse?
Not for your abandonment...but for society...
No thought for the trail of derailed strangers who will never forget the name of the tornadic soul who impacted them tragically...?
Your calms last long enough to fall in love with the beauty in between..and it is so beautiful.
Not long enough to prepare for your next season...and...
Why won't you learn to warn your lovers?
So they may brace for...
The sun...
The sun is coming...
The heavens still love me...
Since the sun is out,
I love you...
Sweet dreams.
~Say Dat~
This is dedicated to those who have suffered emotional abuse....
A woman sits in the dark, talking to her drunken sleeping abusive lover...
BadBookthief Apr 15
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

high up in the sky

beautiful patches

of the night time

followed wherever I went.

The street was crowded

with rustic leaves

and howling winds.

Scattered around

were a zillion voices

faces with fables galore.

There wasn’t a soul in sight

except myself

and my shadow behind.

Together we explored

every nook and cranny

happily thinking

I could never have a better company

until the dark gathered around

and the first to vanish

was my treacherous shadow

quick on its heels.

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

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BadBookthief Apr 13
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

Your words

dug a grave

for my soul

so deeply



I wanted

to remain there

buried forever

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

For more poetry, check out my page @badbookthief on
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Thank you!
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