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Apollo Hayden Jan 11
Baby I'm still learning...
Holding back on these emotions when I get mad
Knowing it's best to think it over before I speak
so I don't say some **** that'll hurt and make you feel sad
Lets not lose sight of our love
Pointing fingers like there ain't six pointing back at us
Lets try and keep this between you and me
cuz people can't criticize what they can't see
But if we must express ourselves let it be creatively
To inspire those who carry heavy loads and so that we're reminded to keep the peace
Yeah let there be peace amongst lovers
Through all storms we should be by each others sides
Holding it down through the rain and thunder
So let the softness of our voices keep the hearts tender and keep our minds at ease
And although they'll be ups and downs
may we always bring it back to common ground
and do our best to keep the peace
Afiqah Dec 2018
there was love
there will be more
these clouds
of almosts
will finally someday
be made lucidly certain
with all of its
heartful intentions

Afiqah Dec 2018
you hand-sealed
my heart
with such clarity  
making me relentlessly
write all of these
out of you

Nancy Maxwell Dec 2018
Do you ever re –read your chats with someone just to try and re - live the joy that person brought to you ?

That feeling,
The wide smiles, the flow of waves from your spine to your belly, those  butterflies,
You bite your lips giggling
The blushes in between
Those sweet tear drops, the emotions flaring
How your heart races when you get to a particular word
Then you start stitching those words into thoughts and dwelling in
The sudden wish to be with him
The way he looks at you
The thought of his lips touching yours
How happy it made you feel
You shut your eyes engrossed in passion
There, Then, you realize
You feel it in your heart
He is the One….
You snap out, memories come flooding in
Flashes of moments spent together,
The good, the bad, the not so pleasant.
Your mind gets thrown into a disarray
Could this be mixed feelings or a mind trick,
probably silly battles between thoughts and emotions,
Or a quest to find your truth
You close out every other thing
You beam your focus on that lingering thought
He is the one, He is the one,
The one
I came across this question, if we ever reread our chats with a person

And this put all my emotions before me, I realized I had been guilty of this, sometimes I just wander off grinning to my self with no idea where am going.

If you ever feel something unexplainable of this sort, please cherish it beautifully.... You never can tell #charmingquin
Afiqah Dec 2018
leaves me hopelessly
and I’d like to infinitely
many more
of tomorrows with you

Afiqah Dec 2018
know that,
even after the dark,
I’ll always come sit and nestle in
with all of the colors of you
after all,
this little heart space
of mine
has solely hand-sealed itself
on having only you

Lash Dec 2018
i took your criticism,
turned it to a win.
you can control the world,
but not what’s here within.
i am too soul,
because of that i always win.
my heart gets cold,
the world is darker than my skin.
Afiqah Dec 2018
held me
through readily
with more colors
than I ever knew existed
and so I followed and followed
and pinned my utmost faith
across this delicate soul
until love somehow,
came by again
looking at its absolute best and
a whole **** lot like you

Desire Dec 2018
a nd  with my   e yes
i  widely   o pen,
I see yo u
like consonants
needing their vowels,
I need Y ou
V. Word
Originally written/posted: 20181121
Desire Dec 2018
I'm just an average guy...
I've got normal problems and a normal life
I've also got a voice inside
silently speaking - sounds of my mind
I wonder, does it have a mind of its own?
Always flooding like a river formed by a hurricane,
if my head gets too cloudy,
there'll be a high chance of rain and scattered brainstorms

It might short-fuse my hippocampus
unable to remember how to see;
a blacked-out occipital lobe
I still don't see how the backs of our brains allow us to see
through the front our faces and out of our eyes,
where most of the water falls
despite the brain's overflowing, muddy river,
or the temporary lack of sight,
I still have a voice.

And with it, I will share all of the stories stored within this blackbox,
and only this light can find them and shine on them.
My voice, a wave riding my mind's ocean's surface
This voice, this wave, this sound,
a complicatedly, clear conscious,
called into focus...
[a sound of (my) mind]
II. Saying What's on My Mind
Originally written/posted on: 20181120
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