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Eleni Oct 23
You are my single lifeline
The mask I wear to confine.

With a plastic shield- I am out of my senses.
Frivolous safety, with endless expenses.

Coughing green and blue ice
Why do I seek life on Neptune?
Far from warmth and invisble to naked eyes
Rings of glass dull the distant cries.
A Simillacrum Sep 13
I'm right
on top of
things can't
you see it?

Oh! It's Friday
the 13th?
Thanks Cné.

I'm right
on top of
it, just -- just
trust me!

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

I'm up
to date on
pop culture.

Oh! It's August
isn't it? Sep - tem
- ber. That's

what I meant.

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Oliver Tree?

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Die Antwoord?

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Mr. Rogen?


Do not guide
I need not to be tied
Just show me the sunlight
I will take my flight
Not so creepy, just a creeper
Not a dodder, just a seeker
With you i grow
Just a vine
With you, I entwine
Till the end.....

A thought provoked by a creeper....
Invocation Jan 26
How is it I can reach out and bless everyone I touch except you

You tell me I'm enough
I'm doing well
I don't believe you

I disappointed myself again
Even if you can't see it
My bar was set higher than you set one for me
You said shoot for the moon and I shot for a Pluto that others said didn't count anyway
Please don't hide your needs from me, I need you to depend on me or I'm going to go crazy watching you work yourself to death ...
Amanda Oct 2018
Gasping for air like fish on land
Feel my heart's pace quicken
Desperate to escape mocking reality
I savor these drugs kick in

To fly a distance from here is my aim
Run far so I can start over
I am too close to unhealthy triggers
I'm losing ambition, why should I get sober?

It is not love I'm seeking out
Looking for internal happiness
Do not ask me why I'm always blue
Then tell me I must be depressed

I want to be normal, been so long
Need to defeat my addiction
Can't find the strength that used to reside
Just can't let go of this affliction

Desire the drive to be better
My mind stuck in a deep rut
Must be missing part of the formula
Just can't figure out what
It feels like I have all the pieces to the puzzle I am just too stupid or too impatient to figure out how to win.
MaryJane Doe Aug 2018
Withdrawal thy toe
From the deep end an see
Just how much
You've abandoned me

Thy hours are eternity
Without a drop to drink
Quite a lonely life for me
Watching dead men sink

A shame
Our love
Is not enough
To withdrawal
These Dependencies

A conflict in progression
My apologies
Done with regression
In harmfull times as these
Feeling worthless
And worth less
Than a drop of vile drink
Just had to get some stress from my chest. I'm missing my father more than ever these days. As my life has become a sad re-run of the past.
Thomas EG Aug 2018
How could one yearn so badly
Yet not strive for said desire ?

My purchases are less of a luxury
But more of a dependency

And my heart is set on a necessity
So, as much as I will cry in wait,

I will need assistance in motivation
Please help me save (for) myself
We all need help sometimes
As a young man (30ish)
Sat alone in a room,
His feeble voice
Rang out:
"If there's anyone here,
Please talk to me."

"Help!" He continued.
"I've gotta go
To the bathroom.
Please, help me!"
Echoed his broken,
Lame voice.

Sadly, his cry
Fell on deaf ears.

I've seen him
Throw himself down,
And banging his head
On the floor--
In a loud voice,  
Cursed God continuously.

With a lamenting voice,
He prayed to die.
And yet, he lived.

In pitious ragings,
He'd severely
Threaten others.
But with family,
He remained utterly calm.
Only his family
Could console him.

My heart ached for him,
As my eyes welled with tears.
For, you see,
He was young and blind.

He was a young blind man,
Consumed by his blindness.
This story is true. And situations such as this, illustrates the truth of life's less glamorous side: the affliction. The darkness. The loneliness. The dependency and utterly helpless feeling. The fear and despair. What is not, and yet could have been for any of us.
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