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When my lips form charming smile
And in my eyes you see sunshine,
Be careful, darling, it's a warning sign.

Cause once sweet whispers touch your mind
And flirty laugh blurs track of time,
You won't notice that your heart is mine.

And when you watch the moves I make
And then you skip a breath intake,
Be cautious, darling, of heartbreak.

Cause once I get into headspace,
I live rent-free for weeks and days
Before I kiss goodbye and leave a trace.
toleomato May 23
Seeing her was the same as
walking outside
and discovering
that the sky is blue
and finding it
absolutely beautiful.

I wish to experience life
as honestly as possible.
I have had enough of
my longings for
permanence and certainty.

Alas, must I stake a claim
on the sky to find fulfilment?
Do I need to own it all
to love it?
Should I resent those who
look upon the same sky as I?
Envy the clouds which
occupy it?

The sky was there before
and will be there after
And that is a comforting thought,
I suppose.
Raven Feels Jun 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, looks like far is better than the unknown:\

I rephrase I say again haunted by the devils
God is unfair sorting mindlessly things for innocent souls to rebel

why should I be in a no landing deprive ???
of a sunlight in a stream of shallows and happy cries

chains and chords struck my nights would
like a movie scene I want like a music video in snow-none should

guess core in me is blinded in tomorrow edged with rage
seems like I'm the one one hurting myself not them in that cage

belting on drums my heart writes it explodes
far from the cheers and the spotlight affection in the feels I showed

for a ****** serenity in hatred
I hope blood shedding no stays in me sacred

no November curses left to decay a fatal I
no tears left to shed tearing in time

                                                          ­                      ------ravenfeels

Just spare me
a lil space in thy
heart. I swear
you wouldn't
know when I'd
occupy the whole
place, for I'd
spread my whole
love seeds all over
thy heart.
Cultivating various
numerous vine
that makes
life commodious.
Only just
you and I.
I'd make you
always feel like
yourself. By
yourself baby
it's all you
could making
mine yourself.
I know you'd
make  a beautiful
world and it's
quite awesome
to live in
you as we lived
inon GOD.
You'd worship
mine God in
the alter.
We both did
say yes.
Your beautiful
mother shall
become mine mine
realist dad
did become your's.
And our love
will illuminate
the whole
world turned
into paradise,
till the last dying
days. Like
"The Dreamer
lad and the
dream lass"
or like
"Juliet and  Romeo"
just you and I,
high on Cloud
cockoo land a
sphere of
reality because
my love is
true and real,
for its from
the bottom of
the heart
underneath my
soul poured
the water of
my love.
Streaming down
our hearts
forming one
ocean upon
which our
love--ship did
voyage through
lifetime on
that trip
earning our
dreams together.
You are the Mecca that honey the bear
The tan that slumber the night
You make the day just a light of thunder
What is your name?

Yank your smile when my bridge comes
You make the heavens weep in glory
Don’t reorient your temerity after all
What is your real name?

I won’t tell them is Ayola
I won’t confide your real love
Not even the night would hear this
What is your name?
Let me invite your soul to dine

Ayola am sorry I never called you back.
True love

A wonderful night to a wonderful soul, a heart sensitive as mine. Catching your affection from a far. But my heart holds you close my  precious pearl. My girl my angel. My love runs through the stream of your heart and formed love-ocean, there fell us two swimming through. Wishing you peaceful night my love.
solfang Apr 9
my heart is mad at my mind
for it chose to let him go;
but deep inside it knows,
unlike my heart,
his love for me
will never grow
learn to let him go
My Dear Poet Apr 4
I hold a very little box
with very little things
little thoughts
little clippings
of smaller things
I’ve often folded myself up
and placed myself in
waiting in my little box
for a little time
for a little while
I sit with a little smile
I’m not asking for much
nothing bigger than the box
nothing more than two
room for me
and a little of you
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