One Mesmerizing Beauty, One Day.
I Met A Lady, In The Shades Of Darks
Who That Lady, Mysterious Word For A Poet
She The Lady Is The Efficacy Of Poet's Writing, Now.
Lady, She Isn't Womanly  As Others.
She Dont Love Donuts, She Dont Love Cakes.
Lady, She Isn't Selfsame As Others.
Being With Her, Brings A Tremendous Breath.
Intoxication Is Her Voice, My Sleep Is Attuned Of.
I Drowse In The Laps Of Her Tunefullness.
In Euphony  Of The Lady's Voice, I Stay Whole Night.
Lyricism Of Her Soothing Voice Makes Me Sleep,
I Wake With The Melody Of Lady's Voice.
After Dusk, Lady And I
Hand In Hand , We  Walk In Dark.
Oh ! Head On My Shoulder, We Talk In Dark.
I Brought A Rose, And The Droplets Graced Those Feeble Petals,  Florist Smile Soothed Me.
Its First I Gave A Rose To A lady.
She"Its First  I Accepted A Rose By A Men"
The Rose Was More Beautified In The Hand Of My lady.

© Danish Zia

Even as the sun rises,
My days remain dark,
Tears fill my heart,
Like a cold rain.

I miss you the most during these days,
Miss listening to your words,
Whispering our dreams,
My love; the hero who saved my life,

Remember, I love you,
I love you;
The only Soul that I will ever hold,
I'm so lucky to know you.

Until that day we meet again in paradise, where your Soul lives,
I will keep my promise always and forever,
To love and honor you; My Queen,
By offering gifts of love, hope and kindness to others.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

The Great Queen Seondeok, 62회, EP62, #07
Paras 3d

since that destined afternoon

when we met, I've failed at every attempt

to script a poem for you

for whenever I drew your portrait in my

palace of conception, it always was

amorphous and white for unrevealed

was what shall light the fire of muse

but last mighttide I poured in

colours and paints I conceived

from our short colloquy.

i saw strange shades

that laign with mine fortuitously

and I crave to see the colors and their shades

that sit quietly, unknown to me.

do not doubt these verses and even

though they intend to smear flattery, I

script no colourless lies when I say

in the world, you're the only poem in flesh.

We watched stars shine bright, searching for any that shot,
and we witnessed none that night so we wished on the ones we got.
I confessed with a laugh that if my brain was split in two,
they could observe each half and each stem would lead to you.

We stood in dark parking lots, feet treading on glass long broken,
my head was drowning in thoughts; every one unspoken.
I stumbled on a confession each and every single time,
that you were a drug and an obsession; a favourite of mine.

And she talks to me in dreams,
whispering words of true love.
It tells of beautiful melodic themes,
a voice that comes from above.
Two souls forever bound, two bodies wrapped in sheets,
listening to the sound of our joined heartbeats.

We laughed together in dim light to jokes only we would get,
and you were the only thing in sight, my sunrise and my sunset.
I traced the outlines of your form, with both hands and my eyes,
and together we'll keep warm; arms on shoulders, legs on thighs.

And she kisses me awake,
her lips greet me like the sun.
But my dream world doesn't break,
'cause her presence tends to stun.
I have finally been found, once I was lost in the dark streets,
now we're listening to the sound of our joined heartbeats.

Caress my skin and whisper my name in my ear,
I'll let your voice in 'cause it's all I want to hear.
Fingertips can scratch, but now they feel so smooth,
the last mark I didn't catch but now I think I got the groove.
Candlelight will show me all I need to see,
and my hands will guide to where they need to be.
Our voices mesh into one, our souls and mind link,
and our hearts beat together; perfectly in sync.

And she blows air into my chest,
giving me oxygen to breathe.
With her hand resting upon my breast,
I promise her that I'll never leave.
Side by side on the ground, same song just repeats,
and we're listening to the sound of our joined heartbeats.

Markus Russin Sep 15

to the taste
of our vicious cycles
hand in hand
no textbook
no trace of
pompous dreams
detached from former
dubious glory
of lack of
trivial purpose
and willing lungs
replete with salt
and feet
above the ground


The colors begins to die at the first kiss
Maybe that's why I can’t reach the peace.
Eternity is too long
before the fleeting delight to be with you.
Always the same melancholy
when it don't burns, it freezes.
In silence ,
In your arms
One more kiss.

I woke up earlier today
There was a  picture of you in sepia
On the wall where the sunlight ,timidly
Touched a blind spot .
The thirsty
The hunger
And the desire
to feel your heart just another time

Luis Liriano Sep 5

poem 74:
you are beautiful , like the sky after the clouds have cleared

you are gorgeous, like like the first flower bloom  in the spring

you are lovely, like a poem that made you smile but shade one tear

you are all these things and more, with every pasting day
you make jaw drop and eyes turn into hearts
you make the sunshine bright so it can compete with your flow

you are truly beautiful with a mind so bright and heart so kind
as walk while looking like a queen from the 1950s
you are beyond words, but theses aren't just words
these are feelings of amazement
of appreciation
that someone like you exist

Beneath a darkened sun,
A man stands on a hilltop looking for his dream,
His heart wondering, where she is?

All his life he stood under a rainy sky,
Looking for her,
In every dream, he sings,

My princess, my queen,
I love you.
Where are you?

Under a brighter blue sky,
A man kneels in a field of daisies,
Holding a white rose and silver ring,

Singing to his queen,
You are more beautiful than anything,

I love you,
Will you take this ring and marry me?

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

[MV] 4MEN _ Propose Song

When Sunset comes,

She floats above me,
But she is so far away I can never
Bring her into my world.

She only exists in my dreams.
She lives in Heaven,
In a beautiful dream world of her own.

How can I embrace her Soul,
And be with her in this place?

A ghost floating in my memories,
An Angel in a dream who my heart aches for.

How can I be with her?
I pray to God for only a moment in time,
To tell her I love her; I miss her, and we will be together soon.

I cry, to God
I want to die; my life is nothing,
Without holding my Angel in my arms,

I know as long as I live on earth,
I'll never hold another beautiful Soul,

I think of walking across a bridge,
Being hit by a cannon ball,
Less than a second, leaving this world,

But it will leave me cursed,
Cursed in Hell, living without her forever,

My true love,
Who, I miss more than anyone.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Tri-Be - A Farewell in Heaven MV (Love Letter OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]
Mane Omsy Aug 27

With your face glowing beside me
My mind can't hold it no longer
This thriving feeling tempting me
To imprint my passion on your lips
To hold your face in my palms
And whisper tongue to tongue
That I love you, and always will
You've become the veins in my heart
I wouldn't live without your smile
Can't relate your beauty on anyone
As I play the piano, I think of you
Melodies of dreamful nights, heavenly
All I could believe is you are the one
The one for me that you complete me

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