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Imogen 1d
Tenderly, I ****** your hair,
Caress the ridges,
          rugged hollows of your face,
Trace the grand canyons of your eyes ⸺
          Lashes dusk-flitting lightning-flies ⸺
Match inhale for exhale
The rose-soft breath of your repose.


More tenderly, your Heart
I turn over in my mind,
Unceasingly ⸺
Contemplating it next to mine.
Dozing off, about to fall asleep, when Eros struck me with one of his arrows, and with it: a poem... :-)
Claudia 6d
And there she was
And tears were streaming
down her perfect little face

And I whispered

"I will never leave you"

And I knew then
That was all she’d ever wanted
to hear
Tribhu 7d
I love the way you carve
Every ****** into those sketches,
As if the passion inside of you
Could never been so deep.
I love the way you paint
As your hand dances and stretches,
With every touch of color
The world will ever need!
I fancy you
Oh! And those fingertips, too.
Nobody could paint a world
As colorful as you.
Oh! Did you know, my love
You painted my delicate soul, too?
Now I'm your masterpiece
As you're my poetry,
Oh! Our love could never be so true.
This one is dedicated to my better half, to him. ❤
Sean Devlin Oct 13
Im just lonely, really
she whispered across the table
and I want someone to hold me
I know that after ***
we will collapse into each others arms
and stay that way, for at least a little while
Thats the work and thats the reward
those fleeting moments of touch

I am not sexually insatiable
I am affectionately empty
The golden light shines bright
But does not reach the abyss of my being
An Oracle showed me the way;
But it is I,
who must now choose the path I take.
Leaving the insouciance of my place of birth
For the big, beautiful and scary world.

The path is, however, not the end,
What matters most is how the traveller crosses it;
Living for love, wisdom and knowledge,
On a path of tears, joy, and pain;
Is preferable to living for fake happiness
On a path of lies, deceit and sorrows.

The forest is waking up
On the dawn of a new day;
One where I will blossom like the Amaryllis
Until dusk catches up
And fate leaves me forsaken.

But before the slow marching of time
And its eternal sleep
Get to me,
I will make sure to fully live my life,
For one must die to live eternally.

From the dawn of adulthood
To the dusk of my life
I will make sure to get remembered
And to make you mine.
For I believe we share a fate,
A mind,
And a love.
Little poem about how I imagine my future will look like. Give me feedback :)
Or the limerence I feel.
Is it a sin to adore you?
Or the way you drive me crazy.
Is it a sin to worship you?

Through time and space,
Through love and pain,
Eros, you paved the way.
For I was lost in the maze of live,
Fleeing for the shadow of Fear.
Eros, you rescued me
And like a green Peter Pan
Led me to your world.

A world of magic where love flourishes
And sorrows die.
A world where finally
I could be free
With you.

People driven by **** want to have ******* with each other. But people driven by Eros want to have a much broader fusion. They want to share the same emotions, visit the same places, savour the same pleasures and replicate the same patterns in each other’s minds.
Ken Voltaire Oct 9
I love her, that's it.
There is no why or how,
No when and where.
There is no binding document,
No "terms and conditions".
Why do organisms evolve?
To become better, to thrive.
I think of this when I am asked why.
How is it that a creature as small as the ant is one of the most successful?
They work together and put every fiber of their being to one purpose.
I think of this when I am asked how.
When the universe began, is that when time began?
If so, that is when.
Where may one feel life reverberate in the beautiful emptiness of all that exists?
The answer to this is where my love does lay.
Jasmin Joy Oct 9
I remember the day that
we travelled together.
At first I was very nervous
but I regained myself.
He sat on my left and my
heart began to beat so fast
We locked our hands together.
There was a deep silent(in my mind)
all around in that busy town.
''Speak babe'' he  said
But I kept quite.. He realised
that I'm nervous and he
kissed on my left hand..
I felt a snow fall in my heart..
I smiled.  He gave me a hug
but I didn't noticed it...bcoz
I was nervous.. We sat together
for few minutes.. For me
it was too long bcoz he
was with me.. He asked for
a kiss but I realised that
I reached my home
I wished to give one
but I couldn't.
Now I'm waiting for our
next meeting to give him
the kiss that he deserved.
Now my heart says 'Miss you babe..
See you soon...'
I wish that our love should
never end. ''JE VOUS AIME....''
This incident took place inside a bus. It was after 1 year the lovers meet..
They sat together for the first time in their 3 years of love.. They are amazing lovers.. They rarely contact each other coz their situation was like that... But their love is a true love.. hatsoff lovers♡♡♡
James LR Mar 7
A little battered, a little worn
A little stained, a little torn.
Bits of sweat and blood and tears
Stretched from sleep throughout the years.

It isn't much, but it's like me
Filled with care and memories
The white no longer holds it's glow
But it's still warm and soft and so
If you need my sweater,
I'll give it happily.
I know you'll wear it better
And with you I will be.
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