I have with volume spoken my affection,
And sung in verses seeking you to move,
And vainly sought to win, by your election,
Those diverse charms which you do daily prove.
I have with little skill writ imitations
Showing both want of wit and want of school:
They cast bright light upon my limitations,
And show myself to be a jest'ring fool.
Yet all these doings would I do again
If Time tripped backward and did them repeal,
For when I think on you I can't refrain
From finding words which soundly speak my zeal.
    For you, embarrassments though I'll amass,
    I'll stand before the world a braying ass.
I can’t repaint the start
Nor it’s tenderness
To understand
The complexity
Of it’s cottons -
But know I am soft,
And I will always
Keep your heart
Feels like a cloud is at rest in my palm,
A softness so light I can’t understand,
Applied to skin but my soul’s healing balm,
You fix what broke me when I hold your hand.

Your fingers transmit feeling like a spell,
With energy felt deep within my skin,
Your lightness of touch makes everything well,
Held in my hand but my heart’s where it’s in.

With love and with grace you gave it to me,
To hold and caress to return your love,
In hand and in love is how we shall be,
Hold fast each dream that we ever dreamt of.

Don’t run from love against which you rebelled,
You never before let your hand be held.
Annie 4d
I have this whole world within me
Speak to me
Take me as I am
Set me free

You say I exaggerate things
But what if
What if my emotion
Is itself exaggerated?

Have you ever
For even once, thought that
Maybe I were a speck
Coming close, flying away

Why won't you ever
Pull me close
Make me sway

Keep your eyes off me
Strange how you seem to find reasons
To stay close when you shouldn't
And you could stay here forever but you wouldn't

I don't really need you
I don't even crave you
Except some days

Yet if you ask me, will I be here?
I'll whisper
frankie 5d
grab the bull by the horns
look at it dead in the eyes
see the danger of the flames burning within
remember that you are the red flag
you control the fierce beast that it clutched in your grip
one mistake, one flaw of reasoning and your fate becomes the bull’s decision
the bull is getting impatient
you release it from your grip
the bull with its new found freedom, stands still, stares at you as it lies down
the bull has surrendered itself to you
be gentle with him, he only wants your affection
and in that moment you realise that the bull is your heart and you, you are everything you have ever inflicted upon it.
danny 6d
A prison sentence
One could only dream about.
Encased with warmth and calm.
Let it be dark and stormy everywhere else.
I don't fear the rapture now.

Folded and marooned.
Heart beats forming a staccato theme tune.
Others may wish for peace and health.
I just pray for an endless night.

I think about the factors that led to this entwining.
It best not to know or overthink.
The fear would cripple my hope.
We stripped, made love and now the third act.
I mutter a mantra to balm any edges.

"Not everyone gets held back."
Lily 7d
I (don’t) miss you.
I miss your cute good morning texts,
Holding your hand in the hallway,
Sneaking kisses between classes.
But I don’t miss you.
I (don’t) need you.
I need your comfort after a nightmare,
Your strong arms when I’m upset,
Your loving words whispered in my ear.
But I don’t need you.
I (don’t) want you.
I want your cheeky smile,
Your gorgeous body,
Your easy laugh.
But I don’t want you.
I want your love and affections,
I want someone to deeply care about me,
But I don’t love you.
I (don’t) love you.
As the sun sets,
It gently caresses her face
And her freckles
Mimic stars
With plenty of zodiacs to trace
All the while,
Her eyes entwine into galaxies
With infinite stories in place

And all I want to do
Is just stare in awe
Sensing each and every heart beat race
No description can ever do justice. #truelove
Daydreaming Apr 14
millions of electrons stunned these piece of white stacks.
odd isn't it?
white stacks,
harder than wood weaker than steel,
underneath the layers between the running blood and stretching skin,
miles of miles of skin,
barely feel anything at all unless it got broken by a terrible accident,
or a tragedy,
suddenly tingles,
as if it was ringing a bell,
only when those fingertips brushed against mine.
have you ever imagine someone's hand pressed against your hand?
See them meet.

The childlike wonder on their faces. The rapture. The anticipation. The thrill of touch. The exploration of joints and gaps. The overwhelming rightness of it all. Fuzzyheaded with the joy of the moment.

See them live.

Interruptions and pressure. The mundanity of living drapes their shoulders and they have no time. To last, they fight and claw and push through the fog. To the last, carving out a safe haven; a home for their souls. It is delicate and easily broken, yet made to endure, if cherished and chosen. They grip harder, for the sake of a vow.

See them fade.

Worn. Bent. Glassy-eyed and frail. Forgotten by most, remembered by the other. Days filled with emptiness. Nights vacant of wholeness. Time has waged its war and it will surely prevail. Yet a gentle touch is the defiant howl in the face of all that seeks love’s demise.

See them love.
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