We love, yet we do not feel.
We fall before we break.
This is called a lover's tragedy,
when you do not know what you can take.
this is a different kind of tragedy.
With your skin like the sky, and soft cloud eyes
I stare into your face and find myself mesmerized
Tilt my head back, and at the same time tug me closer
And then lay me to rest in a fluffy patch of clovers
Her affection has arms

Child discover it
Later, to be a hug
Genre: Observational
Theme: The connections
jai 2d
why is my brain unable to feel any type of affection as pure?
as true?
why must everyone else be using me?
regardless of who you are, some part of me honestly and truthfully does not trust you. and she is neither right nor wrong.
You complicated a compliment
on how good you look
hid yourself behind a book
Rolling away your skeptical eyes
You peered and took them as some lies
I said “It’s true”,
but seemed you didn’t care
So I continued to share
nice things about your nose,
and then I mentioned your thighs
It was then you took offence
‘Like it’s not the most important thing’
And in my defence,
I loved everything
But because of some insecurity
I was forced to justify,
what I  see
Even as a man
Even the way you stand
And your slender legs and hand
How I love your creases and curves
Every vein, muscle and nerve
Such fine shape, figure and form
How much they keep me warm
And somehow all this charm
Was only boiling up the calm
and there you broke out in a storm
When I said, “Your hips,
are better than your lips”.
It was the last time I’d see
You ever again that close to me
you got up and walked away,
I’m sorry
I regret
all I did was shape history
Where’s the line?
It's easier to say that
you're sick rather
than to tell someone
that your heart is breaking
and explain how the
pain just radiates in your
entire body, deep
within your bones

Leaving you,
feeling empty and crippled
You dread getting up
from bed, even
going to sleep is a complete
war zone between you
falling apart and
you trying so hard
to keep it together

Your eyes look
like they've been stung,
though your heart is
what really stings
You've never stopped
praying, keeping your faith
stronger than your pain
but you start to feel bad
cause whatever you
do, it still hurts like hell

I get it, were about to
learn a lesson and
grow from it but
its just too much,
too heavy and
too painful

All you could do is
close your eyes so
tight and wish that
soon as you open them,
it already went away
So, it is easier to say
that I'm sick rather
than to say that my
heart is breaking
I'm sorry, I apologize for feeling this way. No, I'm not trying to argue or ruin your day. It's just that, you really have changed and it is killing me. But I'll try to be okay again tomorrow, I promise. :(:
Gray Jun 14
The blanket is warm.
I am not like the blanket.

My room is warm.
I am not like my room.

The stairway is warm.
I am not like the stairway.

The kitchen is warm.
I am not like my kitchen.

The inside of my fridge is freezing.
I am freezing.
delilah Jun 13
i have sadly ingrained an old version of myself so deeply in others' minds that i can't be viewed as anything else

they think i don't love

they think i won't love

they think this because for the longest time love is all i craved and all i feared

my fear of being unloved by more outweighed my desire to make more love me

they think i don't want affection (platonic and otherwise)

they think this because for the longest time i couldn't stand others' hands near me

i fear the vulnerability more than i desire the comfort

they think i don't care

they think this because i walk with my head higher than their stares

they think this because it's easier to say i don't

every bad thought and misconception is in their heads
i'm not sure this properly portrayed the point i wanted to make
why won't you control what is inside?
the pleasure you cannot hide,
the memories you bribe,
the emotions that kept you alive?
letha fay Jun 11
I know it's cliche
Saying "I love you"
But it's all different this way
You gave it a whole new meaning
Something that has depth,
All through, and through
My heart, my mind swell
At the idea,
The feeling

So allow me to fall in love all over,
and over again
With everything about you
The way your words form
Laughter that I thought I'd never knew
A smile so warm
Eyes, deep
And you a dream
Yet, the reason I cannot sleep

                                          - Letha
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