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there was once a boy
who needed affection
thus he found one
by the ends of damnation.
thank you sm for reading! < 3
There are words
trapped in the honey
ugh so sticky if you feel

and im sure you'd find it funny
as a reason that the quiet,
so loud, is audible and so sweet

need to be small
             need to be held
  my chest screams sobs and rebels

Its hardly real;
of it I won't make more.
i love and startle myself...
well ..I try to ignore...

you know, i startle and
          try to outrun
            all the things I adore!
Don't look
in my eyes
for so long.

I'm afraid that
my smile will
only grow
until it is
all I can see
and I'll give
myself away.

Don't speak
to me
so often.

I'm afraid that
I'll grow used
to the sound
of your voice
and become
addicted to
your words.

Don't show
me so much

I'm afraid that
my standards
are so low
the median
has become the
bar all should pass
and I'll start
to think
I deserve it.

But whatever
you do

don't stop.
Too tired to go to sleep, so here's a new piece where I find myself in an old situation. Things could be worse.
Hold me in public
As much as you do in bed.
I survive on PDA
Hold my hand. Kiss my forehead. Give me random hugs and if you are strong enough [Coz I am a +size :) ]carry me. In other words, mark your territory.
I thought I had it all figured out
I felt strong
in control.
Now that I've seen you
everything is out of place.
Yet it could not be more perfect.
Yes, we fight.
Yes, I cry and I suffer.
But when you look at me
the whole world disappears
and suddenly,
my heart skips a beat.
There's no place I'd rather be
I can't count how many poems
and songs and plays and movies
have been written for love.
Nearly every one of them
Yet none of them has ever existed
For you are here, now, with me.
Mitch Prax Oct 6
We sat there in silence,
side by side,
hand in hand,
letting the crimson sunset
pour out its last waves of light.
Let it cleanse us of our
misery and hardship.
Tonight is about us, dear,
nothing else is real-
let time stand still.
The first time you opened up to me
it was through your endless,
sapphire eyes.
Before that glance, I was
sure you weren't interested.
After that glance, I found
a new room built in my heart.
A room decorated in the deep,
ocean blue of your eyes.

Since that first glance
I’ve found myself searching,
craving, your thoughts.
So far I’ve found these three
things in your eyes.

Our first glance I saw a shy,
demure woman but,
one who finds interests in the
small forgotten places, the mysteries.
A woman who wishes few people
to see the jewels she hides inside.
A woman who lets her gaze slide,
not wanting contact--
but asking for connections,
Daring others to
knowingly take a leap
Into boundless azure eyes
that scry a magnanimous
future shrouded in lashes.

I want to call out!
"I see you.  I see your true face,
individualistic and beautiful."
I recognize pieces of you and I
answer your call with pieces of

Our second glance was
the ocean at night
under a full Moon--
bright with emotion and lust.
You, an Aphrodite of the sea,
your body covered in
seafoam and pearls.
You,  An Erato whose story
holds men and women
You reach out through those
bedazzling eyes with endearment,
and a promise of such ecstasy
as to turn Ovid's quill from his paper.
I find myself overcome with the
want to dive into your azure oceans,
to steal that treasure in your depths
For myself.

Our last glace was infinity--
the intensity of the sun at its zenith.
You, an Artemis, bow drawn,
Breast exposed, in the heat of the hunt.
Your protections triggered, your eyes
alight-- their color that of the dawning
Sky, cloudless, at the vernal equinox.
Pride and confidence, strength
and courage, well up and come to bear
against an ill-prepared stygian force
who has not an inkling of its
Thrull fate.

I want to know all the pieces of you.
I want to explore your substance.
I want to lie, entwined, naked, within you
and encompassed by you--
holding your gaze searching
into each other. Our bodies rocking,
sweaty--souls dowsing each other
finding pieces that fit and speaking
without words.
     I want to know...
                 I want you...
Inspired by real life events.  The best kind...
Kitten Yvad Sep 29
the little tigers in my heart
roam the den
curious start, what next

rumbling hot breath
like engines of flesh

A smile across my face
slinking angular shoulder blades
curious withdrawn, a mockfight
in their playplace

Slinking  padded sashay
Twitch reflexes about the ears
Rolling every which way

Growling gutteral purrs
like Rosé glasses clinking
in the sunlight of ravishing
forested day

there are tigers in my heart
Clicking purrs resonating
all throughout my hometown

Whoa now
olive caramel limbs glow now

gentle rumble cycles  back 'round

into the sunlight of ravishing
forested day

freshly resonating into my sunbathed dreaming wake
Kitten Yvad Sep 28
"You melt away (from cold)
            yes, you

             like sweet raw honey;

      a whole jar of you I'd like placed
              in warm water

            by morning."
repost of this poem from May;

thoughts about feelings about things I let myself feel so deeply half way into the second month of quarantine. 06.15
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