Seema 13h

Those late night chats
Your kiddy style flirts
The way you made my heart melt
I still remember how it felt

The phone calls throughout the day
Assuring your care in every way
The miles distance part us today
As you live far far away

The gifts and cards you sent
Seeing these my days went
You never asked for a cent

Everything was of show
The relationship was no more
You put me so low
The love dimmed its glow

Now its all pieces to peace
My heart is at ease
My brain tends to freeze
Whenever memories float like breeze


Fictional write.

You tried to buy my love
All I wanted
Was a rushing river of affection
You, however, sprang a leak of trinkets and shitty movies
For years, I stayed
My heart never knew any different
Cracking everyday, bit by bit
Inevitably, the dam broke
We split

Years later
I found a man
Who offered me that rushing river
And lead me all the way to the ocean
We gaze at the horizon, my hand in his
Before this moment
I thought I was indelibly damaged
I look to this beautiful soul that found me
I let him sweep me away with the tide

BW 1d

I have nothing to offer you
The boy who has seen it all
They are all prettier, heels high
Bullet in chamber, want a piece of you
drives me nuts
So I turn, tuck my fear, on my heels for the run.

He had a silver spoon, then built an empire of gold
They whisper, they try to be the diamond
On your lapel. hurting my eyes
A clown in my best dress, I panick
An amateur to a critic, something too beautiful to touch

I have nothing to offer you, maybe I can cook
In your shirt, omakase on counter.
Maybe I can purr and sunbathe, wink and
dance in the streets, holding you in the crowd.
Wear a collar and paint my nails red on the lawn
I have a temper, I can be tamed too
If only you could see,but I bet you have seen all this before
I have
nothing to offer you at all

I wiped my tear off, they all looked at me with disgust
My lips were crimson, theirs drip blood
I should have known it was vain
Impressing the boy who has seen it all
Playing with fire, sinning with no return.

"I am very nice, don't be scared."

I turn around. You wipe my tears off. They gasp.
Maybe tomorrow you will stay, or you will be gone.
I reached for the light, one night, even one.
I want to belong to.
The boy who has seen it all.

To a great guy called Jason, he scares me and impresses me at the same time. He is a perfect guy and a boy who has seen it all, love him loads.
Umi 2d

Accompanied by the beautiful starlight,
Even if mother nature makes things distracting tonight,
All I may think about is simply to hold you, to guide you on
To be close to you until we are greeted by the blush of the dawn While the birds, bugs, bees, flowers and trees rest
I have but one simple request
Oh my dearest, let me love you, from now and forever
Let us be happy and shine together!
Like the moon is in need of the suns light to be able to give us light
Your gaze is what makes this night for me very bright
So will you say yes ?
To this mess?

~ Umi

Puddles of exhausted days cleanse the Earth,
absent the promise of advent pain or joy;
greatness, humming its tune in a muted voice of desired power,
masquerades as a lone lily eagerly awaiting growth.

Once a maiden, borne of love and wanderlust, though
pierced by an agonizing reality synthesized from doubt,
now royalty, paving her path to ascension on slanted land
keen on ensnaring her under its shared deprivation,

yet she beckons! Her demons unfathomably whisk away;
nightmares suffocate within her potent cocoon,
and her bright soul illuminates the dawn that breaks.
Alexander shamelessly bathes in its everlasting warmth,

for dawn is absolute, thereby equal to her word.
Consume it.

Dedicated to a close friend.

i was cursed, a rain transformed
into a speed of light and deformed
lethal but born with a kind emotion
innocent but turned into commotion

demons told me that only deep affection
can change me into my mortal situation
where i can speak with words that lightning can't
be proposed to peace, and sang with chant
but i killed hundreds of women because of my light
when rage was formed i hit and fight
without mercy i turned day into night
for i am the monster who has the might
to kill innocent mortals to find my wife
just to break the curse and bring me back to life
but i am fortunate for i think i have found
my woman who showed me a sound
she shouts for the heavens to make her pass away
tears from her eyes fell but she choses to stay
and i am here acting like a human
followed her mark and wishes to be her man
i need to struck my light on the woman i've found
for i think she is the reason of changing my cloud
the gray that turned into white
the darkness that turned into light
i am going to follow her and struck my lightning
but days passed, her heart continued fighting
for she is inlove with a human guy
but it turned it out she was comforted with a lie
i feel sorry for her because she needs to die
to make me a human again and can watch the sky

i don't have the choice, so this day i will struck to her my blaze
but conscience told me that i will stop this craze
so i did, the woman i saw is still alive
and i am here forever lightning never revive


He really was the devil, a devil in disguise.
He treated me like the queen I longed to be,
He had these brown, shadowed eyes.
They held some sort of affection, it seemed only for me,
But underneath that darling smile there was no soul to see.
The gateway was open, for what seemed like forever ago.
Something had happened, to his once beautiful soul.
Lucifer loved; he loved, and he lost.
He loved so much his soul it would cost.
His wings were torn, he cried, he fell.
The devil before me, didn't love me I could tell.
A trickster he was, the fool he made me out to be.
He cast me out as he once was, alone for eternity.

samantha page Jan 15

she says she wants
and I can do that
but I need to know
if she wants it from me

Nayana Nair Jan 12

Would people have been more kinder
and affectionate,
if only the world didn’t misunderstand
niceness on a daily basis?
How come we live with such a distorted view
that we are afraid of being good to each other?
From the fear of being judged.
From the fear of being ridiculed.
From the fear of being burdened forever.
From the fear of being taken advantage of.
From the fear of being looked down on.

Umi Jan 10

I made you a star....
A special shines bright it shines far
Like your love,
High above in the sky,
So pure and without a lie this star wont die.
Shines so bright in this night .
Yes this is far and yet so near....
Shines so bright without fear

~ Umi

Found another very old Poem my dearies
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