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I spill out my heart
She reply's with a word
Why is it this hard
Am I not being heard

I show my affection
She shows me none
Is this her intention
I think I'm just done...
Doesn't feel good
Give a smile!

When the weather suits you not, just smile give a smile…
When your coffee isn’t hot, just give a smile…
When your neighbors don’t do right,
Or your relatives all fight,
Sure it is hard, but then you just give a smile…

When the most difficult situation you face ,
And find everything is in disastrous phase,
Figure out things for a while,
All you need to do is just give a smile…

A smile doesn’t change the things, of course …
But it cannot make them worse too,
It seems to help your case,
Brightens up a gloomy place,
When this pretty smile rest on your face…

So just give a smile…
Evai Dec 2
Various colors shined down on me,
Ever since you came into my life.

Feelings of affection, and desire,
I have never felt genuinely before.

With you here with me,
I can be things I never thought-
I could ever be.
Liyah Bella Nov 30
i am sitting in a silent room
with my heart racing
and thumping loudly in my chest
like a caged bird singing for affection
and my pulse sounds like its a deflating balloon
my skin is rubber
and teeth are plastic
and i feel just like a Russian doll
but the inner most doll
is shaking like leaves in a hurricane
my vision is like windows when a trap song playing through speaker in a small white truck
my finger tips have grown cold 15 minutes ago, and now they are defrosting like my dinner from last night.
Was it the sunrise

When I stared into his eyes

It was to my surprise

That he was such a prize

My mind is a dark grey cloud

Claustrophobia in a crowd.

I run when it starts with affection

I've never felt a connection

I think I'm just scared of rejection

As if it were an infection

Maybe it's just depression

Or the view of imperfection...
Qwn Nov 28
I was ******.
I let people in,
I got to close.
I know better,
but I messed up,
and it shows.
I couldn't help it,
I craved it so,
physical affection,
and someone that knows.
Dea Elizabeth Nov 28
Now his name gives me chills.
What would have happened
if I'd gone home to him?
My tough man, my big man.
You're not a good enough
reason to **** myself.
Baylee Kaye Nov 27
I love you,
in the strangest way one could.
my heart longs for you,
but I know you’re far from my reach.
everything is different,
when I am with you.
I want you to cherish me,
maybe love me too.
but I know that’s not how you are.
I want you to live up to your name,
be enDearing, because you’re winsome.
be enchanting and gentle.
but everything is polar opposite.
I pray you bear no malice,
hold no ill intent inside your heart.
but o, how pretentious the knave is!
woe, a look of haughty disdain.
I want to give you my gift,
wrapped tenderly in years of refinement.
though I fear you would not accept it humbly.
you take me lightly, just another prize.
a dozen shots you’ve drank,
when I’ve drank not one.
your lips on mine, uninvited.
but soon warmly welcomed with their craft.
what makes you special,
is what I think on.
from one mouth I learned you defended me.
spoke up for my aching mind,
when I was no where near.
I sense your callousness breaking,
as earnest eyes begin to leak.
I meander through this labyrinth,
weaving in and out of all these chances.
so please don’t scar my heart,
not when I open up so much to you.
I let myself feel when I’m with you.
letting you touch my skin, but also my soul.
is this all just some gods experiment?
an experiment where I have no say.
where I’m given paradise,
but only for a day.
i saw your eyes

(last four lines rewritten from Written in the Stars, they are not my own idea)
Deciphering the signals of my heart,
the way it ****** down with experiences,
None of the feelings could reverse the chemistry,
until she came under my shade!

Plethora of thoughts rushed within,
the blood vessels did make me feel,
the eruptions of hormones
and finally the tear gland worked on right !

Couldn't it be like I could help her?
But I didn't.
Just as a new plant couldn't bear a flower,
I was immobilised into my existence.
Wished I could heal her pain,
but maybe the experiences won again.

Her tears never did come out too,
My tears waited for her's arrival.
Oh! How much should I thank you sister?
For making me alive- even a little was enough!
I was too hit down by experiences until my sister came today and said me that -" Brother, something is paining, I wish it gets better. Its there since days ", and I was like - What happened? and she retreated away by saying-"No, its okay, with glimpse of tears. Maybe she didnt want to drop down her tears and maybe I didnt want to cry. Maybe I wished to hug and she wanted to hug me too..
Joliver Nov 24
I can feel myself falling again
With you, things just feel right
I can feel myself falling again
When I think of you I can't help but smile
I can feel myself falling again
And yet I'm walking on air
I can feel myself falling again
And I don't want to slow the descent
I can feel myself falling again
As I lay here thinking of you
I can feel myself falling again
Was I on your mind as you drifted asleep?
I can can feel myself falling again
Tell me, please
Are you falling too?
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