Ormond 20h

( Sonnet )

Sound softly hung, she spoke, gave birth to place;
And there, found him closed in, frozen, shivering.
Her dawn light hands gently warmed his face;
His winter room sweetly broke into the spring.

After darkness died he felt strange bonds again;
Birds chimed, flew by, and the walls fell away.
Locked in her arms the turning world grew open;
His eyes nestled in the light her joy had made

And with her temperance swelled his weary eyes;
This was the day of her birth, Venus by the seas
And lonely air was steeping, the ground set aside
His tabled world was now a feral garden green.

Dearest countenance, with only grace she lies,
With merest touch, turned all ceilings into sky.

Meeting your eyes with mine,
you take my cheek in your hand,
and whisper your love for me.

You hold me in your safe arms,
as we sit amongst the nights stars,
the sky dulling whilst looking at you.

Trishia Jul 15

Disturbing it may seem
I wanted to scream
Right infront of the team.
Saying, my affection on you will always be extreme.

She paints the sky with arrows
that lurch into my skin,
such departure from the heavens
blown as kisses in the wind.

Never whole, always incomplete,
I situated myself,
In front of what you are yet to see,
I wrote about a home,
I have never seen,
Relying on a distant thought,
I wrote about you,
And the blur of what you are making me feel.

for that one person..
Hannah Jones Jul 3

Hold me in the rain.
Press your warm back to me and guard me from the storm
as we watch mist turn to showers turn to torrents.
Watch the lightning streak the sky with all my favorite hues.
Let me breathe into your shoulder
and wish for an eternal moment.

Dance with me in the rain.
Take my hand and run into the street
as we embrace the heat of the summer sky.
Spin me, dip me, hold me
as we laugh and shout and splash
No cares for shoes or hair
in this moment.

Kiss me in the rain.
Let your hands cradle my face
and press your lips to my forehead, nose, cheeks,
Sweetly, sweetly, sweetly,
as if the storm around us was but fog
as if the lightning above was but a limelight
as if the puddles at our feet were but dry land.
As if nothing else matters outside this moment.

Love me in the rain.

Based on a dream I wish I could have stayed in. There's rain in the forecast this afternoon, but I'll be alone.
Tunde Lakanu Jul 3

There's nothing we can't feel
Idle conversation for everyone to leave the room
Your approach towards the world is to heal
PJ's at work is prohibited
You swarm my thoughts while looking unfazed
broached feelings inspired more than just a chase

Tunde Lakanu Jul 3

We hate the word "forever"
Elongating anything more than enough is fatal
We love the word "moment"
Jumping in your life is you giving me a key for my own suspicion of freedom
Unwilling to move from that spot in your mind
I solve labyrinths whenever I choose to
I'm sure enough that you're enough while we stay puzzled  
I hate the word "label"
I care enough to see your strength
To dare not change the box we don't fit in
Measuring out expectations while you stop me in my tracks reassuring that your finish line is wherever I want it to be
You hate the word "doubt"
You share sentiments of courage with every stab in the dark
We have lived the grand scheme of everything
You'll always belong to yourself

i wants someone to like me
i want the care and affection that comes from love

i want to not feel alone
i want someone to be nice to me too

i'm just the girl that attracts the "send nudes" type of like from people. why can't someone like me
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