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Sep 2020 · 390
How I Wish
Jennifer West Sep 2020
How I wish
My eyes were wrong
And I didn't see
You sin

How I wish
My ears were gone
And I didn't hear
You with him

How I wish
My hands wouldn't shake
And I didn't feel
You betray me

How I wish
My words would come
And I didn't silently wish
You to disappear
Sep 2020 · 717
Far Away
Jennifer West Sep 2020
You seemed
So close
By my side
But of course
You told
A lie
Falling through webs
From the truth
Went to a place
I couldn't reach
Or stay
Jul 2019 · 495
Please Do
Jennifer West Jul 2019
Please do insult me
To the best of your ability
For I can promise you that
To me your words are empty

Please do gawp
Everytime I walk past
I can assure you that
My style is one to last

Please do make an enemy
Out of me if you will
For I've been looking for
Someone to give me a thrill.
Jul 2019 · 1.0k
I Will Stand
Jennifer West Jul 2019
You may shove me
But I will still stand
You may call me weak
But I will still stand
You may say I'm a little girl
But I will stand tall
You may tell me I can't
But I will
May 2019 · 404
Jennifer West May 2019
Thank you for showing me
How to finally be free
For I know now
We were never a forever

Thank you for the lies
And for cutting ties
For I now know
How little I meant

Thank you for running far
You didn't deserve my heart
For I now know
I deserve better
Apr 2019 · 389
Leave Me Be
Jennifer West Apr 2019
Please leave me be
For I know that I'll never be enough
For what you seek

Don't use those shining eyes
To look at me or lure me in
For I can see straight through those lies

You burned me once
And I know that's once enough
I do not want your touch

I know love is not
What you want from me
So stop sinking your teeth

Please leave me be
For I can do better
Than a beast
Apr 2019 · 299
Jennifer West Apr 2019
I wish I could be
The best thing for us
But you and I know
I'm just a curse

When love touches me
It turns to dust
And hatred burns
With every touch

Tears turn to ash
Whilst pain fights inside
The soul strives to escape
And you sink in lies

Sorrow burrows itself
Into my smiles
Spreading its wings
Ready to devour
Mar 2019 · 362
Time fades
Jennifer West Mar 2019
You held me tight
When it was twilight
Kissed away the tears and pain
To let the misery float away

Beneath the stars
You said to me
That our love
Could never be

Hands entwined
Not enough time
And then you left
For the repear knows theft

May your soul travel
Through the night and day
And know that in my heart
You will always stay
Mar 2019 · 190
Tell me
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Tell me I'm not going crazy
Tell me I'm not going mad
When I see a sadistic smile
Through those poisen eyes

Please tell me I'm wrong
Because I don't want to believe
All there is to you
Is nothing but lies

Don't dry my tears
And go to kiss me goodnight
I can't
Give this goodbye
Mar 2019 · 308
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Thank you for burning me
With your senseless thoughts
For now I know
My own worth
Mar 2019 · 288
The Animal
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Watch the blood
Pour down wrists
Turn and laugh
Because I know
I'm worthless

Steal my joy
Make misery
Seep and pour
Because I know
That's all I'm
Good for

Hold me down
Miss my cries
Put words to me
Because I know
I'm not worth
Anyone's time
Mar 2019 · 688
Just a game
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Cut me open
Rip out my heart
To you that's all love is
A sick form of art

Dancing on tears
Laughing at cruelty
All I can offer your sick mind
Is such pity.

Needlessly toying
With girl after girl
Good for you
For getting a thrill.

Congratulations on your game
I saw right goodness in those eyes
But I was just another one
You managed to play
Mar 2019 · 617
Please Stay
Jennifer West Mar 2019
The days are long and dark.
Nights blur into one.
I need you more than ever.
Please just come.

Dusk and dawn alike.
Skylines as grey as a dreamless sleep.
I need you more than you know.
Please just come.

The world is falling.
Fading beneath my feet.
I need you so much right now.
Please just come.

My tired eyes can barely open.
I am lost more than you could imagine.
I need you.
Mar 2019 · 298
Lost Without You
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Who knew how much
The heart would ache
For every day
That you are away

God only knows
The mess I've become
Without you
How can I carry on

Things are harder
Without your wisdom or guidance
And I feel so blind
Lost in hateful darkness
Mar 2019 · 501
It's Okay
Jennifer West Mar 2019
I'm not okay.
I'm not going to recover.
I know you expect me to just snap out of it.
But I'm only human.

I'm okay not being okay.
I'm okay being sad.
Yes I'm fine with shedding tears.
I need to get this out.

It's not okay to hide it.
It's not okay to let it go.
It's not okay to bottle it up.
It's not okay to keep pushing me when I say no.
It's not okay to demand things of me. When I have so little energy.

I beg of you please, listen to me. I'm going to be okay, I know.
Mar 2019 · 398
Send Me To Sleep Please
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Send me to sleep please
I can't bear this constant grief
Send me to the world
Of a dreamless dream
Where nothing is real
And I'm floating on nothing

Do not let me go through
Another waking day
Because I can't bear this
I can't bear the constant pain

Can I live in my memories
Where your smile will stay with me
And I'll never have to face another day
Mar 2019 · 247
Jennifer West Mar 2019
There is a weight on your soul
Only just held up by your tired bones

Your sagging shoulders falling with pain
Whilst your eyes are lost in a world away

Struggling to hold the world with your feet
There is no rest for those who can't let it be
Mar 2019 · 373
Not Ready
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Wake me up in the past
So I don't have to face this
Let me live in my memories
Away from the reality

You didn't deserve to be taken
I wasn't ready for you to go
Did you know how much I loved you?
I wonder if now you'll ever know

You were like nobody I've ever met
Now you've been ripped away from me
I'm not ready for this god forbid
Please stay with me
Mar 2019 · 227
Not Fair
Jennifer West Mar 2019
It's not fair.

You were the best thing.
That ever happened to me.

You believed in me.
Like nobody else.
You supported me.
Like nobody else.
You loved me.
Like nobody else.

You were the best person I knew.
That I'll never get to see again.

It's not fair.
Mar 2019 · 299
Wasted Wishing
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Let me rest
Let me rest
Or is there no hope
For those who are lost

Let me sleep
Let me sleep
Pray I don't fall
To my knees

Let me fall
Let me fall
Because I don't feel
Like I'm alive at all

Let me sink
Let me sink
Like the sun at dusk
As my heart has had enough
Mar 2019 · 334
Please Lord
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Please just let me sleep
For it is dull and I am wary
I am drowning on my tired feet
So please just let me sleep

Please just let me sleep
For I am done with the world
And all it has to offer
So please just let me sleep

Please just let me sleep
For I cannot bare another second
Being awake in the harsh light
So please just let me sleep
Mar 2019 · 1.1k
I'm sorry
Jennifer West Mar 2019
I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
I wish I was the daughter
That you could admire
Instead I just destroy
Everything I desire

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
And I'm not like the siblings you love
I promise you that I'm trying
But I know that it will
Never quite be enough

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
The others seem to find it so easy
I wish I could breeze through life
Without a care
Just like the others

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum  
I promise you I'm working
Towards a better future for us all
Even if it feels like
It's just a steady crawl

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
I love you more than words can say
I would do absolutely anything
To make you proud
One day
Feb 2019 · 286
Jennifer West Feb 2019
Can you feel the weight
Sagging on your bones
And the dead skin
Carrying your woes

Can you feel the pain
Run through your tears
And the eyes burn
Shining with fear

Can you feel it
Consuming your mind
And your thoughts
No longer holding the monsters inside
Feb 2019 · 1.0k
I Will Not
Jennifer West Feb 2019
I won't be quiet
When you stifle my voice

I won't lay down
When you walk all over me

I won't be give up
When you crush my soul

I won't let you
Get me
Feb 2019 · 270
Jennifer West Feb 2019
Hide me away
Wish I was gone
Give me a kiss
But bite my tongue

Slap away my faith
Laugh at my tears
Then hold me tight
Chase away the fear

Walk into the night
Leave me blind
So I can no longer see
How love died
Feb 2019 · 777
Jennifer West Feb 2019
Please don't take another
Bite of my tortured soul
I don't think I can take
Another second more

Please don't look through me
When I'm right here
I know I'm not much to you
But I don't want to disappear

Please don't leave me withered
And out here alone to die
I've had enough of love
So just hold my hand one last time
May 2017 · 381
Jennifer West May 2017
Go ahead and rip me,
Into tiny pieces,
What does it matter to you?

Go ahead and crush my love,
Shatter my tired heart,
Why should you care?

Go ahead and darken my soul,
Leave me in bits,
For I am nothing to you.
Apr 2017 · 847
You're Okay
Jennifer West Apr 2017
You may be broken,
You may be burnt,
But you'll be okay.

You may hurt,
You may curse,
But you'll be okay.

It hurts now,
You want to give in,
But 10 years from now,
You'll be glad you didn't.

I promise you that you will be okay.

Please don't give up.
Apr 2017 · 780
One night
Jennifer West Apr 2017
Just hold me tonight,
I want someone by my side.
Let your scented skin touch mine,
Just hold me tonight.

Just kiss me tonight,
Even if it's for the last time.
I can't bear these lonely lips,
Just kiss me tonight.

Just love me tonight,
I want to be with you one last time.
I shall take it in my stride if you love me,
Just love me for tonight.
Mar 2017 · 643
Good for You
Jennifer West Mar 2017
Good for you for leaving me.
Without a moments hesitation.

Good for you for moving on.
Without a second thought.

Good for you to consider yourself,
even when I was there.

Good for you to ignore me,
when I gave you everything and anything I could spare.

Good for you to do what's best,
even when it crushed me.

Good for me now to say goodbye,
Because I'm better off without you.
Jan 2017 · 366
This is goodbye
Jennifer West Jan 2017
Kiss my lips,
Hold me tight,
So I have something,
To remember you by.
Jan 2017 · 634
I know you
Jennifer West Jan 2017
I know you're hurting.
I know it's hard.
But you can do this.

I know it burns,
I know you want to give up.
But you can do this.

I know you hate this.
I know you feel a sadness in your soul.
But you can do this, have faith.
Jan 2017 · 799
Jennifer West Jan 2017
I know it stings,
But don't let it poison you.

I know it hurts,
But don't let it destroy you.

I know it burns,
But don't let it consume you.
Oct 2016 · 686
Drunk Love
Jennifer West Oct 2016
Stolen kisses in the dark,
Words laced with liquor,
Tipsy love striking hearts,
Wishing tonight will last forever.
Oct 2016 · 2.5k
Jennifer West Oct 2016
Crush me,
Add another blow,
What will one little hit do,
To an already drowned soul.

Choke me,
Smother my bones,
What good is the body,
With an ashen soul.
Oct 2016 · 666
Jennifer West Oct 2016
Just have a little bit,
To get you through the night.
Just have a little bit,
To be able to see the light.

Your heart is weary,
And your head hurts,
But know in your soul,
That this isn't the worst.

Listen to the advice,
Try your best,
And know that,
Soon the universe will answer those prayers.
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Jennifer West Oct 2016
Don't let the pain,
Corrupt your soul,
Even when it feels,
Like there's nothing to live for.

Don't let the heartbreak,
Swallow you whole,
Even when it feels,
Like all the world is wrong.

Don't let yourself,
Fall off that ledge,
Sometimes you've got to,
Depend on you instead.
Oct 2016 · 1.3k
Going Back
Jennifer West Oct 2016
When your footsteps seem to fall back,
At first you'll just laugh.
You'll brush it off with a smile on your lips,
Saying this is just a temporary mess.

But then you fall back again,
And your patience wears a little thin.
You still stand up tall,
But your empowerment is not quite the same anymore.

You tell yourself it's okay,
Until you stumble over your feet.
You sob into the ground,
And realize slowly, there's no getting up now.
Sep 2016 · 541
Jennifer West Sep 2016
******* their wings,
Tell them to fly.

Ignore their pleas,
Shout at them to try.

Kick them,
Ignore their cries.
Aug 2016 · 3.0k
I Miss You
Jennifer West Aug 2016
I miss you.
I miss your smell.
I miss you.
I miss your voice.
I miss you.
I miss your kiss.
I miss you.
I miss your touch.
I miss you.
I miss your heartbeat.
Aug 2016 · 476
Let it Pour
Jennifer West Aug 2016
Don't let it rain,
Let it pour.
Wash over my body and soul.

Don't let it spit,
Let it pour.
Drown my sorrowful soul.

Don't let it drizzle,
Let it pelt.
Envelope my broken soul.
Jul 2016 · 644
Jul 2016 · 582
Sink Me
Jennifer West Jul 2016
Drown me.
Smother my bones.
But you will not destroy,
The depth of my soul.

Suffocate me.
Choke my skin.
But you will not obliterate,
All my sins.

Watch me.
Drink in all,
But please do not,
Facilitate the fall.
Jul 2016 · 1.9k
Brown Eyes
Jennifer West Jul 2016
Let me melt,
In those big eyes.

Even if it is only,
For one last night.

Let me feel,
What closeness is.

And let us just be,
In total bliss.

Hearts will collide,
A forgotten word.

What is a mistake?
If it is fate.

Please remember,
The taste of my soul.

Even if,
You must go.
Jul 2016 · 571
Just Kill Me
Jennifer West Jul 2016
Hurt me with words.
Rip out my heart.
Stomp out my aspirations.
Breath hopelessness into me.
Thank you for false love,
But I'd rather you just **** me.

I cannot take this heartbreak.
A sinking feeling that chokes you.
what is life when life is nothing?
Close me off to the world.
Thank you for the ruins,
But I'd rather you just **** me.

The grief is blinding.
With walls crashing all around.
Colours turn dull.
The world is cold.
Thank you for the darkness.
But I'd rather you just **** me.
Jul 2016 · 920
Jennifer West Jul 2016
Just have a little,
Just a bit.
Enough to make sure,
The heart does not rip.

Faith is for the strong,
Thinking is weak,
So the heart must,
Continue to beat.

Do not lose hope,
Just carry on,
And wait until fate,
Will play its song.
Jul 2016 · 499
Jennifer West Jul 2016
Close your eyes
Pretend to wish
Open them
And enjoy the kiss.

Love is dead
Yet the heart stirs
What good is love
When I'm not enough?

Let the heart cry
Just a bit
Yet bite the tongue
When words meet lips.
Jul 2016 · 203
Jennifer West Jul 2016
Hope will get you,
Through the deep dark night.
When you feel like,
You are falling away from light.

Hope will give you,
Perseverance that will not fail,
When it feels like the world,
Is just about to crumble.

Hope will make you,
Grin and bear it,
When you think you can,
No longer take it.
Jul 2016 · 211
Jennifer West Jul 2016
Do not lead the way,
If your footsteps will lead astray.
Be honest with the heart,
So that it will be easier to depart.

Do not go down that path,
If you wish not to feel loves wrath.
Run whilst you can,
Because it will be a better plan.

Do not give false pretences,
And drop the innocent defences.
It will hurt all the same,
As love is never just a game
Mar 2013 · 494
Those Demons Inside
Jennifer West Mar 2013

They plague the inside of your soul.

Dancing in your blood.

They haunt your tortured mind.

Daring you to join them.

They confront you.

You see them in your eyes.

No escape.
No escape.
No escape.

Taking you by the choke-hold, they shake you, whispering in your ears.

You're right.
You're bad.
You're brilliant.
You should do this.

As darkness spreads throughout your haunted mind, you feel your humanity slipping away.

Whispers of morality sift through your grasp.

As you realize, the only way, in this world.

Is the darkness.
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