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Jewels Feb 26
You delivered my last wake up call  
Pressing your mouth on mine ringing me
to pick up a call from this ****** world
With that I sensed a cold breath of air running down my throat forcing me to grasp for air

But I remember jumping
I jumped for a reason
I wanted to drown in this vast sea
To have my last taste be of salt
But you pulled me up and handed me air
The last connection to my life line

Hesitantly I grabbed the gold plated phone
Opened my eyes and saw a bright red color
The color that defined you
I answered the phone on a storm less sailboat
And took my last chance at this very sad life
Suicide attempts
Jennifer West Feb 17
I won't be quiet
When you stifle my voice

I won't lay down
When you walk all over me

I won't be give up
When you crush my soul

I won't let you
Get me
روبرت Nov 2018
Chalk flakes from callused hands
Eyes squint; lucid dream; solution clear
Inverted two handed start
Left, then right
Feet jitters, ****
Breath; check your feet; flag left
Crimp; bump right; match
Check feet; heel; stick it
Breath grace in breath grace out
Dart right; swipe left; switch feet
Nailed it
Life is like climbing. You analyze it. Plan it. Execute it. Fail. Try again. Maybe again. Your soul aches from it’s pain but when you get it right. Exuberation!
Sefali Rani Oct 2018
हार तो मुझे ना थी मंजूर
पर हार तो गई थी मैं
उस हार की वजह ना थी कुछ और
कमी थी मेरे ही इरादों में ।।

अपनी गलती को झुटलाना नहीं चाहती
और वो गलती दोबारा दोहराना भी नहीं चाहती
इसलिए तो दूरी बना रही हूँ मैं उन सबसे
ताकि खो ना दूँ मैं वो बची हुई आस ।।

समझ में आती है मुझे बस एक ही बात
है बची मेरे पास बस एक ही आस
अगर खो दिया मैंने वो बची हुई आस
तो कभी खुद को जोड़ ना पाऊँगी बस इतनी सी है बात ।।

बहुत सुन चुकी हूँ मैं सबकी बात
अब बस शांत ही रहना है मुझे
किसी को भी ना देना है मुझे कोई भी जवाब
खुद को खुद में ही बस जगाना है विश्वास ।।
We all have those voices, the people inside your head.
All you can hear is them even when you go to bed.
When they talk some say just don't quit.
While others say others say you can't do it.

These voice strike when you don't need them.
When you can see the gem.
Right outta your reach.
But they'll just use a leech.

They get on you when you need to do good.
And all they'll do is ht you with some plywood.
The try to break you and burn you
They'll try to use your feelings in a stew.

But if you don't acknowledge and you push.
You'll make them all want to hide in a bush.
For if you can say no more outta you all.
They will look at you appalled
Man, people let stuff in their head so much they don't believe in themselves or they don't try anymore.
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
i trust you,
i really do.
and i know you have been hurt before, i might not have a clue on what they did
but please.
would you take this chance?
i know everyone is untrustworthy, untrustable,
they can be, and that they can throw you away in the dump, and just glance at you before they leave you.
to only come back again, different.
and i know that you might not trust me back.
but, would you trust someone who wants you to trust him so badly,
that he just doesn't understand why you won't trust him.
i know that isn't me.
but would you, just this time,
to trust in God, after all this time?

— The End —